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An Unexpected Trip

Esme had quite severely punished Edward and Emmett but it wasn't anything unmanageable for either vampires. It might have been even pleasurable to watch if only Emmett could have stopped whining. She had not even let them explain the reason why they had rushed out leaving the kitchen and laundry room in a mess. It was a rather creative punishment actually. As Esme had pointed out, it would have taken Edward and Emmett only one or two minutes to clean up the forgotten mess. Since they hadn't thought of that, Esme had deemed that a proper lesson was in order and had thus ordered them to clean up the disaster without using any of their superhuman speed and be very meticulous about it. Thus, the pair was left cleaning the mess at normal speed.

"But Esme," Emmett started in a plaintive tone.

"Stop complaining Emmett and you'll get the job done quicker," Esme chastised in a no-nonsense tone. "Both of you wouldn't have been punished if you had picked up your muddy clothes and cleaned up here before you decided to go prancing around."

"We weren't prancing around!" Emmett protested. "Tell her, Edward." He turned to his brother who was working diligently and silently cleaning his part of the kitchen.

"We weren't prancing around." Edward dully repeated.

"That was very helpful, Edward." Emmett remarked to the latter who only shrugged his shoulders in response.

"That was what you asked me to do, Emmett," Edward reminded.

"I asked you to tell them the reason why we hastily left the house, Edward. That was what I asked." Emmett exasperatingly replied.

A tinkling laughter was heard through the house as Jasper, Alice and Carlisle entered the house. Alice was laughing along with Jasper while Carlisle was smiling widely.

"What did they do this time?" Carlisle asked Rosalie who was leaning casually against the counter looking royally unconcerned but Hermione could see that the regal blonde vampire was still smirking. He went to Esme's side and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"Well, Emmett or Edward was just going to tell us why they decided to leave their wet clothes hanging on the door over there and leave big muddy prints on the kitchen floor." Rosalie promptly replied.

Alice and Jasper laughed again while Carlisle shook his head at the pair who had suddenly turned silent with the arrival of the rest of the family.

"What's the owl for?" Carlisle questioned as he regarded the brown owl, which was standing on the kitchen table in front of Hermione. The owl had remained in the same position since they had entered the house with its head tucked under a wing. Surprisingly, neither Esme nor Rosalie had thought to ask the reason why they'd brought an owl into the house. Esme had been rather furious at the state of her normally pristine kitchen and Rosalie had been … Rosalie.

"I needed one to send a letter to my friends." Hermione answered the vampire patriarch.

"Why not send an email?" Alice asked.

"Because the witches and wizards of the world are strange like that," grumbled Emmett as he scrubbed a rather stubborn mud stain on the rich brown wood flooring of the kitchen.

"Emmett! That was rather rude coming from you. You should –"

"Actually," Hermione interrupted Esme's scolding of the burly vampire. When the Cullens turned as one to look at her, she continued. "Emmett is absolutely right in regards to some of the medieval practices of the Wizarding World. That reminds me that I still got to write this letter."

"I'm gonna get you some paper and a pen then," Emmett said importantly as he looked up from his crouching position.

"Not so fast," Esme intervened before Emmett was able to move. "You are being punished right now, so you won't be moving from here until you are finished, Emmett McCarthy Cullen."

"But –"

"I don't want to hear any other protests from you Emmett." Esme sternly advised at the big vampire whose shoulders sagged in defeat. "Alice," the pixie turned to Esme in alarm, "could you get some paper and a pen for Hermione?"

"Oh, yes." Alice nodded before she disappeared.

"Would you like some tea, dear?" Esme asked Hermione pleasantly.

"Yes, that would be lovely. Thank you, Esme." Hermione replied surprised at how much Esme had sounded like the infamous Mrs. Weasley right then.

"It isn't a problem, Hermione," Esme said as she bustled about the kitchen at vampire speed.

Alice returned soon with a thick wad of multi-coloured writing paper and a whole set of fancily coloured pens. "No small measure with the Cullens."

It was the wry thought from Hermione, which earned her a chuckle from Edward. With her mind left open, the mind-reading vampire had again been snooping around reading her thoughts. She automatically closed her mind before glaring at the vampire who looked back at her with an apologetic look.

Her eyes moved back to the wad of multi-coloured writing paper in front of her. It was only then, with everything needed within arms' reach, that Hermione realised she had no idea what to write back home. She could lie and tell her friends that she just got delayed and would be making it back later than previously thought. It would be so easy to lie, just so easy to omit the truth.

How can you tell your best friends, with whom you've shared more than was imaginable, that you've been injured—even accidentally—by a vampire? Moreover, that you were currently living in a house with seven vampires around and that she was technically engaged to one of them; the same one who'd injured her in the first place.

"Oh! Your vision has fully returned?" Carlisle asked, appearing at her side.

He carefully, after assuring himself of her permission, lifted her head and examined her eye flashing a pen light into her eyes. It took a few minutes to the blond doctor to test her eyesight but once he was satisfied, he smiled reassuringly back at her.

"It seems to me that your eyesight has been fully restored but since ophthalmology has never been my forte, you might want a second opinion. We might as well get you back to the Seattle Memorial Hospital and have that Doctor Jennings take a look at you," suggested Carlisle.

A mug of hot fragrant tea appeared before her and Hermione understood that Esme had already finished preparing her tea. She did not like the idea of delaying her letter anymore but since she had no idea what to write home, she gladly accepted the alternative presented. A long trip to Seattle might do her some good.

It was nearly an hour later that Hermione found herself sitting in the back of Edward's fancy silver Volvo—her inner Gryffindor spirit screaming at the slight to her house's colours—with Emmett in the passenger seat and Edward, logically, in the driver's seat. It wouldn't have taken them that long to get on the road if Emmett had stopped whining about the cleaning chore and if Edward had not spent at least half an hour arguing with the former about which car they would use or who would be doing the driving.

Emmett had complained that Edward's car was too small for his big frame and the latter had retorted that he ought not to come if he didn't like the car. They bickered back and forth for long minutes before finally shutting when they heard Hermione—sitting in the back seat—slamming the car's door shut. Even then, the pair wrestled their way to the driver's seat but Edward was the fastest to the car. Emmett had grumbled loudly before he stomped his way to the passenger door and huffed before Edward deigned unlocking the door.

"What? I thought you said that my 'lady car'," Edward air-quoted, "was too small for a big guy like you."

"It is small," whinged Emmett, "but I sense adventure coming with that little one in the back." He turned to smirk at Hermione who scoffed in response. "Anyway, why can't I move this seat backward more? I'm being crammed in here."

"Are you going to complain all the way to Seattle? If it's so, you might as well stay here, Emmett," griped Edward. "And the lever's in the front. I –"

"More driving and less complaining from the both of you," ordered Hermione, from the back seat. She was getting tired from their endless bickering.

"Yes, Boss," replied Edward, grinning at her in the rear-window, before he started the engine and pulling out of the garage.

"You're not even married and she's already bossing you around, Edward!" Emmett joked.

"I'm only getting started," Hermione commented.

"I'm sure you'll like being bossed around. I've always believed you've got a kinky side hidden behind your prudish attitude, Edward," Emmett whispered only for Edward's ears. "I'm sure you are, Hermione," he added louder.

It was raining heavily outside and yet the driving speed was increasing heavily. The treeline was only a greenish blur and it alarmed Hermione. She never was a fan of speedy things.

"Hum," she coughed, gaining the attention of the two vampires who looked back at her in the rear-window. It frightened Hermione even more knowing that Edward's attention was then on her, rather than on the road. She hadn't survived the Second Wizarding War to die in a tragic car accident.

"I know that we agreed to get that Seattle hospital quickly but I'd rather we made it to the appointment with Doctor Jennings in one piece and not directly to the ER." Hermione cried, cringing as a large truck suddenly passed near the window. She hadn't even seen it coming in the first place.

"Don't worry about that. We, vampires, have superior senses and reflexes," Emmett replied, in a pompous tone.

"No risk taken, here," Edward added as he turned back to look at the road before glancing at her again in the rear-window.

"Anyway, there's one very important thing you must know about vampires. I'm actually certain that you won't find that little piece of information in the mountain of books in that magical library of yours'," Emmett whispered, in a confidential tone.

He even looked around as though expecting someone to eavesdrop in on the conversation going in the silver bullet that was Edward's car. The thought brought a smile to Hermione's lips. "I won't tell a soul," she murmured, in response.

"Okay, we'll trust you in on this little secret of ours, Hermione," Edward said.

"Don't I feel lucky," Hermione muttered, with a roll of her eyes.

The vampires chuckled in response before they chorused, "We feel the need … the need for speed!"

Hermione snorted at the big secret that was shared with her. Yet, it was in an unexpected and hilarious turn of events, that the engine chose the next moment to stop altogether and Edward had to steer the car quickly to avoid a serious case of aquaplaning on the road. It took the vampires by surprise and the car finally stopped next to a road panel with directions to La Push. The three of them remained silent from the shock not comprehending what had happened.

It was only after a few minutes of the awkward silence that Hermione wisely said, "Now, I guess you feel the need … the need for a cab!"

The two vampires swivelled sharply on their seats to look at her before, as one, the trio burst out laughing. For long minutes, they laughed so much that Hermione had tears in her eyes. She was left nearly breathless. It was Edward, however, who stopped laughing the first as he eyed the road panel in front of the car.

"We can't stay here," Edward said, in a serious tone.

Emmett immediately sobered up as he too noticed the road panel telling them that the next road on the right side led to La Push. "Yeah," he agreed. "We need to check what's wrong with your lady-car." That earned a glare from Edward and renewed laughter from Hermione.

"Let's get this done quickly before the wolves come for our hide," Edward told his brother.

"Okay," Emmett replied, before he opened the door followed by Edward.

The pair of them lifted the hood of the car to check on the engine or whatever was wrong with the car. It did not take the two of them long before the hood of the car was closed again with a loud clang and the vampires appeared back in the car dripping wet.

"So, how does it look? " Hermione asked the two vampires in front of them.

"It looks like we'll be stuck here for long and we can't risk that. We're just outside the border but staying so long here might anger the wolves," Edward informed her.

"Yeah, that lot got a severe anger management problem. As serious as Edward's," Emmett joked and laughed heartily when Edward glared at him.

"Can you be serious for once and call home. And will you tell Rosalie to stop tinkering with the cars?" Edward asked angrily.

"It's not my Rosie's fault that your fancy car is pathetic on long distances," Emmett complained.

"Emmett!" Edward growled.

"Okay, okay. I'm calling home. Seriously, no need to bite my head off," Emmett uttered. "Serious anger management problem," he added, winking at Hermione who only shook her head back at him.

"Hey, Alice! Where's Rosalie?" Emmett asked. He put the phone on loud-speaker.

"She's in the garage working on her car!" Alice chirped, in reply. "Already in Seattle, then?"

Hermione could detect a hint of smug satisfaction in Alice's voice. That only meant –

"You already knew!" Emmett exclaimed.

Laughter was heard over the phone and if Hermione hadn't been stuck in the car in the middle of nowhere, she would have found the situation equally hilarious. But, right then, she didn't have the heart to laugh.

"Of course, I already saw that happen and if Edward had been paying attention instead of bickering with you, he would have also known," Alice answered smugly. "Oh, before I forget, Rosalie also mentioned that she neglected to share the fact that the Volvo wasn't yet finished."

"That's not really nice, Alice." They heard Esme remark.

"It isn't," Alice started but did not elaborate any further.

"Now what?" Edward breathed, an exasperated look on his face as he looked back at Emmett who only shrugged in response.

"I guess you'll have to wait for us to get to you. Yes, I know that you're near the wolves' territory but Rosalie has been massively tinkering with all the cars and she'll have to check the cars individually. Once, she's sure at least two cars are in working order, we'll get to you."

"Please make it quick," Emmett implored. "I'm gonna be bored here with Edward."

Another glare was directed at Emmett who grinned right back at Edward.

"Will do," Alice replied, with a laugh before ending the call.

"Seriously, you must tell Rosalie off on tinkering with others' cars," Edward asked. "It's annoying."

"I know that but you know Rosie," Emmett replied, tentatively.

"So, she's the one bossing you around?" Edward questioned, a teasing lilt in his voice.

"Of course, not," Emmett replied, affronted.

"Then, are you going to tell her off or not?" Edward insisted.

"I will," Emmett confirmed.

That earned a smirk from Edward. He knew that Rosalie would not take well to being told off by Emmett and Edward had probably led the former to his doom. Silence fell in the car as everyone watched the downpour outside. Emmett was whistling an unknown tune while Edward was drumming his fingers on the wheel.

Hermione had never been patient and she wanted to get this trip over quickly. She pulled out her wand.

"Impervius," she stated, waving the wand at herself.

The two vampires in the front immediately turned to her at the unknown word.

"Is that some unknown British slang?" Emmett asked.

"No, it's a spell," answered Hermione. "It makes something or someone repel and literally, become impervious to substances and outside forces. That will include the rain oustide," she added pointing at the downpour outside the window.

"What are you going to do?" Edward asked, in apprehension.

"Never mind that now, Eddie," hushed Emmett. "Let me get this straight. You let us get out in this torrential rain when you could have waved our stick to make us stay dry?"

"Erm, yes and it's a wand, Emmett," answered Hermione, in a semi-remorseful tone, the upward tick of her lips gave her away.

"You are cruel," Emmett proclaimed.

"Oh, I can solve that easily," Hermione said.

"What? You're going back in time to stop us from going outside so that we don't get wet and then, you'll be waving your wand at us. Then, we'll go check the engine and return in here but this time, we would be dry?" Emmett questioned.

"We could but we would need a Time-tuner for that and since, we've smashed all the Time-turners at the Ministry two years ago –" Hermione commented, "– that would be impossible."

Emmett's eyes widened to the size of saucers. "What business were you doing in that Ministry of yours' smashing Time-turners and what the fuck are Time-turners?" He inquired.

"That's a story for another time, Emmett," Hermione said, with finality.

She opened the car-door before hauling herself out of it. The rain was terrible and the visibility was quasi-null. Hermione looked both ways and wasn't able to distinguish if there were approaching cars or not. The vampires were still comfortably sitting in the car. She banged her hand on the roof and ordered, "Get out!"

The pair was almost instantly standing to her left, the car swaying only a little from the two near-simultaneous slamming of doors.

"We're gonna get wet again," complained Emmett.

"Oh, poor baby!" Hermione mocked before she moved in front of them. "Impervious," she waved her wand over Edward before repeating the same process over Emmett.

"Hey!" Emmett cried, in wonder. "It's like the rain is bouncing off of you, Edward!"

"Yes, that's the principle of a repelling spell, Emmett," Hermione replied sarcastically.

"Ha, Miss Smart Mouth!" Emmett countered.

Rolling her eyes, Hermione non-verbally casted the Hot-Air Charm on the pair; the blast of hot air quickly drying them.

"Awesome," Edward remarked.

"Yep, it'll be fun having you around Hermione!" Emmett exclaimed.

"So, what now?" Edward asked.

"Now?" Hermione asked. At his nod, she announced, "Now, dear boys, we're going to Seattle."

"We are not going to hitch-hike or something?" Edward said.

"Boys! So impatient and so little faith," tsked Hermione.

She glanced back at the road before looking at Edward and Emmett. She wanted to see the vamps' reactions. She only hoped that the Knight Bus also served that part of the country. Hermione had read once that services similar to the Knight Bus were available in countries other than her own. Even in the States.

Keeping an eye on the pair of vampires, Hermione flung out her right arm; her wand arm.

"Didn't we say no hitch-hik –" Emmett started.


The vampires jumped about two feet in the air at the sound of the sudden detonation. Their reaction was expected but it did not stop Hermione from laughing. It was that hilarious seeing the vampires caught off-guard.

A violently purple, triple-decker bus had appeared out of thin air in front of them. It narrowly avoided colliding with the road panel—the one that made Edward and Emmett nervous—which jumped backwards out of its way. To Hermione, it seemed that not only was the service identical but the Knight Bus' fleet was identical this side of the Atlantic.

A thin, pimply, and gangly youth in a purple uniform appeared at the doorway, which slid open. It also seemed that the employees of the Knight Bus were nearly-identical because there, before her, stood someone who could easily be passed off as a twin of Stan Shunpike.

The Stan Shunpike lookalike leapt down onto the pavement and said, "Welcome to the Knight Bus, emergency transport –"

"Yeah, yeah, we know, thank you," Hermione interrupted swiftly. "We're in a hurry. We need to get to Seattle quickly."

"To the Wizarding district of Seattle?" inquired the youth.

"No, at least not yet. We need to get to the Seattle Memorial Hospital. Is that possible and how much will it cost?" asked Hermione.

"Of course, we can," he answered proudly. "We can go anywhere as long as it is not over big water surfaces. It will cost eleven Sickles for the trip or a five-fifty in Muggle money," he said as he eyed her company.

"They are paying," Hermione replied as she climbed on-board the bus. "You coming," she asked turning to the two who were still goggling at the bus in front of them.

Emmett instantly appeared next to her while Edward locked his beloved car. He also appeared behind her, the Stan Shunpike lookalike was now the one gaping at them.

"Vamps!" He yelped.

"Yeah, but don't worry. They're well-trained," informed Hermione.

The Bus was empty, save for an old couple at the back of the bus who were still getting to their feet, grumbling. The trio made their way to the nearest mismatched chairs strewn haphazardly around the windows, the gangly youth following them. Once they were seated and Edward handed the required amount back, the bus set off again, swaying ominously. It rumbled in direction of La Push, weaving on and off the road before with another tremendous BANG, they were all flung backwards; Emmett's chair toppled right over to the latter's shock and Edward's delight.

Hermione looked out the window: they were now speeding down what appeared to be a touristic road alongside what she thought was the California coast.

"You're lucky," the Stan Shunpike lookalike informed them. "We only need to drop off the Banks over there –" Hermione glanced at the old couple in the back, "– somewhere in the Bayou, near Houma. Then, we can come back and drop you off in Seattle. My name's Kyle, by the way. Kyle Collins."

"Hold on there. Does that mean that we are going all the way to Louisiana and back again?" Emmett asked, again comfortably seated.


Chairs slid backwards again as the Knight Bus jumped from the California Coast to another scenic road in the middle of Monument Valley. The bus moved quickly along the valley lit in multiple hues of rose or red.

"Dang, and I forgot to bring a camera," Emmett complained. "I've never been able to come here during the day, you know. The glittery skin and all that jazz doesn't allow for much tourist trekking."

"True," Edward agreed. The mind-reading vampire was admiring the landscape floating out of the window. He turned to smile genuinely at his brother and Hermione.

"So, where are you from, Brit girl?" asked Kyle, his dull blue eyes landing on her.

"From Britain, obviously!" answered Hermione, barely suppressing rolling her eyes at the rather stupid question.

"Has the War been that bad other there? Were you in it? You look like you're of age for Hogwarts? Do you know the Gryffindor Trio? Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger? What's your name anyway?" the young lad fired question after question.

"Yes, yes, finished my schooling, yes. That's their names, yeah. Penelope Clearwater."

Hermione was only willing to provide—for the time being—very short answers concerning her participation in the War. Of course, she gave a false name thankful of the anonymity it provided. She did notice, however, that her accompanying pair had matching questioning looks on their faces.


They were rolling through the dark marshes that announced the deep Bayou and they dropped off the Banks on the outskirts of the small town of Houma before with another terrific BANG, the bus left the Bayou and they found themselves on a mountain road in the Rockies. Another BANG later brought them directly to Seattle and before long, the Knight Bus rolled to a halt outside the bustling entrance of the Seattle Memorial Hospital. Like expected, nobody paid the purple triple-decker bus any attention and the Bloody Trio got off the bus.

"We'll need the bus for the journey back," reminded Hermione, turning to the conductor.

"You know how to call the Knight Bus, okay?" Kyle said, appearing at the door. "So, until then, have a good day," he greeted, before closing the door.

The bus squeezed its way between the crowded streets of the rainy city before it disappeared with another BANG a few seconds later.

Her appointment with Doctor Jennings went smoothly enough and the trio found themselves on the Knight Bus only half an hour later. This time, however, they were going directly to Forks since there were no other customers.

It was to the surprise of the rest of the family that they came back home in a purple triple-decker bus that had directly appeared in their lane with a customary BANG.

While Emmett gushed to the family about his unexpected but fantastic adventure, Edward led Hermione back to his room to rest, the latter falling asleep once her head hit the pillow.

When she woke up later, Hermione finally managed writing her letter. It was rather short and concise, Hermione having strategically omitted the part concerning the vampire family. It was also to her great relief that the owl that they captured understood the task meant for it. Once the letter was finished, it hopped on the desk towards her and Hermione only had to assure that the letter was secured before sending away the owl.

The moment the owl was out of view, Hermione turned away from the window to see that Edward had been watching her the whole time.

"So, did Emmett tell Rosalie off?" Hermione asked, cheerily.

"Yes, he did," Edward answered, a wide grin showing on his face.

"And?" prompted Hermione.

"He's got to go to Seattle again tomorrow with Jasper," snickered Edward.

"What for?" Hermione asked, perplexed.

"He's gonna need new tyres for his Jeep: he apparently found his shredded tyres lying in a neat pile next to his now tyre-less car," Edward replied, in a gleeful tone.

Laughter filled the house after hearing that, Hermione joining in joyfully.

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