A/N Here is the prologue to Shooting Star.



She was about to turn around but didn't manage much before she was tackled. "Taeko." Hinata smiled as she sat up. The little girl looked so much like her mother. And she'd clearly inherited her mother's ongoing nature.
"Hi, auntie. Mum asked me to ask you if you wanted to come to the park with us." Her brown hair moved with the movements of her head. She used almost her whole body whenever she spoke. "Of course." Hinata smiled.
"Will uncle come too?" Taeko asked. She looked a little shy all of a sudden. "What's wrong, Taeko?" Hinata asked. "Nothing.. it's just.." Taeko said and tilted back and forth on her toes. "Come on, you can tell me.." Hinata said and grabbed Taeko by her waist and started to tickle her. "Auntie! Stop!" Taeko laughed.
"Then tell me.." Hinata teased. Taeko gave a grumpy "hmpf" before she admitted "I think he's scary…". Taeko looked at her aunt to watch her reaction.

Hinata looked at her for a second before she went out into a laughing fit. "Wu..what? S-scary?".
Omg… I can't wait until he hears this. Hinata thought. "He is!" Taeko complained.

"Who is what?"

Taeko stiffened.
Hinata managed to stop laughing enough to sit up properly. "Nothing. Little Taeko here is just a little shy when she meets the Hokage." Hinata teased.

Naruto looked at Taeko. "So she thinks I'm scary, huh?".

"Scary" could be the first impression you got when you first met Naruto nowadays. His hair had grown longer and he held it tight in a small ponytail in the back. He was now using his sage coat all the time but on the back it stood Nanadaime, The seventh Hokage.
He'd kept his orange pants and jacket. Around his waist was now a black belt where he kept the copies of his father's special kunais. He'd managed to find out how his father used his technique and therefore he could make more.
Taeko just pouted.

"Taeko. I don't bite. I'm your uncle." Naruto laughed. "I heard someone say something about the park?" he asked. "Yes. Tenten and Neji wants us to come with them to the park." Hinata smiled to her husband.
"Well, I don't have any objections." Naruto smirked. "And our little treasure is the reason for it not being busy soo…" he teased. Hinata smirked "Just a few more weeks and I'll be yours again." Hinata laughed. Her due day were planned to be next week or so, but considering the weeks he had to wait.
"What are you two talking about?" Taeko asked. "Uh.. nothing. Now, Taeko help me help Hinata-chan up from the ground will you?" Naruto asked. "Uh.. okay…" Taeko said but scowled a little at him.

"Should we ask Sakura to join us?" Hinata wondered before she was halfway lifted up. She ended up with Naruto's arms around her. "Well, it wouldn't hurt. As long she's not too busy with taking care of Akamaru." Naruto said before he kissed her.
"Eeeeew…." Taeko complained. Hinata laughed.
They followed Taeko outside the garden. "Do you think something is between them?" Hinata asked. "Between who? Sakura and Akamaru?" Naruto asked dumbly. "No, silly. Between Sakura and Kiba."
"I don't really know. But they've been spending a lot of time together." Naruto shrugged.
"Well, if it so.. let's just hope Kiba will be the right one for her. I still remember how she reacted that day…" Hinata sighed. Naruto nodded.
*One year and a half earlier*


Sakura screamed at the top of her lungs.

Naruto heard her.
"Kiba… when we get to the gate.. just.. try to get the corpse away as fast as you can.." Naruto told Kiba. It was a weak plan but the only thing he could think of.

"Naruto. You're finally home." Tsunade greeted him. "Mission.. accomplished, Hokage-sama." Naruto sighed. Tsunade nodded.
"Naruto! Welcome home!" Sakura shouted as she hugged him tightly. "Thanks, Sakura-chan." Naruto sighed. Sakura knew what his mission had been, but she tried to stay positive. She weren't ready to see it. Not yet.
"Uh, Hokage-sama.." Kiba tried to get Tsunade's attention.
That's where it went wrong.
Sakura turned around and got a very good look at Sasuke's corpse.

She reacted with both tears and a collapse. Kiba had felt so guilty that he'd stayed with her at the hospital. Naruto would've too but Tsunade needed him to tell the report of his mission to the record holders. Tsunade had to take care of Sakura in the meantime.

The record holders were so difficult to talk to that it had taken him twice the usual time to talk to them. It had stressed him up so much that he was about to punch one of them in the face. When he has done, Sakura was awake and nearly ordered him to stay away. She said he had other matters to "attend to".

"Auntie. Should I go and ask Sakura-sama?" Taeko asked. "Are you sure it's okay for you to go alone?" Hinata asked. "Auntie! I started at the academy this year! I'm not too young anymore!" Taeko complained. "Alright, alright. I'm just looked out for you, that's all.." Hinata smiled as Taeko ran towards the Inuzuka compound.

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