Disclaimer: Hell, this is so not mine that I blame OneMoreParadise for it.

Author's Note: Good lord. Alright, so not only is this SO OUT OF MY ORDINARY AKUROKU/ZEMYX WRITING THAT IT'S AXEL/SAIX, but I wrote this at 6 in the morning after waking up early and seeing this PICTURE of Saix and Axel that's just like …. Hnnnnnng sexy. And then this was written. Because Axel /Saix, guys, it could have been, but isn't and just… This is a series of drabbles about Axel and Saix and Xemnas and Roxas and just… Boys. I mean, hell, I don't know what I'm writing anymore. Have 100 words.

This was their last hurrah to something they once knew. One breath, one moment, and it would be gone, but for this single instant, everything was back to something almost familiar and almost sane because of this swift, insistent press of lips to lips.

Then their moment, their last comfort was up, and they straightened, brushed clothes and hair back into place beneath dappled multicolored light. Nodded at each other. Avoided eye contact.

And they went their separate ways, though both knew that something in them felt… empty. Lost. Neither Axel nor Saix turned around.

(Both of them wanted to.)

TADA, 100 words. *flees*