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A/N: This is the first chapter of the first story in a series I have entitled Huntress. It is a Criminal Minds/Supernatural crossover. Anna Campbell is an original character who is close to the Winchesters, here she refers to Dean as her twin and Sam as her baby brother. I've never writen a Criminal Minds or Supernatural story before, so if the characters are a little off, I apologize, I'm just learning their voices. Right now, the story is more Criminal Minds with references to Supernatural, but as it goes on, the story will become a better crossover, I promise. Anna's ringtone is "You Can't Take Me" from Spirit: Wild Stallion of the Cimmaron. This chapter references the pilot of Supernatural, but no specific Criminal Minds episodes. Oh, and the story is AU.

They gathered in the conference room reluctantly, twelve hours after getting back from a case and they all wanted to go home and sleep some more. Derek slumped slightly in his chair, eying Reid's mug of coffee flavored sugar while pondering if the sugar coma would make the caffeine worth it. Reid, seemingly oblivious, lifted his mug into his hands and drank slowly. "Everyone," Hotchner said as he stepped in the room, followed by Strauss. "I know you are all tired, but this meeting will be short." He took a seat, leaving Strauss to focus of all their stares.

"There has been an upswing in the number of cases with an occult overtone," Strauss said. Derek wondered if it was the idea of the occult, or the team that made her look like she was eating sour lemons. "In response to this, the Bureau is assigning a new agent to your team. Her name is Anna Campbell and she will arrive on Monday." The section chief paused for a moment, "Although Anna's academic credentials are impressive, she is also fresh out of Quantico. I expect you to treat her appropriately."

Derek frowned as he watched Strauss leave, and then turned to Hotchner, "Hotch," He asked, "She's joking, right?"

"I'm afraid not," Aaron Hotchner replied, his most inscrutable mask in place. "You are all to go home," he stood up, "I don't expect to see any of you before Monday, do you understand me?"

"Right," Derek said, standing up slowly, "thanks Hotch. See you Monday." He heard the others saying their goodbyes as he headed for the door. Spotting the bright dress of Garcia, he summoned up a grin, "Hey baby girl."

"Hey sweet cheeks," Garcia replied, stopping to let him catch up, "what's up?"

"Just wondering if you could do a back ground check for me," Derek replied.

"You, of all people should know that I can," Garcia said, huffing in mock indignation.

"Sorry," Derek said, slipping his hand over her shoulder, "I mean, would you run a back ground check for me?"

"Better," Garcia said, "who am I looking up?"

"New agent," Derek replied quietly, "Anna Campbell."

"I can have that done in a heartbeat," Garcia said, turning back towards her office.

"Not right now, sweetie," Derek replied, "go home and get some rest. I just want to know something about her before she gets here on Monday."

"I'll do that," Garcia said, giving him a bright smile.

"Thanks," Derek said and kissed her cheek, "I own you one."


Monday morning found Derek arriving at his usual time, seven thirty, with a cup of coffee in one hand and a bagel in the other. As he opened the door to the BAU, he wondered if someone had actually gone so far as to start the coffee. Seeing Reid with his mug and a slight smile, Derek knew that Reid had taken care of it. Reid, in fact, was talking with Elle, his head tilted to one side, eyes bright as he shared whatever it was he had thought of. Elle had the slightly glazed look that people who had spent too much time around Reid tended to have. As Derek came closer, Reid looked up, "Good morning, Morgan," he said, his smile warming even more.

"Morning Reid," Derek replied, "Elle."

Elle blinked at him, "Derek."

Derek put his coffee down and settled down, "So, any news?" He asked, glancing between his coworkers.

"Ms. Campbell isn't here yet," Reid offered. "Hotch and J.J. are up talking in Hotch's office. Gideon is running late because of a dentist appointment."

"Right," Derek said, wondering if he had time to go find Garcia.

"Gotta fight another fight, gotta run another…"

"Hello?" The three BAU agents jumped at the sudden ring tone, turning towards the doors. Standing there was a tall woman who looked frustrated as she held a cell phone to her ear. "Sam?" The woman said, pushing some of her short, dark brown hair from her face. "Honey, you have to calm down and breathe for me ok? In and out." Although her face revealed her confusion, her tone was calming and light. "All right baby bro, now, start from the beginning," she said after a moment. Whatever she heard next shocked her, Derek thought that he could literally see her going pale. "H-how?" She managed after a moment, her free hand sliding into her pants pocket. "Hold on, Sam, ok? I want to write this all down."

Derek started to reach for a piece of paper, but Elle beat him to it, practically leaping across the bullpen with a clipboard and a pen. "Here," Elle said.

"Thank you," the woman said, "What? You to, Sam, now, begin again, you came home…" Deftly she juggled the pen, clipboard and phone until she was able to write down whatever she was hearing. "Ok, now Sam," she said after a long moment, "what happened before that? Where were you?"

Whatever answer she'd gotten startled her so bad that she jerked and dropped her phone, "Dammit," she muttered and scooped it up, "Sorry, Sam, I'm juggling here. Did you say you went hunting with Dean?"

Another pause, one that made her face flush and she seemed to be glaring at nothing in her anger. "All right, Sam, where is he?" A pause, "I'm going to yell at him." Another one, "No, put him on the phone." She rolled her eyes, "Look, Samuel, I am standing in the middle of the FBI, with at least three people eavesdropping, if you want, I can start telling stories, or you can put your thrice cursed brother on the damn phone."

Another eye roll, aborted as she scowled again, "Dean, it's your twin. Shut up, I have something to say to you." She looked at the agents and turned around, staring at the glass door. It didn't help muffle her voice, but granted her an illusion of privacy. "I don't know what possessed you to go after Sam and I don't care. He got out of the family business, how dare you drag him back in. Sam is our chance to make the family mean something. You promised me he'd get the chance to have something other than a G.E.D. and a give'em hell attitude. You promised. That's the only reason I left, was because you said you'd get Sam his chance." She stopped abruptly. "Oh, Dean, I'm sure… he did? Where?" Again, the woman juggled things around to scribble something down on her pad. "Ok, Dean, what was he doing… Really? Dean, you promised." She heaved a sigh, "A road trip is exactly what Sam needs right now. Especially if Jess and Mom…yeah. I'll call Sam later and you can give me a real update, I'm at work. Just got here, but it's like a curse, first day, family crisis and I'm in trouble." She barked a laugh, "I know right?" The woman turned back around, "Is Sam still hyperventilating or did he faint yet?" She laughed again, "It's Sam, he faints." Eye roll, "Talk to you later, twin, love you." Pause, then more laughter, "Just don't go telling people you're with the FBI ok? I'd hate to have to hunt my own brother."

She hung up the phone and sighed, pressing the heel of her palm into the side of her head. "Is everything ok?" Elle asked.

The woman half jumped, as if she'd forgotten where she was, "Yes, thank you." She straightened up, shoved her phone in her pants pocket and pulled off the sheet of paper she'd used. "And thank you for the paper." She stepped closer to them and handed Elle back her clipboard.

"It's not a problem," Elle said, taking the clipboard and sliding it onto her desk, "I'm Supervisory Special Agent Elle Greenaway; this is SSA Derek Morgan and Dr Reid."

"Anna Campbell," the woman said with a nervous smile, "I guess I found the right place?"

"This is the BAU," Derek confirmed, standing up and leaning against his desk. "Out of curiosity, what was that phone call about?"

Anna bowed her head for a minute, "The original caller was my brother Sam. His fiancé died in a fire early this morning."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Derek said quietly.

Anna took a deep breath, "It's ok, I mean, I'd met Jess a couple of times, but we weren't close." She took another deep breath then straightened up, "However, I having a meeting with Agent Hotchner at eight and since my watch has been broken since I moved into my new place, I am afraid that I have been made inexcusably late. If one of you could be so kind as to steer me in the proper direction, I need to go grovel."

"Hotchner's office is up those stairs," Derek said, gesturing.

"And it's about five minutes until eight," Spencer offered, "you aren't late yet."

"No, but I'm not early," Anna replied, "which means that I'm late, damn you Dean, to the coldest circle of hell." She hurried across the room and up the stairs.

Derek watched her as Hotch opened the door and let her in while J.J. left, then he stood deliberately, "I think that I'm going to go say hi to Garcia," he said calmly as he headed for the doors.