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Chapter 10: Hope Left

Edward POV

"You're an ass."

"I hope Bella woops your ass again! Only no more fingers in my hair."

Rose and Emmett's thoughts were slashing through me almost painfully, but in all honesty what was I supposed to do? I'd been with Carlisle since my change and Esme was a real mother to me. What else was I supposed to do? The girl I'd always thought of as mine, mated to my brother? It was a total mind fuck.

I couldn't wrap my mind around the errors of my past. So what if I spoke words of blasphemy?It was for her good? That's why I left, to keep her safe, human.

How'd that work out for you?

I frowned at my own thoughts. I was starting to regret the decision I'd make on Bella's behalf. Calling the whole family, though it was about time for a reunion.


I looked up almost startled that Carlisle was able to get to drop on me. That hadn't happened in a long time.

"Hi." I replied timidly.

"What's wrong, Edward? You sounded..." Esme trailed off but her thoughts continued, "Urgent and Rushed..."

I looked at both of my parents with pain laced in my voice, "Bella's alive."

They both blinked rapidly at me. I knew they were processing the info, but there thoughts were loud.

"My baby! I can't believe it! HOW?"

"Impossible... I couldn't be, could it..."

"I've seen her." I told them slowly.

Then Emmett took it upon himself to join the conversation, "She kicked little Eddies ass!" He guffawed "Beat him with his own arm."

Both Esme and Carlisle exchanged looks and I didn't HAVE to be a mind reader to know what they were thinking.

"Victoria." I responded to their thoughts, "Bella is in Texas with Peter, Charlotte, and... Jasper."

I watched my parents faces morph into shock. Their thoughts were pitying and I didn't like it.

"I hate to cut this short... But I think I'm going to head up there first..." I told them slowly testing the waters. "So we don't overwhelm her."

"Oh My God it's going to be your fault." Rose's thought were filled with acid.

Before things could get too out of hand I decided I needed to leave. I tore out the back door and through the woods. I was an emotional wreck.

The closer I got the more apprehensive I got, I knew now I wasn't Bella's favorite person, but to think that she was with Jasper... It killed me.

I was nearing the clearing that would take me to Peter's house when all of a sudden a tanned beauty was standing in front of me with her arms crossed and her eyebrows narrowed. I could faintly hear Bella's voice in the background in the throes of passion. I felt my heart sink. If Jasper marked her, I'd never have another chance...

The woman in front of me had her arms crossed against her chest and her eyes narrowed into suspicious slits.

"Why are you here?" She asked coolly.

"I..." I began faltering under her heated gaze, "the family is going to be here soon."

I didn't know why I was telling this beautiful stranger anyways. I wondered idly what her name was.

"I'm Ana."

My eyes shot up to hers completely caught off guard. I was searching her golden gaze and was suddenly hit with a wave of deja vu. Only she had intensely dark eyes, darker than Bella's natural chocolate brown. The nomad vampire that was trying to feast on her.

"I was wondering if you would remember me, Edward." my name fell off her lips in such a sinful way. I felt myself swallow thickly.

I felt oddly drawn to her and her pouty lips. She had an incredible figure and I was at her full attention. I hadn't meant to leave her as a newborn alone... I hadn't realized she had been bitten.

"I figured you didn't think I would change." She smirked.

Now I stared agape at her. A few times were coincidence... This... This was more.

Can you hear me? I asked in my thoughts.

"Loud and clear." she responded mentally with a wide grin.

I was in awe of the creature before me. I realized for the first time since I turned what it felt like to be on the other end of a mind reader. As soon as I realized it all the naughty things I'd been keeping at bay flushed forward like a broken damn. If possible her grin widened.

"Why Edward... Maybe we should go for a run... You could... blow off steam." The way she said it and the mental images she was projecting nearly brought me to my knee. She had my special attention.

She winked at me before taking off at a dead run and I knew I had to follow her. So I did...

Bella POV

After spending nearly an hour searching my closet for something appropriate to wear I reluctantly chose a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and a blood red blouse. I opted to go barefoot because I felt most comfortable that way. The blouse I chose had a deep swooping neckline that showed off my mark. I wanted it burnt into their minds that I was taken.

I was still looking at myself in the mirror when a booming voice echoed throughout the house shaking the walls.


I chuckled to myself and pulled myself together taking a deep cleansing breath. I descended the stairs and Jasper was standing with Rose and Emmett. Both offered me small smiles of reassurance. When I made it to the end of the stairs and turned to the left they were standing there.

I felt the familiar pang of anger and resentment but I swallowed it back. Carlisle still looked like a movie star. Standing there in his perfection his expression blank, not giving anything away. Esme was the opposite. Her face was an open book and she looked positively elated. Before I could say anything I was pulled into her fierce hug. It was motherly and everything I'd been missing.

Unexpectedly I felt the venom pooling in my eyes and leaking down my face. I returned the hug with fervor and sobbed into her shoulder. I think in all the time I'd been away the thing I hadn't noticed I'd been missing the most was a mom.

"Oh baby! I'm so sorry we left you! I didn't want to go, honey. I was overruled. I've missed you so much sweet girl."

Esme's words that were meant to be soothing forced me to break down more.

While Esme and I were locked in our embrace I heard Carlisle finally speak. "Where is Edward?"

The words caught me off balance and I pulled myself from Esme's iron grasp and gave him a curious glance.

"Haven't seen him..."

"He left before all of us..." Carlisle told me gently searching my face for deception.

I pulled myself back and growled lowly, "I. Have. Not. Seen. Him."

Jasper walked up beside me and wrapped and arm protectively around my shoulders. "He hasn't been here."

Peter walked in with an impish grin and shook his head, "Well the two of you were otherwise occupied."

I knew if I could blush my face would be flaming, but I schooled my expression and shot him a warning glare.

"He was here... Well on the outskirts of the property... He took off on a run with Ana."

I looked at Peter with my mouth agape. I hadn't expected that one.

"Ana?" Carlisle asked with interest.

"She's great." I supplied still feeling pretty dazed.

Emmett and Rose walked forward and both wore matching confused expressions.

"She's who I had to nab from the coastal islands." Peter grinned, "I think Eddie might get a Happy Ever After, after all."

As if on cue Ana and Edward came galloping into the room, hands intertwined, grinning ear to ear, and telltale matching bite marks.

Carlisle looked at his oldest companion with a look of confusion and elation. As for me a weight felt like it had been lifted from my shoulders.

Though the atmosphere around me was thick with tension I had a feeling that maybe there was hope for us all...


OKAY! I'm SORRY this is so short. But adding anything else would ruin the chapter title.

Jasper: I can't believe you're giving Edward a happy ending

Me: It's not the end yet!

Jasper: But he's a meanie!* Pouts *

Me: If he's happy with Ana, at least he isn't trying to steal your girl.

Jasper: * Growls * I guess that makes sense.

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Jasper: I am agreeing with you on that, Darlin' albeit very reluctantly.

Me: Are you mad the chapter is so short?

Jasper: A bit disappointed, but... I know you have a lot going on.


Me: JESUS Edward! What the hell! Put your damn pants on!

Jasper: I'm blind! Oh god! My brothers penis! I'm blind!

Edward * grins * I gave Ana the sexiest little strip dance! * wiggles eyebrows *

Me: Edward as amusing as that is, I really wish you would put on your pants.

Edward: You know you like what you see.

Me: That is completely besides the point.

Edward: * pulls on pants * Is that better Tabby?

Me: Yes. Thank you!

Jasper: He's just going to take them off again. * shaking his head*

Edward: I am! I'm going to go back to Ana and give her the BIGGEST birthday present she's ever had, she's going to be screaming my name!

Me: OMG TOOO MUCH INFO! * shoves fingers in ears and sings*

Edward: I think we should stop playing around... I have plans.

Jasper: Well go show Ana your dance and nakedness... I think I've had about enough for a lifetime.

Me: Is he gone?

Jasper: Yes... FINALLY!

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