Title- Crack
Characters/Pairings- 11, tiny mentions of Romana, Amy and Rory
Rating- K+
Summary- "The paper is old... he's had [it] in his possession for at least a hundred years..."

The paper is old. Linearly speaking, the drawing on it was only sketched four years ago in this very city where the newlywed Ponds are attempting (again) to take their honeymoon. He's had the paper in his possession, however, for at least a hundred years worth of non-linear time.

The City of Lights seemed like a good idea at the time.

Trouble is, some of his last regeneration is leaking through, and he's feeling nostalgic. And so he takes the sketch out and studies it while Amy and Rory are twirling under the night sky in the glow of the Eiffel Tower. A Time Lady with the face of a clock... a broken clock, no less.


Not broken.


Cracked in a very, very familiar pattern.

His breath catches hard in his lungs and in his chest his twin hearts stutter. He wants to think he's just going crazy at last, but he always distrusted coincidence, and after the tumultuous web of interconnected events and lives that was his previous life, now more than ever. This cannot be just a coincidence.

The cracks are the same.

A/N- Find a decent picture of that sketch of Romana from The City of Death. Look at the primary crack in the clock-face. Compare it to the cracks in the universe. THEY ARE THE SAME! EXACTLY the same! The Moff likes things to be very neat and tidy, and he knows his Classic Who. This is NOT a coincidence. (If you want a side-by-side comparison, I have a blown-up picture of the sketch juxtaposed with the crack on my LiveJournal page, the link to which is on my profile in a variety of places.)