After bursting int Faragonda's asked Faragonda what was going

on?well Bloom began Faragonda The princess of Domino/Sparx have a special

transformation called a BLOOMIX. In BLOOMIX you are ready to marry and be

Queen of Domino/Sparx!Bloom you must travel to Domino by noe the Trix would

of about your tranformation get the Winx!As the girls got

ther Bloom told them everything all over again But said Stella isnt Domino

coverd in snow and ice STELLA the rest of the winx groaned What im just asking said Stella with a smirk well then can stop just saying Stella said Bloom with a smile Stella glared at the Dragonfire you all ready to go said Faragonda

yeah said Flora but cant it wait i mean like we just defeated The Trix we need to sleep. You have a point Flo but if i am to find my parents then i need this transformation its the only connection please Flo i want you guys to share this with me said Bloom with experation in her voice

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