Darkness pressed down on Inuyasha as he watched Kagome as if from far away. He could hear her cries, feel her body thrashing beneath his but he knew it wasn't him who was taking her. He watched as if from a distance, the pleasure tearing through his body dim compared to what it would have been if he had been right there. The darkness around him seemed to go on forever but he knew it was like that because he was on the inside, not the outside. The demon ruled his outer being right now. He could only watch it utter fear as he watched and felt his body take hers. Oh God, what if he killed her? Why—WHY—had she called to Him? When he had realized what she was doing he had felt a bone chilling fear but the moment she had called to Him, he had felt the demon in him reacting, pushing to the surface.

He cried out and closed his eyes—anything to keep from watching her writhe in pain, helpless…

'No. Watch.' His own voice, deep and guttural snapped in his head. 'Watch our Mate.'

"I can't." Inuyasha whispered hoarsely. He sat there on nothing, the darkness pouring down on and around him. He covered his eyes with his palms and then jerked at his hair, fisting the strands so tight his knuckles were white.

'You will.' The words, the voice suddenly became demanding. Angry. 'You will watch our mate. Watch as I take her. Hear how she cries out in pleasure. Our mate is GIVING herself. She is our Mate.' His body seized as something jerked his head up. His lids flew open involuntarily and before his very eyes he saw her. He watched in denial, the way her head was to the side. Her cries filled the darkness, her body jerking from each thrust, her breasting moving back and forth over her chest as each thrust rocked her body.

"Stop." He begged.

'Watch her!'

The voice allowed nothing else. He couldn't look away; he couldn't close his eyes.

'Watch how she clings to me.'

His gaze shifted down to his shoulders and he watched as her small hands slid over his sweat slicked shoulders. Her nails left white scratch marks down his shoulders, squeezing—holding.

'She cries out for me…for us…'

Her voice became clearer, echoing through the darkness and back to him. The pleasure in her voice was enough to heat his blood. He couldn't imagine her taking pleasure in what his demon was doing but the evidence was there. There was no denying it. He stared up at the image that filled his mind and his eyes. Watching her cry out in pleasure, her body writhing…

His mind whirled and then everything fit. Everything clicked—the way she drew him to her. The way he couldn't refuse her. He couldn't imagine being with no one else but her. The pain he had felt when he tried to take another female. She was human but he could think of no other…

Kagome. She was his Mate.

The knowledge seeped into his mind and he felt a peace he had never felt before. Satisfaction filled him and a rush filled his mind. 'Yes.' His demon murmured in his mind.

'Now take her. Take your Mate.'

The rush filled him, the darkness overwhelming as something sucked him into the void. Lust filled his body—something so hard, so aching he'd never felt before. He groaned as pain filled him, the pain of being unfulfilled. He opened his eyes to see her perspired body panting beneath his, felt the tight grip of her body rippling around his cock.

Kagome cried out with each thrust, her body writhing from the pleasure. Her eyes had slid closed some time ago but she could still see the sheer lust in his crimson eyes. The agonizing pleasure as she came had her screaming and she was only halfway through the climax when he stopped abruptly, his body buried in hers.


She heard his rumbling voice from above her. Why had he stopped? He hadn't cum. She rubbed her cheek against his damp chest and slid her arms around his shoulders, hugging him to her.

"Kagome, open your eyes."

His voice was persistent but soft. It took sheer will to open her eyes. She didn't want to admit it but no matter how much pleasure he gave her, she was weak and worn. She was just a human. He had taken her endlessly. She blinked and tilted her head back. His vision blurred before it slowly began to steady and then she was staring up into golden eyes. Uncertainty filled her from the look in his eyes. Unreadable. She was terrified of his reaction. She knew him. He was scared of killing her. "Inuyasha—"

His lips silenced hers, kissing her hard. It wasn't a passionate kiss, just a hard press of his lips against hers. She blinked when he pulled back. "Inuyasha—" He cut her off again, his hands sliding through her hair to tighten there.

"I. Love. You."

His words were harsh but the softness behind them had her wanting to speak but she couldn't. He'd never said those words to her before. Never.

"I love you, Kagome." He kissed her again and she felt the answer throb of his cock inside her. "I'll never fucking let you go again…"

A tear rolled out of the corner of her right eye. She had longed to hear those words for so long. "Inuyasha—"

"I love you, Mate."

A soft sob was torn from her when he said that. It wasn't the demon speaking, it was Inuyasha.

"Tell me you love me, Kagome."

"I love—" Her words ended on a cry as he pulled back and thrust back in. She knew then that he wasn't going to stop. Not anymore. And this was completely different than when his demon had taken her. This was Inuyasha. It was his golden eyes staring back at her.

"I need to hear it, Kagome. Say it."

Her tongue slid over her lips. "I—"

He recoiled and thrust again, the look in his eyes hot and intense. "Say it. Now."

She shuddered. "I love y—" He repeated the movement and she cried out, her nails digging into his shoulders. His full body weight fell onto her then and she widened her thighs to accommodate him. The look in his eyes softened.

"Now say it." He whispered softly.

"I love you, Inuyasha." Her hands slid up into his damp hair, her fingers sliding over his small fuzzy ears before sifting through the damp strands. It was as if he'd been waiting to hear those words because he caught her gaze again and held it as he started thrusting. He wasn't furious in his pace but he wasn't slow. His hips moved steadily, thrusting into her over and over until she was cumming again. She heard him growl against her but knew it wasn't the demon that was spewing his seed into her. It wasn't the demon that was finally taking her hard and fast and not stopping. It was Inuyasha. She held him in her arms as his body shuddered against hers, his seed shooting into her body.

"You're mine, Kagome. My love…my Mate…"