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James spat at the man's feet. Blood dribbled from the corner of his mouth, the right side of his face still throbbing from where the Magister had struck him.

"I said BOW!" the mage bellowed and hit him again, but from the other side this time.

James looked up at him with a crooked smile.

"Thanks for balancing out the pain. My one side was feeling a bit neglected."

Danarius's face turned red with rage. He moved forward menacingly, raising his hand to strike at James again, but a loud voice stopped him.

"Danarius!" Fenris called from where he still knelt on the ground.

The magister lowered his hand and looked over at his former slave.

"Danarius please. Let Hawke go." The elf said in a small voice. James looked over at him to see that he was looking down at the ground, taking on a posture of submission.

"Fenris! Don't give in to him! You're stronger than that!" James said cried. The elf didn't respond.

"And who are you to make demands of me?" Danarius asked in a tone that sent ice down James's spine.

"I'm not demanding anything… Master. I'm begging…" the elf said meekly.

James couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Fenris! What the hell are you doing?"

Danarius spun and hit him across the face again.

"Quiet you! I want to hear what my little wolf has to say." He said menacingly before turning back to Fenris.

"Go on, Fenris." The magister whispered in a cooing way that made James sick.

Fenris waited a moment before raising his head slightly to look up at Danarius.

"Please Master. Let Hawke go. Let him go and I'll come home with you… I'll be-" Fenris hesitated before continuing, "…yours again."

James's eyes went wide.

"Fenris! Stop this madness! I won't let you do this!" James yelled, making Danarius turn back to him.

"And what exactly are you going to do to stop him?"

"I'll make you a better offer."

This made Danarius's eyebrows lift in amusement.

"Oh? Like what? I do miss having my little wolf around." He said and turned to gaze at Fenris with something that James thought was a mix of possession and lust.

"Well, don't you think it would be a far more unique experience to rather take me back with you instead? I mean, aren't you curious as to how I got this way?"

Danarius turned back to look at James, his eyes moving to the spot on the young man's forehead.

"If you let Fenris and the others go…" James began, but he was stopped by Aveline calling out.

"Don't you dare do this Hawke!" she yelled, fighting against the men restraining her

"Stay out of this Aveline!" James commanded, but the woman didn't stop protesting.

With a wave of his hand Danarius signaled one of his mercs. The man walked over to the guard captain and simply bashed her on the side of her head. She dropped like a stone, landing next to Anders with a wet thud. The sight of Anders's blood sent a renewed wave of panic and determination through James.

"Continue." The magister said as he gestured towards James.

"If you let the others go, I'll come with you and… I'll tell you my secret."

Danarius crossed his arms and frowned, seemingly thinking it over.

"That is quite a tempting offer, but what's really stopping me from just taking both of you away and killing the rest right now?" the magister asked with a slight smirk.

James glanced over at his companions, his eyes lingering on Anders. He closed his eyes briefly, quietly asking Anders to forgive him for what he was about to do.

"I saw the way you were looking at Fenris." James said suddenly.

Danarius's brows rose in inquiry.

"You want him for more than just his abilities. You lust after him don't you?"

Danarius's face went slightly red for a moment before he took on a more serious expression.

"He is mine to do with as I please."

James shrugged.

"I never said it was a bad thing. I mean, who wouldn't desire a man such as that." James said with a sly grin.

Fenris looked over at him with an expression that screamed outrage and confusion. He did not react other than that though, his encounter with Danarius leaving him too drained. The magister appraised James with new eyes.

"I didn't realize your tastes were so… open." The magister said, leering at James as he moved closer. James shivered slightly in disgust but kept a cool face. He had to see this through. He had to get this man away from his friends. Away from Anders.

Slowly he moved to stand up. The man holding him tried to force hi down again but Danarius wave him off. After a moment of hesitation the man let James stand. The young mage looked over at the magister as he approached, trying his best to look 'interested'. It apparently worked. Danarius came to a halt inches away from James, his hot breath on the man's cheek.

"I can offer you so much more than a submissive slave ever could." James whispered and put his hand against the magister's chest. He could hear Fenris cry out and protest somewhere behind Danarius, but neither paid him any attention.

Danarius gazed deeply into James's eyes. It was nothing like the way Anders would look at him. The thought of the blonde mage sent a sliver of pain and worry through him. If he survived this, he hoped Anders would forgive him.

With a sudden movement that made all the mercs in the room tense up and prepare to strike, James grabbed the magister and pulled him into a deep kiss. Momentarily shocked, the mage's eyes went wide. Soon, however, he was leaning into the kiss, reaching around to thread his one hand through James's hair, the other sliding down James's back to grasp his ass firmly. The touch made James gasp in shock, but Danarius took it as a sign of pleasure. He tightened his grip on James's hair and pulled him back sharply, a foul grin on his face.

"Now that is something new." Danarius said with a chuckle. "My little wolf was never so forward." He added glancing back at Fenris who was now being held back by three men. The elf was struggling fiercely to lunge at his former master, but the men proved to be too much for him to handle.

"Very well, pet. I will take you up on your offer." Danarius said with a lecherous grin, his eyes traveling up and down as he looked at James. The young mage smiled and kissed the magister again. As he did so he heard a gasp from somewhere nearby. Without breaking the kiss he looked over Danarius's shoulder and saw Anders looking over at them. The look on his face almost broke James right then and there.

He pulled away from the kiss and looked up at the magister.

"Can we go somewhere a bit more private, Danarius? I really want to show you what I have to offer. And maybe afterwards I'll tell you what you want to hear." James said, rubbing his hand suggestively close to Danarius's crotch.

The magister reached out and puled James's are away, twisting it almost painfully.

"No 'maybes'. You WILL tell me what I want to hear." The man said with a menacing tone. "And you will address me as 'Master'. Is that clear?"

James nodded slowly.

"Forgive me… Master." He said and looked over at Anders again. His heart ached but for now he had to play along with this sick bastard. Even if that meant betraying the one he cared about.

"Come now, pet." Danarius said and turned to walk out of the tavern.

As he passed Fenris the elf grabbed at his robes, begging him to let James go. The magister bent down and gently caressed the side of his face before punching him so hard James could see the blood fly from his mouth. The elf crumpled to the floor and lay motionless. James wished he could run over and help his friends but he knew there wasn't a chance.

"Goodbye, little wolf." Danarius said before rising and turning to James. He held out one arm and a dazzling rope of light shot forward to wrap around James's neck. Panic raced through him as he realized that he was once again collared. A sharp pull sent him stumbling forward after Danarius. Just before they stepped outside James turned his head back to take one last look at Anders. When their eyes met he had the sudden urge to cry out, but he found that the collar restricted him from speaking. Instead he mouthed the words he had wanted to scream.

Anders stared dumbly as James was lead away, being pulled along by a glittering chain around his neck. He was too weak to do anything but watch as the man he loved was taken from him again. The image of Danarius with his hands all over James, of James smiling up at that monster burned within him. He half expected Justice to step in but the spirit was oddly quiet.

He looked up at James's face just before they stepped out of the room. He could see the man's lips moving but no sound came out. It looked like he was trying to shout something. Just as the mage disappeared around the corner, Anders caught one word from the silent exclamation. 'Love'

His initial disgust at James shattered and was replaced by an even deeper hatred of the man who was leading him away. Energy flooded into his system as the rage built up inside. Before he could jump up, however, he noticed that some of the mercs weren't following after their boss. Fenris's sister lingered in the doorway a moment before she too stepped out.

Anders looked up at the men closing in on him and the others. As one, they drew their weapons, bracing to do what they were being paid for.

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