Well, as I was working on the chapters of my other stories I thought I'd do another side story. I'll TRY to make this one short. I just wanted to do a story about Inuyasha and Kagome that would be filled with smut. :) I'll try to keep this under ten chapters, lol. Yes, this story will have lots and lots of smut…I enjoy reading it and since I can't seem to find any stories like that—with good detail, mind you—I'll give you all the pleasure of this one…please review and enjoy!

Kagome and Inuyasha's friendship has finally taken the turn of no return. Kagome loves him and he knows it. He'll take her body but he isn't ready to give more. He can't. Kagome, a human—a Priestess—can't be his mate. It's not possible. But when his demon side emerges, his demon knows better. It recognizes Kagome for who and what she is. Kagome will see a side of Inuyasha that she hadn't known he possessed.


Kagome had thought they would have finished their quest long before now. It was going on five years now. The Jewel was almost complete. Naraku was gone. He had been for three years now. That didn't mean the battle was over. With the remaining shards still lost, there would be other demons who wanted them—as well as the almost completed Jewel. As long as the Jewel was in existence, there would be no peace. She wanted to believe that maybe—just maybe—Naraku had taken the shards with him to hell but she knew better. She could sense otherwise. The Jewel shards were still here—in the Feudal Era—somewhere. The search was dragging. She could sense them but the general direction, she wasn't sure.

Miroku and Sanga could have parted ways long ago when Naraku was defeated but they had stayed. As long as the shards still remained to be reunited, they would help with the journey. Inuyasha, of course, needed her to find the shards. They had all grown in the time searching for the shards. She was now 20 and she grinned sadly at the thought. "What a way to spend another birthday." She murmured. She had finished school—barely. Miroku was still as lecherous as ever but he was softening towards Sango and Kagome couldn't help but wonder if the two were ever going to hook up. That is, if Sango didn't kill him first for every new girl he propositioned. Inuyasha, he was a little more mature. About time, that, too. Not only mentally, but physically as well. He wasn't cruel to her anymore. He treated her like a normal human being but—she smiled sadly and glanced over at his sleeping form—he had changed. Somewhere along the way, he had seen her as more than a shard detector.

But it was killing her. It was slowly breaking her heart. She brought her knees up and wrapped her arms around them and dropped her forehead. Somewhere along the way he had looked at her with desire—lust—in his eyes. She loved him—and he knew it—and she had fallen so easily. All it had taken was one kiss—from him—one word, and she was in his arms. One night with him, in his arms, had been more than she could ever have imagined. One night had led to another and now, he took her every chance he had. Loving him, she wanted nothing more than that—other than to have him love her back. Not once had he said it but he refused to let her go. She found pleasure in his body and God knew he found pleasure in hers but it was tearing her apart. Occasionally, she would see him with Kikyou. The bitch was still alive. Nothing happened between the two but whenever she was in the area, Inuyasha left without a word to see her.

Couldn't he leave Kikyou alone? Kagome gave him her body—and her heart—whenever he asked, but he would give nothing in return. Why couldn't he make a choice? She lifted her head as she felt warm arms surround her from behind, sliding over her own that circled her knees. She felt his lips nuzzle her neck before he bit the slope gentle. She shivered and closed her eyes. "Inuyasha, we can't keep…" She felt his sigh behind her. She had tried countless times to tell him that they couldn't keep doing this. Not only would the others guess sooner or later, but she wanted more. His response was the same.

"We can." His teeth bit gently again. "Isn't this enough?"

She felt his hands sliding down her knees and then her legs before his hands circled her ankles. No, it wasn't enough. She wanted him to love her. Knowing he loved her would be enough. Sex wasn't enough. She wanted him to stop seeing Kikyou, no matter their innocent meetings. Kikyou wanted everything—his soul. His hands squeezed her ankles one more time before slowly sliding back up. He gave her breasts a tentative squeeze before he slowly began pulling her back with him. She fell willingly, her body already wet and languid. She could say she didn't want him but he would know the lie. He could smell her arousal.

He drew her back fully so that he rested against the ground, with her back to his chest. She might say she didn't want him but he knew better. This would have to be enough. He couldn't let her go. Not yet. If ever. He just…he didn't know what he wanted. Kagome wasn't his mate. She couldn't be. A human couldn't be his mate, least of all a Priestess. What he could have though, was her body.

She closed her eyes as he bent his knees, forcing herself apart. His hips lifted and she felt the hot, hard thrust of his cock rise up between her thighs. He rocked his hips against her, rubbing the thick length against her. She bit her lip against the moan that rose up. He was teasing her. Her hands fell flat against the ground beneath them, her fingers digging into the damp grass beside his hips. Her head fell back, resting against his shoulder as he rocked his hips again and she felt the thick, mushroom head prod the entrance of her body. She felt his hips tense beneath hers and then slowly push up. She let out a low, soft breath as she felt his cock begin to enter her, pushing past tight muscles. His hands slid up from the ground and he cupped her hips and began pushing her further down onto him. He was slow, so that she felt every hard inch that slowly pierced her body.

"Ah, shit…" She heard him groan beneath as he arched his hips up slightly, forcing more into her. With another groan, he forced the rest of his thick length into her body. His hands moved then, sliding down to curl over hers, keeping them flat against the ground. She had always imagined that with him being a half demon, he would fuck hard. Not the slow, gentle love-making that he always did. He always took her gently, pushing her towards a climax. Always near the end his movements would speed up before he came. He never came in her; he always pulled out, spilling onto her stomach or back. Whichever way he took her. No matter his gentle movements, his eyes were far from gentle. His eyes, when he took her, were wild. Almost frenzied—dark and full of lust—as he took her. Sometimes, she wondered if he held back.

Her thoughts broke off as she felt his hips moving slowly. He lifted his hands and she started to lift hers when he stopped her. "Leave them there." He whispered against her ear, his voice gruff. His hands cupped her hips and started moving her back and forth over his hips, sliding her up and down as much as possible in the position they were in. He was so hard she felt him throbbing in her as he began a slow, steady thrust. He was huge, almost hurting her with his size but that made it all the better.

"Tell me again."

She shook her head, her eyes sliding closed as his cock rubbed up inside and then abruptly he stopped, pushing her down on him as he grinded upwards. She moaned, his fist clenching in the grass. God, she wanted to cum. His slow thrust was driving her crazy. In and out. In and out…

"Tell me. Now." He whispered against her ear before she felt his fingers tighten their hold on her hips. He paused and then his hips slammed upwards—hard—forcing the thick length of his cock inside again. She heard him curse, felt the shudder that wracked his body but she couldn't hold it back. The sob rose up in her throat; the three words a pained whisper.

"I love you."

He steadied his hold on her hips and then began moving her over him again. This time he didn't stop to hear the words from her again. Fuck, she was so tight. He remembered the first time he took her and God's be praised—she had been a virgin. He had been the only man to take her. The thought of anyone else taking her sent his blood boiling. He closed his eyes, keeping his thrusts slow, knowing she was close. He wanted to go faster. Wanted to go harder. He wanted to pound into her till he couldn't move but he couldn't. He didn't dare. He would likely kill her—so he took her the only way he could since he couldn't mate her—he took her slow. It was better than not having her at all, wasn't it? Demons weren't supposed to mate humans, much less fuck with them. Humans couldn't handle the violent passions…He cursed as he felt her body convulse on his thrusting cock, felt the ripples tug against his throbbing length. "Shit. Fuck—!" He couldn't help it. He grabbed her hips and slammed them backwards and down onto his—hard. With another curse he lifted her hips off his as his balls drew tight and he felt the fury burst rise up, spewing from the head of his cock. He groaned, watching as it coated the small of her back that he held over him. Neither of them had lasted long but that could be expected, considering he'd taken her twice before in the past hour.

He felt her withdrawing and watched as she turned on her side, facing away from him. No, he wouldn't let her. He had to hold her. He curled his arms around her and pulled her back against him.