A/N hello! It is midnight and I am bored, so here's a little requiem for Haku's death. Enjoy!

I do not own Naruto in any way, shape or form besides a plushie and a key chain.

I was lost and alone amidst falling snow

Cold and forsaken, with nowhere to go

When you found me

You saved me

You set my soul free

You filled up my heart with indescribable glee

And in that one moment I knew that I'd do

Just about anything to stay beside you

You gave a meaning to my existence; you saved me from the strife

You saved me from my own despair, as well as saved my life.

So call this the payment of my debt

Though I won't quite call it even

For I knew I owed you more and more

With every passing season.

I will never be able to thank you enough

For everything you've done

You took me in and cared for me

Just as you would a son

Blood flows freely from my chest, and I know I'm going to die

No time for words except for these:

I love you