Chapter 1

Something odd


There was something odd about Christopher Thorndike. Sonic had thought so before, when he had first come to this world. And he thought so now as he sat up on the terrace attached to Chris's bedroom, watching the fourteen year old exercises with Mr. Tanaka.

Tanaka had been teaching Chis martial arts for the past two or three months, and while that in itself wasn't very unusual from Sonic's view point. What was odd was the way that Chris seemed to pick the moves up, among other things that the hedgehog had noticed. He moved different. He actions were more graceful and fluid.

His attacks and counter attacks were very well thought out. And executed even better.

Sonic leaned forward a little bit on the railing that he had been sitting on for the past hour, his emerald green eyes studying the teen in the yard below as Tanaka attacked and was again, for what had to be the hundredth time in the past ten minutes, was felled by a well placed blow to his legs and another to his stomach, then the last one, the kill shot; a lightening quick chop to the pressure point at the back of the neck.

Tanaka went down. His body seemingly falling in slow motion to the unblinking hedgehog. Tanaka's body hit the ground with a dull thud and just lay there. Twitching for a second before going still. Sonic blinked and propped an elbow on one of his legs and let out a low whistle.

Wow. Chris really hadn't been kidding when he said he wouldn't go easy on the Japanese man. Sonic mused as he heard the terrace door open and the soft click on Chuck's shoes on the white marble stone as he came up behind Sonic.

Sonic's ears twitched a little bit as Chuck rested his elbows on the railing a foot or so from Sonic and leaned over a little bit and looked at the boy and grinned. "Mmm, knocked him out cold again."

Sonic nodded his head mutely. He couldn't really think of anything to say at the moment anyways. "Yup." Sonic finally said in a light, almost breathy tone that sounded foreign to his own ears.

"I wish that I could say that I'm surprised, but I'd be lying. Poor Tanaka, he'll be devastated to know that Chris has out grown him as a teacher." Chuck said after a moment or two of silence as Chris leaned over and picked up the discarded black and royal blue jacket that he had taken off earlier and quietly slipped it back on before leaning down at the waist and picking up his wallet and several other things before walking up the steps to the mansion and slipping inside for a moment before coming back outside with Tails behind him.

Apparently to help him move Tanaka inside so that he wouldn't wake up outside again.

Sonic was quiet for a second, mulling over Chuck's words as he mentally went over some of the other things that he found odd about Chris and wondered if he should just ask the question that had been bothering him for a while now and see what Chuck had to say about it. But in the end the hedgehog didn't want to see too nosy (like Amy) or pushy (like Amy, again) and decided to simply keep his mouth shut and continue to quietly observe the teen that he owed a life debt too.


"Thanks for helping me carry him in Tails." Chris said almost absent mindedly as they set Tanaka on the deep blue sofa in the living room. Tails grunted as he set his end of Tanaka's surprisingly heavy body down and straitened his spine, his two tails twitching a little bit.

"No problem Chris. That's what friends are for. Right?"

Chris looked at him with an unfathomable expression on his face for a moment, that looked just slightly out of place on his face to Tails, then nodded his head slightly. "Yeah. That's what friends are for."

Tails smiled a little bit despite the distinct feeling that something, somewhere was horribly wrong. Or maybe that feeling stemmed from the fact that Chris hadn't been acting like himself since the Ark incident and he was worried about the boy.

"Chris..." Tails started to ask the boy if he was okay, god knew that he wanted to let Chris know that he could talk to him and the others about whatever was on his mind. But for some strange reason that he couldn't explain, the moment that Chris's eyes flickered to his face, his voice suddenly fell silent and he couldn't speak no matter how many times he tried to force the words out. It was weird really.

"I'm going to my room to take a nap. I'll see you later Tails." Chris said in his usual quiet, almost husky voice as he turned on his heel and stuffed his hands in his pants pockets and walked out of the room without another word.

Tails tried again to say something, anything before Chris was out of ear shot, but still couldn't speak and with a frustrated, low animalistic growl, he gave up and walked off to see if he could find Amy or something.


Chris walked down the hallway to the stairs, pausing briefly when the mansion's cook and maid, Miss Ella came out of the study and looked at her. "Oh master Christopher-" Chris cringed a little bit at the woman's words. But Ella didn't notice. "You got another package in the mail-" Ella said almost happily as she stuffed her duster in her apron. Chis tensed.

"You didn't open it did you?"

Ella looked a little startled by the question. "No. Master Chris. The box was addressed to you, so I did not open it." Chris relaxed a little bit, but not much.

"Alright. Thanks Ella. I'm going to go to my room now. Let me know if you need me for anything." Chris said as he brushed by her and all but ran the rest of the way to the stairs and disappeared up the red carpeted steps.

Another package. Chris couldn't believe that the person who knew his-

She shakes her head and stops as she sees her reflection in a mirror hanging on the wall. No. That isn't right. She's not a boy. She merely thought of herself as one because if she didn't, her parents would never be able to bear the weight of their grief.

The grief of losing her twin brother, Christopher.

It had happened over four years ago when she had been in a gang. It had simply been a little innocent fun that had spiraled out of control.

The gang itself hadn't been put together to hurt people. Quiet the opposite, she had wanted to help people. And that had been her function. The gangs function. Yet it had all gone so horribly wrong when one of her friends had gotten on drugs and had decided that they should make people fear them instead.

She had tried-oh god she had tried to stop him, and the others. But they had been too interested in what the gang could do for them to care that what they were doing was wrong. The end result had been a beating that had nearly killed her, and her twin brother's death in a shooting while he had been on his way to school.

One of her former friends had run up behind him with a gun and-

She closed her eyes and fought back the wave of dizziness mingled with guilt and grief at what she had indirectly done to her brother. She staggered a little bit as she passed the mirror and her shoulder slammed into the wall, and she stood there simply frozen in place, breathing as her stomach lurched.

Her parents hadn't been able to deal with losing Chris and as such had made her take his place when they had buried him in a grave with her name on it.

About a year after that, before she had even met Sonic and the others; someone had started sending threatening messages to her home. Someone that she believed had been the one who had ordered the hit on her brother.

The messages were always short, and blood chilling.

Whoever it was sending the packages, knew that she wasn't her brother. And they were hell bent on making her life miserable.

She took several seconds to collect herself, then pushed away from the wall and walked the remaining length of hallway to her brother's room (now hers because the illusion that she was Chris had to be upheld under all circumstances) and opened the door and stepped inside and looked around.

She couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable every time she stepped through the door. Chris's room had been designed solely for his comfort and happiness. The walls were painted a light off cream color, the carpet and curtains were a deep scarlet red. Matching the bed sheets, and the top on his canopy bed.

The red was accented by gold.

Gold trim, gold woven cords to hold the curtains back from the windows.

The massive queen sized bed rested against the wall across from the window, and to her left was a closet, and a shelf with a small stereo surrounded by CD's that she never listened too. To her right was a nice private bathroom, and a dresser.

Chris had never had any toys in here, so she hadn't had to worry about keeping any. She saw the small brown box sitting on the desk, on top of a pile of National Geographic magazines and quietly closed the door behind her and made her way over to the desk and picked up the letter opener that Ella must have left for her and used it to cut the tape sealing the package closed and stopped cold when a rancid, nauseating smell wafted up.

She jerked and dropped the letter opener and clapped a hand over her nose and mouth and tried to keep her stomach from rebelling against the strong scent of blood and decay as she grabbed a pen and used it to open one side of the box and gagged when she saw what looked like the head of a chiwawa sitting in the bottom of the box. "Oh god-" She breathed as she tried to control her gag reflex as she heard slight foot steps just outside of the bedroom door.

Oh shit. She thought as she grabbed the box and quickly shut it and ran across the room to the dresser and opened one of the drawers and stuffed the box inside of it and closed it as she grabbed a thing of Axe body spray and sprayed it on herself and all around the dresser and made her way back to the desk, still spraying it, in the hopes that Sonic's sensitive nose wouldn't pick up the scent of the dog head that she had hidden in the dresser.

"Chris? Are you in there?" Sonic's voice was muffled through the door, but she had no doubt that he had heard her moving around so why he bothered to even call out to her was beyond her, but it gave her the moment or so that she needed to get her panic under control before setting the Axe spray down on the desk as Sonic opened the door and peeked inside. His dark green eyes stared at her for a second as he slipped into the room and gently closed the door.

"Sonic. Hey what's going on?" She asked in a curious tone as she saw him visibly stiffen just inside the door, his expression dark as he sniffed the air.

Sonic could smell something unusual in the air of the bedroom. Something that he normally didn't smell when he was around Chris. It was putting his senses on alert, making him anxious, and angry-

The smell of blood always made him angry. It was simply one of the personality quirks that he had developed after all the years of dealing with Eggman and the damage that he had caused. And it was something that he didn't want to ever smell around Chris.

Which was part of the reason that he suddenly felt his temper rising but he beat it back and simply did a quick sweep of the room with his emerald green eyes before he looked at Chris. The boy had been spraying something. No doubt to mask the scent of the blood that Sonic could smell.

"Are you okay Chris?"

The boy looked at him funny then gave him an innocent smile. "I'm fine Sonic. Was there something that you wanted?" The hedgehog sniffed the air again, frowned and then let his expression go blank as he moved over to Chris, his body crowding the boy a little bit as he reached out and picked up the can of body spray and stared at it thoughtfully for a second.

The smell of blood wasn't quite as strong as it had seemed a second ago, but the smell lingered in the air anyways. And Sonic knew that Chris was hiding something. He just didn't know what it was. But the fact that he knew something was up, disturbed him greatly.

Sonic made a humming sound and set the can back down after a second or so and looked at Chris again and finally answered. "No. I just wanted to tell you that I'm going out for a run and I was wondering if you wanted something while I'm out." Sonic said quietly as he studied the teen.

Chris was still relatively small for a boy of fourteen.

Delicately boned, petite, feminine like build, with an angelically beautiful face. Skin like smooth ivory, soft pink lips, wide exotic shaped eyes that had taken on a deeper shade of blue; becoming almost violet in color. His hair was a bit longer, the color a deeper, brighter, more vivid red, styled in layers. The tips in the back fell just shy of the bottom of his shoulder blades, the tips curling slightly while his bangs slipped into his eyes, hiding them from Sonic's view.

"Oh. No thanks. I'm good. I'm just going to shower and change and maybe go out for a bit so-"

Sonic made another humming sound, making a mental note to stay in town so that he could keep an eye on Chris once he left the mansion. But first he needed to find the source of that damned sickening scent so that he could see what Chris was hiding. And finally figure out just how worried he and the others should be. "Alright then, later." Sonic said in a forced cheerful tone to throw Chris off of his trail and all but ran over to the window, nearly tripping over his own feet as he passed the dresser.

His green eyes flickered to the wood and narrowed slightly as he opened the sliding glass door to the terrace and ran outside then vanished in a blur. He'd be back to look inside the dresser as soon as Chris was in the shower.