Chapter 6: Dead or Alive

(Warning: some words PG13)

Preview: Hiei found the tower where Halvarid was keeping Kurama. Before he entered the tower however, Yusuke and Kuwabara managed to follow him and they informed him about the origin of the sakura user. Hiei smiled upon knowing that the strange guy was nothing more than a weak parasite. Kurama meanwhile was shaken by Halvarid's latest attempt to take his body, but it was fortunate that something seemed to distract the golden haired bishounen. The demon fox tried to look for a place to escape but he was stopped by Halvarid, who told him they were going to leave the tower. Kurama tried to fight him off but his powers seemed to have totally left him. Halbarid was in the act of kissing him when the weak Kurama called out for Hiei in silence. Hiei heard him and in his anger he forcefully tried to get Halvarid to face him. The two fought each other until Kuwabara and Yusuke appeared. They seemed to have found Kurama somewhere but Hiei was injured deeply. When Halvarid turned to Kurama Hiei exerted effort to reach and kill him. They thought it was over... or was it? And what will happen to Hiei who acquired a deep injury?



A red-headed person was crying and calling his name. It was a vague memory, but somehow seemed so real...

Hiei opened his eyes and found himself staring at a light. Was it the sun?

No, he realized, only a florescent.


The Jaganshi sat up too quickly for his own good upon hearing the name that sent his wounded stomach to sear painfully. He clutched it clumsily and felt bandages were wrapped around his upper body.

"Stay still- stop moving, will you?"

Soft hands touched his shoulder and gently tried to push him down but he didn't. Hiei stared straight at Kurama who was kneeling beside the bed and seemed busy looking after him. The black demon took note that he was inside the demon fox's room.

"Hiei, don't be stubborn and lie still." was the stern command of the bishounen.

Still, the Jaganshi did not heed. He stared closely at the fox, as if making sure that it was really him and not some sort of illusion. He looked at Kurama full in the face and studied him. The demon fox's hair was tied behind him, and he was wearing a loose pink shirt. His white pants were a bit dirty, a sign that says he's been doing a bit of cleaning. Kurama's eyes were the same and eventhough they look tired, they look satisfied nonetheless.


"I'm fine." Hiei looked down on his bandaged body, to his left arm which was also covered with bandage.

"You used too much spirit energy with the black dragon, and you got stabbed..." Kurama stood up and surveyed the black demon closely, "It was really lucky that Yukina is here now in Ningekai, we were able to call her in the last minute of danger... if not... " he gave Hiei a discouraging look. "That was really reckless."

"Hn." Hiei looked up at him but didn't say anything. Kurama knew the meaning of the way Hiei was looking at him. He sat on the bed beside him and stroked the black demon's cheek.

"I am fine..." Kurama started. Hiei reached up and held the red head's hand.

"I wanna kiss you." was Hiei's frank reply.

Kurama blinked at this sudden demand. He stared at those red eyes who was staring seriously back at him. Hiei looked as if he'd kill anyone who'd stop him from doing whatever he liked.

Kurama smiled warmy and said, "As you wish."

And they kissed.

It was so soft and light, Hiei had never felt anything like it. The Jaganshi raised his free arm and grabbed the demon fox's collar, tugging him down but then- they heard loud footsteps outside the door and an annoying voice calling so loudly-


Kurama pulled away from Hiei and went to answer the door. The Jaganshi gritted his teeth.

Seconds passed... and then...

Hiei was welcomed by the two least people he ever wanted to be with when he was alone with Kurama: Kuwabara and Yusuke.

"Hahaha…luck of the devil!" grinned Yusuke with a cheeky grin on his face. "I knew you'd come through… devil like you!"

And he tapped Hiei's injured shoulder like a long lost pal.

"Do that again." warned the Jaganshi with gritted teeth as a bullet of pain electrified his body. Yusuke immediately pulled out his hand that threatened to be cut off.

"Now here, you wouldn't scold the people who helped you, would you?" the spirit detective grinned even wider for nothing would annoy Hiei more than to know that he owes his life to anyone, least of all to Kuwabara who was also grinning like an idiot beside Yusuke. It seemed that the two of them rehearsed how they were going to interact with Hiei, Kurama thought, smiling slightly.

"What do you mean 'you're alive'?" the black demon shot at the ginger head.

"You know what I mean, spiky." Kuwabara answered airily, "I thought you were gone for good. It was my beautiful Yukina who helped you heal! Be grateful!"

"Now, don't stress him, you guys." Kurama came on Hiei's rescue, or rather, to Kuwabara's as the Jaganshi's hand itched to reach for his sword that was sitting on the side table.

"Kurama, how are you?" Yusuke turned to the demon fox with more natural features, "How are you feeling?"

"I've been better." smiled the red head.

While the two of them were talking, Kuwabara leaned closer to Hiei who raised his eyebrows.

"Now is it true about what I hear?" he whispered sneakily, "That you and Kurama are going out?" he chuckled after that and seemed insensitive at the murderous stare Hiei was giving him, "What the hell is that guy thinking? I can understand if he'd chosen that Halvarid guy coz' frankly he's a league away than most guys I've met- even to Kurama! But you? It's like picking between the forefinger and the middle finger,and then Kurama still picked the wart- d'you know what I mean? I mean- Kurama's got some amazing ass and to think that he'll give it to you-?"

"Talk about his ass again and I'll break your neck." Hiei hissed coldly that sent Kuwabara to fly next to where Yusuke was standing.

"What's the matter?" Yusuke asked in surprise.

"Wart talk." Kuwabara answered, sticking his tongue to the Jaganshi.

Kurama eyed Hiei- who had his red eyes shifted on one side- with a small smile on his face.

"Anyways, we really owe the two of you." the demon fox turned to the two, "If you weren't there… I wouldn't know where Hiei and I would be…"

"Hear, hear!" Kuwabara snickered while looking at Hiei.'

Hiei didn't look at him and didn't say anything.

It was true; admittedly he does owe the two idiots a big deal. They saved Kurama from being locked up in a place they describe as 'unordinary.' Apparently, when they were running up the stairs, Kuwabara felt an eerie presence and saw a door on their left. He insisted that they open it because he knew someone was there. When they forced it open they saw a big circular room, made of stone walls and tall ceilings. In the middle of the room was a bed and Kurama was lying unconsciously on it.

"I will clear things up with Koenma once Hiei is okay." Kurama finished with a satisfied smile on his face. "I can't let him on his own… you know how he likes to wonder around."

"Or appear out of nowhere like warts do." nodded Kuwabara sarcastically.

"It ain't funny, carrot head." Hiei said from the bed.

"Anyways," Yusuke scratched his head with his left hand, "We only came to check on if everything's okay. Last night's ordeal really shook me up a bit… I suppose I got to work out often… bastards are always appearing every now and then…"

Kurama nodded.

"Oh well, I got to meet up with Genkai for that matter."

"Yeah, coz Yukina's also there." Kuwabara muttered and the two disappeared in as quickly as they had come.

"Annoying scrubs." Hiei muttered the moment the two disappeared.

Kurama turned to him and smiled again. He then sat down beside the bed and stared at Hiei with his head tilted on one side. He stared at the Jaganshi so fondly.

"Don't be like that to them, they saved our necks back there."

"I know," Hiei answered, "and I am grateful that they saved you... but idiots like Kuwabara..."

Kurama smiled. Hiei felt himself blushing for no apparent reason.

"So..." he frankly started with unblinking eyes, "When do I get you alone?"

Kurama blinked. And then burst out laughing. Hiei watched him with a confronted look.

"What's so funny?"

"Well," Kurama struggled as he fought back his laugh, "It- It doesn't seem like you- saying that kind of stuff."


"You're cute. I like it."

Hiei blushed once more. Kurama smiled at him, and then leaned down and kissed the Jaganshi on the lips. Hiei pulled Kurama's collar and they slid down on the bed.

Somewhere on the morning window, silent eyes were watching.


Koenma and Ogre had just emerged from out of the corner whilst carrying their filled stomach. They walked along the stone hall way looking both satisfied.

"What happened to Yusuke's recent mission?" Ogre suddenly asked from out of nowhere.

"Done with a period. They also saved Kurama and all that."

Ogre nodded, but then turned to the little master again.

"So how come we didn't know about the presence of that sakura-user?"

"Coz we don't. His records were so long ago I didn't think he'd appear."

Ogre looked at Koenma quizzically.

"Why he'd appear now?"

"Coz he's attracted to our Kurama, that' why. If you ask me, Kurama's been in a whole lot of mess in his past life than he'd care to admit. You know, I'm actually surprised his past flames aren't coming back to-"

Koenma stopped talking suddenly. He then frowned for a moment, and then glared at Ogre.

"If I know all the answers to your questions, Ogre, I'd have rather wasted it all to Yusuke's every mission. You're a nosy monster, you know that?"

"But Koenma," Ogre scratched his head, "I didn't ask anything about Kurama's past; you're the one who blabbed it."

"Don't get smart with me." Koenma snapped as they turned another corner to where his office was located, "And don't ever tell Kurama I mentioned anything about his old flames."

"Were there many?"

"Oh-ho, quite a number- you'd be surprised. Hey- stop asking me these things! The last thing I need is Kurama's whip on my neck."

They entered his office and Koenma sat down on his usual chair. Ogre stood beside him still looking interested.

"So how do you know these stuffs?"

"I got everyone's data on this computer… speaking of which…"

"Why, what's the matter?" Ogre looked at Koenma who was looking at his computer with a frown on his face. The blue demon followed where his master was looking and saw that the computer screen was showing a profile of a demon as if someone had just looked on to it.

"I didn't remember ever looking on his profile." Koenma's frown deepened, "And I am sure I put a password on this so that no one aside from me can see this."

Ogre frowned as he too stared at the screen.

The screen showed Hiei's profile.


Hiei stared unblinkingly at Kurama from where he was sitting on the couch. It wasn't just a moment ago when he was comfortably laying on his back beside the demon fox on the bed when the latter suddenly suggested having dinner.

Now he is watching the bishounen fix dinner with his back on him. He could see a clear view of his ex-best-friend-now-lover's backside. Kurama was only wearing his pink t-shirt that covered till his thigh. He was unclothed from then below after the their love making the whole day, and even though the Jaganshi had seen all of it in daylight he couldn't stop thinking about it. It was a good sight.

"Do you intend to stay in Ningekai now?" Kurama asked as he prepared dinner on his little kitchen while Hiei sat on the couch behind him.

"I dunno… Mukuro might look for me when she wants."

"Choosing Mukuro over me huh? It does seem like the best choice." Kurama grinned and looked back at Hiei who looked a little bit upset.

"I meant," Hiei stressed his every word, "I can return to Makai whenever I want to. Mukuro could live with herself for a little while."

Kurama set the table and then washed his hands on a loin cloth. He then went over Hiei and sat beside him on the couch.

"Meaning you'd leave me if you have the chance?"

"Meaning I'd be gone for awhile if I don't want to keep her waiting."

Silence filled them as Kurama gave Hiei a calculated look.

"Yeah, I guess that is the best option."

The bishounen stood up and walked over the table. Hiei watched him warily.

"Come on, let's eat." Kurama called as he sat on his chair. Hiei did not argue and sat opposite him.

"Are you upset?" the Jaganshi asked.

Kurama ate quietly.

"Hey- I'm talking to you." Hiei insisted.

"The thing about being upset cannot be helped, you know. I mean, really picking her over me… it's a little…problematic." Kurama answered quietly. He had his yes on his plate that made the Jaganshi a little bit annoyed- and when he is annoyed it bothers him because it would mean it was affecting the cold hearted him.

"Look at me while you're talking." he demanded.

Kurama looked up at him quietly. Hiei shut his mouth and gulp.

Silence filled them, and then Kurama choked back his chortle and laughed out loud.



Hiei eyed the demon fox with disgust. He knew Kurama was fun if he wants to, but sometimes he couldn't guess when that fun would come. Kurama after all, has his own way of thinking about what is fun and when it would be fun. He contented himself instead in pushing a mouthful of curry that Kurama made into his mouth.

Good thing it was delicious.

"I'm sorry, it's just- seeing you worried like that…" Kurama tinkled another laugh while Hiei watched him with levelled eyes. "What were you thinking that I was going to say?"

"I was worried you'd tell me to stop going to the other world."

Kurama's large green eyes sought the red as he stopped laughing. The demon fox took a minute to compose himself then asked quite calmly,

"Why would I do that?"

Hiei held Kurama's gaze.

"Hiei, that world is also my world… I cannot take that away from you." Kurama continued in his calm voice, "Having a relationship with a person doesn't mean we limit ourselves from doing things we are accustomed to do. On the contrary a relationship should continue growing it. In our case, we have different worlds, you with Mukuro, and me with the human world…. I think it is only right that we keep both worlds with us into one… not limiting the other, but growing instead… I think that is the best way to make our relationship last for the better."

Hiei heard him but did not nod. If it was fine for Kurama that he goes back to Mukuro every now and then- then should he be fine about those idiots at school? He just remembered those annoying bastard that kept harassing the demon fox in the school. If he told Kurama not to entertain them anymore, would that mean limiting him?

The jaganshi's frown reached the bishounen.

"You have something on your mind, Hiei?" Kurama asked.


"What is it?"

"I don't want you to entertain those idiots in your school." Hiei eyed Kurama seriously that reminded the demon fox strongly how the jaganshi had looked at Yukina's abductors before. "Don't ever date anyone of them again."

Kurama felt a warm feeling spread inside of him that made him smile a little.

"Part of being in a relationship, too," he started again, "Is to be responsible of their partner. Surely dating and entertaining other people is not allowed. So yeah, I won't date anyone except you."

Hiei turned brick red. He quickly looked down on his plate and started eating again as Kurama grinned at him.

"So cute." Kurama muttered and he too, started eating the curry.

Yukina stared at the moonlight sky with a contented expression. She was on the backyard and silently admiring the starry sky with a cup of tea on her slender hands.

"Yukina," called Genkai from inside the temple, "You should come in now, it's starting to get cold out there… not that it would have any bad effect on you, seeing as you are of course, a woman of snow, but that doesn't seclude you from house rules of sleeping early."

"Yes, Genkai." smiled Yukina as old master went inside once more. The ice-maiden gave the starry sky one fond look before she deciding to finally get back inside.

She hasn't taken a single step when she felt her body froze. In front of her she saw something fall...

Why... it was pink snow... or rather... a petal?

The cup of tea fell on the ground with a sounding shatter.

Genkai appeared on the doorway again looking as if she sensed something she did not recognize.

"Yukina?" she called finally again. There was no sign of Yukina around, only the shattered pieces of the broken cup. "Yukina!"

Genkai stared into a space with a disbelief look in her eyes. It took her seconds to realize what had happened.

"Inside my temple…but …how…?"


Hiei kissed Kurama.

He did not know but kissing Kurama brings him a great satisfaction. And so he kissed him.

They were on the couch and definitely can be describe as making out. Kurama had his head on Hiei's lap and answering the Jaganshi's kisses. Hiei's left hand was caressing Kurama's manhood and clearly making the demon fox enjoy his touches.

They were just starting to get the heat on when Kurama's phone rang.

"Let me answer it." Kurama smiled as Hiei didn't stop kissing him, "Hiei…"

"Fuck those bastards…" Hiei muttered as he allowed the demon fox to get up and pick up the phone.

"Yes? Oh, Yusuke… yeah he's here…why?" Kurama eyed Hiei and with one look Hiei knew something was wrong. "What? Alright- we'll be there."

Kurama hang up and looked at Hiei again.

"What's the problem this time?" the Jaganshi asked as he stood up from the couch.

Kurama eyed his lover, before finally saying-

"It's Yukina. She disappeared."

Hiei's eyes went round.


-to be continued-

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