-The Next Morning-

Sam's arms were draped around Tasha's mid-section. Her head was smoothly moving up and down to rhythm of Sam's breathing. Her hand rested on his bare chest. Sam woke up first and couldn't help but smile. It had been his first time. The big first…it was two big firsts for that matter. The first time he'd had sex and also the first time he felt he was in love. He brushed stray hairs from Tasha's face and kissed her forehead. He smiled as the last few hours flashed through his mind. From the bathtub to the wall, to the floor, then to the bed, it had been one wild ride.

Sam lay there reminiscing as Tasha began to wake up and a grin swept across her face. She positioned herself to face Sam and he mirrored her grin. He pulled her closer and they kissed. It had been Tasha's first time too and she could honestly say that she loved Sam. She never wanted to be without him. It'd been a great year for them and last night was the perfect way to celebrate it.

"Oh how I love you, Sam Winchester." Tasha whispered to him.

"I love you too." Sam repeated without hesitation. The couple kissed. Neither one wanted to move and then once again, came an annoying knock on the door. Tasha cursed under her breath, but didn't move a muscle. Instead, she pulled Sam's body even closer as if she was ready for round two, but the two of them were tuckered out. She kissed his chest and took his hand and led him to the bathroom. They decided to take a warm shower. Sam chuckled as Tasha slowly closed the bathroom door as the knocking continued.

-Two Hours Later-

Tasha and Sam finally made it down stairs. They were exceptionally squeaky clean. Tasha's father, Olivia, and Damon, Tasha's older brother, sat at the kitchen table with empty plates in front of them. Damon happily got out of his chair and hugged his baby sister. He shook Sam's hand and they sat next to each other across from her parents.

"I came up to get you earlier. Were you two still asleep?" Damon asked sipping his orange juice.

"Yea…we were sleeping." Tasha blushed as did Sam. Olivia's eyes went wide with awareness. Her jaw dropped. She tried to get words out, but she was utterly speechless. All she could do was look at the two of them full of surprise. She remembered what it was like to be young.

"So, Samuel how did you sleep?" Olivia asked trying to knock out the rising awkward silence and keep a knot from forming in her throat.

"I slept well. Thanks again for letting us stay the night." Sam answered politely as Rosie set his and Tasha's breakfast in front of them. He smiled and began to eat the poached eggs.

"It's really no problem right, dear?" Olivia said nudging her husband. He grunted and didn't give a nod. Tasha rolled her eyes at his response. Sam rubbed her knee and she calmed down a tad, but she was still obviously annoyed with him.

"We gotta pack and head back to campus." Tasha grunted. Her father's head shot up from his daily paper and stared at her.

"That's nonsense! Stay until Sunday, Natasha! We insist!" Olivia retorted.

"I don't think we should stay where we're not welcome." Tasha answered curtly.

"Tasha…" Damon started, but she interrupted him.

"We have a test on Monday; I'd just like to get more studying in." Tasha insisted. Sam flashed an awkward smile as he and Tasha went upstairs to pack.

Once back upstairs, Tasha threw her body onto the bed and let out a sigh. Sam got on the bed next to her and pulled her close. She slid her hands over his shoulders and he pulled her closer. There on the bed, they just held each other for a moment. For that moment all Tasha needed was Sam. Then, they unwrapped their arms from around each other and went back to packing to leave that night.


Sam and Tasha were sitting outside in the sun just relaxing and taking in the spring breeze. They were huddled together just breathing in the cool air. Sam's fingers were laced together behind Tasha's back and her arms were enclosed around his waist line. Tasha closed her eyes and laid her head down on Sam's chest. Sam looked above him and noticed Tasha's father looking down on them with a scowl molding on his face. Sam quickly let his head drop and focused back in front of him. Tasha reached up and brushed his cheek. He looked down and smiled at her. A Silent Connection, pure chemistry.

"Natasha, may I speak with you for just a moment?" Olivia asked her daughter from the kitchen window. Tasha nodded and let go of Sam and went inside.

"What's up, mom?" Tasha asked sitting down at the dining room table. Olivia stopped what she was doing and sat down next to her.

"I was young once, Natasha. I've done a lot of things I regret and I have a lot of moments that I want to relive." Olivia started.

"Where's this going?" Tasha questioned. A knot was forming in her throat.

"Please tell me "Please tell me you didn't do the deed with Samuel." Olivia said sternly. She couldn't look at Tasha's face.

"Mom…" Tasha said, but Olivia interrupted her.

"You hardly know this boy…I don't understand how you could just let him take your virginity away!" She exclaimed angrily.

"He didn't take it from me, mom, I gave it to him and he gave me his." Tasha said quietly. Olivia who was now speechless left the room and it didn't seem as if she was coming back. Tasha sighed and buried her face in her hands.

Why couldn't her parents just accept that she was with Sam? It's as if they didn't like him just because he was with her. Sure, the parents of any girl wouldn't like her boyfriend, but one would think they would give him a chance first. But her parents did have a point. She'd never met his family. Sam hardly mentioned them, except for the occasional moment something reminded him of his brother Dean. Maybe she didn't know as much about Sam as she thought she did.

"Everything okay in here, Tasha? Sam asked walking through the backdoor.

"Yea, everything's ok. Are you ready to go?" Tasha asked taking a deep breath. She grabbed her jacket from the hooks on the wall. Sam nodded and they went to get their bags from their room. Tasha and Sam said their good-byes and left.

-Back at Stanford A Week Later-

"I thought we went over this, Tasha." Sam said curtly

"And I'm bringing it back up, Sam." Tasha said grabbing her things.

"Wait…what's this even about? Why do you all of a sudden want to meet my family?" Sam asked a little too loud. Tasha continued to get her things out of the apartment. "Where are you going?"

"I can't afford to stay here, Sam. My parents pulled out of funding me. I can't afford to stay here." Tasha admitted. Sam's face curled into a worried expression.

"I'll help you." He said taking a step towards her. He lifted Tasha chin with his fingertips and kissed her. She shook her head and took his hands in hers.

"Sam, you and I both know you can't afford to support me and you at the same time." Tasha said quietly as tears began to well in her eyes.

"What does this mean for us?" Sam asked. He was afraid of what this might mean.

"I don't think this will work, Sammy." She said sadly. Sam began to protest as she finished packing her things. "I can't stay on campus." She finished quickly. She began to rush out the door, trying to hide the tears falling from her eyes, but Sam caught her by the arm and pulled her to him. He squeezed her tightly and once again begged her to stay, but she told him the same thing once again.

She held his face between her hands. "Don't forget me, Sam Winchester. You were my first love." That was all she said before she let his face go and she headed down the hallway. All he could do was watch her walk away. The one he loved was gone and he'd probably never see her again.