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Finally. That was the only thought that was currently coursing through the Dark Lord's mind. He wasn't thinking about the recent successful attacks that had happened, or the fact that the Ministry was weakening to the point of breaking any moment now. No…His mind was centered on the fact that today was finally…Finally…His little love's birthday.

He had forbidden any but the most urgent interruptions from coming to him as he prepared. Of course the boys would be celebrating their birthday with their family. It was only natural. However tonight…oh tonight. He would finally be able to hold them close.

He was also planning. He didn't want his only gift to them to be one that was physical. That seemed…tawdy somehow. They meant more to him than simply physical contact and he needed a way to show that…but how? This question had been haunting him for several weeks now and he was no closer to finding out the answer.

Malfoy Manor

The twins were currently embracing each other in the same bed as the dawn's early light traced across the floor from the window to the bed where their nestled forms lay. Harry was the first to lift his head to greet the day. He had held in his anxiousness that he had felt leading up to this day. He hadn't wanted to seem weak in front of Harrison.

His light green eyes looked out onto the new morning. Today. Today all the worries he had ever held would be settled once and for all. He would feel those large warm hands holding him, Harrison's warm body against his back like a warm wall of support. He closed his eyes and just basked in the anticipation.

Harrison had awoken when he felt Harry's shifting movements. He had trained himself to wake when Harry moved around. His younger twin usually had nightmares and Harrison wanted to be there for him when he could. Harry no longer had to be alone. He just lay back on the bed as he watched Harry move around.

Harry had filled out slightly but his form was still very slender. He didn't mind, being small suited Harry. He didn't need to be big when he had his older twin and a Dark Lord to look over him. Harry was still very quiet about his wants but that would never change he feared. One thing that he knew that Harry wanted was to be with them. It was in his eyes, it was in the way he moved around them, it was the way he would give them that special smile just to them. Only for them.

He wanted to be with Harry and their Lord as well. He felt like he had waited long enough for them. He was afraid that if they waited any longer than what little confidence Harry had in them would start to vanish completely. Harry knew that they loved him, but did he know? Harry needed to feel their love for him. He couldn't wait to show him how needed he was.

Harry turned and was only a little surprised to see Harrison's dark green eyes looking back at him with an emotion that could only be described as lust and love. A devastating combination on this special day. Harry felt heat pool in his belly as he leaned towards Harrison and said softly "Do I get a birthday kiss?"

Chuckling darkly Harrison reached forward and pulled Harry onto him. When apart one could almost miss their size difference. However when put so closely together Harrison was obviously the larger and more robust twin. He was not a large young man by any standards making Harry appear even more delicate and Faye like.

Their lips melted together as they sighed and closed their eyes. Harry pressed needingly into the kiss as he wrapped his arms around Harrison's strong neck. He couldn't resist letting out a small mewl as he pressed his hips closer to Harrison's. His entire body begging and begging for more that Harrison was not yet able to give him.

Harrison relinquished Harry's lips and basked in Harry's bruised lips and flushed cheeks. He had done that. Harry looked like pure temptation when he was flushed…he couldn't imagine what he would look like when he had been so thoroughly debauched.

Sadly they did have family commitments to attend to today. Their adoptive family was not willing to let the whole day be hogged up by their soon to be lover. The day was filled with a family breakfast were private gifts were exchanged. Narcissa in particular gushed over 'her' boys as she admired the fine young men they had become.

Then there was a Luncheon out so that they could celebrate in the public eye and do some shopping. Harrison almost had to drag Harry out of a certain shop when he saw the interesting bedroom garments that they offered. Harry had pouted saying he wanted to dress up for tonight. Harrison had reassured him with a few quick kisses and a whispered promise of coming back to the same shop "Later…when we can all pick it out together." That Harry had agreed to without question.

There was also the mail to deal with getting rid of nasty surprises that had snuck in through their wards. However most of the time was politely responding to the well wishes that they had received and admiring the different trinkets and gifts they had been sent. After all they didn't want to be rude to those who wished them well but they were going to be a bit busy tomorrow.

Of course no Malfoy event could pass without there being a ball to mark it. This one Harry enjoyed immensely since it meant after a long day of counting down hour after hour they were finally going to be able to see their love, their Lord.

Harrison was less thrilled if only because of the fact that meant other people were going to be admiring Harry. Even if they knew that he was taken it did not stop their wandering eyes and the lustful wanting look that they often carried. That was the longest part of the day in Harrison's opinion.

Though he did share Harry's enthusiasm that they could at least mingle with their Lord before finally stealing away together. Their arrangement was not formally announced yet outside of the Inner Circle. It would be troublesome if assassination attempts began on their lives and so they were waiting for complete takeover before making the happy announcement. It would be a great day.

Finally Voldemort's patience had waned. He had let the Malfoys do as they wished with his loves for the majority of the day. However they had now stayed long enough at the Ball for it to be deemed appropriate and they could leave without anyone noticing and without Narcissa being offended. The time had come.

Harrison's thoughts had been mirroring his Lord's though he was reluctant to ruin Harry's good time he doubted Harry would mind. When he was given a subtle nod from their Lord he gently tugged Harry's arm and excused the diplomat Harry had been conversing with. Seeing Harry wave cheerfully goodbye to the normally stoic man warmed his heart that they had at last found a place for Harry.

It had taken time but once the solution was found he and his Lord had agreed that it had been obvious. While Harrison certainly had the mind for strategizing and planning he had little appreciation for politics. However Harry it seemed had a natural hand at it and was the diplomat for their Lord. Finally Harry had a place where he could feel useful to his Loves without having to place himself in danger. It was the perfect solution.

Now his mind was not on plans or on politics. His mind was only focused on tonight. He had hardly had to encourage Harry to make their way to their Lord's Chambers. Their chambers from this day on.

Their Lord was waiting for them. It appeared that he had wanted some ceremony with this event as he had brought Elf Wine to share with them. Harry had hardly spoken a word as he took a sip from his glass and pressed his lips to his Lord's sharing the wine between them. After that the wine was forgotten and they basked in each other as their Lord took them to the bed.

Harry was the one pressed down, his back against the soft sheets as his Lord languidly kissed him. Harrison was not forgotten as he took the initiative to remove their clothes for them. There would be a day when they could lazily unclothe each other. However for now it was best if they just got them out of the way.

Their Lord directed their movements but they needed little orchestrating as they fell into place so naturally. Harry moved between them as their hands touched, traced and entwined with each other. They had waited for this day so long. Ached for these moments so long…Finally their dreams were happening now before them.

When breeching Harry for the first time Voldemort gave Harrison the honor. He had wanted to do it himself of course, but he felt as if the twins needed this connection between them before they could accept another into their bond fully.

He had taken to it so well Harrison praised him softly as he moved gently inside of his twin. When they came together their Lord was unable to wait another moment and took what he had longed for as well while Harrison helped coach Harry through excepting their Lord's larger girth.

The next morning when sunlight basked in their bed Harry's eyes were the first to flutter open. He was glad that all their business was taken care of the day before, he really had no intention of moving more then was required. He had been excited by how earnestly his loves had loved him last night…however his back was less thrilled.

Voldemort was surprised when he woke and found that he was not the first. The twins were already awake but just staring at each other in silence and he realized this is how it would be from now on. He smiled softly and realized he had the perfect gift to give them all along. He leaned in and whispered sincerely to them, and for the first time they could truly believe his words "I love you my little ones."

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