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A/N: Do you know how hard it was to write this chapter? I just couldn't figure out how to make Justin prove himself. I think this just might be a cop-out. Yes, Jenna is Scottish and yes, she's an original character. Hope you like her...

Justin found himself following a silently angry Rodney McKay through Atlantis at a pace too fast and a path too unpredictable to take in the beauty of city. It was, he told himself, punishment for his comments about Earth. Finally, Dr. McKay stopped and turned, "We are about to enter my lab," he said, "do not touch anything. Carson says you don't have the gene, so none of it will work anyways. I'm going to have one of the min- I mean, other scientists see about figuring out just how smart you actually are."

Justin nodded, "You got it, Doc." He gave McKay a lazy grin, "Fair warning, though. I don't like Earth for a lot of highly personalized reasons. Calling Earth on its technological shortcomings is better than any of the other cultural, socio-economic or habitual faults I can drag up. You might want to get used to it."

McKay opened his mouth, then snapped it shut and stormed through a door, "Mateyo, Jessica," he pointed at a younger woman with long, dark hair, "Stop whatever it is you're doing. I'm sure you're doing it wrong anyway." He pointed at Justin, "This is your new project, find out how smart he is. I don't care how you do it as long as nothing's permanent and you don't bother me."

"Aye, Doctor McCoy," the woman said in a soft, but snippy Scottish accent, closing down her workstation.

"It's McKay," McKay snapped.

"And it's Doctor Jenna MacTayo," The woman replied as she slung a bag over her shoulder. "Get my name right and I'll get yours right." She smiled politely at Justin as she approached, "Good morning, I'm Doctor Jenna MacTayo."

Justin took her hand and shook it firmly, "Justin Stewart," he replied, giving her a warm smile. "I'm the guy who fell through the portal yesterday."

"I'd figured as much," Dr MacTayo said, dryly, reclaiming her hand.

"Go on," McKay said, "out of my lab! Flirt somewhere else."

Justin eyed McKay for a long moment, until the scientist fidgeted, then he smiled blandly and said in clear Eltarean, "If I was flirting, you'd know about it." Then he cocked his head to Dr. MacTayo, "Whenever you're ready, Doctor."

They headed out of the lab and were around the corner before Dr. McKay's shouts became audible. "What did you say to him?" Dr. MacTayo asked.

Justin chuckled, "I said, 'If I was flirting, you'd know about it'."

"What language was that, I didn't recognize it," TK asked from behind him.

"Eltarean," Justin replied, to Dr. MacTayo, he explained, "That's the planet I called home. I'm originally from Earth, but I had some connections to get me off there as soon as I could."

"Why?" Dr. MacTayo asked.

Justin shrugged, "I saw Paris."

"I don't understand," Dr. MacTayo said after a moment.

"I don't know the original source, but it was a quote from during the World Wars; 'How are you going to get them back on the farm, once they've see Paris?'" T.K. offered.

"Exactly," Justin said, "I saw technology so far advanced that Earth couldn't even come close to developing it in my lifetime when I was twelve. I got to study it, work on it and use it. Then I got stuck on Earth for six years. Six years. The greatest technology I got my hands on was a cell phone. A," he thought of Storm Blaster, and Zhane and swallowed, "a couple of my friends used to sneak me off planet when they could, but it was like a drop of water to a parched throat. I would have gone more but my dad," he smiled to himself as he thought of his dad.

"How did you wind up on Eltare then?" Dr. MacTayo asked.

"My friend Zhane got me into a school on Eltare when I was eighteen," Justin replied. "I've studied there ever since."

"How'd your dad take it?" Dr. MacTayo asked.

"He's dead," Justin replied shortly, "when I was seventeen."

"I'm sorry," Dr. MacTayo said.

"Don't be," Justin said, "It's been a while, and he encouraged me to go." He glanced around, "So, where are we going anyways, doctor?"

"Just around this corner," Dr. MacTayo replied, "and call me Jenna, I only emphasize doctor around Doctor McKay because he never uses it."

"Jenna," Justin repeated, "What's his deal anyways?"

"If I knew that, I'm sure that I would," she paused, then shook her head, "No, I still wouldn't like him."

Justin laughed as they entered the room Dr. MacTayo indicated. "So," Justin said, glancing around, "what's the plan?"

"Well that depends," Dr. MacTayo said, "ever considered joining MENSA?"

"Nah," Justin said, studying one of the three computer terminals idly. It was a Dell, with a Windows XP logo. One of the others was an Apple, All hail Steve Jobs, he thought as he expanded his thoughts to Dr. MacTayo. "I've never been a fan of the brain trust." He glanced over at Dr. MacTayo and swallowed, "I mean, I know a couple of Rangers and Ranger Tech who did, but it wasn't my beer."

"Well, today, you are going to take the MENSA test," Dr. MacTayo replied with a smile, she'd caught his attitude and correction, it seemed to amuse her. "How you score on that should be enough to impress even Rodney McKay."

"Right," Justin said, rolling his eyes. There was a paper in this somewhere, about how Earthians had this need to have everything proven to them. Eltareans were so much easier to get along with, all he had to do was tell them he'd been a Blue Ranger and people respected his intelligence. He rubbed the blue band on his wrist as he watched Dr. MacTayo.

Dr. MacTayo was booting up one of the computers, the Apple, he noted with amusement, and typing rapidly on it. T.K. was standing by the door, at an angle where he could see outside and still keep an eye on Justin as well. When the marine caught him looking, he shrugged. "All right," Dr. MacTayo said, "here you go, test and pencil."

Justin took the offered items, claimed a chair and settled down. As he filled out the personal information on the front page, he couldn't help but think about his early days as Blue Turbo, and the placement test he'd taken back then. I always seem to take tests to mark the big changes, he mused, I wonder if that's a Blue Ranger thing or just a me being weird thing.