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Hide and Seek

Chapter 35 – Retribution

The Master smiled at him. "Yes, yes, thought I'd pop off and see what I can find for tea. The food here is atrocious, nothing like a succulent hotdog, or a hamburger maybe. Earth does the most amazing hamburgers."

The Doctor walked purposefully towards him and as he approached the Master shrunk back against the wall.

"No, not fancy a burger, well perhaps…"

He didn't finish what he was saying as the blow swung out of nowhere and landed on his left jaw, knocking him off his feet.

"You and I have something to sort out," the Doctor said powerfully.

Surprised that he had hit him, the Master rubbed his face and started to protest, but subsided after taking in the stern expression.

"Get up!" the Doctor shouted at him, his stance aggressive.

The Master looked at him shocked.

"I said get up!" the Doctor hauled him to his feet. His fists were clenched again and his teeth gritted in anger.

"How is she? Donna, I mean?" The Master saw the next blow coming and dodged it. "She was good you know. Have you tried her?" he asked taunting the Doctor. He knew it was madness but he couldn't help himself.

The next blow landed and the Master knew for sure this time that his nose was broken. The pain radiated out from the centre of his face, whilst the blood coursed down over his lips towards his chin.

"The first one was for Donna, and that one was for me. Don't you dare mention her name again. Ever!" the Doctor fired at him.

"Okay," the Master replied shakily, shuffling back on his backside into the corner. Inwardly he was scared. He knew he was in deep trouble now, and only his wits would get him out of this. He had to display a bravado that he simply didn't feel. "Do you want to go somewhere and talk about this?"

The Doctor snarled. "No. The pleasantries are over. You're coming with me."

He pulled the Master to his feet, and dragged him, bloodied, over to the door. He pulled handcuffs from his coat pocket and painfully forcing his hands behind his back snapped them on the Master's wrists before opening the door.

"Mmm handcuffs, kinky."

The Doctor punched him again for good measure, and the remaining short trip to the TARDIS was undertaken in silence. The Doctor trying to reign in his temper, the Master trying to surmount his fear.

Inside the Tardis, the Doctor steered him roughly to one of the coral pillars and using another set of handcuffs linking them to the ones on the Master's wrists he secured him to it. The Master slumped down onto the floor and spread his legs out in an ungainly manner. The Doctor looked at him with disgust and disdain. He would never forgive him for what he had done.

The anger he felt seeped from every pore. The ire and need for vengeance spun from the very core of him and although he didn't have it in him to kill him personally, he was going to take him somewhere that meant he would die soon enough.

He set the controls, his actions sharp and jagged and then he held onto the console as the TARDIS hurled itself through the time vortex at frightening speed.

"Where are we going, Doctor?"

"I'm taking you somewhere where you'll never harm anyone again," he said, bracing himself against the control panel, knowing the Master didn't feel one iota of remorse. "Why did you do it?"

"Why not? She was just another human!" the Master said tauntingly, getting to his feet. He yanked at the cuffs behind his back but realised he was secured tightly. "You know this isn't necessary…"

"Oh it is," the Doctor said vehemently as the TARDIS landed. "Of all the people you had to do that to, and it had to be someone I loved. That wasn't just another human, no more than it was random."

"Where are we?" The Master asked again, now getting worried.

"Somewhere you are very familiar with. I'm sure it will bring back pleasant memories."

The words were quiet and controlled now, but each one spoken with meaning. The Master sighed.

The Doctor walked over to release one set of handcuffs from the coral, but leaving his hands still cuffed behind his back. He opened the TARDIS doors and directed the Master to walk outside.

The Master gasped as he stood on the threshold and tried to backtrack into the TARDIS. "No, no, I won't survive a moment out there."

"I know," The Doctor stated simply, forcefully dragging him outside and pulling him a few feet from the TARDIS doors and releasing the cuffs.

"Where's the transport site?"

"It's gone." the Doctor said. "It's the year 100 trillion, but the rocket has left. There's nobody here but you… and the Futurekind."

"You can't leave me here," the Master whimpered.

"I can. So you'd better run. Run for your life." The Doctor repeated the words back to him, spoken by the Master not that long ago. Then he turned back and walked swiftly towards the TARDIS doors, closing them smartly behind him.

"You can't leave me here," the Master shouted this time, banging his head on the TARDIS doors. He felt his blood run cold as the TARDIS dematerialised in front of his eyes.

Turning around he searched for shelter, somewhere safe to hide and then he started to run.

The End.