I've found myself in a writing rut lately so I'm going to change to a new category.

Based off of a gaming session at 3 in the morning while on a chocolate and caffine high...I've got to stop with those.


Smoke curled up to caress the yellowed moon as wicked tongues of flame tasted wood and paint. A blonde woman held a young boy in her arms as she sat with him outside, under a tree. They were well out of the way of any danger.

When the flames started, or how, was a mystery to anyone...other than them. It was obvious to them. Demons. Demons summoned from the abyss of a very real Hell. The boy shivered a bit as some rain started and tightened his grip on the sword in his arms. A katana. Long and in a blue sheath with the golden tassel hanging down to brush his shoulder in an almost calming and protective gesture.

The woman ran her hand through his hair soothingly, half trying to calm him and half trying to get the soot out of his white locks. Although she looked like the perfect picture of calm in the face of her home going up in flames, she was far from it on the inside. Her eldest son was safe in her arms, but her youngest was missing. He had not been with his brother when they fled.

The boy in her arms leaned into her, shaking a little more. She hugged him, a small part of her surprised. Her eldest rarely ever showed such emotions. He took more from his father's side of the family and kept them hidden.

With a small sigh, she took off her red shawl and draped it over his shoulders, wrapping him in it to keep him warm and soothed. It was all she could really do while her husband was away from them. She wasn't all that concerned about the man. He had gone to search for his missing son when he realized the child had not appeared with his twin brother. Even with the flames reaching the upper levels, he had gone back, changing to his hard carapace form.


She looked down, "Yes sweetheart?"

"I...I can't...He's not here..."

She twitched a bit, remembering what her husband had told her before while they watched two babies play hide-and-seek.

Nestlings can feel each other's presense. That's how they know where each other are at all times through life.

If he couldn't feel his brother's presence...

A large thing burst from the livingroom window and flew toward them. It was horned with six, insect-like wings. It landed almost gracefully before them, rain drops dripping off of it's body.

Nothing was said but the thing held a sword in it's claws. A long broadsword with a skull as part of the hilt.

The woman's calm facade died instantly, "Rebellion...no..."

The thing's form changed to that of a muscled, white-haired man. His purple vest was soot-covered and his usual well-kept hair was a mess.

Deep sadness was in his eyes, "Milady...I couldn't find him."

The boy clutched his katana even more, staring at the broadsword that was his brother's. The woman stared too, but her tears were hidden by the rain.

Never done a prologue before...How'd I do?