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"My, my." It was what Professor oak could say as he examined Ash's use to be pokemon. Stripped all expect for the boxers Ash had lend him earlier, he was shivering both from the cold and from the Professor's ever curious eyes. "I've never seen such a case like this in all my life. It's like he's perfectly…human."

"He is Professor!" Ash said. "Just look at him! No one would suspect that he was once a pokemon…well, with his clothes on." He gestured to the brown stripes streaked across his back like his old self.

"I see." He rubbed the bottom of his chin thoughtfully. He was quite dumbfounded when he first lay eyes on the pair. At first, he had suspected it was only a mere prank, but the urgency of Ash's voice sounded far to real to be a joke. And the close similarity with the human claiming to be Pikachu made the case very plausible to be true.

"Ah Professor…" Kin said surprisingly meek. "Can I put my clothes back on now? It's cold in here."

"Not yet." He replied simply. His puzzlement was blatant and it seemed like he didn't where to start first. "So, Pikachu transformed all of a sudden? Nothing happened before he turned?"

"No, not at all." Ash said for the millionth time. "We were training for a while. Stopped at a pokemon center, and this happened! No warning whatsoever."

"I see. Pikachu? Did you feel anything when it occurred?"

Kin shook his head. "No sir, I woke up like this. No pain, no nothing." He dropped his black eyes to the tiled floor helplessly. "It's like magic or something that comes from a dream." He raised his head up, locking eyes with the professor. "I cant do anything like I did before! I cant smell or hear as well. I keep getting cold. I can't even use my electric powers anymore! Ugh! I just want to be back in my normal self!"

He dropped his head in his hands, clearly frustrated. Ash felt as if he should comfort his ex pokemon but the stiff position Kin was standing gave a hostile demeanor. Instead, he stuffed his hands in his pocket and stood silent.

Suddenly, Kin popped down on the floor. He exhaled and removed his hands from his face. "My legs hurt standing." He explained briefly. "Another thing that troubles me. These damn legs!"

You didn't mind once in awhile. Ash refrained himself from saying. Kin tended to be overdramatic as he was far too use to that.

"There's another thing that is quite puzzling me," Professor Oak said next, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "have you two looked at each other recently?"

"Yeah." Ash responded, raising an eyebrow. "Why?"

"I see some similarities between you two." his thick fingers hovered near his nose. "Both of your nose are shaped the same." his fingers then moved over to his chin, trailing the tip to his chin smoothly. "And your cheeks and chin are like duplicates. If I didn't know you were his Pikachu, I would have thought you were his brother."

"Really?" Ash absently touched his own face, glimpsing at the sulking blond. It never occurred to him that there were similarities in their facial features. Their size separated their obvious status, but Ash nearly nailed himself for not noticing this. He glanced at himself via the reflection of a framed picture of the nearby sea. They really did have some similarities. Face wise. Although Kin face was smoother and in a way newer like a newborn baby.

Kin paid no attention and picked at the rugged tips of his fingernails. Shame, he had already picked a bad habit with his brand new nails.

"Ash?" Professor Oak asked for his attention. "I would like to take a DNA sample test if you don't mind. I'll check to see how much have changed in the DNA strands. Maybe it'll lead us a step further in this mystery."

"Sure Professor, anything that might help."

"Alright then." Professor Oak stepped over to his briefcase, unclasped it to reveal a humble set of medical tools each glimmering under the light. He pulled out a syringe with quite a long and sharp needle attached. The tip winked harmfully. Ash swallowed, suddenly feeling lightheaded. He knew it wasn't for him but he couldn't help but feel intimidated.

Kin remained on the floor, arms crossed unaware of what the Professor was extracting from his case. And by the looks of it, he wouldn't budge for anything.

As Professor Oak moved over to Kin, he glanced at Ash a bit wearily. "You might want to hold him down."

Kin's ears perked up suspiciously. "Huh? What for?" Before Ash could hold him down, Kin had glimpsed over his shoulder and quickly spotted the medical instrument, specifically the thin, deadly needle.

"Ash hold him down now!"

Kin bolted up. Ash lunged forward, dropping his weight on his back, tumbling back to the floor.

"Keep him still!" Professor Oak ordered as Kin wiggled desperately from Ash's grip like an enraged ekans. The needle nearly slipped from his fingers"I can't take the sample with him squirming out of control!"

"I'm trying Professor!"

"Let go of me Ash! You traitor!"

"Hold him still!"

"I know, I know!"

And then, a quick pinch, a shriek, and it was over.

"Why did you let him do that to me Ash kun?" Kin began to whine as they entered their room, still in the same pokemon center, tailing behind his master with dewy eyes. "That really hurt!" He gestured to the red band aid attached to his arm, a cotton ball underneath. He could still feel his heart beat thrumming against the wound as a painful reminder.

"It was for the DNA Pikachu. He has to if we want to figure what's going on. Everything's fine now right? You're still alive, aren't you?" He rolled his eyes at his drama. It was only a mere needle, not a freaking steak knife that pricked him.

"I died a little on the inside." He harrumphed with a frown. He glimpsed at his band aid again after peeling his sleeve back. "At least it's red, my favorite color. It reminds me of ketchup…Hey Ash kun, can we eat again? I'm getting peckish."

"Again? We ate before we met Professor Oak, remember?" And I'm running low on money.

Kin blew a raspberry in response. "I don't care how long it's been, I'm hungry." He flopped down on his bed dramatically. He shifted around, taking the hem of his shirt and peeled it off. "So warm in here.."

Ash tensed as Kin tossed the shirt to the wooden floor and reached down to unzip his jeans. "Don't you get naked now!"

"Hmm?" Kin cocked his head idly and slipped out of his jeans, ignoring his master's words. "Why? You saw me naked already." He replied in a matter-of-fact-tone. "It shouldn't surprise you again. Nothing has changed as far as I know." Evidently, Kin was oblivious about modesty and other people's feelings towards nudity. It was one of the things he needed to learn fast if he was a human.

"Doesn't mean I want to see it again." Ash chided glowing a bright red. He didn't want to recall what he saw that one night. The memory had already taken its damage in his mind, burning a small spot in his brain permanently. "At least keep your boxers on at least!" He snapped just as Kin was moving on to the last garment on his body.

"Fine…" Kin let out a sigh and crawled over to rest his head on the pillow with a soft plop! "You can be such a prude, you know that? Lighten up. I wouldn't mind if you took your clothes off too."

"I believe in modesty. And who you calling prude?" Ash said haughtily and plopped on his bed adjacent to Kin's. He removed his backpack, unzipped, and fished out his pair of pajamas to set aside for later. The DNA result would take awhile to be confirmed, so Ash decided to take a break from pokemon training to give him and his pokemon some rest. And apparently, Kin's new pair of legs didn't have enough stamina to keep him moving. Like a baby learning how to walk. When he wasn't running an awkward gait, he was more of toddling around. His balance definitely got the best of him at times. Maybe if he walked better he would enjoy it better.

"Ash kun?" Kin's voice muffled through the pillow.


"Do you like me being human?"

The question was so sudden, Ash had to register it several of times in his head before could answer. "I…I don't know." He admitted, watching as Kin raised his head for his eyes to peer over the pillow, shifting to lay on his side. "It's different."

"Good different or bad different?"

"Different different."

"That doesn't mean anything to me." He grumbled. "Be more specific than that."

"Like what? Do you like your new body Pikachu? Without the side effects I mean." He clarified.

"It's Kin now Ash kun, remember?" He replied tartly and rolled over to face the wall instead. "And I don't know either…" He answered so soft that Ash had to strain his ears to hear him clearly. "Like you said, it's different. But I don't know either if it's good or bad. That's why I asked you. But you don't know yourself. I know what I said to Professor Oak earlier. How I wanted to be back to my old self." He made little circles with his finger on his pillow absently. "But now, I don't know. Every time I think I hate this new look, I find something new to like then vice versa. It's like my own mind can't figure it out."

"Well, I thought you like the new you. Remember at the restaurant? How you were in love with the food and was so glad to have the new taste buds?" He recalled to lighten his mood. "You were so happy that you kept wanting to eat. You wanted seconds and you wanted a sample of everything off the menu."

"True." He agreed with him, but still didn't sound pleased. "Then my legs started to hurt like hell."

"And you're a lot taller."

"Not as tall as you." He reminded sharply.

"Yeah, but still you're tall anyways. You can see how I see things instead of craning your neck up all the time.

"But that's another problem. I can't rest on your shoulder anymore. I use to love that and pretend I was tall like you. It's different now."

Ash sighed hugely. "Man, you're being negative today. Is it because of Professor Oak earlier?"

"I don't want to talk about him!" He snapped. Yep, still mad.

"Okay, okay…say, how about later we go to the market and pick up some food? When I mean later I mean it. Not now…You can try out other stuff. That'll cheer you up right?" Ash offered. Food was his last option of cheering him up. "We can pick up lunchboxes at the market. It's assorted with all kinds of great and delicious food. I love their rice balls the best."

"Hmm." Kin stirred, attention aroused. "Had them before. They taste good for me then too." He said, his voice lighter. "Brock made the best. Even if it's just rice and apricots. It tasted the best."

"Maybe they'll taste better for you with your new tongue. I never knew how picky a pokemon taste buds are like." He mused. Now that Kin could speak finally, he was actually learning an abundance of knowledge of the strange and fascinating monsters that he came to know and love. He dropped his head on the bundle of pajamas as a makeshift pillow. "Brock did make good rice balls. But they weren't the best. My mom makes the best of everything."

"Mama's boy."

"Hey, you love her cooking too!"


"Ha," Ash sighed wearily. He couldn't wait to sleep tonight. "So tired…" He scrubbed his eyes to prove it.

"Want me to get dinner?" Kin suggested.

"Hell no," He quickly replied back. "I don't trust you with money yet. We're on a tight budget."

"Rice balls aren't expensive." He remarked.

"Yeah but if I give you the money, I wonder what you might buy instead."

"I wouldn't do that!"

"With a short attention span like you, I'll bet my own hat on it." He tapped his cap with a knowing smirk.

"Ah screw you." Kin stuck his tongue out again rudely.

Ash couldn't help but grin at his weak comment. That must have meant he won. And oh how victory felt good against a completive Pikachu. It was like he won a pokemon battle. Verbally that is.

"Another thing Ash kun," Kin began again, a bit hesitantly. He fist the pillow uneasily, cheeks redder than his natural color. It was so out of character than Ash began to question what exactly did Professor Oak did to him. "before I forget to tell you again. The night I became human I…notice some things that I didn't before…"

"Like what?"

"Like…you." He buried his head as if he had told the greatest of all secrets he could hold. Even his ears and neck were turning a vivid shade of red. "After I turned, I've been looking at you differently. I don't know if it's good or bad."

Ash blinked, then quickly recalled the kiss Kin gave him out of the blue in the snowy woods. The kiss that caught him off guard during a little game Kin created right at that moment. The sudden but warm and soft lip lock they shared for no longer than a few seconds before back to the frigid air. But that was the spur of the moment. You said it yourself Pikachu! Don't give me another thing to worry about. Not another thing, not another thing…

"That kiss…"

Oh God…

"I had this sudden urge to do it." He blurted. "I couldn't control myself and I tried to my best to act cool about it."

"So it wasn't the spur of the moment?" Ugh, can I act even more stupider?

"Obviously not." Kin moved his head to face him with dewy eyes. "But Ash kun. Whatever happens, please don't look at me any differently. I'm still trying to figure out myself what's going on and the last thing I want is my own best friend alienate me because of it."

"I…" Sometimes I do feel like I'm looking at you differently. But for some reason, it doesn't feel so bad. Not bad at all. Maybe I have to figure what's going with myself before I figure out yours. "I promise I wont. You're my buddy, Chu. No matter what." Ash flashed him a thumbs up. Albeit small and somewhat weak, it made Kin inflate with relief and happiness.

Kin grinned and sat up, pillow in arms. "But what I've said before. Let's keep that a secret between us. If Professor Smarty-pants hears about this, who knows what he'll do next?" He shivered then as if recalling the needle.

"I promise buddy."

"Heh, you better!"

The next day, another dreary snowy day, Kin had tried his best to find more ways to have fun with his new body. One thing was for sure that his skills of creating snowballs mastered greatly compared to his once little paws. And the taste of the rice balls were supreme. Despite this, Kin was still unsure if being human was the best thing for him. Even Ash thought the same thing. Like he said, once something goes wrong, another thing goes wrong.

His legs always were in the way it seemed.

"Ash kun, can we take another break?" Kin flopped himself back down to the snowy ground before Ash could answer. His ankles crossed and he buffed a stream of visible breath from his lips, he showed no sign of getting up any minute. "My feet are killing me!" He said a bit too dramatically which Ash was far to accustomed to his over exaggerating nature.

Ash huffed. "We're almost at the pokemon center. You can at least wait for a few more minutes until you rest."

"Too far." He groused.

As he shut his eyes to rest for a bit, he heard footsteps crunching over towards him. He slid open one eye curiously. It was a boy ranging around Ash's age but appeared to be new as a trainer with his bright and eager eyes. A girl too a trainer followed the boy, gaping.

"Is that really him?" She inquired the boy and he nodded.

"That has to be him. Look at the similarities!"

Ash blinked. "What about him?" He had an inkling of what they were talking about but that was impossible for them to know. He had only told Professor Oak about it. How could the two he never met before know about this?

"Is this the Pikachu?" The boy asked, beaming as if he made the greatest discovery in his life. Which he probably did.

"A Pikachu?" Kin barked, feigning being offended. "What are you talking about? If you can't tell, I'm a boy." He stood up for further display. He was no taller than the girl and she gasped in shock.

"It is you!" She exclaimed and pinched the corner of his cheeks. "Your cheeks are red like a Pikachu's. And your hair and your eyes! Jasper check his back."

"What? No!" Kin and Ash cried in unison.

Too late. The boy, Jasper they heard, whipped Kin around and threw up his jacket. "I see the stripes." He confirmed proudly. Kin spun back around, smacking his hand away with a painful lash.

"Leave me alone will ya?" He spat. If he were a pokemon again, he would have promptly struck with a jolt of his thunderbolt.

"So you are the Pikachu after all."

"No, I just look like a Pikachu. Got a problem with that?" Kin, still trying to keep his cover intact, said and glanced at his trainer to back him up. "I mean look at you, big eyes, short brown hair, you look like an evee. Right Ash?"

"Uh, right."

"Don't lie to me!" The boy frowned sternly. "It has to be the pikachu. I heard in the pokemon center. While I was passing through the hallway and I peeked in when I heard it myself. A pikachu turning into a human! I heard you guys talking! You! It has to be you two. It has to be."Damn it Professor…

Why couldn't they picked a more secluded room?

"You turned human overnight, right?" The girl asked right after Jasper. Her pig tails bounced with her excitement like an eager Meowth's triangular ears. "Like magic?!" She was so bubbly and cute, it would be a shame to say no to her in any way.

"That's what I heard." Jasper added. "Am I right? I never hear wrong."

Another pokemon trainer ambling near by stopped in his tracks to eavesdrop and Ash could feel his mind circling faster than a whirlpool attack. "You…that's not it…it's really…this is all a big misunderstanding."

Kin was practically eating his bottom lip. Another person, this time a young woman with her child in hand, stopped to listen. He was ready to grab Ash and run like hell. "Then explain to me the stripes." Jasper demanded, knowing with all his heart he was right. The girl nodded along.

"Birthmark!" Ash blurted the first thing that came in mind. Man, it's so blatant I'm lying. Why even bother arguing.

"And the discussion earlier at the Pokemon Center?"

"…" Ash didn't know what to say then, relying on Kin for an answer this time.

To his misfortune, Kin was at loss of words too.

"So am I right?"

Kin glowered, sighed, and gave a single nod in defeat. Immediately after that, he thrust a finger to his lips to silence him. "But don't say anything about this. It's a secret. Got that?"

Jasper shrugged. "Alright, but it seems like half of the town has heard it already."

"Huh?" Ash and Kin's eyes bugged out and whipped their heads back in shock. To their horror, a small crowd was already starting to form, gazing with such interest, it was as if they were a legendary pokemon in captivity.

"Is it true?"

"Is he really a Pikachu?"

"Let me have a closer look!"

"This is fake, isn't it?"

"I want my pokemon to be human too! Tell me how you did that!"

"How did he get like that?"

"That's so awesome!"

"Tell us! Tell us!"

Questions from left to right began to ripple across the area. Kin's cheeks became an intense shade of red. He went to palm his lips with his hand as if to keep himself from screaming. Ash could feel a scream bubbling up his throat. They were being outnumbered just like the time they were being chased by a swarm of spearows.

"Ash, I think this is the best time to get the heck out of here!" And before Ash could reply back, Kin had slipped through the crowd quickly, albeit struggling his way through before he picked up enough speed and agility to outrun them. Under pressure must have boosted his confidence of his gait, he presumed. But that led Ash all the way back here with people looming over him, demanding answers that he didn't know himself what to answer back to please them.

Swallowing, he followed after Kin, dodging every outstretched arms and hands like an obstacle course. One hand snagged his sleeve and he snatched that back a bit too roughly at the young girl with glassy eyes. Sure he felt bad but he didn't physically hurt her. It was his pokemon he worried the most and it was the main priority for a pokemon master wannabe to keep all his pokemon away from harm, human or not.

Though that didn't stop him from twisting his head back, crying out, "Sorry but I really don't have time for your questions!" And he veered sharply to the right, out of sight from the swarm of people.

Through the thick layers of snow, it exerted more energy to keep on running and Ash's legs were beginning to burn and his muscles to ache. But he couldn't stop now. Not when Kin was out there on the run. Where is he? Please be okay, Chu. Please be okay! Please be somewhere safe! Don't hide anywhere stupid.

He was afraid to call out his name. They could hear him and hunt him down. Though he loved attention and craved it during a victory at a pokemon tournament, seeing his image large and bright at the TV screen made his ego appropriately high, he wished he was nothing more but a mere nobody: a dull, plain nobody. Maybe that'll ease the stress just for a little bit to make him think clear enough where to move next.

He could hear them. The people searching for him like hungry pokemon. Come on Chu, your speed's like a human, remember? How far are you?

He made another quick turn down the frozen street, passing through clueless pedestrians hastily. He nearly tripped several times, one from someone's foot, once by his own feet. His chest was burning harder than his legs. It was becoming unbearable. He slowed, catching his breath.

One step.

Two step.

Three step.

Four-wait, what's that sound?

A door creaked from a house to the right. It passed his shoulder slowly, skimming his sleeves, and when Ash glanced over to see, a hand darted out, snatched him by the arm and yanked him inside. A hand flew over his mouth before he could scream. Inside, the house was small, warm, and fitting for a town like this. Homey and calm, it was the opposite he expected.

"Mmmph! Mmm!" He muffled through the heated hand, wiggling and struggling to break free.

"Hush! It's me!" Kin's voice hissed, giving his mouth a small squeeze.


"Who else?" He dropped his hand and spun Ash to face him. He cracked an amused smile and blew a low whistle. "You're a mess."

"I was running, looking for you." He explained curtly, earning a calm shrug. "Where are we?"

It was someone's home, not a shop. A humble kitchen resting at the back of the room, a finely crafted table in the middle with a vase of fake flowers adorning it, and a soft rug underneath with bolded black words WELCOME. It was a home for two people or less. It reminded Ash of his home back in Pallet Town.

"At a nice lady's place. She knows who I am." He said casually

Ash blanched. "And you came in? I don't want news spreading around like this Kin. Remember that?"

"Relax okay? She's a nice person and she doesn't want to ask many questions. She's here to help us." In his hand suddenly was a ruby red apple which he stored in the back of his hoodie. Of course, if she persuaded him with food, Kin would fall for anything. "Oh good, here she comes."

"So you found him, thank goodness. I was starting to worry." A sweet, motherly voice came from down the staircase. A middle aged woman with faint blond hair tied up in a small bun descended down the steps. Her eyes were bright and fresh like a young girl's. And she brought in the pleasant smell of lily-of-the-valley perfume into the room. She definitely appeared more calm than the other people outside. "You must be Ash Ketchum I've heard about."

"Y-yes. I…" He had never seen her before in his life and it was blatantly creepy when they know your full name. He didn't know what else to say. Kin calmly chomped on his apple loudly.

"Don't worry, I'm a friend of Professor Oak." She said sweetly and offered a seat at the table. He obliged, and she took a seat in front of the duo. "I got a call from him earlier today about this phenomena. I say, I was little skeptical until I saw your friend in person. He wants to make sure that I talked to you two about it."

"He told you about us?" Damn it again Oak!

"It's okay, I'm his friend," She raised her hands up innocently. 'I'm Mrs. Sato, Professor Oak and I attended school together, studying about Pokemon. Once in awhile, we call each other to figure out problems we can't figure out alone. This is one of the case."

"Oh, so you're a scientist too." Ash felt slightly relieved at this. Again, Kin paid more attention to his apple to care.

Surprisingly, Mrs. Sato shook her head. "No, the opposite actually. I'm more with the spiritual forces in pokemon than the scientific terms." She explained. "Science makes things complicated for me."

"So you don't believe in science?" Kin said with his mouth full. He ran his sleeve over his mouth to wipe away the sticky juice.

"I do believe in science. I just don't believe that you have to look at science for every problem. Like this one." She sighed to herself. "Professor Oak doesn't like to admit that there are some things he can't figure out for himself with all his research and textbooks piled up in his lab. He was quite flustered when he called me. He also send some of your pictures of both of you. Especially of you Pikachu."

Ash did know that Kin had several pictures taken by Oak back at the pokemon center. But sending it to a stranger without his knowledge was bothersome. Even if it's with a woman they could trust. He kept that to himself as the woman continued, "you were lucky that I was sweeping the snow off my front step outside to find you Pikachu. People in this town crave any kind of excitement. It's best to stay away from people like them while you're trying to figure it out yourself. But they don't care. Even if it's complete lies, they'll chase after to know the truth. Not that I disagree. When I heard about your case, I was pretty excited to see it in person."

Ash groaned and rubbed his temples irritably. By now he was positive that everyone has heard of him and Kin. By the time they walked out, they would be waiting, starving for answers. The muscles in his legs were too tense to run again. He wasn't sure about Kin but he had to be equally as spent as he was. He might as well move on to another town with Kin in disguise. Dye his hair black? Cover his ruddy cheeks? Wrap bandages around his back just in case? Now that'll make them look like brothers for sure and not his pokemon.

"But now we need to talk." Mrs. Sato's voice dropped to a more serious degree as she folded her fingers together on the wooden table. "It's about Pikachu."

"What is it?"

"Now I want you two take this serious when I explain it, okay? I thought it was ridiculous myself until now obviously."

"Got it, got that Kin- I mean Pikachu." Guess it was a waste to figure out a useless name if everyone practically knew who you are already.

"Sure, whatever, tell me."

"Well, it so happens that I know what happened to Pikachu," She said clearly. "And I know how you'll turn back to a pokemon."

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