"Bold" Tenten's thoughts.

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I blew my bangs out of my face as I raced past the girls into a different hallway, making my way to the security that was Tsunade's Office. I skidded to a stop when I saw a group of girls approaching me from the direction I was headed, and approaching fast.

Oh, well crap.

I quickly veered left and ended up in the cafeteria, which was empty considering the late hour. I checked my watch, 4:00.

Ugh. It's their fault I'm always late.

I raced out of the cafeteria, now outside in the open area where most of us eat our lunch, preferring the nice breeze to the stuffy inside of the cafeteria. I looked ahead of me and noticed another group of girls coming at me.

Can't they do something else instead of chasing me around, like I don't know, help a kitten out a tree?

Turning around I snickered to myself as I kept running, like these girls would actually lift a finger to do something good. Ha! That'd be the day. Distracted by my thoughts I didn't notice the other group of girls in front of me until I almost collided with them. I immediately jumped back and tried to flee but they had me cornered.

Double crap.

"Good afternoon ladies, pleasant weather we're having huh?" I say awkwardly, trying to avoid what was sure to come.

They glared and closed in on me even more, any more and I'd have a right to feel claustrophobic.

"Now Tenten," the leader of the group said, "what have we told you about Neji!"

"...that I should break up with him?" I say simply, becuase I'm used to having this conversation already.

She nods and another girl steps forward, "And what have you continued to do?"

"Date him?" I say stating the obvious.

They glared harder, you know what they say... if glares could kill people. Oh gosh, I'd feel so sorry for myself right about now.

Time to turn on the Tenten charm!

As the leader approached me, I stepped up to her and said in a overtly girly voice, "Now girls, I know why you guys go all gaga over Neji, I mean, who doesn't love his long chocolate brown hair that looks silky smooth and flows like a river?"

The girls nodded and I stepped towards another one, "And who doesn't love his pale eyes? That when he looks you in the eyes it feels like he's looking into your soul?" I felt more then saw shudders go through most of the girls.

Putty in my hands.

I smirked slightly but quickly wiped it off before they caught on. Stepping towards two girls I put my arms around their shoulders and leaned toward the group of girls and whispered conspiratorially, "And those abs! Cheering on the swim team of Konoha High isn't the reason we go to the swim meets, huh?" I wink at the end, selling it even further.

The girls nod enthusiastically and some even swoon.

"Oh God, his abs!" the leader of the fan girl group agrees with me and I do a double take and notice that there is a hint of drool coming out of her mouth. The other girls quickly pitch in agreement.

"Not to mention Lee is on the team too!" a random girl from the group exclaims, which makes everyone hush in an instant. Including me. I mean I love the guy like a brother, but whatever I was expecting – that was not it. It appears that the other fan girls agree with me cause they stare at said girl too.

"What? Have you not seen his muscular arms!" she defends herself.

There is a moment of awkward silence before some of the girls begin to agree hesitantly. Then another says, "Sai is on the team too! The guy may be as emotional as a rock but his body is smokin' hot!"

As the fangirls begin to argue with each other about who had the best body on the swim team, I stealthy removed myself from the circle. After I was sure nobody was paying me any attention, I ran back inside the school.

Works every time.

As I rush inside I crash into what initially feels like a cement block, but when I look up I see it's the guy who always gets me chased by his fan girls. He raises his eyebrow at me and I shuffle to try and look cool as I lean against a locker. Although I'm sure I look anything but cool, my hair is probably all over the place and I'm sweating a bit after the run.

"Hey Neji," I settle on saying.

Neji puts his hands in his pockets, having changed after his after school swimming practice which I have missed...again, and stares at me amused. I stare at him questioningly wondering just what it was that was so funny to him when he says, "Chocolate hair that flows like a river?"

My eyes widen slightly and he takes a step closer to me. Now standing directly in front of me he repeats my earlier words, "Pale eyes that stare into your soul?" He smirks and places one of his hands on the locker near my head and leans into me but stops before our foreheads touch. His eyes looking directly into mine.

While giving me a cocky smirk he says, "I'm surprised, Tenten. Here I thought you went to the schools swim meets to cheer us on not just to check me out shirtless."

I hang my head and I feel a blush that could rival Hinata's coming on, which darkens when I hear him chuckle lowly at my embarrassment.

Biting my lip slightly I looked back up at him and glared slightly, "Shut up! I was just-" I was cut of as he cupped my cheek and placed his lips on mine.

And any rational thought I had quickly flew out the window.

Authors Notes:

So some of these clichés will be short or very short, long or really long it all depends on how I decide to bring forth the clichés. Some may repeat, as in I may have an element in one chapter that I'll have in another one, but I won't completely refresh the element.

Some of these clichés probably don't have a name so I'll make them up as I go along - and if you guys want me to write about a specific cliché then go ahead and tell me - I might just write it. Plus I'd kinda be thankful for the extra ideas ;)

Well, this is my first fan fiction after reading so many. Trust me, I've read a lot. I came up with this idea while watching a romantic comedy where I guessed what was going to happen before it happened. [If someone has the same concept as this, then its coincidence, for I thought of this thanks to the tele.]

I love cliches and I honestly think most people do too, considering how much they pop up! I'm not really sure whether or not I should continue it, but we'll see how things go. :)

'Til next time!