This story is kind of based on a dream I had a few days ago. I've been playing DA 2 quite a lot these days (IT'S SO AWESOME!) so I guess it's been on my mind. Anyway, this is the first time that I've written a story like this. The whole clashing of worlds thing is kind of new so please forgive me if it sucks... I will be bringing in a few changes in to the original plotline but it stays mostly the same.

The story centers around the romance options in DA2. Hawke (male mage) is the main character, obviously. But I'm blabbing now so please enjoy!

The tapping grew louder and more frantic with every passing moment. The taxi driver glanced at me through the rear view mirror. I shot him a mental 'What? 'But removed my hand from the door handle, silencing the interior of the rolled his eyes and pressed down on the wheel. A loud honking sounded through the air. I sighed and sat back. This traffic is a major bitch. 20 minutes late. Mr Hudson was going to kill me. My first pitch was supposed to be presented today, emphasis on was... I wouldn't get another chance soon.

A few minutes passed before I couldn't take it anymore. 'I might as well run the rest of the way.' I said to the driver before stepping out of the car. I handed him a twenty and took off down the street. The office was only a few blocks away.

People stared as I ran passed them. I had to dodge a few slow elderly people as well as a woman with what seemed to be an entire preschool tagging along after her. I came to a halt as I reached the crossing, tapping my foot impatiently. Finally the walk sign flashed. I practically jumped the entire width of the road, earning a few more stares, which I ignored.

My mind was so focused on reaching the office that I didn't slow down when I went around a corner. Next thing I knew I was flat on my back in front of a rather strangely dressed woman. She looked down at me with blank look, almost as if she was waiting for me to react first.

I groaned as I sat up, shaking my head slightly. 'I'm really sorry, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. I'm kind of late for a meeting and I-'

'It matters not child.' She interrupted. She had an odd way of speaking, her voice was raspy. I took a good look at her for the first time as I stood up. What the hell was she wearing?

It looked like a cat suit, sitting very tightly against her body. It was a deep red leathery material, studded in some places. Her shoulders were covered in inky black feathers that shone as the sun caught them. Her hair was long and white, billowing in the breeze. Her eyes were wild. A mixture of yellow and green. They seemed to swirl. I was unable to judge her age. She seemed old, her face bearing the signs of a long life but her body looked like it belonged to a woman in her college years.

'Have you lost the will to speak, boy?' she said, bringing me back to reality. She smirked at my silence before gesturing towards the ground. 'Do you mind returning my things to me?' she asked. I looked down and saw that a bag as well as a few of its contents was at my feet. 'Oh, of course. Sorry.' I mumbled as I got down to pick up the woman's things.

They seemed rather strange. A few vials and a bottle filled with brightly coloured liquids, a small bag or two containing what seemed to be herbs or spices as well as a few old pages from some kind of instruction manual. I glanced briefly at the pages but was unable to make sense of them so I stuffed them hastily into the woman's bag. The last item seemed to be another vial at first glance, but as my fingers closed around it I could feel that it was something completely different. For one it was a lot heavier then it looked. Secondly there was a silver chain attached to it. It was a necklace or amulet or something. A warmth spread through my body as I held it. I gasped slightly as it started to glow a deep red. A cough from above stirred me. I dropped the item into the bag and stood. 'Here you go.' I said and handed it to her.

She looked at my face and then peered into her bag. She then gave a knowing smile. 'Thank you, boy.' She said. 'Now, I do believe you were late for something, no?' The meeting hit me like a bus. 'Oh shit!' I said loudly before apologizing for my crude language. She smiled and extended her hand. 'It was lovely meeting you.' I grasped her hand and shook. A tiny prickle shot up my arm but I ignored it. 'Um, you too.' I said before turning and speeding down the sidewalk again.

'Quite the handsome lad.' The woman said as she watched the young man slow down and enter a tall building a block or two away. 'Now, let's see.' She whispered and raised her hand. On the tip of one of her long nails sat a single drop of blood. With her other hand she dug through her bag and pulled out the trinket the boy had just held. She held it up and flicked her finger slightly. The ruby droplet floated lazily through the air and came to a halt just above the gem in the centre of the amulet before it slowly sunk through the surface.

The woman whispered something that caused the gem to glow a bright red. She waited for a change but nothing happened. She sighed and was about to put the amulet back into her bag when the gem suddenly blazed white. She smiled and looked towards the building he had entered.

'Is it fate or chance? I can never decide...'

The walk home was a slow one. I didn't want to hail a cab, thinking that the walk would do me good. As predicted, Mr Hudson had been furious. The company had almost lost a potential client. Luckily I had arrived just as she was leaving and showed her my basic idea for her book cover. She really liked it and decided to stay. After the meeting Mr Hudson bit my head off and then proceeded to shit it out all over me. He sent me home, yelling that Jenny, his PA, would call later to inform me if I still have a job or not.

I sighed as I finally reached my apartment building after about an hour of walking. Just as I stepped inside my phone started to ring. I pulled it out of my pocket and checked the caller ID. It was the office. I groaned before answering. 'Hey Jenny.'

She proceeded to blab about some daily office gossip as I climbed the stairs. I occasionally remarked on what she said without really paying attention. As I reached my floor her tone became serious. I dreaded her next few sentences.

'James, the real reason for my call, as I'm sure you know, is to tell you what the boss said.'

'I guessed as much. Go ahead.' I said as I turned the key in the door to my apartment.

'He was really mad at you for being late, you nearly lost us a big job.'

'I know, I know... But the traffic and that strange woma-'

I stopped speaking as I entered my apartment. My furniture was moved against the wall, leaving a big open spot in the middle of the room. Strange, dark symbols covered the floor and the walls and the ceiling. My stomach retched as I realised they were drawn in blood. My phone slid from my hand and hit the floor with a thud. I could faintly hear Jenny speaking. She sounded vaguely worried.

'Home at last.' Said a familiar, raspy voice. 'I've been waiting for you.'

I turned to the side to see those strange yellow-green eyes staring intently at me. It was her. She did this. She laughed suddenly. 'No need to fear, I won't harm you.'

'That's reassuring. ' I said motioning towards my apartment. 'What do you want?'

'I want to lead you to your destiny.' She said with a wicked grin.


She raised her hand to silence me. 'All will be made clear soon. Now, sleep.' She said and then gave another short cackle before whispering in some strange language. A sudden wave of tiredness swept over me. I stumbled slightly, fighting to stay upright. She walked closer slowly, observing. My last thought as I sunk to the ground was, I'm so fired...

'How much farther, elf?' the leader of the group asked. His tone was aggressive, annoyed. The tiny female elf that walked a few paces behind him motioned in front of them. 'Just beyond that graveyard.'

The small group of 5 trudged on until the elf stopped them. 'Wait. There is a barrier here.' She said and pulled out a small dagger. 'I will handle it.'

'Wait! What are you-' The blonde mage who stood near her shouted but before he could do anything she drew the knife over her palm, cutting deep. She winced and made a small squeaking noise. Blood oozed from the cut and dripped on to the ground. The elf raised her hands and cast them towards the slight shimmer in the air before her. There was a flash and a spray of blood.

The dark haired human laughed at the shocked look on the blonde's face. 'See Anders. I'm not the only one who thinks Blood Magic is useful!'

Anders glared at the mage in front of him. He despised him with every fibre of his 'shared' being. He had to struggle to keep Justice in check. 'Hawke! You are one of the reasons why Mages will never be free!' he spat.

'Oh come now, don't be so cranky.' The man known as Hawke said, chuckling as he walked forward and patted the elf on the shoulder. 'Nicely done.'

Anders almost exploded. He stepped forwards menacingly but was stopped by a hand at his shoulder. He turned to find the pirate, Isabela and the dwarf, Varric looking sadly at him. 'Just let it go, Blondie.' The dwarf said before walking past him. Isabela patted his arm softly, grinning slightly before continuing on as well.

The graveyard had been riddled with walking corpses and shades. They appeared rather suddenly, emerging from the various tombs dotting the area. The group was caught by surprise but they quickly assumed their positions and entered the fight. Isabela hesitated slightly when she noticed that she was the only one actually fighting. The other 4 kept their distance, damaging from afar. She grunted before lunging through the air, savagely stabbing an enemy in the back.

The fight was won quite easily, corpses being very vulnerable to the elements, which the mages used to their advantage. The Arcane Horror was a bit tough, disappearing and then reappearing every few seconds, but it also went down in the end.

After a moment of heavy breathing the elf spoke. 'Place the amulet on that altar over there and then I will begin the Rite.' Hawke walked to the stone altar and removed the pendant that the Witch had given to him almost a year ago from around his neck. He looked at it a moment before placing it in the middle of the moss covered slab. He turned and strode back to the group. He noticed that Anders was still glaring at him, following his every move. He winked at the blonde before halting next to Isabela.

The elf walked up to the altar and started the ritual. She spoke in the language of her people, moving her hands and arms through the air. Finally she said something that sounded like a command. There was a bright flash. Shapes swirled through the air, the silhouette of a dragon forming every now and then. When the light stopped and the swirling mists faded, the Witch of the Wilds stepped forward.

The entire party was so taken with her appearance that they failed to notice the figure rising up behind them. There was a twang and then a wet thud. Varric was the first to react. He spun around, raising Bianca. Arrows shot out in short bursts, impaling the lone corpse that stood on top of one of the graves. It groaned before falling backwards. 'Shit! We missed one!' he said loudly. Isabela giggled and patted him on the back. A moan next to them made them turn. Isabela gasped.

Hawke sank to the floor, his head hitting the ground with a thud. There was an arrow sticking out of the back of his neck. 'Anders! Do something!' Varric yelled, pulling the mage forwards. Anders got down next to Hawke. He hesitated before reacting, his hatred rearing its head. 'Anders!' Varric said loudly.

He sighed and raised his hands. A glowing light shone from his fingers. He moved his hands over Hawke's head and neck. A pained expression crossed his face. The glow intensified before spluttering and going out. 'He... He's dead...' Everyone hung their heads in silence.

'Not quite.' said a voice behind them. In all the commotion everyone had forgotten about the Witch. 'What do you mean? He. Is. Dead. Nothing can change that...' Anders said, almost sounding sad. The Witch laughed. 'He,' she said pointing to the body, 'may be dead. But he isn't.'

'That makes no sense...' said Isabela, putting her hands on her hips.

'It makes perfect sense to the sensible.' The Witch said, giving another cackle. 'Now kindly step aside.' She moved to the body and knelt next to it. In her one hand she held the amulet from which she had just emerged. She reached forwards and broke the arrow with a snap. She then grabbed the bit remaining and yanked it out. 'Turn him over.' She commanded. Anders and Varric moved forward and flipped the body on to its back. 'Thank you.' The Witch said as she placed the amulet on its chest. 'Step back.' She said before rising. The gathered people moved a few paces behind her. The Witch raised her arms high and started to speak. Her voice sounded unnatural. It was loud and it echoed as she chanted. Her words vibrated with power.

The amulet was glowing. Slowly it and the body started to rise up into the air. The Witch heard gasps from behind her, but she never faltered. The glowing grew more intense as her words picked up speed. There was a blinding flash and then all was silent. The body drifted to the ground and landed gently. It gasped and drew in a deep breath. Anders' jaw almost hit the ground. Everyone was stunned.

The Witch turned. 'There, it is done. You three,' she said gesturing towards Varric, Isabela and Merril. Carry the man to the Dalish camp. Ask the Keeper for a few basic medicines and give them to him.'

'What about Anders? Why doesn't he get to help.' Isabela whined. 'And how do you expect us to carry a full grown man. We're two woman, one of us a skinny elf, and a dwarf.'

'Stop complaining and do as I say. I must have words with this one.'

Isabela huffed but turned to assist the others.

As soon as they were gone the Witch began talking. 'Why did you hesitate to save your friend?'

'He wasn't my friend. He was an asshole. A danger to all. I felt a bit relieved when he died, but then you had to go and bring the bloody bastard back!' Anders growled at her. 'Why did you? How did you?'

The Witch gave him a look filled with wisdom. 'That man is more important then you know. You had better take good care of him, he will need a friend.'

'Well, that bastard can look for one elsewhere! I refus-'

'Stop! He won't be the same as he was before. He will need you, in more ways than one.'

'What do you mean, not the same?' Anders asked, looking confused and enraged at the same time.

'When the time comes you will figure it out. Now go. Your friend needs you.'

'He's not my frien-' Anders stopped himself. 'Very well, Witch.' He said and stalked off towards the mountain path. A roar made him look back just in time to see a dragon take flight. He shook his head and continued forward.

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