Hypocritical Lovers

Chapter 12: The Cove (Continued...)

Inside, Endymion could admit, he felt as if he were melting and burning all at once. Their kisses had become frantic, almost rough in their intensity, in their need. He had only had mere seconds to place his cape on the floor before she'd ended up beneath him in a frenzy of tangled limbs. Hands freely roaming over the others forms, scorching paths around each curve and every dip. The sound of ocean waves crashing on the shoreline the only other sound apart from their heavy breathing and quiet moans.

Their tongues fighting a deliciously sweet battle over each other while kiss-bruised lips caressed and united. His right hand was pressed between their bodies working the peaks of each erect breast in turn, his left hand traveling lazily from her knee to her breast and back down again. Serenity was just quivering flesh beneath him, a mass of nerves and sensations. It gave him a primordial satisfaction to watch her move with him in such a way. To feel her desperate need for him. Only him. He was completely and utterly unraveled, consumed with his own need to fully possess her, to truly make her his…permanently.

He retreated back, breaking the heated kiss and opening his eyes to look at her. Her eyes lustfully glazed over in pleasure over what he was doing to her. Full black lashes fluttering in an Ohh…so sensual way…Neck, lips and cheeks pink from his attentions.

"Please…" She breathed, lacing her fingers through his hair and pressing his face on to her right breast. "I can't...wait any longer."

Taking the rigid tip of her right nipple into his mouth, he began a slight suction while alternating between quick flicks with his tongue. Enjoying her flavor and the sensation. Her toned legs came around his waist and wrapped themselves tightly, tugging him closer. An open invitation and he eagerly obliged her, grinding himself into her. His harden length rubbing into the warmth she offered. It only took a second to pop the button of her trousers, which reminded him to later forbid her from ever wearing them again, and he was able to slide his hand down her pelvis and to that patch of wet curls. His fingers brushed through them tenderly, enjoying the anticipation and her accompanying moans. Serenity was as impatient as ever, and the way she rose her hip and spread her legs for him, told him she wanted this as much as he did. Reaching further down, he found the heat he'd been searching for and with one finger he dipped in, feeling the tightness of her walls grasp his finger.

"Please… Endymion…Ohhh." Her head thrown back as he began a steady plunging motion into her. "Now…"

It was bliss. A hazy, luxurious daze. One he didn't want to come out of. He didn't want this to be a dream, didn't want her sudden passion for him to be only his mind playing games on him. Serenity was finally under him willingly moaning, grinding into him, pleading for what he undoubtedly would give her and wanted to give her. It made him even more determined than ever to make her stay, to make her want to stay…with him.

"Don't worry my sweet…" He kissed the valley between her breasts, licking the slightly sweaty skin there, "You won't be waiting long." With one forceful tug, her breeches came off down her legs and onto the floor. Now, only his own clothing stood in the way and that would not stall him for long. He was back on her in a matter of seconds, their fully uncovered flesh meeting for the very first time. Her hands were a frenzied blur on his skin, touching him, grasping and clawing her way around his body. They zeroed in on their prize and grasped him tightly, both hands encircling his full length. She directed it to where she seemed to need it most and it grazed her wet slit, making his length twitch and sparks flare throughout the rest of his body. He couldn't breathe, couldn't function without her. He wanted her to know what would happen if this occurred. What he would want from her.

Grabbing hold of her wrists, he brought both of her hands up with his, up over and then under her head. The position offered her head support and with their finger laced together, he could stop her wandering hands before they drove him to a point of madness. The change in tactics startled her and her eyes looked up to lock with his.

"Endymion, please…." Serenity gasped. "Don't toy with me…"

"Serenity…. my moonbeam..." Dropping his head to tweak her nipple one last time with his teeth and he groaned against her skin, shifting himself enough to lay himself at her opening without actually entering her. "If I take you now, you WILL be mine."

It would only take one push, one slight movement of his hips and he would have her….she would be his. Permanently. There would be no undoing the action. The deed would be done. "Endymi….ahhhh… yes!" She twitched and convulsed under him, grinding herself against his form. That was the only gesture he needed before he plunged in one swift motion. 'Better be quick about it.' he thought before Serenity stiffened under him, her breath hitching at the uncomfortable penetration.

"It had to be swift, my love. The discomfort will pass by faster." He whispered tenderly as if her constricting walls weren't restraining his every motion and choking him so deliciously. As long as she was wrapped around him he would gladly feel this chocking feeling, all day every day. The moment he felt her relax and accommodate to him, he began the tortuous in and out motion that would bring them to completion. His hands releasing their hold on hers, went to her breasts. There, one hand palmed her nipple while the other went under her back and over her shoulder blades to cup her shoulder and hold her in place while he pounded himself into her.

Her moans became more frantic and he brought his head down to bite down on the milky white skin of her breast. She arched into him, her nipples erect and pushing against his cheek as he continued to trail light bites around the needy mounds. He loved the feel of her skin against his own. Endymion felt himself get closer, to that point of blinding pleasure and brought his head up to meet her eyes. He wanted to gaze at her as she climaxed, as he emptied himself into her waiting heat. He wanted to see the look on her face as she felt his essence flood within her, as he felt her muscle undulate around his thick, needy member.

Her golden hair sprawled under her, reflecting the sunshine above them. Blue eyes glazed over and meeting his over their passionate haze. He brought his lips down on hers, whispering possessively, even primal, "Mine" as he took his last plunge into her and released his seed into her womb. A pleasure so intense, so raw that hot spots blurred his vision and took complete control over his body. He did not have to wait long for her climax. The heat of his own shot her body into a tidal wave of pleasure as her muscle stole his very breath from him. The sensations nearly had him ready to pass out from the intensity.

In the distance he could hear the beating of hooves coming closer and he bent down for one last lingering kiss. As much as he would have loved to dwell in the moment they weren't given that luxury. "We have to dress. I think I hear the return of our companions."

His words had the desired effect because she stood as soon as his weight was off of her and turned to dress without another word. Quickly they both dressed, shoving feet into boots and arms into sleeves. The silence becoming tense over the few minutes it took them to dress and Endymion wondered at all the things that could be going through that pretty head of hers. One thing was for sure though, she would be his. She was his.

"Sere!" Mina's voice rang out with some laughter. No doubt, assuming the worst and assuming right. 'How do I get myself into these situations?'

Completely dressed now, she turned to where the horses were tethered. She needed to escape and fast. She couldn't understand how it had happened, why she had let it happen. But she couldn't go through with any of it. She had to make it back home. 'This doesn't mean a thing. Nothing has changed.'

A quick hop up and a swing of her leg and she was mounted on top her mare. Just as she took the reins firmly in her hands, Minalett appeared from behind the thicket of trees, Andrew right behind her.

"Ready to head back?" Mina sing-songed in that annoyingly happy mood of hers.

Flicking the reins gently to get her horse moving in the right direction, she replied. "Yes, lets." And didn't look back again.


"This color is dreadful." Serenity muttered, skimming her hands over the blue-green satin of her gown.

"Stop fussing, you're going to wrinkle it. Besides," Mina spoke up as she swatted Serenity's fidgety hands away from the finely pressed skirts. "You love this color…" She gave Serenity a peculiar look. "What's the matter, Sere? You haven't been yourself since we returned from the cove. Did you have a spat with Endymion again?" The last bit coming out in an exasperated sigh.

"No…I'm just tired. I want this night to be done with so things can get back to normal." Never mind that the memory of Endymion finally possessing her had her more annoyed than usual. Or was it that she wanted his to possess her…to possess him? She needed an escape… and fast.

A knock on the door had both of them turning in time to see Mrs. Chancey waddle into the room, a wooden box in her hands.

"Serenity, the dowager sent this for you. Said she wouldn't take no for an answer." She placed it on a side table and pulled on the gold latch to open it. Serenity and Mina's curiosity got the better of them as they shuffled closer to see what the box held within.

A plain gold locket, not much bigger than a small stone, hung from a matching gold chain.

"Now, if you ladies will excuse me. There is much to yet be done for tonight."

As abruptly as she had arrived, Mrs. Chancey left. Mina, following Mrs. Chancey's example left too, but not before a quick reminder to hurry up as she closed the door behind her.

Now she was left alone to wallow in her miserable existence. But she wouldn't pity herself and she wouldn't allow her inept ability to fall into these situations, to push her off her course. She was determined to return home where she belonged, to her people and family. All she had to do was plan and plan she would.

Mina would be devastated but she had a home now and a loving husband, as much as it killed Serenity to admit, she couldn't take her away from that. She knew nothing of the other girls but she couldn't let that stop her, once she returned home she might be able to persuade her mother to lend a helping hand on the matter. That is, if the girls wished to return.

So far, Serenity knew that the portal door they had used to travel to this world was kept somewhere up in the Northern tower, probably under lock and key. But that was her safest and only bet to get home and she would explore that possibility first. She would have to figure out how it worked, but if it was anything like the one back home, then she should be capable of returning to the lunar palace without much issue. The next problem would mostly likely be her actual escape, but that she would leave until she was sure about the portal door, and for that she would need help. But who? Mrs. Chancey and the dowager were out of the question, and Mina would know nothing about the darker corners of the palace. She could try to bribe a servant, but everyone in the household seemed loyal to their lord and king.

Another knock at the door brought her attention back to the present and she called out to allow entrance.

"Your Highness, the King requires your presence." A waif of a girl said, standing on shaky legs by the door.

With one last pat to her now wrinkled skirts, she moved towards the door.

"Thank you, you may go now." The girl frantically nodded and scurried out of the room, closing the door behind her.

"Be strong, Serenity. Do not let yourself be tempted." She fervently whispered to herself as a sort of mantra, to keep her strong and cold, as she made her way to her executioner. She needed to return home, and Fast!


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