"Ash kun… Ash kun…wake up," a soft, dreamy voice murmured in Ash's ear, causing him to stir softly in his sleep, resting comfortably in the small mattress in the Pokecenter. If not counting something sitting heavily on his lap, he would be feeling like sleeping out a small cloud. "Ask kun, wake up sleepy head! You have got to see this!"

"…Hmm?" the still sleepy pokemon trainer had a hard time trying to comprehend the words whispering to him. His hands moved up to rub his eyes, but instead felt a head near his with straight hair, his fingers mistakenly intertwined the silky locks. Not his hair, someone else's hair. And someone else's head.

"Wh-wh-what the…" he muttered lethargically, painfully cracking open an eye to see a pair of quite large inky black eyes staring back at him with a childish glint. There was a pause in the room, both staring without making a move. Then, Ash reacted.

It took him by surprise, making him jump with a highly and audible feminine like gasp, nearly making the boy on top stifle a small laughter at this. The unwanted guest fell off his lap, landing near the edge of the mattress, managing to keep his balance from falling off, pulling himself up in a sit position.

Panting, Ash sat up swiftly as if ready to attack or defend, shaking yet glaring at him as his trembling lips tried to move in threaten kind of manner. "Wh-what are you doing on my bed! W-who are y-you! Why are you here!"

The guest, a boy ranging around his age, a teenager, with flamboyant blond hair, bright enough for him to notice even without the light on. His ruddy cheeks adorned his cheeky smile. He might have been smaller than him. It was hard to tell in the position he was sitting and the limit of vision he could see. All he knew at that time was that he never saw him before.

The boy smirked, then feigned a frown of sadness. "Aw, you don't recognize me do you?" he questioned, playing with a yellow lock cutely. "That makes me sad, Ash kun. Makes me really sad. I know you. You should know me."

"I never met you before in my life," Ash spat, reaching over and grasped the chain attached to the lamp for him to finally see clearly at the intruder. "Get out now…"

What Ash hoped the boy was at least wearing short boxers, there was in fact nothing covering the bottom part his body. The boy was stark naked on his bed. Nothing at all. When he first noticed his nudity, his eyes found the sight between his legs.

Not bad.

Where he would be embarrassed by the indecency, the boy was oblivious to the whole thing, as if indecency was of no such thing in his little head. Like if being naked was as natural as one would usually wear clothes.

"I…" the sight of his crotch made him felt his tongue glued to his mouth.

Stop looking at it! Stop looking at it!

Still the boy blinked. "What? Meowth got your tongue?" the oblivious question was starting to irk Ash more than the damn Team Rockets song they always sang for no reason but to annoy them more and more.

Ash still didn't answer. He was forcing his eyes to look at the other's eyes rather than below. But, something was drawing him there. The boy smiled wider.

"Still don't recognize me?" he glanced at the small makeshift bed resting on the ground Ash made from blankets and a small pillow for his beloved pokemon, Pikachu, than back at Ash with mischievous pupils. "Where's Pikachu?"

"Pikachu?" that made him look away from the groin to his eyes, shocked at the sudden question. He looked at the smaller bed, seeing it was nothing more than a ruffled heap of wrinkled blankets. The little electric pokemon was gone. "Pikachu? P-Pikachu! Wh-where is he? What did you do?"

He jumped out of the bed, missing the boy as he did, rummaging though the blankets and pillow, calling out his favorite pokemon in pure panic. No sign of Pikachu. The boy remained sitting, undisturbed.

Ash glared back at him, no, what I meant to say, glowering daggers of pure hatred and fatal future ahead at the boy, nearly seething with his teeth baring, standing up and standing tall and firm. Opponents like this wouldn't stand a chance with his wrath he was ready to unleash. Mess with his pokemon meant messing with him. A horrible choice to make.

"What did you do to him you bastard! You son of a bitch! Where is he? And why didn't you ask my questions earlier? What are you hiding? Who the freakin' hell are you? Are you working for Team Rocket?"

He let out a exasperating sigh, closing his head as he lowered his head, then shook his head softly, and looked up with the dark eyes of his and spoke quietly, almost a whisper, "You still don't get it, don't you?"

"Get what? That you're some crazy sicko who kidnapped my pokemon?" he retorted, clenching his fist, ready to strike. "What did you do with him? My Pikachu? I swear if you did something to him, I'm gonna-"

"Relax already will ya? I didn't do anything," he growled and narrowed his eyes, obviously frustrated at him. "Because dumbass…I am Pikachu!"

A pause. The room became quiet and still, even outside where the wind was blowing through a small rainstorm seemed still. Ash gaped, trying to move his mouth but failed, resembling a Magikarp gaping out of water.

"You? Pikachu?" what was he trying to pull? Ash wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he certainly wasn't stupid.

Anyone would know that. A two-year-old to a ninety-nine-year-old would know that. It was obvious by all means, not rocket science to figure this one out.

"You're not Pikachu! Pikachu is a small, yellow mouse! Pointy ears! Lightning bolt like tail! Small, beady eyes! Shoots electricity! A pokemon! You're not a pokemon, are you?" he glared sharply and pointed accusingly. "I see no tail, no pointy ears, not even yellow fur all over your body."

The boy stuck out his tongue playfully, unflustered at his voice, his cheeks red as a tomato, like the cheeks of his missing pokemon. Some things did look familiar about him. But, he couldn't be Pikachu. There was no way he could. All the recognizable characteristics of Pikachu weren't there. No tail, no ears, just red cheeks and blond hair.

"Oh really?" he said, turning to his side to show off his back. There, dark brown stripes covered his back, quite large in fact. He wasn't sure if it were burn marks or birthmarks. "See these Ash kun? Stripes! See? See? I woke up looking like this. Wanted to surprise you. Guess I freaked you out more. Can you believe this Ash kun? Look at me now!"

Ash flushed. No doubt, any human with stripes that perfectly mimicked Pikachu's stripes was something odd. Coincidental? Or was it the truth? This was too early in the morning for him to even be thinking so hard.

The boy shrugged at his puzzled looks and shivered as the wind made its way through the window. He could see the goosebumps prickling out his skin.

"It's quite cold without fur," he said, rubbing his arms. "Sorry to change the subject, but I'm cold. That's why you humans typically wear clothes? Or is it for fashion…you know, I think that's usually a girl's worry. Then again, I do see boys caring about their appearance too. I don't know."

Ash didn't answer. As the boy talked in a garrulity manner, his mind was still pondering heavily on the explanation of his missing pokemon could actually be the naked boy sitting on his bed. This had to be a dream. A pokemon turning into a human? Only in a dream, right?

No, this wasn't a dream. He was wide awake and he was staring at the boy.

"Can I borrow some clothes of yours? It's getting awfully cold in here. We're the same size, right?" he asked, jumping off the bed and crawled (like an animal) towards the backpack laying near the nightstand. He unzipped it with a quick ziiip and plunged his hand deep without Ash's approval.

"Boxers go first, right?" he said, taking out a pair of dark blue boxers, originally belonging to Ash. "Or no?"

He paused, adding more to the silence, thinking with his lips pursed and eyes looking up, as if the ceiling was going to give him the answer. He smiled then proceed to put it on, finally agreeing with his thoughts.

Ash was being the useless gaping boy. A fly would have flew in and out and he wouldn't have done anything.

"I guess yes." he said, slipping them on, albeit the first attempt, both legs went through one hole. Second attempt he put it on backwards, then took it off. Never had Ash guessed that putting on boxers was a hard task.

If he was a pokemon, that would explain the difficulty I guess. Pokemons usually don't wear clothes. Pikachu was always naked. Like him.

Maybe he was telling the truth. With evidence that compelling, it seemed nearly impossible for all that to be a lie. That or he was an incredible liar. The perfect feign. Was this a prank? Was he waiting for Ash to believe in such tall tale and then surprise him with cameras and his friends laughing and pointing. His arch rival, Gary, was never going to forget about this. Ash wasn't going to give up that easy. Not without a fight.

"I still don't believe you." Ash intoned and crossed his arms stubbornly.

The boy glared back after fixing the boxers with a firm twist of the waistband. "Believe me or not," he huffed. "But I am Pikachu, Ash kun."

"B-but-but-if you were a pokemon…how are you human suddenly? Hmm?"

He shrugged. "I don't know," he replied casually. "I just woke up and…here I am. Simple as that. I wish I knew the answer, but I got nothing."


"Well," he began, sitting up as he eyes moved to see the ceiling again, then moved his attention to him after a small moment thinking. "I went to bed you made me as usual and fell asleep. I woke up…about twenty minutes I guess, feeling cold…and my body aching uncomfortably. I opened my eyes and I found myself bigger than usual. My bed wasn't big enough obviously, most of my body was laying on the hard wood.

"My first reaction was like 'what the fuck' moment. I couldn't think straight. I was still slightly sleepy. Then, I noticed my fur was gone, but instead I am furless, like you. And I have hands with fingers, like you. The only fur I could find was up here," he patted his head. "And down here." He patted his groin. He sighed, either from still being in a tired state or was frustrated as he was.

"I don't know," he resumed. "I cant explain how it happen, must be when I was sleeping. But, why? I cant tell you. 'Cause I don't know myself. I'm as clueless as you are."

Suddenly, he cracked a smile. It was a small smile, but it was still visible for Ash to spot easily. "Besides, being human for the first time is neat. I've always wondered how it was like being a human. You probably think the same about being a pokemon. Am I right, Ash kun? Being something you're not "

Yep, he was right. So many times had Ash caught himself fantasizing about being a powerful pokemon battling and winning with super cool moves. Did Pikachu had fantasies of being a pokemon trainer and live like Ash had? It seemed possible. The real question, the important one other than being Pikachu or an imposter, was how he was human.

The explanation he could think of was the move Transformation, but that was impossible for Pikachu to learn such a difficult move like that. It was scratched off mentally, not really helping at all. Too early in the morning to think of more explanations.

"…I don't know." how the other boy had said it made it sound compelling, but the story sounded a mere fantasy. He was still skeptical than being gullible.

The boy let out a sound of frustration, looking dead on in the eye. "Should I have to tell the story about the damn spearow attack?" he hissed, watching as Ash's eyes enlarged.

The story. How Ash had told the story to a few close friends, but never said any of the miserable details. He held his breath, allowing him to continue.

"How you took that bitch's bike and tried to take me to the nearest Pokecenter in a rush. Then they attacked again, with more numbers. And you used your own body as a shield for me while I was critically injured and useless. You wanted me, you wanted me to be safe in my pokeball while they attacked you. You didn't think I'll forget about that, did you?"

That was never said to anyone. The only people who do know was Ash…and Pikachu. This had to be his pokemon. The evidence was pilling up on him, one more and he'll be crushed with the truth. His lips quivered as guilt of calling him a liar rushed through his body faster than his blood. He lowered his head in shame as the silence between them remained. The boy's glare never ceased, making Ash shudder slightly.

"Believe me now?"

"…" Ash couldn't speak just yet. He had to take in all the information he had said. He looked up, heart throbbing and breathing tight. He swallowed.

"I never told anyone, anyone, not even my mom about that story," Ash said softly. "And yet, you tell the story as if you were actually there. Pikachu was there. You're claiming to be Pikachu. You have to be…no, you must be Pikachu."

His face softened as he gave him a single nod in agreement. His smile returned. His eyes was warming and loving, the same eyes of his Pikachu.

"Now you believe me." he was about to say more until Ash leaped forward, crushing him with a fierce hug as if they had seen each for the first time in decades. He nearly fell back from the sudden impact. The hug was meaningful and affectionate, and he hugged him back just as tight. Hugging a male without a shirt on and only in boxers didn't bother Ash. Not this time. The only thing on his mind was his Pikachu.

"I'm sorry Pikachu," Ash said, giving him a tight squeeze. "I'm really sorry. I didn't know. I didn't know. Please forgive me for shouting at you."

He patted his back, chuckling. "Don't worry about it, I'm not mad anymore, okay? It's over with."

"It's just…wow." he said, pulling back, ending the affectionate hug reluctantly.

"What do you mean?"

"I wake up to find my pokemon turned to a human, I mean, wow, you know? Just…wow!" he chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck. He was smiling. He placed a hand on Pikachu's head and rubbed his blond hair.

He shrugged. He started to shiver as another gust of wind entered. "Can I still borrow some more of your clothes? Boxers don't really help."

"Uh sure, here," Ash reached in his backpack, quickly pulling out a pair of tight blue jeans and a green grey sweater Ash worn several during this winter. "Sorry, I only have one pair of pajamas. I'll get some later."

"This will do," he said, taking the jeans and putting them on while sitting. It took a while as he struggled to put it on, like with the boxers. "It's just clothes."

He then put on the sweater, smiling once the warmth covered his body from the softness of the clothing. Never had he felt it on his skin like this.

"It feels so good," he murmured, hugging himself with extra heat. "Thank you Ash kun!"

"No problem." he said, wondering why Pikachu had put on the boxers and jeans while on the ground. It was easier to put them on while standing. Actually, he didn't see him stand once. Could he stand and walk around?

Pikachu was too busy relaxing in the warm clothes to pay attention to the pondering Ash.



"Can you walk?"

The smile faded. Pikachu looked at his own legs, seemingly nervous at the question. "Not really," he admitted sheepishly. "I don't know how to walk in these."

"But you walked on your hind legs before. It's like that. Right foot, left foot. You should walk fine." Ash said pointed out, looking at his feet.

"I know, but in these," he rubbed his long legs, earning a blush from Ash. Oh how tight the pants were on his body, how long his legs were. "It's like walking on stilts in these things. It's not like my small feet in my old body."

"I see," he said, shaking his head and shook the image of his long legs out of his head and stood up. He offered a hand to Pikachu, smiling. "Can you stand?"

"I'll try, but not promising I would last long." he said, grabbing his hand, and wobbled up to his feet. His legs moved like jello and he moved unsteadily.

Ash caught him before he fell. The pokemon's cheeks reddened. He slid from his grip and fell on his knees.

"You see?" he said. "I cant even stand. Big fail, isn't it Ash kun?" he laughed at his own joke.

"Try again." he pulled up forcefully, seeing how his legs shook and he tried to keep him balanced.

"I'm going to fall!" he alarmed Ash, shaking harder, grip tightening. "I'm going to fall!"

"No, you're not." he held him tightly around the waist, his feet nearly floating from the ground. Their hips were close together. Ash tried to ignore it. He could feel his groin through the tight pants with his own, and he swallowed but kept his composure. Freaking out this time would freak out Pikachu.

"Ash kun?"

"Try to stand now."

Pikachu pressed his feet to the ground carefully. This time with Ash's grip, he remained standing. He was still shaking, but it wasn't as bad as last time. Pikachu smiled, the confidence was rising and Ash too smiled.

"There you go, you're doing great," Ash praised, smiling warmly. "I'm going to let go."

Pikachu's eyes widened and shook his head. "Don't do it Ash kun. Don't do it."

"Too late."

With that, he grip released and he took a step back. Pikachu swayed, ready to fall. In desperate attempts to remain standing, he took two awkward steps forward, grasping onto Ash and pressing his weight forward in hopes of Ash catching him, causing the other male to stumble back.

He too was losing his balance and eventually fell back with Pikachu falling on top. His plan didn't work after all. Ash was left stunned for a few seconds.

The sudden pain in his back and the weight on top of him made him came to, first thing seeing was Pikachu laying on top his face inches from his. His face immediately flushed red, watching as Pikachu's eyes flickered open to stare at his. An exhausted look splayed his face as he lowered his eyelids.

"How 'bout I just stick to your shoulder like old times?" he suggested.

Ash gulped. "Let's just hope we can find a way for you to be a pokemon again, as soon as possible."