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John looked up in surprise as Ferretti stepped into his off, "Can I help you, Captain?"

"Sir," Ferretti said, "I wanted to talk to you about the mission we've got coming up, PB-922."

"What about it?" John asked.

"Permission to speak freely," Ferretti said.

"By all means," John replied.

"I've been told I need to bring another scientist on this one," Ferretti said, "because it's an ancient outpost and everything. I want to bring Justin Stewart. He's an exceptional scientist, a skilled fighter and I've found his experiences give him a unique insight into the ancient mindset." He held up a hand, "I know you said before you weren't considering him for a gate team, but sir, I think Justin's getting bored. He's been blowing up more things in that lab Doctor McKay gave him, and getting in verbal fights with McKay, Kavanaugh, and Bates. Doctor Jenna said something about Teyla insisting Justin consider learning those sticks of hers too."

John leaned back, "I'd heard about those fights," he said, "Rodney was rather vocal about the one he had with Justin. I'm actually starting to agree with you, and unless Elizabeth has an objection, I will sign off on Justin going."

"Thank you," Ferretti said.

"I almost expected you to ask earlier," John admitted.

"I didn't want Justin to feel I was taking advantage of him," Ferretti replied hesitantly.

"What do you mean by that?" John asked, amused by Ferretti's sudden oh shit expression.

"Justin told me some things," Ferretti said carefully, "I don't want to betray his confidence, but, I have the feeling that he's been taken advantage of before."

John smiled a little, "No offense meant," he said in amusement, "but you sound almost paternal."

"Maybe I do," Ferretti said, "but Major Sheppard, sir, I don't think he's had anybody to look out for him. Like I said, he's told me things, and I don't just mean about the aliens. I think he's spent a long time being lonely."

John sighed and shook his head, "I'm not going to stop you, Captain. I'm not here to dictate your personal life." He waved his hand, "I'll talk to Doctor Weir at the meeting this afternoon and I'll let you know what she says."

"Yes sir," Ferretti said with a salute.

John watched the Captain leave and then bowed his head for a moment. Things had been jumping since Justin's arrival, and he had had so little time to spend with the interdimensional visitor. Especially considering that Rodney had been forced to admit his failure at being able to send the younger man home.

John checked the time on his laptop and stood, he needed to start heading towards the meeting. As he stepped out of his office, he spotted Justin and Dr MacTayo walked down the hallway looking at something, "See," Justin said, "I was born in eighty-five."

"Major Sheppard," Dr MacTayo said, looking up, "how are you?"

"I'm good," John said, "I'm sorry, did you just say you were born in eight-five?"

Justin nodded, "Yeah, I did. There was a temporal factor to my little trip, which makes things exceptionally interesting." He tilted his head and grinned slightly, "It surprised me a great deal to learn that this wasn't the year two thousand six."

"No," John replied, "I'm fairly certain it's two thousand four." For a brief moment, John saw Justin's eyes turn blue, but Justin blinked and they were brown again. "Ok," John muttered.

Justin looked at him for a long moment, then looked down at Jenna, "Jenna, would you give me a moment?"

"Sure," Dr MacTayo replied, she nudged his side, "hurry up, though. We have about twenty minutes left."

"Right," Justin said, "I'll be there." He watched Jenna vanish down the corridor and turned, "My eyes turned blue again, didn't they?"

"What?" John asked.

"My eyes, they went blue," Justin said, "I know you saw it."

"Yeah," John said, "what do you mean, again?"

Justin sighed, "It has to do with my brother being a Silver Ranger. The blood between us gives me a weaker aspect of his gifts. I have excellent instincts and intuition because he's a Silver and is, for lack of a better term, psychic. Another thing, partly because of Zhane is that I will eventually have blue hair and blue eyes. You see that because the Power here isn't as tame as it is back home. There are surges and spikes all the time, it's crazy."

"Why wouldn't it be tame?" John asked.

"Because nobody's been taking care of it," Justin replied quietly, "I think the Eltareans were here, because what I can feel of the Grid feels like their handy work, but it's so off kilter that I can't be sure of anything from one moment to the next." He grinned, "I'm working on a report for the science people, but if you want, I can give a verbal report. However, you have a meeting to get to and I am almost out of time myself." He stepped back, "Until next time, Major."

John watched Justin vanish, then shook his head, turning and heading back towards the transporter, he did have a meeting to get to, and he was probably going to be late getting there, again.

Elizabeth looked up as John slipped into the meeting room, "Good of you to join us Major," she said with a slight smile.

"Sorry, I ran into Justin on my way in," John replied as he took a seat beside Rodney. "I also had an interesting request from Ferretti regarding Justin Stewart."

"Well, we'll discuss it after Doctor McKay finishes his report." Elizabeth said with a smile.

John held his hands up, "By all means, Rodney, I'm sorry I interrupted."

"Yes, well," Rodney said, and launched himself into his report.

John leaned back, paying enough attention to note that it was only more of the same. Then, Elizabeth said, "Thank you, Rodney. Major Sheppard, if you would tell us about your request."

"Captain Ferretti feels that Justin Stewart is bored," John said, "which is why he's getting into so much trouble. He wants to take Justin along as his second scientist on the next mission. Personally, I feel that Justin will be a great asset, although I am still not certain he's ready for a regular gate team."

"I agree," Rodney said, "please, send him away for a while. My scientists are all jump waiting for the next explosion."

As if Rodney's words were a charm, a sudden explosion rocked the city. Alarms started and radios came on, "Fire in Justin's lab," someone said, "we may need a medical team."

John didn't even look at Elizabeth for dismissal, instead, he bolted out the door, Elizabeth and Rodney hard on his heels.