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*Before the story starts*

"You're going down, Madara!" Naruto shouts at the crazy, raven haired man in front of him. That man was the source of everything bad that had happened the last years. Asuma's death, Jiraya's death, Sasuke's betrayal…..

"Hah! Yeah, right. When I'm finished with you, I'm going to take your dear Kyuubi with me and fulfill my plan!" Madara shouted there he stood.

Kabuto was already dead, betrayed by Madara himself. Naruto felt the Kyuubi making it's vessel around him, surrounding him in red burning acid. Even though he knew that he would be covered in wounds, he knew that he had to take Madara down.

That was for over three months ago. Naruto was now known as a hero in every hidden village. He was now training to be Hokage. The one teaching him is Kakashi, who became Hokage when Tsunade decided to retire.
Sakura had become the "head nurse" in the Konoha's medic team.

Ino, Shikamaru and Chouji had managed to kill their sensei. On his own orders of course, but that didn't make it feel any better. Shikamaru found his source of peace in his training with Kurenai's daughter, Yuki. Chouji was training too, to become the head of his clan.

Ino on the other hand was busy training her own team with genins.

Neji had become ANBU captain. Lee was a teacher in the academy, as a special teacher for taijutsu. Konohamaru had already become a chuunin; he and his teammates were struggling towards the top.

Shino had gotten his own team of tracking-nin and he was always busy finding new ways of espionage. Kiba was also training to become leader of his clan. Tenten had become a perfect weapon master and was now helping the Konoha weapons smith with designing new weapons. Everybody seemed to have achieved something.

But there were one that felt like a real outsider. She had developed a lot when it came to her nin skills and medic skills. But that was kinda all that was.

Hyuuga Hinata sat by the pond in her garden, thinking. She was wearing her white yukata and her hair was in a high ponytail. She'd grown into a real beauty. But even so, her white eyes would almost always show depression and sorrow whenever she was alone.

"What do I have to do?" she asked herself while making circles in the water. What she was asking herself was what was she going to do now? She had already proven her worth to her father, he had said so himself. Everybody thought worthy of her. But why should that matter when she didn't even think worthy of herself?

She sighed. She had to do something. It had been two years since the attack on Konoha. Two years since she confessed. Two years since she'd had the chance to actually talk to Naruto. The war had taken too much time. Then there were the chase after Sasuke.

Sasuke was the one to kill Danzo. But after the war he just disappeared. Nobody had seen him. Sakura and Naruto were still watching out for him. That was why Naruto's Hokage training was taking so long. Kakashi and Tsunade had made an agreement; that Naruto wouldn't be made Hokage until they both were assured that he wouldn't be controlled by his emotions if he had to deal with Sasuke in the future.

Hinata felt a hot tear fall down from her eye. She hated what that damn Uchiha was doing to her friends, and she couldn't do anything about it!

"Hi, Hinata!" someone shouted from the training grounds. Hinata was walking and Ino was on training ground three. Hinata smiled towards her and walked through the gate. "Hi, Ino. Where are the genins?" she asked as she walked up to her friend. "Oh, Yuuki and Akane is training some water jutsu in the pond over there." Ino answered as she pulled a kunai out from one of her vest pockets. "Where's Aoi?" Hinata asked. Aoi Hyuuga was one from the branch family. Instead of the regular purple hint in the Hyuugas white eyes, he had a blue hint. "He's at the academy, helping Lee teaching some genins about Nintaijutsu. You know Lee only can do taijutsu." Ino said as she threw the kunai into the woods.

Hinata activated her byakugan in matter of seconds and saw where the kunai hit. It hit a tree by the pond on the other side of the small part of the woods. She turned it off "Why did you..?" Hinata got her answer before her question was asked.

Because Yuuki and Akane, right then and there, jumped down from the woods "You wanted us back, Ino-sensei?" Yuuki asked.

Even though Yuuki had the same name as Kurenai's daughter, they were totally different. Kurenai's daughter had inheritated her mother's appearance and her father's nin skills.

Hinata smiled a little when she remembered the confusion between Yuuki's mother and Kurenai when everybody discovered that the girls name was almost the same, if not for the second "y".

"Yeah. How is your jutsu going? How tall is your water dragon now?" Ino asked the genins. "We're about to reach one and a half meter." Akane answered with pride in his eyes.

"Good. If we keep this up we'll reach two meters before tomorrow and then we'll have to get Aoi in on the project." Ino smiled towards the genins. This was obviously good news because the two faces brightened up and they ran towards the pond again.

"Project?" Hinata asked her friend. "Their parents have asked to see a special jutsu and how much time they need to train before they can use it. It's just to test me! Those stupid parents doesn't trust me just because of my special jutsu!" Ino complained. Hinata giggled. "Well, you could find out about their family secrets without anybody knowing it." Hinata reasoned. "So?" Ino grumbled.

Hinata sighed again. She hadn't had a mission for ages! Everybody was busy, except her! Hinata clenched her teeth at the thought of being useless.

She dressed herself in her usual nin-wear before starting on her way towards the Hokage tower.

"Hokage-sama!" Hinata said as she walked inside the office. Nobody was there except the Hokage himself. "Well, hello, Hinata. Strange to see you just barge in here." A voice said form behind the chair.

Hinata blushed when her shy self came back to reality. "Sorry, Hokage-sama.. I… I just.." Hinata mumbled while she covered her face with one palm.

The one in the chair turned around and Hatake Kakashi in full Hokage-clothing turned his one-eyed stare towards the girl. "It's alright, Hinata. And you can call me Kakashi." Kakashi said as he motioned for the chair in front of his desk.

Hinata did so. "Kakashi, not to be rude or anything, but why haven't I gotten a mission in about two months?" Hinata asked while crossing her arms and holding her stare on the floor. "Because it has been so peaceful…" Kakashi started.

"Please don't mock me, Kakashi. I'm the only one in my year who's not on mission every other week." Hinata said. Kakashi sighed and folded his arms "Hinata, can I be totally honest with you about something?" he asked.

Hinata looked up at him with a shocked expression "Of course, you can. Have I done something that.." she started. Kakashi rose one palm "No, you haven't. But what I'm going to tell you is of more personal relevance." He explained. He placed his head on his hands before continuing "I haven't sent you on any mission the last months because of your personal state."

"What do you mean..?" Hinata began. "Please don't interrupt. I notice more than you think. Am I right in saying that you've proven your worth when it comes to your father?" he asked. Hinata nodded. "Good. But when it comes to some of your friends, you haven't?" he asked.

Hinata blushed. He was totally right "I… yes." She said after a sigh. "And you don't have the courage to interrogate these friends of yours?" Kakashi continued. Hinata nodded again and tears developed in the corner of her eyes.

"Ever since I confessed he hasn't talked to me. I don't know if he returns my feelings or not. N-" she began. "No names. Let's still keep this at a small professional level." Kakashi stated. Hinata nodded before continuing "It's like he's avoiding me. Am I paranoid or… gods… I'm asking the Hokage for boy tips!" Hinata exclaimed to herself before blushing.

Kakashi smiled "Hinata, it's okay. I know how oblivious that "boy" can be. But I'm sorry that I don't know what you have to do to catch the boy's attention." Kakashi said.

Hinata nodded. "Why don't you go on a vacation of some sort. Visit your family in other villages?" Kakashi suggested. Hinata thought about it before deciding. "Kakashi, can I ask for permission for a temporary leave?" Hinata asked while standing form the chair.

"Temporary leave?" Kakashi asked. "Yes. It's not just for an vacation. I.. think I need to.. travel to.. get some things sorted…" Hinata tried to explain with a sigh. Kakashi understood her and smiled "Alright. I give you my permission. But you'll have to report to me two times a week." Kakashi said.

Hinata nodded and smiled. "Thank you, Kakashi. But… could you please not tell everybody where I'm going? I'll tell my father but nobody else." Hinata asked. "I promise." Kakashi smiled as the girl bowed and jogged outside.

"Father, can I talk to you?" Hinata asked outside her father's room. It wasn't his bedroom, more his office, except everything was in sitting-height. "Come in, Hinata." Her father said.

She slid the door open and walked inside. She sat down in front of her father who sat behind his desk. "What do you want to talk about?" he asked. Hinata looked into the floor, she wasn't used to her father's attention yet. "I just wanted to tell you that I'm leaving." She said before gaining the courage to look her father in the eye.

Her father blinked before asking "Leaving? What do you mean, child?".

"I mean that I'm leaving for a while. I don't know how long I'll be gone. It's just that I have some problems I have to get sorted out." Hinata tried to explain. Her father who was more affectionate than one would believe said "Aha, I understand.".

"The Hokage knows about it and I've gotten my permission. He also said that my job would still be here when I come back." She said. Her father nodded "Just promise me one thing.."

"Wait. Just promise me first that you won't tell anyone about this. Not even Neji nee-san." Hinata said. Her father smiled "I promise. Now promise me this."

"What?" Hinata said. "That you'll keep yourself safe." Her father said with more affection in his eyes than ever. Hinata smiled "I promise, father."

Hinata sighed. She seemed to do that a lot these days. She had placed her drawstring bag on her bed and now she was filling it with everything she needed for her journey, at least to the next village.

She'd taken all the money she'd saved from her account and sealed them into something Tenten called a "bank-scroll". She packed down an extra jacket, a few kunais and shurikens. Then it was her toiletries and "hair equipment" as she called it. It consisted of different hairbands and other things she needed to pull her hair away from her face.

She looked towards her bedside table. The photo of herself, Kiba, Shino and Kurenai was in one frame. The other frame was a picture of them all, absolutely everybody. The photo was taken on Tsunade's birthday four years ago and she'd insisted on a photo.

Everybody had a smile. And the girls had insisted that Hinata sat beside Naruto. Everybody from her year sat on benches. Their sensei's stood on the side. Gai, Kakashi, Genma and Ibiki on one side. Kurenai, her daughter Yuki, Ebisu, Yamato and everybody else on the other side.

Hinata smiled towards the photos. Then she walked up to them, took the picture out of the frames and placed them in her jacket's inner pockets. "Now I'll always have them with me." She said to herself.

Her father walked her to the gate. When they could see it, someone already stood there.

"Who..Kakashi-sama!" Hinata said as they got closer to the gate. "Hi, you two. I just wanted to say goodbye. And I needed to talk to your father without the chance of someone from your clan eavesdropping." Kakashi said. Hinata's father smirked. He knew well how much his clan liked to eavesdrop on news. Hinata smiled.

"Hinata. You're sure you'll be okay?" her father asked. Hinata looked him in the eye. "I think I'll be just fine, father." She answered with a smile. Kakashi smiled when they hugged. Hinata smiled at the feeling. "Hinata, I'll expect your report in three days." Kakashi said.

It was a Sunday, around eight PM when Hinata waved goodbye and started on her journey.

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