Okay so this is my Oc Ashleys story. Since it's not included in this chapter: She has long pitch black wavy hair, she wears a long sleeved white top and a black skirt. She is a tiger and has orange fur with black stripes. In this fanfict she is about 9/10.
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I looked out my cold, steel window.
Everything was grey.
Even the trees in the forest were grey.
I looked away from my window.
Pfft. Like that would get me away from the grey.
My whole room was grey.
Just like every other stinking room in this damn place. Grey, grey and grey again. It matches my mood and emotions perfectly.

I wish it didn't.

Walking round the base, not much better.
Still it is grey. The only sign of colour is on the fur and uniforms of the soldiers walking past me.
I hate them all.

I pause outside the Main Hall.
He is discussing battle plans again.
I hate him.
I hate him more than any of the others, I wish he would burn in hell.

One of the soldiers patrolling the corridor spots me and ushers me away.
"You shouldn't listen in on your fathers meetings Miss Ashley"
I spin round growling at him. My long, wavy, pitch black hair flying round my face.
"He is NOT my father!"
Oh how I wish that was true. I would give anything to make that true.

"Ah, was Ashley listening in again?"
It's him.
Standing outside the Main Hall looking straight at me.
Hate and anger fill my mind.
All the words I could call him.
All the things I could say.
But none of it would be enough.
I glared at him with all the hate I could muster in my eyes.
Truely disgusting.
He grinned.
No words can describe how sick he is.
I'd give everything to be able to say that he was not my father, and not be lying.
I hate him.
People probaly despise me as well.
Who wouldn't?
There is not a person on this earth who wouldn't despise The Tiger General.
And his daughter.

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