Supernatural Fanfiction: Part 1 Prequel to Fight in the Cross Fire Sam's life with Tasha time line a little off to fit my story (not following TV plot)

Title: First Love

- Sam (who is 21) is in his sophomore year of college. -

One of the most intense most passionate moments of their lives only took two hours. She was breathing heavily and Sam's lips couldn't bear to part from her bare skin. His fingers traced the small of her back as she brushed his hair away from his face and continued to kiss him. They rolled over on the sheets and she was above him. She pressed and he sighed and sat upright. She bent backwards and Sam continued to press his lips to her chest and made his merry way to her neck and back down again. She moaned and they pressed again. They fell against the sheets and pressed again. Sam rolled her under him and their lips met and parted again so they could receive air, but were instantly together again. They pressed together again and again until the passion and exhaustion overcame them. She collapsed in Sam's arms and they fell into blissful sleep.

-Flashback One Year (Sam is 19). Sam has just left John and Dean and is now at Stanford.-

Sam walked down the road with just a duffel bag on his shoulder and John was yelling after him. Sam was tired of the constant fighting and he was sick of butting heads with his father and he just decided he couldn't take it anymore. He said he'd leave if this continued and now he was keeping his promise. He refused to live this life anymore. He wanted his freedom, so he left.

Sam caught a cab to the city and then took a shuttle to his school. He'd gotten accepted to Stanford and his father wasn't too happy to find out he applied behind his back. Sam wanted to be a lawyer, not some mindless hunter travelling around from place to place killing things every day. He wanted to make something of himself and being a hunter was not the way to do that.

It was late at night by the time Sam reached the school. With his acceptance letter in hand he entered through the wooden double doors of the dormitory. He'd already paid and he wasn't about to give up and go back after already making it thus far. He watched as people his own age and older walked in groups in and out of the building. Sam took in his surroundings and breathed in the freedom he was finally experiencing. He paid the cab driver and grabbed his duffel bag from the back seat. He tramped over the main door threshold and headed to the front desk in the lobby. There was only a select few standing in line. As Sam came closer he noticed there were just signing in rather than checking in.

"Signing back in or checking in?" The front desk attendant asked him. She flipped through another page of her magazine.

"I'm checking in." Sam answered. He dropped his bag by his feet.

"Name?" The girl asked curtly. She looked up and immediately dropped her magazine and focused intently on Sam.

"Sam Winchester." He answered. He shifted uncomfortably under the girl's staring.

"I'm Kathy, your Dorm Advisor. Here's your room key." Kathy said handing Sam the key to his room. Sam stuck out his hand to grab it, but she was quick and pulled out a pen and began to write her number on his hand. Sam, being as nice as he is, didn't pull away and let her digits be written. "Call me, Sam." She finished. She finally let Sam's hand go.

"Give it a rest Nasty Kathy; don't you already have a man?" Said a voice from the doorway.

"Shut it. You're late again." Kathy argued, ignoring the nickname.

"Oh bite me." The girl said. She wrote down her name on the sign in sheet and headed upstairs. Sam flashed a smile to Kathy and headed upstairs to his room. He tried to catch up with the girl for directions to his room, but she was already gone. He looked around once more, but gave up.

Lost Sammy eventually found his room on the fourth floor of the building. He unlocked and opened the door with his key to see someone already unpacking. The guy turned around and threw out his hand for a handshake.

"I'm Tyson Brady, but just call me Brady. I'm your new roommate." The guy said.

"I'm Sam…Sam Winchester." Sam greeted. They two shook hands and Brady went back to unpacking and Sam closed the door and claimed the bed that was left for his own.

-The Next Morning-

Sam woke up to the sounds of a normal alarm clock. For once, he actually missed his brother. Brady was already up and getting his books together. The door burst open and in came a girl who was no more than five eleven. Her curly blonde has was having a hard time being tamed in a loose bun behind her head.

"Might wanna get up. Classes start in about an hour and it takes twenty minutes to cross the campus." Brady warned. Sam shot out of bed, forgetting that a girl was in the room. He had slept in his boxers without a shirt. The girl smiled and Sam rushed to the bathroom for a quick shower. He only took five minutes in the shower and was ready in ten minutes. Sam's thoughts went back to Dean and how he usually took forever to get ready for anything. Sam smiled to himself as he grabbed his books and left with Brady and the girl.

"This is Tasha." Brady said as they walked across the campus along with other students.

"Hey." Sam said to the blonde walking on the other side of Brady.

"You must be Sam." Tasha laughed. Sam blushed and flashed a shy smile. Tasha smiled back at him and they continued to walk. Brady reached his classroom and said goodbye. After Brady left, it was just Sam and Tasha.

The pair continued walking across campus I silence, not sure what to say to each other, being they didn't know the other.

"You got a last name, Sam?" Tasha asked him casually.

"Oh…yea, Winchester." He answered.

"Tasha Smith." She introduced.

"What class are you taking?" Sam asked her keeping his eyes peeled ahead.

"I'm in pre-law." Tasha answered curtly.

"Wait…you're the girl from last night." Sam finally noticed.

"Yea, I saved your ass. Kathy pries on all the new kids. She's a piranha." Tasha joked lightly. Sam laughed. "What're you studying, Sam?"

"I'm in pre-law too." Sam smiled as did Tasha.

They turned the corner and headed into a building. When they reached the large classroom there had to be at least a hundred students in there. Tasha and Sam took their seats in the back and prepared their laptops and notepads.

-Three Hours Later-

Tasha and Sam tried their best to hurry out of the classroom, but that mission failed miserably. It had been a good class, but obviously they were both tired of being lectured. To both Sam and Tasha it seemed to be just another part of life they'd been used to. Tasha invited Sam to have lunch off campus and he happily agreed. The two found a little café a few blocks away from their dorm. The pair found a table in the corner of the place and sat down with their coffees. They made small talk for a few minutes and eventually it faded into a tiny silence.

"I hate to get so personal, being we just met, but what's your family like?" Tasha asked. Sam grunted and she got the hint. "Sorry…"

"It's fine…it's just…" Sam started.

"Your family sucks?" Tasha finished questioningly.

"More like my dad. He and I don't usually see eye to eye." Sam admitted. Sam looked up at Tasha from his coffee and liked the emotion portrayed on her face. Understanding.

"I get it, Sam. I'm here to get away from my father. He's a doctor. He's got his own practice and everything. He thinks lawyers are just corrupted people in our society. He hates I'm here. He practically disowned me." Tasha admitted. She took a small sip of her coffee and looked out the window. She turned again to look at Sam and she smiled. She glanced into his brown eyes and saw the same thing. Understanding.