Lack of control


A few days later-

Sonic woke up with his body curled around Rissa's, his hands gripping her- one on her hip the other on her breast- and he was still buried inside of her. Oh god, had they fallen asleep like this? He wondered as he nuzzled her long red hair away from her shoulder so that he could lick at the bite mark that he'd placed there sometime last night.

The area was still red and raw looking, probably because he hadn't been able to keep himself from using his fangs on her.

It wasn't like he had meant to draw blood, but for some reason when he had her under him and was in the height of his passions; he just couldn't seem to help himself.

Her blood was like a drug to him.

The second he tasted it, he came so hard that she fainted from it and he saw stars. Although last night he'd swear that he went from seeing stars to a whole damn galaxy. Complete with it's own milky way and everything.

Not that he minded any. But at some point he'd have to learn to control himself better. Rissa couldn't keep being torn up by his claws and fangs. It simply wasn't healthy for her.

As it was he'd kept her in bed for the past few days to let her heal from the first time they'd been together. But then it had occurred to him that she was going to be laying around, naked in her bed for several days and well- his hormones had gone and sort of taken every good intention he'd had and kicked them out the window.

But that didn't mean that he hadn't been taking care of her.

When she was sore, he fixed a warm bath for her to soak in. When she was bleeding, he patched her up and then went out to get her flowers to apologize to her for being so rough with her person when she was probably still hurting from the first few times they had been together.

When she was hungry- he got her food and fed her from his own hand... He did everything that he could possibly think of to make her comfortable while trying to satisfy his raging need for her body without harming her more.

Still- it shamed him that he continued to lose his cool with her.

He ran his tongue over the bite wound a few more times, licking the blood dried on her skin away so that he could better access the damage his fangs had done while shifting the hand that had been covering her breast, up, to stroke her silken hair as he raised up on one elbow and looked her over.

His poor girl, she looked so tired to him. Not that he could fault her for that. Not when he had been keeping her from properly resting. "I really do need to learn to keep my hands to myself." He muttered to himself as his ears flattened back against his head.

Rissa didn't move. Didn't twitch. In all honesty if not for the fact that she was breathing he'd think he had killed her.

Leaning his head down a little bit he nuzzled her cheek then kissed her temple and whispered, "Stay here and rest while I go out." And with that he slowly withdrew his cock from inside of her, noting that even that didn't cause her to stir, and then after pulling the covers up over her shoulders to make sure that she didn't get cold, he went to bathe.

Then shortly after that- he was gone.