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July 31st, 1980

Lilly Potter smiled up at her husband as she gave birth to their son. They knew that their child could be the prophesized savior. Right now however the joy of having their first child was overshadowing any of that fear. Madame Pomfrey looked at the couple, remembering them from their days at Hogwarts and smiled as she safely delivered the child. These were not the first students whom she had the honor of delivering their children, but they were precious. The Mediwitch was in the middle of cleaning the boy when Lilly gave a pained groan. "I-I think…there might be another…" Lilly whimpered.

Madame Pomfrey's eyes widened and she gave the first son to the mother as she delivered the second child. "Twins…" She whispered to herself looking up at the startled parents. She focused on delivering second child then proceeded to clean and check him. Meanwhile the parents came to terms with the fact that instead of having the one planned child they had two.

Lilly turned wide green eyes to her husband "Twins…" She was of course happy to have more than one child. Now they had no way of telling if one of their children could be the Savior…and if so which one.

James could see what was troubling his wife and said gently comforted her "We'll just have to be careful, keep it a secret that even Dumbledore can't know."

When he saw the fear and confusion in his wife's eyes he said seriously "Lilly he can't know…he didn't want us in hiding with one child, imagine when he learns there are two? He'll take both of them away."

James turned to Pomfrey, desperate to protect his young family "Can you…hide one of them? Just until we get to the safe house…then no one will have to know. Not until it's safe."

Pomfrey nodded "I give a Wizards Oath not to tell." She then turned slowly to Lilly.

As she looked at the new mother she realized that she would have to ask one of the most difficult questions in her life "Lilly…which of the children will you take?"

Lilly looked down at her oldest son in her arms, tears welling up in her eyes "I want them both…" She said softly.

Her newborn son opened his eyes, blue like all newborns but she knew they would change over time. "This one is Harrison." She said with a small smile, wanting to enjoy some of the privileges of being a mother before choosing which of her son's she would keep with her, and which one she would have hidden.

Pomfrey understood and brought the younger son over. "And what about his name?" Against her better judgment Pomfrey gave Lilly the second child. She thought that the mother at least had the right to hold both of her children before being separated from one of them

Lilly smiled down at the sleepy baby and gave a little laugh "He's Henry…but we'll call him Harry." The younger son looked up at his mother and gurgled happily.

Lilly looked between her two sons. Harrison seemed slightly serious for a newborn as he looked back at his mother steadily. Then the older son turned to his twin and reached forward. Harry looked up and gurgled again as he reached forward and their hands met in mid air. The sight made fresh tears appear in Lilly's eyes. "Hide Harrison…we'll take Harry with us."

The oldest child was delivered to the safe house in secret later, but the infant wouldn't be the same after being separated from his mother so quickly. They had planned to reveal the truth of the birth when they were safe. The chance never came.

October 31st, 1981

James sighed as he rocked Harrison in his arms "Lilly…" He whined, though quietly so as to help soothe the baby back to sleep.

His wife merely looked up from her book and smirked at him before going back to reading. He narrowed his eyes at her and promised revenge for himself later. As usual they each agreed to put down one of their children for the night. James frowned, Lilly seemed to have a sixth sense for which one would have the fussiest time and make sure that he ended up with James.

James looked down, still rocking and humming under his breath, to see dark green eyes looking calmly back at him. James gave a small sigh was rewarded with what seemed to be a small smirk from the baby. "Lilly!" He said a bit too loudly "He's mocking me!"

Lilly turned to look at her husband from her spot on the couch and said "Honestly James, sometimes I can't tell which of you is the real baby here…"

She shook her head and smiled "Harry didn't seem fussy tonight at all…" She giggled when she heard a growl from her husband. Their conversation was stopped when there was a knock on the door.

James and Lilly exchanged glances as Lilly went to see who was at the door while James held Harrison more securely in his arms. Lilly gave a sigh of relief "It's just Wormtail." She said as she opened the door, smiling at her old friend before she was blasted out of the way by the Killing Curse.

James shouted Lilly's name and moved to go towards her when he saw who had come through the door with his believed friend. His face paled and he held his son close to his chest "Get out!" He demanded, drawing his wand and pointed it at the group that had entered his home.

Voldemort saw the child in James Potter's hands and said "Move out of the way!"

Voldemort pulled out his wand and leveled it at the child who was then blocked by James. Voldemort gave a hiss of displeasure and then slowly turned his wand towards the child's father instead. He didn't want to kill a pureblood, but he had no choice.

James knew that he stood no chance against the Dark Lord and his followers. He knew of only one spell that would save his children. It was passed down in Pureblood families to ensure the continuation of the House should an event like this occur. James knew that he had limited time and closed his eyes pressing his wand to Harrison's head he began to chant the spell. His last thought before the Killing Curse struck him was glad he had been given Harrison that night. The Protection Spell was activated as he gave his last breath. A lightning bolt scar appeared on Harrison's forehead and through their bond the older twin passed the same mark of protection to his younger brother who was sleeping up stairs.

As James fell to the ground his body cushioned his son who had been awake through the whole episode. Dark green eyes looked calmly up at the gathered group. "Now to get rid of this." Voldemort hissed as he leveled his wand to cast the Killing Curse once again.

Lucius who was outside standing guard felt a slight shift of magic and knew what James had done. He ordered the remaining Death Eaters to guard as he ran into the Potter House, hoping he could stop his master in time.

Since Voldemort was a half blood and had spent much of his childhood outside of the normal Wizarding world he had no idea the spell that James had given his life to cast. He narrowed his eyes at the small child, thinking that he was much too calm for an infant facing his death. He began to speak the Killing Curse when Lucius came in.

Lucius was glad he was able to reach his Lord in time. He bowed quickly before coming to his Lord's side "My Lord if you try to kill that child you yourself will be killed." He spoke quickly hoping to stop Voldemort in time.

Voldemort turned and looked at his most loyal Death Eater "And you know this how?" Voldemort was willing to trust Lucius, but he would have to be convinced before he spared this child's life.

Lucius revealed the lightning bolt mark on the boy's forehead "It's a pureblood protection spell My Lord. It defends children even against the Killing Curse by reflecting it back at the caster."

Their time for discussion was short as they heard the warning from the Death Eaters outside, signaling that the Order was coming. "Very well," Voldemort said slowly "Lucius take the child he will be coming with us." He cast the Dark Mark up into the sky signaling to the rest of the Death Eaters it was time to leave, and warning the Order that they had taken lives that night.

Dumbledore and the Order arrived at the carnage. Several cried when they saw the dead couple. "The baby!" One of them gasped.

The group looked around on the first floor and found no child. So they headed up the stairs and saw young Harry Potter sleeping peacefully in his bed. Dumbledore saw the lightning mark on Harry's head and gasped "Our Savior."

He assumed that when the Dark Lord and his followers had attacked the Potter household, one of the parents was able to cast the protection charm in time to protect Harry from the Dark Lord's wrath.

Dumbledore knew that Tom had little knowledge of Pureblood traditions. "He wouldn't recognize the spell…" Dumbledore said softly to himself as he picked up the child "He had marked this child as his enemy, and thus…our Savior."

Malfoy Manor

Returning to base most of the Death Eaters were quiet as they watched their Lord warily. Tonight had not gone as they had planned. On one hand they had located the prophesized savior; on the other he was not dead.

Lucius looked down at the babe in his arms. There was something very strange about this child. He had not started crying or fussed even once since his father's death. He frowned and looked down in the green eyes of the child. Yes he was strange, but it would be even stranger for their Lord's enemy to be a normal child.

He followed his Lord without being told to the private study they held all their meetings in. He briefly thought about what would happen if the child was allowed to live. Narcissa had been inconsolable since she found out Draco would be her only child. Perhaps… he stopped that thought. Nothing would be decided until his Lord chose a course of action.

Voldemort settled in chair and slowly turned to look at Lucius and the child he held. Thoughts mulled through his mind as he made plans and then discarded them in a moment. He held out his hands and without a word Lucius gave him the child.

His eyes were red from too many uses of very dark magic. His hair was black and he had white hair on his temples though his face itself was ageless. He frowned as he looked down at the strangely quiet child. He wondered if all children were this way but didn't have the means to know.

Seeing the child look at him calmly he came up with a plan and a slow smile spread on his face. "Lucius…I want you to raise your child to the same standards as Draco. We will mold him to our needs; groom him to become my most loyal follower."

Lucius took the child back and asked curiously "You're most loyal follower my Lord?" He didn't get an answer; then again he didn't expect one.


Severus stared blankly out into the night. She was gone. His Lord had betrayed him and killed the only woman he had ever loved .He raised his hand and clenched a fist over his heart. He could almost feel it breaking as he thought of his beloved friend killed before her time. He gave a shuddering sigh as he heard Dumbledore call for him.

He turned and entered the Headmaster's office. "Yes?" He said quietly. He was still unsettled with the thought that he had betrayed his Lord, but he could no longer follow him.

Dumbledore smiled sadly at the young man before him. Severus had an unfair lot dealt to him, but the remarkable man was trying to redeem himself. "We might have lost the Potters Severus…" He started softly "But we saved their son. We will be taking Harry to his Aunt's later tonight where he will be safe and loved."

Severus nodded stoically, in a passing thought he wondered how Petunia would react to such a child. He had no strength left to think and merely nodded again "Very well." He said softly. He only wanted to be dismissed so he could return to his rooms and mourn in peace.

Dumbledore seemed to sense the vulnerable state the young man was in and said sadly "That is all I thought that you might be interested in the boy's whereabouts…and know that he at least is safe."

Severus heard no more after he was allowed to leave and turned to return to his dungeons. Lilly's child was alive…that would have to be enough.

It was when he took up the task of being a double agent that Severus Snape became the first person aware of what had occurred that night. He reported to his Lord and explained that he had not returned sooner because of being delayed. His lord was in a fine mood and merely brushed the excuse aside. "All is well Severus; we have the prophesized child with us…that is all that matters."

Severus's eyes went wide as he turned in the direction that the Dark Lord had pointed. Only those in the inner circle were aware of where exactly Lucius's 'second son' had come from. Narcissa was smiling as she looked down at the child in her arms. "We have renamed him Altair, from the Eagle constellation."

His only response was to stare mutely at the babe who was looking back at him so levelly. Twins. The only way this could have all been explained would be if the Potters had had twins and no one had known. Well…one person would have known. Her silence could have only been because of a Wizard's Oath. So the question became: which twin was the savior?

He looked back to his Lord who was still smiling darkly "Of course because of the secrecy needed I need you to give a Wizard's Oath that in no way you will reveal the presence of this child."

Bowing his head Severus solemnly took the oath, all he would be able to do now was watch. And wait.

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