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Full Summary: It is now five years after the events of Tokyo and three years after Beast Boy left the Titans. It is unclear as to why he has left until one day he suddenly returns. But what will happen to the team, to Beast Boy when he finally returns? And why is it when he returns, Terra and Slade return as well?

Pairings: Mainly Beast Boy/Garfield x Raven and Nightwing x Starfire

Genre: Honestly, a little bit of everything. But if I had to choose: Action/Adventure and Romance. There's going to be Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Friendship, Horror, Mystery and an attempt at Humor. Note: Attempt.

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Evolution: Times of Change – Prologue

As Nightwing, formerly known as Robin, gazes out the giant windows, he watches the sun rise over the city, his city. As he watches the orange and yellow hues slowly blend and ultimately start turning to shades of blue, he can't help but feel nostalgic. He looks down at his chest and absentmindedly traces his finger on his new logo. His new name, Nightwing, was something he was still getting used to. About two years ago, when "Robin" turned 21, he thought that his "Traffic Light" outfit, as Cyborg keeps referring to his attire, should retire. Robin figured that since he was now older and considered an adult he should have a new name and look to match his more mature figure. And thus, Nightwing was created.

As time passes and slowly starts nearing breakfast, he remembers that it's a Sunday and it should be a relatively slow day. Criminals, lately, have seen to be more "religious" on Sundays because it was the only day during the week in which crime was at an all-time low. He chuckles to himself lightly as he concludes on how criminals are religious.

Who would've thought that Sundays would be the quiet days? Nightwing thought to himself.

As he watches the sun slowly rise, he can't help but feel a little depressed. He glances over to one of the terminals that were on. As he read the time and date on the monitor screen he then remembers why today would be a long day. He suddenly turns around and finds himself, once again, reminiscing about the past; about that day. How can he forget? It is one of the worst days he's had since he formed the Titans; since he met his new family.


"Dude, do you think that I have any other choice?" Beast Boy spat. "I have to do this…"

"Beast Boy, you always have choices," Robin rebuttals. "You can't possibly tell me that you considered every possible choice and concluded that this is the best…" The Boy Wonder brings his eyes up from the floor to the defeated green eyes of his teammate, his friend, his brother.

"Dude, do you seriously think that I haven't considered everything else?"

"I don't know Beast Boy. It's just that…" Robin looks hard into the changeling's eyes, hoping to find that the green boy before him had another solution, only to be disappointed. "Do you have any idea; I mean really, any idea on how this will not only affect the city of Jump but also members of this team?

As the human Traffic Light looks, desperately, at his teammate, he notices how Beast Boys' shoulders slump when faced with this reality. Robin knew that Beast Boy was more than capable with figuring out solutions to problems but this was something else. Just ten minutes ago, the Boy Wonder was lazily sifting through the channels on their enormous television screen when around 1:30 AM Beast Boy comes into the common room wreaking depression. Just one look at the green bean and you knew that this Happy-Go-Lucky all around veggie-consuming-failing-comedian was off his game. From the couch, he watched as he went into the fridge, got out a carton of soy milk and downed it in one gulp.

As Robin turns off the television screen he then slowly turns on the lights in the common room, only illuminating the room enough to see faint outlines of the furniture that was scattered across the area. Even though it was solely meant to lighten up the room a bit, it still startled the changeling. Upon noticing that he wasn't the only one in the room he turned to face a rather confused looking Robin.

And thus started the heated debate in which the two young heroes are currently entangled with.

"Robin…" Beast Boy whispers. "How can I not? You guys are my friends, my teammates and more importantly, my family. It's just… as much as I don't want to think and believe that with me leaving the Titans is the best thing right now, it's the only thing that makes sense. Ya know?" Beast Boy then pulls up the nearest chair and slowly sits down on it feeling completely defeated.

"But we can solve this!" Robin desperately pleads. "You of all people know that whatever problem arises, we always come back around and kick their asses. There has got to be some other solution to fix this. There just has to!" Robin turns around, facing away from Beast Boy and slams his fists on top of the rims of the couch.

"Robin…" Beast Boy gets up and slowly walks over to his brother and places his right hand on his left shoulder. "Do you honestly think I want to do this?"

"Beast Boy, I know you don't want to but why won't you let us help you?"

"Robin, you already know why. Plus, I think it's better if I do this on my own. It'll be safer…" Robin then looks up and sees Beast Boy turn his head slightly to look towards Raven's room.

Robin just couldn't accept it. He could not and would not accept the fact that the changeling would not ask for assistance but also deny it. He knew he was stubborn but damn. Why would he conclude that leaving the Titans was the best and only logical choice for him? Why does he continue to think he has to do this alone?

"Hey Robin…"

Robin was then snapped out of his slight rant with himself. "Yeah, Beast Boy?"

"I need to ask you a few favors…"


"Please, don't interrupt or ask why. Just hear me out first, will ya?" Beast Boy looks straight into his leaders' masked eyes to make sure he had his undivided attention.

"Alright Beast Boy, shoot."

"I need you to do a few things: First, please don't tell the others why I left." Robin opened his mouth to scream at his fellow teammate but as soon as he opened his mouth, he closed it. He could respect his brothers' last wishes before he left. "I mean, you can tell them I left because of personal issues and other things that are true but not the whole truth. Ya know what I mean, dude?" Robin acknowledges by nodding his head slowly.

"And the last thing is, can you please give this to Raven?" Beast Boy reaches into his pocket and pulls out what looks to be a jewelry box. "Give this to her when she wakes up. Please don't open it." Beast Boy gives Robin an incriminating stare as he knows that Robin is tempted to see what it contains. "It's only for her and if you must know, it's an object with a note."

"Why don't you give it to her yourself, BB?" Robin said, handing the small black box back to his friend. "You and I both know you two have been relatively close. And when I mean 'relatively,' I mean pretty damn close compared to the rest of us."

"I know, Robin." Robin looks into Beast Boys' eyes noticing a slight pain in them. "I need you to do it because if I do it, I might lose control. I might break down completely and all of this thinking and stuff would be wasted. Please…"

Reluctantly, Robin withdraws his hand from Beast Boy and places the small box on top of the couch.

"And the last thing," Beast Boy continues. "Please make sure Raven gets included into 'gathering of the social,' as Starfire would put. I don't want her to be more alone because of what I'm doing. You and I know that without me here to annoy the living buhjesus out of her to join us with parties and stuff, she could return to how she was when we first met: creepy."

As Beast Boy mentioned this, the two boys look at each other and lightly chuckle amongst themselves.

"Beast Boy, why are you telling me this?" Robin stated a few minutes later. "Why not tell someone else? Maybe someone like Raven, since she is obviously more involved than I."

"Well to be honest Robin… You're the team leader. You're like the head of the family. So I kinda figured that you're the best person to tell since you're the boss." Beast Boy chuckles sheepishly as he places both of his hands behind his head. "Plus," Beast Boy places his hands in his pockets. "I figured I gota tell someone else that I'm leaving instead of leaving without a word. Might look worse like that. Might as well have one person know the truth than everyone guessing… ya know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I guess…" Robin reluctantly agrees.

"If they're going to listen to someone, it would most likely be you, dude…"

Beast Boy turns around suddenly and starts heading towards the sliding doors at the head of the common room. All of a sudden Robin starts to feel a pit starting to form in his stomach. He then notices that there is a large gym bag that had articles of clothing protruding from it, sitting next to the doors.

"But I will promise one thing:" Beast Boy turns around and faces Robin, with tears forming in his eyes. "I will be back." Beast Boy then turns from Robin, places his communicator on the kitchen table, picks up his bag then walks through the sliding doors without looking back.

-End Flashback-

As Nightwing reminisces about the past, he absentmindedly moves towards the glass windows and smashes both of his fists onto them, causing the other figure in the room to turn their head towards him. As he turns around to face his fellow comrades he notices that only one other person was in the room with him: Raven.

As Raven sat on one of the chairs in the dining room, she looks at Nightwing with sad eyes.

It's been 3 whole years… today… Raven thought to herself. She looks away from Nightwing and slowly takes small sips from her tea that she held in her two hands. She enjoyed the warm sensation it gave her when she was holding it in her hands, especially when it went down her throat. It helped her wake up in the mornings as well as keeping her relaxed.

But she already knew, no matter how much tea she had today, it won't help her with the loss of her Beast Boy, her Garfield. As she stares at her cup of tea, she slowly zones out as she remembers, for the up tenth time, the events that conspired that night…


As Raven tossed and turned in her bed, she groggily turns her body to her nightstand in which held her alarm clock. In bright red numbers it read: 4:57 AM. She groans loudly as the realization hit her that she normally wouldn't be awake for another two and a half hours. Knowing that she can't sleep anymore, she figures that a nice hot cup of tea would be just the thing to help her relax. But as she was slowly becoming more awake, something felt like something was… off.

As she slowly slid out of bed wearing a rather provocative set of purple/black bra and panties, she slid on her normal attire consisting of her leotard and cloak. As she clasped on her cloak she slowly walked out of her room and headed towards the kitchen where she hoped that whatever she was feeling at the moment would be subdued by her nice hot cup of tea. But as she slowly neared the common room she sensed that whatever that was nagging her before was much more intense now.

As she slowed down her walk to a crawl, she could feel Robin's presence in the common room. Why is Robin up at this hour? Raven questioned herself. Shouldn't he be asleep or at least obsessing over last week's break-out from one of Jump City's maximum prisons?

Raven couldn't exactly put her finger on it but she knew something was definitely wrong about him. Not only was he there and not obsessing over different villains that had recently escaped, she sensed that he was in complete shock. She could feel him being helpless, being stunned and being completely angry at himself.

Well, him being angry at himself is no different but the others… something isn't right. As Raven concluded this, she then entered the common room to figure out why there was so much negative energy being released.

She walks into the common room slowly and looks towards her left to find the Boy Wonder sitting on the couch. As she strolls up lightly behind him, she notices that he was sitting in the center of the couch, looking out towards the slowly rising sun and a small black box behind him, on the rim of the couch. Ignoring the small object briefly, she stops behind Robin, noticing that he doesn't sense her presence. He must be concentrating on something and whatever it was, it made him extremely sad, hurt and helpless.

"Robin…" Raven whispers.

When she whispered his name, Robin suddenly jumps up from the couch being completely startled.

"Oh Raven… Hey, what's up?" Robin's attempt at trying to act like nothing was going on, failing.

"Robin, you of all people should know that I'm the one to ask you that." Raven deadpanned. "So, what are you doing up… still? And what's bothering you? You don't normally seem this out of whack unless Slade's back…"

"…" Robin just continues to stare out into the ocean, seemingly to not have heard Raven's questions.


"Beast Boy left." Robin interjected.

"He left? You mean he went out to do something?" Raven arched her eyebrow in an attempt to figure out what the green Titan would do at this ungodly hour. "But it's so early in the morning… why would he…"

"Raven… he didn't leave to go somewhere and come back later… He left." Robin deadpanned back.

Robin then got up from the couch and walked around the U shaped furniture to stand beside his fellow teammate. After a few minutes of silence Raven finally registered what he meant.

"What do you mean Beast Boy left!" Raven erupted.

"I don't know, Raven." Robin lied. "I was having trouble sleeping and came into the common room and figured if I watched some lame late night movies, I could fall asleep easier. Then Beast Boy came into the room and said he was leaving…"

Raven couldn't believe what she was hearing. As she was faced with this reality she could feel tears start to form. Knowing there was nothing she can do to stop them, she didn't try.

"Wha- But, why- How could- I mean-…" Raven was stammering in disbelief.

"I don't know, Raven. All I know is that he said, 'I have to go because of personal things,' and then he told me – more like commanded me to…" Robin reached down and picked up the small black box and handed it to Raven. "He told me to give you this and for me to not to open it."

Raven looked at the small object and then back to Robin. Unsure of what it is and even unsure of what it contained, she hesitantly reached out and took the small device from his hands. As she took the object from Robin's hand, Robin walked away slowly heading towards the kitchen. As he reached his destination, the fridge, he retrieved a carton of milk, filling a glass and settling himself down at one of the chairs that were in the kitchen.

"I- He-" Raven could barely formulate words albeit a sentence. "I need to be alone." Without looking at Robin, her eyes still transfixed on the small object in her hands, she phases through the floor to suddenly appear within the confines of her room.

Thousands of questions were erupting in her head but the most prominent one being: 'why?' As she slowly made her way across her room, her cloak lightly fell to floor without a sound as it was unclasped from her uniform. She sits down on her bed and just stares at the small device in her hands. As she starts to get a grip of what happened, she looks down at the object and she starts to notice little details about it.

What she held in her hands was a long rectangular black box. On the top was an engraved 'C J' which she knew stood for Custom Jewelers Enterprises because of the way the letters was scripted. Knowing all too well that whatever was inside the container, it was most likely a necklace of sorts. As she undid the lock that was keeping the box closed, she opens it to find a small note covering the necklace. As she picks up the note, choosing to read it after she's examined the other contents within the box, what she saw made her want to cry even harder.

What lay before her was a simple but yet beautiful necklace. The lace of the necklace was gunmetal black and was so thin it looked as if you rubbed two fingers together with that at its center; it could break it in a snap. She notices that the pendant that was attached to the necklace was a raven made out of jade. But not just any raven, it was Raven's 'signature' raven. The ravens' wing was completely open with the head looking straight up with its mouth open. When she takes a closer look at the pendant, she notices that the one eye, the claws and the talons all have a triangular shaped dark red gemstone.

Then when she gazes towards the center of the raven she notices one last feature: a heart-shaped dark purple amethyst for a heart. All in all it was beautiful to her. She took it out of the case and held it in her hands as if it were the most precious thing in her possession. In reality, it really was the most precious thing to her now. As she eyed the priceless jewelry that lay in her hands, she turns her attention to the note that was messily folded. As she opens the note, she now consciously notices the tears that were flowing freely from her eyes.

She also notices that a few objects within her room were encased in a dark aura, her dark aura, and was flying about the room. She paid no attention as she doesn't care about showing her emotions. If there was one day in which she needed to show her true emotions, today was that day. As she finished unfolding the rather long note, she braced herself for the worst.


Hey… What's up? Hehe, I guess you can say I don't really know how to start this thing but I guess here goes nothing. You're probably wondering why I left and why I gave you this necklace. I'm sorry but I just can't tell you why I left. I know there are a thousand things going through your mind right now and probably will hate my guts for the rest of your life. I don't blame you, honestly. But hear me out.

I left because of personal reasons and I'll explain everything to you if I can solve this… problem that I'm having. I promise I'll be back as soon as I can to explain myself and if you still choose to hate me, again, I can't blame you. But as for the necklace, there are a lot of reasons as to why I'm giving it to you:

Main reason is because I figured, since I like you and everything, this would be a good 'first gift' to give you. Ya know? Like you don't have to wear it or anything if you don't like it but I figured… you might like it since you don't normally wear jewelry and yeah…

Oh and it may look really weak… I forgot the word I was going to use… It was something like fra- something. Anyways, I figured since we're always in battles and kicking bad guy butt, I thought it would be smart to get it reinforced and have other stuff done to it so it's like uber strong. It can take a real beating. Oh and the stone thingy in the middle… forgot what that was called too… I read somewhere that it can like store energy or something? I don't know if it's true but that would be sweet, eh? Heh…

Well, I hope you like it and wear it. It would mean a lot to me if you did wear it and I saw it on you when I get back.

I'm really sorry Raven, for disappearing so suddenly but I feel as if this is what I need to do. And I'm sorry I can't tell you why just yet. Just please, promise me something: please join the others when they do stuff… I know that's normally my job but yeah… And please make sure you take care of yourself? Ya hear me? Anyways, I gota go… See ya later, Rae.


Garfield Mark Logan

P.S. – 12172002*'

As Raven finished reading the note, she slightly starts to crumple the small piece of paper in her hands as she felt an uncontrollable amount of tears forming behind her eyes.

-End Flashback-

Raven vowed, that day that she was going to wear it every day and made sure she kept it as good condition as she could. Plus, it was beautiful and it was the last thing Beast Boy left. It was too important to her for her to not wear it.

As she slowly starts to return to the present she notices that it's nearing 9:30 AM and found that she and Robin are no longer alone. She notices Starfire in the kitchen, cooking some type of Tameranian dish that only God knows if it's safe to eat.

Three years… She thought to herself.

Within those three years, she noticed a lot of changes within her teammates, her friends, her family.

Suddenly the doors slide open revealing a rather tired Cyborg waltzing into the common room. As she watched the Tin Man walk across the room she begins to notice the changes within the half man half robot.

He probably changed the least in the past few years, physically of course. But then again, how can he change besides a few upgrades here and there? He was still the oldest and tallest of the Titans. The tall and built African American still towered above everyone else at six feet four inches. He physically looked extremely built but overall, he looked the same except for a few small details here and there. But mentally, he was a changed man.

Now at 25, the big man before them was much more reserved than his younger self. Of course he's still a car enthusiast as well as an avid and competitive gamer, but ever since Beast Boy left, he just wasn't the same. No one was. He was much more insightful now. Whenever there was an argument amongst us, he would always try and be the peacekeeper and always tried to be the ideal big brother. Ever since he lost his youngest brother, it made him realize how much the little grass-stain meant to him.

So every chance Cyborg got, he would try and make sure everything was copacetic. If someone looked as if he or she was having an issue, he was right on the balls of his feet, offering his hand. He figured that if he knew more about why Beast Boy left; there might've been something he could've done to stop him. But thus, this didn't happen. He blamed himself a lot when Beast Boy left. He felt as if he might've been too hard on the poor Green Bean. He knew better than to think that he drove the vegan away but one can't help but blame thyself for losing someone important to them.

Raven gazes from Cyborg back to Starfire. She's changed a bit in the last years as well. She was physically the same height as before but more filled out. Her attire still consisted of her Tameranian two-piece but was less suggestive than the pair she wore when she was younger.

Starfire, now 23, still had her flaming red hair long and still as cheery as ever. She's now the second shortest of the Titans at five feet ten inches. She still has some trouble with the English language but has greatly improved as the years progressed. She still gets a lot of figure of speech type sayings mixed up. Every day, she makes sure that she does everything within her power to make sure everyone was happy. Raven doesn't think Starfire could handle another loss, like Beast Boy.

I know for sure that I wouldn't be able to handle it.

She as well thought she could've done something to help prevent the green comedian from leaving. Ever since his departure, she would have nightmares from time to time about the time she chased Warp into the future. She would relive and remember the events that happened when she disappeared for 20 years. She vividly remembers seeing Cyborg old and immobilized in the Tower and Raven locking herself in a blindingly bright room all by herself. She also vowed that she would do everything in her power to make sure everyone was as optimistic as possible.

She turns her attention to the ex-Traffic Light.

Nightwing, now 24, was the second tallest member of the Titans towering at six feet. His attire completely changed from "Traffic Light" to jet black suit with blue streaks that went from the middle of his chest, around his neck to his shoulders then down the front of his arms. He still wore a mask but instead of being primarily white, it's now black. He was the same old Robin: obsessive about Slade, always putting the city and work before everything else. He changed his hairstyle from primarily being spikey to letting it fall down naturally; giving him a more mature look. He was fairly built compared to his younger counterpart but not like Cyborg. He was considered very well built but not hunky.

He would often be found practicing on a punching bag, stretching on the wrestling mats, or doing some kind of aerobic-intense exercises when he isn't training with the rest of the team on the training field. But when he isn't exercising making sure he was at the peak of his physical strength he would either be out with Starfire at "the mall of shopping," gaming it hard with Cyborg on the latest Game Station, or with Raven. He would normally try and consult with Raven, normally talking to her about two main things: what he should do with Starfire, whether it was a date or just what he should do next time he and her hung out, or keeping his word with Beast Boy; making sure she was included in everything they did.

Finally, she turns her attention to herself. She hasn't changed that much physically but mentally, she probably changed the most. Raven, now the youngest member at 23, was the shortest of all the Titans at five feet six inches with long hair that reached well beyond her lower back. Her hair resembled the same style as when she defeated her father, Trigon the Terrible. She had an even more hourglass type figure than before and her attire hasn't changed that much.

She still wore her signature leotard and cloak but her leotard now showed off her cleavage for specifically one purpose: so the necklace she wore would be visible to everyone. She wanted to make sure that if and when Beast Boy would return, it would represent how much he truly meant to her. Also, her attire would occasionally change colors from her usual black and blue to pure white, depending on a number of circumstances.

Her "pure" or "untainted" form was usually noted as her more powerful form. When she "transforms" into her white self, she is at her most primal, significant and powerful version of herself. It was also a form of inner purity: showing one that she is no longer being dominated by her fathers' evil power and also a sign of peace or true happiness. Her emotions can cause her attire to change colors if she were truly happy and at peace with herself but it doesn't have that much of an effect compared to her need for more power.

Mentally she was a changed person. She still held the façade of bitter sarcasm but was more light-hearted about it. She would sometimes joke around but only on rare occasions. She also showed a bit more comfort around her family than before and sometimes would join her friends with "fun" activities. Even though she was no longer as heavily bound to suppressing her emotions, the idea was still foreign to her.

Having been brought up to not only having to suppress emotions for fear of them wreaking havoc, but also knowing that she would not live beyond her 17th birthday, was a concept that was tough to overcome. Even though she is currently less restricted to showing her emotions, she can't let it go unchecked. She can express things here and there but if she were to be careless and let herself feel everything, the results can still be devastating. Her powers are still rooted to her emotions and there's nothing that can change that.

Even with that said she still tries her best to better herself every day. Raven would try and experience newer things that she hadn't experienced before: like letting herself giggle and laugh lightly with her friends and show a bit more enthusiasm when it came to celebrations. She promised herself when Beast Boy returned she would make sure to experience everything with him.

She takes a quick glance towards the first and currently only Titans couple and can't help but feel envious. Raven knew that Nightwing and Starfire had a thing with each other, way before the incidents that happened in Tokyo. After all she could read most peoples' emotions and minds like the back of her hand. She's watched the couple from a distance and noticed, over the years, how their relationship flourished.

Nightwing would still, from time to time, be a knucklehead and sometimes put his job before his girlfriend. But he was getting better at it. They would show displays of affection around the Tower and only recently been revealing it in the public. They tend to be physically attached to one another whenever they had the chance to. When the Titans were to go out to get pizza, they would be holding hands. When they were having their annual "movie nights" within the confines of the Tower, they would be cuddling on the couch.

How I wish someone would hold and feel that way about me… Raven thought. She still had the mentality of not needing someone in a romantic sense. She was still unwilling to admit, even to herself, that there was still one person who thought otherwise. She highly doubted the green man looked at her in any way that was considered romantic. Raven doesn't do romantic. And yet, here she is, being envious of the couple in front of her.

Unaware to the other Titans, the green man meant much more to her than what she reveals. They slowly started to bond and grow upon each other steadily after the incident in Tokyo. During their times together, it was then that they slowly learned to understand one another. He revealed his past to her and vice versa. He got to understand her and got her to open up to him more while she became more tolerant of her fellow teammate and slowly came to realize how mature he can really be. She came to conclude that he was the one person in her entire life who wanted to see her happy and smiling albeit risking his own wellbeing in the process.

"Hey Raven," Raven was suddenly snapped out of her trance and focused on the voice that was trying to get her attention.

"What's up Cyborg? You need something?" Raven asked, regaining her composure.

"Nah, was just wondering if you wanted brunch or something…" Raven arched her eyebrow questioningly at her older brother. She then turned her attention to the clock that was on the nearest microwave and noticed it read: 11:16 AM.

"I'm not really hungry Cy. I'll grab a bite later."

"Ya sure, Raven?" Cyborg pushed. "Well as long as you're around for lunch. It's going to be a meat lovers' paradise with bacon, ribs, burgers…"

Raven chuckles lightly. "Sure thing Cyborg, but until then, I'm going to head to my room to meditate for a bit." Raven slowly got up from the kitchen chair and glided towards the set of sliding doors that lead to her bedroom. As she got near enough to the doors sensors, they quickly opened and shut behind her.

Unbeknownst to the others, she wasn't heading to her room like she told Cyborg she was. Ever since Beast Boy's sudden departure, she's been spending some of her own personal time in his room. Since both Beast Boy's and Raven's rooms were located on the same floor, she took a left turn that headed towards Beast Boy's room instead of the right that lead to hers. As she neared the large sliding doors which had "Beast Boy" engraved on it, she punched in the passkey to unlock them: 12172002*

This was her weekly routine: Raven would sometimes wander into Beast Boy's room about once a week to meditate but would mainly go there to reminisce about him. She could still remember the first time she went into his room; the day that he left.


As Raven clutched onto the pendant that was wrapped loosely around her neck, she glided towards the persons' room that gave her it. As she neared the sliding doors she noticed the keypad that was next to his door. Looking closely at it she saw the digital message that displayed: Locked. She then remembered the note that Beast Boy gave her, which was securely hidden in an inner pocket on her cloak. Taking it out, she reread his note and remembered his Post Script; which read: 12172002*.

"I wonder…" Raven thought out loud.

She hesitantly touched the keypad, punching in the code slowly resulting in a computerized voice saying: 'Access Granted.' As the doors hissed open she slowly stepped into foreign territory.

The very first thing that she noticed upon entering his room was the fact that it was clean. It was evident that he cleaned his room right before his departure.

"He probably cleaned the place up in case something were to grow and mutate in his absence." Raven concluded, chuckling lightly to herself.

As she entered deeper into Beast Boy's domain, she could hear the lights automatically switch on and the door closing quietly behind her. To her immediate left she could see that there were dumbbells and a small mat in the corner of the room, signifying a small workout area. Then to the far left corner of the room she saw his bunk bed with lacerations here and there from when he turned into the Beast. Next to his bunk bed was a nightstand with a small table light and an alarm clock. Then to her immediate right she saw a bookshelf with hundreds of different kinds of comic books.

"Well, it may not be books but at least he's reading something." She mused.

Then to the far right corner of his room was a nice wooden desk with various objects on top of it. She started walking closer to his desk to get a closer look at what the contents were that were laid upon the desk. She retracted the chair that matched the desk and sat down on it silently. As she sat down she noticed that the most prominent objects were the picture frames and giant wall picture frames that was placed above the table.

As she looked up, what she saw was a blown up article of when the Titans were first recognized by the city of Jump. It was a large group photo when they first worked together to take down Cinderblock when he tried to break out of jail and succeeded. When they finally subdued the villain the press was all over them. Congratulating them on their success as well as welcoming them to Jump City. The mayor was also present, welcoming them with open arms and thanking them for saving them from Cinderblock. It was their first public appearance and acceptance in Jump City.

She gazed back down to the table top and found picture frames at the two farthest corners of the table. What the picture frames held didn't surprise her one bit. They were photos taken after the Tower was finish being built and started moving in. The last one was the entire team sitting on the couches in the common room. Everyone had a relaxed nature to them as they all sat comfortably in their "sections" of the couch.

She remembered every single one of these photos for one main reason: this was her new life. These photos signified, for everyone else as well, a change in their lives. This was a time period in which strangers from across the universe, and in her case: across dimensions, where they went from outcasts, deserters and prisoners to becoming acquaintances and ultimately a family; a time where negativity for each member of the Titans; a time where they finally found solitude and acceptance with not only each other but within themselves. They all found a new place in which they could call it their home.

A tear slowly fell down her face as she remembered those times. She slowly got up from the table and walked towards the bunk bed. She already knew that Beast Boy primarily slept on the top bunk because he mentioned once that it was an animal thing. He stated that animals that had the ability to climb would climb high to avoid predators.

"An animal thing, indeed."

Instead of climbing the rather small ladder to the top of the bunk bed, she summoned her powers and levitated herself to the top. Upon taking her first step onto his top bunk she couldn't help but feel a bit adolescent.

"Heh, if I were some normal teenage girl, if I didn't know any better, I would probably be giggling like mad about being in a boy's bed."

But then again it's Beast Boy's bed… She thought to herself.

As she gently floated down onto his top bunk, she sat Indian style and closed her eyes. She was focusing her mind. She evened her breathing, as she started chanting her mantra. She felt nostalgic when she went into Beast Boy's room. It put her at ease but at the same time brought her a slight pain. Having to remember that he was no longer there, was a burden she had to bear.

As she felt fresh tears at the brim of her eyes she laid her head down on his pillow, hoping it would help calm her down. She closed her eyes and took a long breath in, helping her static breathing become more regular. As she practiced her breathing exercises, she couldn't help but he able to take in Beast Boy's scent. As she focused her mind on the unique scent, all she could differentiate was Beast Boy's natural musk and a slight minty scent.

The nostalgic aroma filled her senses as she calmed down. As she shifted her head so she was lying on the pillow with the side of her head, she couldn't help but feel something rather stiff. She got up, slightly irritated with the fact that she was rather comfortable and enjoying Beast Boy's scent, and lifted the pillow to find yet another picture frame. But the picture frame was placed upside down.

Curiously, she grabbed the rectangular object and flipped it around to see who it was. To her surprise it was a photograph of her. But it wasn't just her, off to the bottom right of the picture frame held an even smaller image. It was of a man and woman in white lab coats. She assumed it was the last photograph he had of his parents.

As she eyed the picture frame more closely, she noticed on the bottom left of the image there was a message scribbled. It read:


-End Flashback-

As she rose up to the top bunk, as she did every week, she grabbed the picture frame from underneath the pillow and held it in her hands. She absentmindedly started to stroke the image with her thumb as she remembered Beast Boy. Every time she was reminded that he had a photo of her underneath his pillow, it put a warm and fuzzy sensation in her chest. Making her feel better regardless of what happened that day. It was her perfect escape.

As she was reminiscing about the past, the Titans alarms suddenly started blaring. She hurriedly stashed the picture frame back from where she took it and quickly rushed out of Beast Boy's room. She entered the common room quickly and stood amongst her teammates.

All heads turned towards Nightwing as he accessed the nearest terminal to determine what was currently happening. After a few seconds of waiting and a few keystroked later, the fearless leader turns to face his comrades.

"Alright, here's the situation: Cinderblock and Overload are currently breaking into one of Jump City's maximum security prisons. Fair guess is that they're releasing their fellow convicts. Alright, Titans, Go!"

As their leader cried out his usual mantra, everyone sprang into action. Nightwing and Cyborg both dashed towards the garage while Starfire flew out of the nearest window. As Raven prepared a portal that lead outside, she suddenly stops. She stands still and as she's alone in the common room she senses something. Something in the back of her mind told her that this… feeling was strange. She could only slightly feel its presence and yet it felt nostalgic but also ominous at the same time. Shaking her head and putting it to the farthest corners of her mind, she figured the problem at hand was a more pressing matter.

I'll try and figure this out later; I have to focus with the task at hand. She reasoned with herself. She then summoned her powers and teleported herself outside to regroup with Starfire.

"Ok team, listen up. We still have yet to ascertain the reasons behind all of these escape attempts but we sure as hell know that we can't keep these things from happening." As Nightwing formulated a strategy and relaying it to his fellow teammates, everyone's focus seems to be on the mission, aside from a certain Azerathian. She knew the strategy in which they'll be using to face Cinderblock and Overload but that presence was still nagging her in the back of her mind. Shaking her head in frustration, she tries to ignore it.

When they arrived at the entrance of the prison, they noticed that the main gates that lead into the prison were completely destroyed. The four-man team slowly entered the courtyard and as they ventured further, they could hear in the distance, a low and heavy thudding noise. When they got close enough, they saw the distinct outlines of the two villains: Cinderblock and Overload.

"Yo!" Cyborg screamed, getting the villains' attention. "Do you guys ever get tired of doing the same things over and over?" Both Cinderblock and Overload screeched their battle cries and charged the Titans at full force.

While the battle commenced within the courtyard, the four-man team was split into two smaller teams: Cyborg and Raven versus Cinderblock and Nightwing and Starfire versus Overload. As the battle ensues it was evidently clear to the Titans that both Cinderblock and Overload were not going to give up without a fierce fight. The continuing battle raged on lasting almost thirty minutes.

As Nightwing charged towards Overload, head on once again, both exhausted from the intense battle, he takes out his Bo staff in one hand while wielding three explosive disks in between his fingers in the other hand. Nightwing throws the disks at Overload in hopes of hitting him dead in the face. But just as the disks were about to hit their mark, Overload brings up his hands to his face to shield him from the explosion that rattles against his hands and arms. Nightwing then takes his Bo staff quickly and successfully land hit after hit against Overload's body. With Overload's body exposed and being pelted by Nightwing's lightning fast strikes, he didn't have time to notice Starfire, as she dives down from the sky.

Suddenly, Nightwing backs off from his assault on Overload and retreats back to a safe distance, as Starfire comes diving down from the sky. Overload, noticing Nightwing back down, faltered slightly, waiting to see what the masked hero was going to do next. Suddenly Starfire, her fists covered with pulsing green energy, pummels Overload into the ground with a thunderous explosion. As the dust clouds slowly start to dissipate, in the midst of the scene, there was a newly formed crater that was the size of a large car. At the very center of the small crater stood Starfire, her eyes glowing green with power, holding the Overload's disk in her hands signifying his defeat.

As Nightwing and Starfire turn around to regroup with their fellow comrades they notice Cyborg and Raven having a tougher time with Cinderblock.

When they reached their friends they noticed how tired the two heroes were. They were battered, a bit bloody and panting. Sweat covered their brows and dirt covered their faces.

"How you guys hanging?"

"We're alright for now, Nightwing." Cyborg replied. "But he's starting to be a real pain in my ass!" Cyborg retorted, readying his sonic cannon.

"Yeah, he's being a real bitch." Raven added. Her outfit then started to glow lightly as her attire slowly changed from her normal black and blue to a pure white.

As Cyborg aims his sonic cannon, he notices that he finally has a clear shot at the giant human boulder. He aims and fires his cannon straight for Cinderblock's right knee. A second later, the blue energy makes contact with his target making Cinderblock lose his balance. With him down onto one knee, Raven summons her energy and forms a claw. She releases her claw from her hand and guides it towards Cinderblock's chest. As the black energy soars through the air, Nightwing, being carried by Starfire, was soon thrown with superhuman strength towards Cinderblock.

As Nightwing soared through the air he quickly goes into his utility belt and takes out his Bo staff once again. Nightwing strikes Cinderblock's head with the additional force from the momentum of Starfire's throw. Cinderblock was knocked backwards from the force of the blow and becomes slightly airborne. But just as his body left the ground, Raven's claw soars in and collides with Cinderblock's chest, sending him across the courtyard into a nearby wall. The resulting impact caused an eruption of dust and debris thanks to the one-two punch strategy.

As the Titan's neared Cinderblocks location, Cinderblock suddenly emerges from the dust clouds with rage in his eyes. Cyborg and Nightwing were so close to Cinderblock when he charged them, they didn't have enough time to react. Just as Cinderblock was about to make contact on the two heroes, Raven's claw suddenly emerged from behind and again collides into Cinderblock's chest. He was sent flying backwards again but as he collided with the wall, an enormous fireball erupted. Cinderblock hit the wall with such force that he made contact with a gas pipe and ruptured the metal casing, causing the gas to be released and ignited.

The explosion was enormous and caused the Titans to be blown back from the shockwave. But the Titans were not the only ones that were blown back from the resulting fireball. Cinderblock was also launched from the wall due to the massive explosion, resulting in him landing near Raven. Raven, being almost completely knocked out from the combination of the explosion and fatigue, lay there with her eyes half open. As she tried to get up her outfit started to fade from the pure white pigment to her normal black and blue color.

As the other Titan's regained consciousness, they notice Cinderblock regaining consciousness as well. The three other Titans, stumbling in the process, rushed over to help aid in their fallen comrade. But they soon realized they were too far away to assist her. As Cinderblock rose, he towered over Raven's body, casting a shadow over her. Cinderblock then raised both of his massive fists, using whatever energy he had left to deliver the final blow.

Just as Cinderblocks hands started to descend upon Raven, she heard her teammates cry out her name. She braced herself as the inescapable attack came crashing down.

*This date was the date in which the episode Go! was aired in the United States. The actual date was December 17th, 2005, but will be altered to fit the timeline and settings of this story. [December 17, 2002] {Beast Boy: 13 Raven: 14 Starfire: 14 Robin: 15 Cyborg: 16 – Date in which the Titan's first met.}

December 17, 2002 [12172002] will be the date in which the Titans first encountered one another for this story. The corresponding ages during said time frame are listed above. Currently used as Beast Boy's passkey to his room.

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