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A/N: In the Stargate movie, Ferretti was listed as a Tech Sergeant. I have chosen to believe that in the ensuing years, he's gone officer. Other than that, I think everything is fairly self explainitory. Although you may have noticed, I don't write accents, because it annoys me when I have to read accents. You already know Jenna's Scottish and TK's American, so you know their accents. And a paraphrase from National Treasure.

John found Ferretti at the shooting range, "Captain," he called when Ferretti pulled off his ear protectors.

"Major Sheppard," Ferretti replied and saluted.

John returned the salute, "At ease, Captain," he said.

"Yes sir," Ferretti said.

John regarded the other man for a long moment, "Lieutenant Ford tells me you were on the first Abydos mission," he said finally.

"Yes sir," Ferretti replied.

"Now, I don't know much about the SGC," John said, "but it seems to me that that would make you some sort of hero."

"That's what they say," Ferretti said, not quite meeting John's eyes.

John smiled, "Don't worry," he said, "I'm not going to pry into the reasons why you're here. I was wondering if you wanted a 'Gate team?"

"A 'Gate team," Ferretti repeated, meeting his eyes in surprise.

"Yes," John said, "I want someone with experience for this particular team, and you are, arguably, the most experience marine here."

"What team," Ferretti finally asked.

"Well, we haven't formalized the naming system," John replied, "but I'd like you to consider Lieutenant Tyler Kavanaugh and Doctor Jenna MacTayo."

"Kavanaugh," Ferretti repeated.

"The lieutenant is the nice brother," John said with a brief chuckle, "he prefers to be called T.K. either way." He tilted his head slightly, "Right now, T.K. and MacTayo are working with Justin Stewart, and they've asked to do some exploration in the city. I'd like you to take point for them, see if you can work with T.K. and MacTayo in non-hostile situations. If it seems like it'll work out, Teyla and I will see about assigning you an Athosian guide for off-planet missions." Now he leaned his head forward, and deliberately met Ferretti's eyes, "Justin Stewart is not a part of your team, nor is he currently considered for any off world action. That being said, you are not his baby sitter, nor do I expect you to spy on him. For now, he is a guest and ally, and will be treated as such."

Ferretti glanced down at his gun, unloading it and setting the safety before holstering it. His eyes were dark and thoughtful as he put his ear protectors on the table. Finally, he turned to look straight at John, "Major Sheppard, sir," he said and saluted, "I would be honored to be a part of that team."

"Thank you," John replied, returning the salute. "T.K. and MacTayo are in an auxiliary lab with Justin right now," he added, "if you're ready to meet them."

"I'm ready," Ferretti replied.

They headed to the science labs, arriving at the lab that Justin and MacTayo had taken over the day after the latter's arrival just in time to see the aftermath of something involving a great deal of smoke. "What the hell?" John demanded around a cough, wishing that there were a way to circulate air in the windowless lab.

A click, followed by a soft whirring sound heralded the clearing of the smoke. For a moment, John thought the lab was empty, then Justin popped up from behind one of the lab benches with a grin. "That was awesome!" He crowed, "Did you see that?"

MacTayo came up from under a different bench, somehow looking put together and calm even covered in soot, "You're daft," she announced, "I told you to watch your energy modulator."

Justin waved his hand, "That didn't blow," he said, "although it's probably ruined now." He half bent over and pulled T.K. up, "You ok?"

"Fine," T.K. replied with a grin, "you were right though, it was pretty." He spotted John and Ferretti and his smile vanished, "Major Sheppard, Captain Ferretti!" He saluted.

Justin turned, his grin morphing into a smirk as he leaned against his bench. "Is everything ok?" John asked dryly.

Justin shrugged, "It could be better," he admitted, "but Thomas Edison found two thousand ways not to make a light bulb, so I'm certain we'll succeed eventually."

"Lieutenant Kavanaugh," John said, deciding that he really didn't want to know what Justin was up to, "Doctor MacTayo, may I have a word?"

"Yes sir," T.K. said.

"Aye," MacTayo agreed.

"I'll see what can be salvaged," Justin announced, as he headed towards the back of the lab.

John stepped into the hallway and watched impassively as T.K. and MacTayo joined him and Ferretti. "And that was?" He asked after a moment.

"Phaser testing," MacTayo said promptly, "We finished the modifications for Justin's stun gun, and he wanted to run some tests on a more advanced model."

John nodded slightly, "Lieutenant, Doctor, this is Captain Ferretti." He nodded at the Captain, who waved a hand in a casual salute. "Lieutenant, you applied for a gate team position shortly after our arrival here. Doctor, I was told by Doctor McKay you also wanted to join a gate team."

MacTayo shrugged, "I think my exact words were something along the lines of, 'I want to join a gate team because at least then I won't have to be on the same planet as you.'"

John smiled at her, "I'm sure you aren't the only one with that feeling." He sighed, "I want the three of you to be a Gate team. McKay told me, and Justin confirmed, that you want to join in the exploration of Atlantis. I'm inclined to grant that request. You three, and Stewart, will report to Sergeant Bates in the morning for an assignment. At the end of the week, if you three feel the team will work, you will be paired with one of our Athosian allies and become an official gate team. As I told Captain Ferretti already, while I agree that Stewart can help with city exploration, I am not clearing him to join a Gate team."

T.K. saluted, "Yes sir, Major Sheppard, thank you sir."

MacTayo rolled her eyes, "Thank you, Major Sheppard." She turned to Ferretti, "I'm Jenna MacTayo, but I prefer to be called Jenna. I only emphasize doctor around Doctor McKay because he's an annoying ass who needs to take a long walk off a short pier."

"Louis Ferretti," Ferretti replied and shook her hand, "I think it's going to be mighty interesting working with you ma'am."

"Indeed," MacTayo agreed.

"Lieutenant," Ferretti added, extending his hand to the younger man.

"Captain," T.K. replied, started to salute, but aborted it to shake their team leader's hand.

John nodded to himself, "All right," he said, "try not to kill each other, please?" He turned and headed down the hall, heading towards Rodney's lab.