This is my first attempt at story writing. It started a tiny idea and then seemed to take on a life of its own.

There is an original character and the story is non-canon.

Note: there is the suggestion of rape, but this part of the story is not described.

A big thank you to tardis-mole who beta read for me, kept me going and generally acted as my mentor. I wouldn't be here without his support.

Story also features Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Owen and Toshiko

Hide and Seek

Chapter One - Donna Is Kidnapped

Donna stood at the back of the damp wet cell. Now that the initial shock was wearing off, she'd become more aware of her surroundings. One minute she'd been standing in her back garden waiting for Gramps to take her back up the hill, and the next she was here, in this hellhole. It was like huon particles all over again, but this time it hurt, it bloody hurt. It was the Doctor's suggestion to visit her family, and whilst she'd caught up, he would go into town and grab a quick coffee. She hadn't been there long and already her mum was infuriating her, so she'd grabbed at the chance to join Gramps when he said he had something to show her. She'd waited for him to make the flask of tea outside to avoid Sylvia's bitter tongue. But as she stood there and watched the sun set in the sky, a strange sensation wrapped itself around her body; the hairs on her arms stood on end as if attracted by static electricity and then came the pain, like her body was being torn in several directions at once.

The chill seeped through to her bones and the sour air invaded her nostrils. She was surrounded by stone walls on all sides. The only window was covered by bars to prevent any escape. The door to her cell was constructed entirely of iron bars too. This afforded her the luxury of seeing outside, but even so there was nothing to see. No light illuminated the room, except that which came through the window. From the colour of the sky, it was apparent that she was no longer in England. The violet streaks could not be mimicked on Earth not even with the most stunning sunset.

Rubbing her hands up and down her bare arms, she thought of the Doctor who was probably even now supping his frothy coffee. She wished she'd worn trousers, instead of this flimsy dress, but it had been warm in London for June and she'd chosen to make the most of the good weather. She tried to think of a plan, a way out, an escape. What would the Doctor do? 'Stop standing there feeling sorry for yourself,' would be the first thing he'd say. Then he'd put together three pieces of string, a bit of chewing gum and a boiled sweet, sonic it with his screwdriver and hey presto! He'd have a key. Donna smiled as she thought of her madcap, wonderful best friend. He certainly wouldn't let her languish in here without doing something. Since travelling with the Doctor she'd got into all sorts of scrapes, but he'd never let her down. And even now, having been kidnapped, she knew he was out there, breaking down barriers between worlds, just to reach her.

She was coming up to her fortieth birthday soon, and yet she'd never tired of running around with the Doctor. Since the very first day she'd travelled with him, she knew this was what she'd wanted to do, and that she wanted to be with him forever. Back in Chiswick, she'd been in and out of work, never able to settle to anything, whilst with the Doctor she never needed to settle, she was like a butterfly flitting from one adventure to another and she never tired of the excitement.

This was a little more than she'd expected though. Up until now the Doctor had always been by her side or within easy reach of her. Now she had no idea where she was. The one day when the Doctor had suggested a quick visit to see her family and the one time when she'd actually agreed with him and this happened. It seemed he couldn't let her out of his sight for 5 minutes before she got into trouble. She didn't like being shut in alone; she could feel the fear welling up inside her, replacing the initial anger. She tucked a wave of red hair behind her ear and tried to control the shaking.

Harry came over to her cell door. She didn't know her guard's name but chose to call him Harry. He looked like he hadn't washed in weeks, smelt like it too. Dirty Harry she thought of him; shame he didn't have the looks of Clint Eastwood, but there you go.

"You'll be wanted downstairs in an hour's time so best make yourself pretty," Harry advised her.

He smirked at her when he said this since Donna had nothing in the cell with her. There was no water, no bed, just a bucket to pee in. It didn't take much to rile her and as she glared back at him in response to his joke she came up with the type of sarcastic retort, which often came easily to her tongue.

"It's a bit short notice, isn't it? I won't even have time to wash my hair!"

"It'll take more than a hair wash to smarten you up, honey."

"Well, whoever it is, whoever your boss is, he'll have to take me as I am. I'm not exactly at the Ritz, am I?

"Mmm, good point," Harry agreed.

Donna turned away to face the wall, wondering what this meeting would entail. Whoever her captor was, and whatever he wanted the Doctor would kick his backside from here to Timbuktu once he caught up with them.