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Ships: Sirius Black/ Lily Evans, Harry Potter/ Hermione Granger

Characters: Sirius Black/ Lily Evans/ Harry Potter/ Hermione Granger/ Monica Granger/ Wendell Granger

Shared Scars

Chapter 1: The beginnings

James Potter had finally proposed to Lily Evans and she'd accepted. James was over the moon after finally straightening his life out and winning Lily. James readily admitted to being a bit of a show off, a git and a bully; especially when he was with his Marauder friends.

His best friend Sirius Black had been almost a brother to him since he'd run away from home after his fifth year at Hogwarts. James's father had accepted Sirius into his home even before the end of fifth year when both were sorted into Gryffindor. That was when the Black family had burned Sirius' name off the family tapestry. More properly, his mother, Walburga Black, had done that and his father had not noticed. The Black family was almost as dark as any and only the marriage of his sister Andromeda had been worse. She was promptly disowned when she married a Muggle born. Remus Lupin had joined the group at Hogwarts in their first year and they had added Peter Pettigrew in their second year.

When they discovered Remus was a werewolf, they vowed to find a way to help him and the three friends became Animagi. Remus, of course, was already a werewolf and they nicknamed him Moony. James became a stag named Prongs. Sirius was a large dog and was named Padfoot. Peter, however had a problem becoming an Animagus, but finally transformed into a rat they named Wormtail. Of the quartet, Peter was the least powerful and tended to hang around the more powerful wizards.

Lily Evans, the brightest witch in the school, initially couldn't stand James and Sirius for all their pranks and bullying. She had formed a friendship with Severus Snape before learning that she was a witch, and they could often be seen studying together. That all ended when James, Sirius and Peter had taunted Severus one too may times and when Lily tried to curse them, Severus had reacted badly, shouting that he didn't need a Mudblood to protect him.

Lily was shocked that her best friend had called her that and that was the end of their friendship.

Remus had also become a close friend of Lily and she felt sympathy for him when she learned of his lycanthropy. Remus would never forget the friendship of the only girl that knew of his condition.

As the years passed, both James and Sirius grew up. James began pursuing Lily, determined to make her his girlfriend. It was a long uphill battle, but finally he won her heart.

Sirius looked on sadly. He also loved Lily, but didn't want to interfere in James' obsessed pursuit of the girl they both fancied. He'd let Lily decide for herself and unfortunately, she eventually chose James. Oh, she liked Sirius well enough, but James had pursued her relentlessly and she finally gave in to the inevitable.

After James and Lily married, the quartet stayed close, even moving to the same neighbourhood in Godric's Hollow.

Right after their marriage, Lily found she was expecting. She was alternately nervous and deliriously happy. James had been ecstatic and wanted to share his good fortune with his wife's family. Petunia Dursley, nee Evans had married a brute of a man and Lily was unsure if they should travel to Little Whinging. After all, Voldemort was out there and they'd encountered him three times now. Albus Dumbledore had encouraged them to join his Order of Phoenix along with the other Marauders. In the end, they decided to go.

It was a stormy afternoon and raining hard when they arrived at Privet Drive. James had stopped to straighten up a bit when a brilliant bolt of lightning struck him. The loud clap of thunder was deafening and James Potter's magical core vaporized, throwing Lily well clear.

"JAMES!" she cried, but there was nothing she could do. James Potter had been reduced to a smoking hulk. Lily lost it then and collapsed as her sister Petunia and her husband Vernon ran outside to see what had happened.

Weeks later found Lily still crying over the loss of her husband. Sirius and Remus tried to comfort her with little success.

Sirius finally persuaded Lily to allow him to take care of her and so after her tears had finally ended; she took solace in the arms of her now best friend. Sirius was compassionate and although he still loved her, didn't want to push her into a relationship she wasn't ready for yet.

"Sirius, you've been good for me. I don't know how I could have survived these past months without you." Lily was now well along in her pregnancy and had confided in Sirius that she wanted to name the child Harry James if it was a boy or Harriet Jane if it was a girl.

July 31st, 1980 arrived and baby Harry James Potter was born. He was a quiet baby, which was a blessing for Lily. Harry had blue eyes, as did all babies, which changed to a brilliant green after a few months. She could see James in his features, but the green eyes were all hers.

She'd inherited everything from James, of course, but still missed James terribly. Harry was the only bright spot in her life, although Sirius was slowly becoming the new love in her life. They were together constantly and one bright day, six months after Harry was born, Sirius finally worked up the courage and asked her to marry him.

Lily was shocked. "Sirius! I-I… what? Did you just ask me to marry you?"

"Lily, I've loved you as long as James," he choked out. "James just beat me to you is all."

Lily turned white at the mention of James. "It's still too fresh, Sirius. You've been really good for me; can you give me some time?"

Reluctantly, Sirius agreed, saying, "As much time as you need, love. I'll be here for you in any case."


Albus Dumbledore had been interviewing for a Divination teacher and had been disinclined to hire her until she made what sounded like a real prophecy. The prophecy made in the fall of 1979 by Sybill Trelawney had changed everything when it was partially overheard by Severus Snape and reported to Voldemort. The prophecy foretold the birth of a boy 'with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord, born as the seventh month died'.

Albus knew of two boys who fit that description: The Potter Boy and the Longbottom boy. He'd have to ensure Lily's and Alice's boys were protected. The Fidelius charm should work. Now who to make the secret keeper? For the Potter boy, the obvious choice would be Sirius, but perhaps that was a bit too obvious. Peter Pettigrew would be a better choice. For the Longbottom boy, he chose Barty Crouch Jr. as the secret keeper. Both choices were to be bad choices.


Monica and Wendell Granger were very proud of their young daughter Hermione. Odd things seemed to happen around her. If she wanted a special toy and it was out of reach, it would come flying to her. She was a quiet girl and well behaved, but the parents were convinced that something was wrong. After visiting several doctors, one suggested they have her looked at in a special hospital. He'd guide them since they wouldn't have heard of it before. The doctor turned out to be a squib, but suspected the Grangers had a magical daughter.

Thus, October 1981 had found Lily Potter at St. Mungo's for a check-up on little Harry. The hospital was crowded that day with a lot of injuries from a Death Eater attack the night before. Harry was put in a room with several other babies, including, by happenstance, young Hermione Granger.

Lily and the Grangers waited while the healers examined both children since they were almost the same age. Another mediwitch had just moved the other children out of the room when a series of pops startled the witch on duty at Reception. "Avada Kedavra!" spoke one of the masked Death Eaters, pointing his wand at the witch. She died, but not before sounding the alarm.

Voldemort swore, knowing he now had little time to locate Harry Potter. Racing through the wards, he cursed everyone he encountered until at last he burst through the doors into the room that contained Harry and Hermione. "Avada Kedavra!" he shouted and something unexpected happened. He had been in such a rush that his aim was off and the curse hit both Harry and Hermione. They had been giggling together and holding hands when it happened.

Albus Dumbledore had warned Lily that Harry might be the one mentioned in a prophecy. Lily couldn't bear the thought of losing Harry as well and being the brightest witch of the time, researched until she found a ritual that she hoped would protect him.

As the curse hit the young baby, it rebounded, destroying the Dark Lord where he stood. Harry's protection evidently worked and had the added effect of protecting Hermione as well. A loud wail from the pair drew an Auror into the room He was astonished to find the pair alive as a smoky apparition fled the scene.

Outside the room, chaos reigned as several Aurors appeared. The fight that ensued was short and vicious and in the end all but one Death Eater was captured. Wormtail had escaped, turning into his rat Animagus form.

Sirius had been waiting with Lily along with Wendell and Monica Granger. The four had struck up a conversation before all hell broke loose. Sirius drew his wand, which startled Wendell and Monica. "Down! Get down! Death Eaters," he shouted.

Wendell and Monica didn't need to be told twice as people were falling all around them. Ducking under a table, they both missed a curse that impacted the table and shattered it.

"Come on Monica, we have to get out of here," Wendell shouted as he searched for another hiding place.

"Not without Hermione!" she shouted back.

A curse hit the pair and they slumped to the floor.

Lily had been stunned but Sirius stood over her, protecting his love and rained curses down on the Death Eaters.

The arrival of the Auror force quickly subdued the attackers and calm slowly returned to the waiting area. Lily was quickly revived and, along with Monica, ran to the room where they knew their babies were. Wendell was slowly getting to his feet. "What the hell? What just happened?"

"Death Eaters," Sirius replied shakily. "I need to see Lily and Harry."

"What are Death Eaters?" Wendell exclaimed.

'Oh, oh, Muggles, this won't be good,' he thought.

"Come with me, your wife and my girlfriend are looking for their children. I'll explain later."

Shakily, both mothers took charged of their children.

Lily and the Grangers had only been stunned and were quickly revived. Hearing the wail from the room where their babies were, they rushed in. Aside from a black cloak and white Death Eater mask crumpled on the floor, which the Auror was examining, the two babies were alive and crying. Lily and Monica rushed to their children, gathering them in their arms. After close examination, they were startled to find virtually identical scars on their foreheads. Hermione's was the mirror opposite of Harry's. A healer rushed in and took the babies, to loud protests from their mothers.

"It's alright ladies, I only wish to examine them to see if they're hurt."

Both women reluctantly handed their children over to the mediwitch.

A quick scan of both babies revealed an odd thing. "Ladies," the mediwitch said carefully. "Something odd has happened."

Panic ran through Lily's mind. She had protected Harry! What had happened?

"Don't panic ladies, this is most unusual, but both babies have bonded. I'm not sure how, but the scars on their foreheads have somehow connected and bound them together. This may be only temporary, but it may also be permanent. I'm afraid we'll have to keep them here under observation for a couple of days."

Monica was still trying to come to grips with what she'd seen. People waving sticks and coloured lights coming out of them. People falling. What was happening? She finally found her voice. "What's going on here? Am I going crazy, who are those people waving sticks around?"

'Uh oh,' thought Lily. 'Muggles, but what are they doing here… unless?'

"Excuse me, my name is Lily Potter. We haven't been introduced properly, but I think your daughter is a witch."

'How rude,' Monica thought. "Lily, is it? My name is Monica Granger. Why would you use such a rude term for my daughter?"

"Oh, my, you don't know, do you? I'm sorry, you must not be aware where you are. Only magicals are admitted to St. Mungo's. Your daughter is magical and, as such, is a witch, as am I. Is this your first time here?"

Monica stood slack jawed at this announcement. "I'm sorry, I must have misunderstood. Did you say Hermione is a real broomstick-riding witch?" The wheels inside her mind quickly ground out the disparate facts; Hermione summoning things to her, odd occurrences that seemed to happen when she was upset. Then those lights and funny sticks, people falling over, tables destroyed by the lights.

"Monica, may I call you Monica? Yes, Hermione must be a witch; otherwise you wouldn't be here. My Harry is a wizard and yes, we use broomsticks, but not as a normal means of travel. I'd say you have a lot to learn and maybe I can help you. How old is Hermione?"

Monica paused as she took this news in. "Yes, that would explain some things, Hermione just turned two in September. If you don't mind, Lily, I would like to learn more about this… Wait, did the nurse say Hermione and Harry bonded?"

That little fact had not registered until now with Lily. Her hand shot to her mouth in shock. "Bonded? Surely not? But that would mean…" she trailed off, furiously thinking.

At that moment, Sirius and Wendell entered, looking worried. "Lily, is Harry…"

"He's fine, Sirius, at least we think both children are okay. There is a problem though."

"Monica, are you and Hermione okay? Do you know what's happened? Sirius is it?" Sirius nodded. "Sirius I demand to know what's going on!"

Monica shushed her husband. "We apparently have a witch in the family dear."

Wendell did the only sensible thing and fainted.

Sirius and Lily laughed.

"Big strong man that tries to protect his family, faints," Sirius guffawed.

"Sirius, be nice. Enervate." Lily swished her wand and Wendell awoke.

"What's the problem love? Where's Harry?" Sirius asked.

"The mediwitch has him and Hermione. She says they are bonded Sirius."

"Bonded? But that's not possible."

Monica interrupted this time. "What do you mean bonded? Just what does that mean?"

Sirius started to answer when the mediwitch stepped back in the room, bringing Harry and Hermione. "They're fine, they'll both have that odd scar, probably for the rest of their lives, but no permanent damage was done. They are bonded, however. I'm not sure how closely, only time will tell. As I mentioned, we'd like to keep them a couple of days to be sure they'll be alright. You people are lucky, it's very rare for a couple to bond so young. We should expect great things from them when they get older. I'll meet with you when we release them."

"I'd like to hold my baby before we go," Lily stated.

"And I," Monica reiterated.

"Very well, I'll be back in a half," the mediwitch answered.

Wendell was just starting to get a handle on this when the import of the mediwitch's words impacted. "How did this happen, what did she mean they're bonded?" Looking closer at the pair, he finally noticed the scars. "Those scars, they look like lightning bolts and are mirror images of each other."

Sirius looked closely and paused in reflection. "Indeed they do, how odd. Bonded, the mediwitch said. That simply means they have a connection to each other. How close a connection only time will tell. It's strange, Voldemort could have killed them, but they're alive, and where is he?"

"Destroyed, I reckon," a new voice interrupted. The man was obviously an Auror and stood well over six feet tall and was a dark brown in colour. "My name is Kingsley Shacklebolt, my mate found a Death Eater cloak and mask, as well as a wand known to belong to Voldemort. I think he's been defeated, thank Merlin. He also saw a thick oily smoke leave the room, so I'm not sure what that was. I need to take a statement from you four, if you're up to it."

After the Auror left, Lily invited Monica and Wendell to accompany her and Sirius to her home. They agreed after a short discussion about where they were going. "We'll travel by um… magical means, so hang on tightly to each of us. I'll take Monica and Sirius you take Wendell. I can't tell you where I live, so you'll just have to trust us."

Wendell was a bit leery of trusting someone they had just met, but Sirius did help save them. Monica was just happy to learn more from her new friend.