Prologue: Genesis

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Behind every world, there is an explanation. In time, those explanations are lost to the winds; thus becoming nothing more than stories and legends. Stories that are told around campfires to our children and future generations. The only ones who know the truth, are the creators of the world themselves.

We call these creators, Gods and Goddesses; deities that the people of the world must choose to side with. In the natural order of things, the elements of light and dark usually represent these beings. Evil and harmony, balancing each other amidst their people.

This world is no different from the rest. Perhaps...I should start at the beginning - the true beginning of time.

Before life, there was only darkness. But as with everything, there must be some sort of balance. Out of the void of the darkness, sprang forth a light. That spark of light was the goddess of creation, Nova. Upon taking her first breath the darkness was pushed back; she gave birth to our world, Navitia.

Descending down to her new creation, Nova looked over the barren land before her. Summoning her powers, her very breath gave life to the world. Each time she blew softly into the atmosphere, Navitia came to life. Trees, grass, mountains, bodies of water; slowly, our world started to come alive.

As the first rays of the sun kissed the land, Nova felt something was missing. Kneeling to the earth, she grasped some of it in her hands and slowly stood to a rising position once more. Opening her palm slowly, she blew it into the wind and watched curiously as the contents floated a way from her. As the wind picked up, they circled faster until it took the shape of another person. Nova greeted him with his new name, Zion, and would serve as her counterpart.

As Nova explained her actions thus far, Zion began to suggest she create more to inhabit the land, and they could rule Navitia together. After some thought, Nova agreed; thus, mankind was born. The two creators welcomed the land dwellers and showed them how to cultivate the world, and ruled peacefully for many years to come.

The world born from darkness began to thrive, and soon the humans were quite capable of taking care of themselves. Nova watched from a distance, helping when needed, and answering the calls when she deemed it necessary. Zion was occasionally needed, but he felt as if he were slowly fading into the background. Each time he offered his services to Nova, she would decline more and more. The people themselves didn't even call upon him but rather on Nova herself.

Slowly, Zion began to envy his very own creator. Over time, the twinge of envy burned brighter, and his soul started to shift. His envy, grew to hate. Unable to stand the fact that Nova was revered as the supreme goddess, he sought out to make himself just as important as her. His darkened soul began to spiral out of control, and Nova sensed it.

Choosing to confront Zion directly, Nova tried to explain that he was not made in the likeness of herself. He was not a God, but merely someone to share her creation with. It was only by chance that her powers had passed to him. Learning of this bitter truth, Zion refused to believe it and his anger was sealed. As he made his way out into the world, he made a vow to himself. He would recruit loyal subjects among Nova's people and rise up against her in hopes to take his rightful place as a god; but not just a god. The god.

In the years to come, Nova watched in silence as her people began to divide into conflicting groups. These two groups would eventually rise against one another in a war that would rock the peaceful age forever. Having faith in her followers, Nova chose to remain passive, while Zion's army continued to grow. Soon, Zion and Nova were matched equally in numbers. Neither was greater than the other.

On the eve of the thousandth year of Navitia, Zion led his men to charge the people of Nova. Feeling his presence growing near, Nova prepared her people for the onslaught. They eventually met in the middle on the ancient battlegrounds we people have come to know as the Great Rift. Nova, refusing to give the command, looked on as Zion's army advanced. Both sat back and watched the battle unfold, leaving fate to chance.

One by one, members from the opposing sides began to fall to one another. It seemed as if both Nova and Zion were at a stalemate. As the night wore on, the numbers began to dwindle until no man stood. In a fit of rage, Zion challenged Nova herself - however, she refused to fight her former friend. Refusing no as an answer, he charged her, leaving Nova no choice but to fight.

In the neighboring lands, the people of a neutral party watched on as these powerful beings clashed. A great storm approached from the north and south - flashes of lighting revealed glimpses of the war. Zion struck mercilessly at Nova and her strength began to give way. Summoning her magic, it was all she could do to fend him off. As they continued to rage on, Nova knew what she had to do to end the conflict.

Surrendering herself, Nova knelt before Zion in hopes to satisfy him. When he thirsted for her death rather than her cooperation, she made the decision to save her people at any cost. With the last of her strength, she began to summon a spell. Zion - pushing back the idea of defeat - decided to summon his own. As they released them at the same time, both powers met in the middle and struggled with one another.

Both light and dark - equal in strength - illuminated the Great Rift. Zion showed signs of struggle against his creator, and eventually fell. Even after being betrayed by her creation, Nova decided to show mercy. Her time, however, was limited. Such a fierce battle left both of them so weak, that their physical bodies were doomed to dissipate.

In the last few moments of her physical form, Nova granted Zion's wish and transformed him into the god he wished to be. However, she banished him to the southern lands of Navitia, where he would reign over the dead. Zion - seeing his grotesque transformation - vowed to rise up again in the years that would follow.

To balance out her judgment - and prevent Zion from acquiring too much power - Nova banished herself to the northern portion of Navitia and would continue to reign over the living. The followers of the two gods - the people of the north and south - built temples in the respective lands of their deities. Navitia would forever be divided by this conflict and peaceful times would cease to exist.

Though the war had ended in no one's favor, Nova and Zion could not have foreseen what the dawn had brought that day. Out of the Rift, two beings were born. One belonging to Nova, the other to Zion. No one - not even the demigods themselves - knew their purpose; but their destiny was carved into the ages before they drew their first breath. The children of light and dark...would shape the future of Navitia where their surrogate parents, could not.

After the war of conflict, the people of Navitia entered a dark period. With no one to guide them, each had to make a choice. Friend turned against friend; loved ones found each other at opposite ends of a spectrum. Which of the two gods were they to follow and believe? The only solution was to divide themselves into three groups and start anew.

The first group to band together and emerge from the turmoil made their way up north. These humble people called themselves Novitians - followers of Nova - and wished nothing more than for Navitia to find peace once more. Upon reaching the north lands the people felt a name should be chosen. After some debate, a decision was made - the north lands would forever be known as Divina.

As the Novitians made their way north, another group headed in the opposite direction. The people who affiliated themselves within this cult would call themselves Zionites - worshipers of Zion - whom thirsted for power and ultimately for utter chaos to befall the goddess of creation. Making their home in the south lands, they too, bestowed a name upon their land - Abaddon.

With Navitia torn in two, there were others who felt that their numbers would only heighten the tension. Simply referring to themselves as the people of Zandra, they refused to conform to either side. This agnostic group of people made their home between the two - a short distance from the Great Rift. Choosing to preserve the grounds on which the war of conflict was fought, they named their home accordingly. The land of Ismat would protect their history, safe guarding it for the future generations with the hope of one day restoring Navitia's peaceful order among mankind.

As for the children born from the war of conflict, they too, were separated along with the children of Navitia. Being that the people refused to stick together, a future had to be decided for them. Out of all the voices that sprang forth, there was only one of reason. An older man from the Zandra clan toyed with the idea that the infants were the offspring of Nova and Zion themselves; as such, each should be raised on either side to prevent further conflict. For the first time that day, everyone finally agreed on one thing. The two children were to be raised separately. One among the Novitians, and the other with Zionites.

And so this peaceful land once ruled in harmony, now set out to find their own way. With the goddess of creation and god of the dead locked in deep slumber, Navitia would face a new order. Segregated by the people who once called themselves neighbors and friends. Though these new settlements turned away from each other civily, the future would be anything but.

With each passing year, the truth the people once knew would slip further from their minds. The youth of Navitia would be brain washed and crafted into tools of war. There was only one mutual agreement reached between Novitians and Zionites. There can only be one. Cut down the other so that Navitia could be ruled in their favor. Many lived by this motto, and would surely die by it.

What they could not hope to know, was that each felt they had the upper hand. A trump card that if played right would gain them a swift victory. The demigods left behind in the rift. Feeling it was too risky to train them with the rest of the feeble minded troops, each side protected their secret weapons fiercely. The people of Zandra had not forgotten about this detail, and often wondered if the decision to split them up had been a good one after all.

One factor Divina and Abaddon failed to realize, was that Nova bestowed a special gift among her people dating back to the beginning of time. That gift, was free will. Each being born into the world of Navitia were the masters of their own fate. However great an influence the leaders had over their troops, the demigods forced out of their ethereal parents gave them more power than anyone realized.

This would prove to be the beginning of the end. For the only two that could save Navitia from it's downfall, were the true rulers of the land. While Nova and Zion had originally decided to leave fate to chance, the ultimate truth of the matter was it was anything but chance. The war of conflict was destined to occur, as well as the outcome of the gods. Each decision made up until now, served a purpose. Very soon, Divina, Abaddon and Ismat would come to this harsh realization.

"All the world's a stage, and all men and women merely players." - William Shakespeare

Now, this is the first time I've ever written something completely from scratch. The only thing borrowed in this story that ties it to a fanfic, will be the characters you'll come to meet. The reason I revised the prologue, was because I had started to write the second chapter and decided it needed to go here. Again, I've added about a thousand words to it.

Quick run down in case this was a bit confusing:

Nova: Goddess of creation. She gave life to the world of Navitia where my story takes place.

Zion: God of death. Zion was the first of mankind that Nova created. Once her counterpart, Zion grew envious of Nova's power and thus started the "War of Conflict."

Novitians: A group of followers that worship Nova and migrated to northern Navitia.

Zionites: The cult that worships Zion and established home in southern Navitia.

The Zandra: A band of people who know Nova and Zion exist, but choose to worship neither.

Divina: Northern portion of Navitia where the Novitians reside.

Abaddon: Southern portion of Navitia where the Zionites reside.

Ismat: Central Navitia where the Zandra reside.

Children of Light and Dark/Demigods: The offspring of Nova and Zion. Pushed from the physical beings of the gods as the "War of Conflict" came to it's end and left in the Great Rift.

Hope that cleared up a few things. If not, feel free to message or email me and I'll be glad to answer any questions you might have. :)