Disclaimer: I don't own the DBZ gang a rich Japanese man does. Also I don't own Noddy or any of the other characters associated with him, they belong to Enid Blyton. I'm just borrowing them for my own twisted imagination.

Rating: PG 13

Warnings: Torture and ridicule of another Children's tv icon, angst, violence, name calling, bad driving and abuse of a dog.

Notes: Well here is yet another destruction in the pre-schoolers arc. Seems I just can't help myself lately. Please note that I have scoured the net for info on Noddy but there isn't a lot out there, so any discrepancies are purely of my own doing.

Fic 4 in the Pre schooler Arc

" Noddy Goes to Jail "

June 2003 Debs-dragon

Part 1

Vegeta snickered from the side of the set where he was dressed in a policeman's uniform. Piccolo did not look amused and Goku was doing his best to convince the green Namekian that he wanted to do this.

"But it's for the kids, Piccolo, I promise you it's only the one episode and then you can go back to laying eggs, or whatever else it is you want to do."

"I can't see why you need to have me in this; Vegeta seems to be doing a pretty good job of helping you out," Piccolo huffed.

"This episode calls for three of us, Piccolo. I can't do it without you, and think of how disappointed the kids will be if they don't get their daily dose of pre-school shows!" Goku pleaded.

Piccolo rolled his eyes and held up his hands in defense. "Okay, okay. I give up. Just this once though, Goku."

"Thanks, Piccolo. You won't regret it, I promise."

Vegeta slunk away, an evil grin on his face.


Narrator: "It was going to be a fine day in Toy Town, the birds were chirping, the sun was shining, creatures were stirring and a warm breeze a-blowing. The residents of Toy Town were slowly waking up to greet the new day...

The alarm buzzed loudly and an arm snaked out of the bedcovers to silence it with a thump. The poor gadget was reduced to a bunch of springs, cogs and other bits of metal. A pair of large ears poked out from under the bedclothes and surveyed the damage. "You killed it, Noddy."

"I can always get a new one," replied Noddy, aka Goku, as he yawned and stretched. "Come on, it's time to get up." Noddy slid out of the bedclothes and pulled on his shorts, shirt and jacket.

Big Ears, (aka Piccolo), watched from under the doona as Noddy reached for his cap hanging from the bedpost. With several tinkles from the bell adorning the hat, it was finally pulled into place.

"I'll go start breakfast," Noddy said, and disappeared from the room.

Big Ears rolled over and groaned as he pulled himself from the bed. "Welcome to another day in Toy Town," he muttered as he dragged on his own outfit - complete with cap - and sauntered down to the kitchen and hopefully breakfast.

Noddy rummaged around in the kitchen cupboards, his little bell tinkling madly as he scavenged for something edible. Big Ears strolled in and paused at the sight. Shaking his head, he sat at the table and waited patiently.

"I can't find anything, Big Ears," Noddy said as he turned his attention back to the cupboards.

"Anything in the 'fridge?"

The bell tinkled. "He, he, he, I forgot about the 'fridge." The bell jingled again as Noddy abandoned the cupboards in favor of the 'fridge. "Aha! We have success!" Noddy backed out of the 'fridge clutching a tub of margarine, loaf of bread and what appeared to be a couple of eggs. With bell still a-tinkling, he busied himself at the stove.

Moments later, Big Ears found himself with a glass of orange juice, a boiled egg and slices of toast placed in front of him. He stared at the offerings.

"Go ahead, Big Ears, eat up. It's important to have a well balanced breakfast, you know," said Noddy as he proceeded to slice off the top of his egg and then cut his toast up into little 'soldiers'.

Piccolo shuddered.

"What's wrong, Big Ears? Would you like me to cut your toast up for you like mine?" Noddy reached over to do as promised when a large, green hand stopped him.

"I can manage, Gok… Noddy."

"Then is it your egg? I can cook it a little longer if you prefer."

Piccolo leaned over and whispered in Goku's ear. "I am not a cannibal."

"Oh." Goku looked at Piccolo, and then to the innocent egg. "Whoops. Sorry about that." Noddy quickly removed the offending egg from Big Ears' plate.

Piccolo gave Goku a *look*, then quickly downed his orange juice and swallowed the toast. Standing up he paused to address the camera. "It's important to clean your teeth after eating." Turning stiffly, he walked out of the room, black shoes thumping as he went.

Noddy quickly demolished his food and took the dishes to the sink to wash up. His bell again tinkled merrily as he bobbed his head to unheard music.


Narrator: "When both Noddy and Big Ears had finished their chores, they decided to take a little trip into Toy Town and pick up some more groceries, not to mention a new alarm clock."

Noddy headed outside to the small garage that housed his car. The sunlight streamed in when he opened up the garage door, bouncing off the bright yellow paintwork and nearly blinding him in the process. Big Ears joined him after a moment, and the pair climbed in.

"Good morning, little car," Noddy said politely as he fiddled with the ignition switch.

"Parp!" replied the car.

Big Ears fastened his seat belt… Tightly.

Noddy managed to get the car started, and while he waited for it to warm up a little, he fastened his own seat belt. "All set, Big Ears?" he asked his house mate.

Big Ears crossed himself, sent a small prayer to any god that was listening and nodded. Taking a firm hold of the dashboard with white-knuckled fingers, he braced himself.

Noddy revved the little car and released the clutch. The small car shot out of the garage and careened down the driveway, trimming the hedge as it went before shooting out onto the road.

Big Ears reluctantly lifted one hand from the dashboard to pull his beard away from his eyes, and then wished he hadn't as they bore down on an oncoming car. "Umm… Noddy?"

"Yes, Big Ears?"

"Aren't you supposed to be on the other side of the road?"

"No. This is the correct side."

"Err... Noddy?"


"This isn't America, this is England and they drive on the left."


The little car screeched in protest as the wheel was spun to the left. Metal screamed as layers of paint were exchanged between the two vehicles and Big Ears took the chance to look back over his shoulder at the car they had sideswiped. "Strange... " he thought to himself, staring at the angry waving figure of the Gollywog. "I always thought Gollywogs were black, not white..."

Noddy continued to drive on, oblivious to his passenger's discomfort or the angry threats hurled his way by other motorists. Finally, they pulled up outside the supermarket, with minimal damage to the car (other than the scraped paintwork) and Big Ears feeling glad he'd had the foresight to bring a change of striped pants.

"I'll call back for you in about an hour, shall I, Big Ears?" Noddy asked.

"I can walk home, Noddy," came the curt reply.

"No way, not with all those groceries. I'll just drop off the dry-cleaning and then come back for you, all right?"

Big Ears sighed in defeat and made a mental note to purchase fresh underwear as well as update his health insurance. "Okay, Noddy. I'll see you soon." Big Ears walked off into the supermarket.

Noddy bobbed his head vigorously in the affirmative, causing the bell to jangle loudly, before slamming the gears home and pulling a disgusted "Parp!" from the little car.

Traffic screeched and horns blared as Noddy coasted out into the flow of traffic, unconcerned with the havoc he was causing. He continued on until he spotted the road that would take him to the dry cleaners. With a yank on the wheel, the car turned the corner on two wheels, and then settled back to four with a thump. Noddy coasted down the road and parked outside the dry cleaners. He was in and out in a matter of moments and once more was on his way.

He decided to take a bit of a tour around the neighborhood, maybe stop by the video store and pick up a couple of discs to watch that evening with Big Ears. He didn't see the dog that ran out in front of the car...

*Thud… Thud*

The little car jerked as it bounced over something. "Geeze, they sure are making these speed humps bigger and bigger. I wonder if they have a clue what that does to the suspension," Noddy mused, bell tinkling in agreement. He continued to drive on for a few moments and then...

"Peee... paww... peee... paww... peee... paww..."

Noddy looked up into the rear vision mirror and his eyes opened wide. What on earth did Mr Plodd the policeman want with him?