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Chapter 1

Sakura tucked the amulet under her shirt. It was a pretty object she had stumbled upon on her way to Sand, but it couldn't get in her way. This battle... it was important and extremely dangerous. This man before her, he was an S-class criminal; she, on the other hand, was only a chuunin. Her opponent, Akasuna no Sasori, fought with puppets. Lethal puppets with weapons dipped in poison. She had to be careful. He was inside a puppet, using it as a weapon and a shield.

Sasori was ready. He was unbeatable and this girl would become a part of his collection. He would turn her into a puppet. She would lose, there was no escape. He watched as she raced toward him, such a foolish move to make. She was close enough for him to react, she would be dead soon. Her eyes grew wide as she realised his puppet's stinger was only centimetres from her chest. There was no time to dodge it. She stopped as the stinger made contact, but her expression was far from what he had expected. Why wasn't she writhing in pain? With that last thought Sasori felt himself being pulled at an incredible speed.

That was strange, Sakura thought as her body seemed to stop moving. Her eyes had been closed the entire time. The stinger hit the amulet instead of her, that's what she remembered. She had stopped, expecting pain to wash over her, but all she felt was the force of the blow as it hit the amulet. And then she felt herself moving really fast. What was happening?

Sakura opened her eyes and looked at her surroundings. She was in a dense forest and Sasori was still attached to her. He retracted his stinger slowly. This place, he didn't like it. He could sense danger all around. It wasn't normal, nothing was normal. He had a feeling they weren't in Sand anymore. How did this happen? His thoughts ran wild, already forgetting the girl opposite him. That was his first mistake as he felt Hiruko falling away from him in pieces. Now he was completely exposed.

"Don't ignore me," Sakura commanded as she punched through his puppet. She hated it when other shinobi didn't see her as a threat. She worked hard, damn it! She was strong!

Her eyes widened slightly as she took in the man in front of her. He looked to be around her age and his body... he was a puppet. He wasn't human.

"You. Girl. Stop, now," Sasori said. He grabbed her fist before it could make contact again. The danger was moving closer, all around and even from above.

"Gyahhh!" Sakura yelled pointing at something above Sasori. It was a giant spider, huge and ugly. It was followed by more spiders. She freaked out, these spiders were larger than life, and she couldn't simply step on them. There were too many for her to handle, she doubted the puppet master would help her. With that, she took off at lightning speed through the trees. Sasori followed her soon after. The spiders were no match for their speed.

Sakura thought for a moment. It wasn't that she was no match for the spiders, it was just that they were spiders. Spiders! Giant spiders! They were creepier than Orochimaru! Well, maybe that was pushing it a bit. No one could ever be creepier or slimier than that guy.

Sasori broke through the edge of the forest and noticed Sakura already laying and panting on the grass a good distance away. If he were human he'd snort. She faced him head on, but here she was, afraid of a few spiders. Okay, he had to admit that even he felt threatened. It wasn't that he was afraid, it was just that he knew they were dangerous, but couldn't sense any powerful chakra. They just seemed out of this world.

The old man was the strangest they had ever seen. His hair was so, so long and his beard just as long. His nose was disturbingly crooked - in Sakura's opinion anyway, and she was itching to heal it or at least slap it back into place. He had a twinkle in his eye and Sakura knew she could trust this man.

Sasori was annoyed. The girl had explained their situation and had given the old man the amulet she wore around her neck. The was a crack in it, he noted. Then the old man had started telling them about the school and she completely zoned out. He refused to repeat everything the man said to her.

"Now, I have called for Miss Granger to show you to your dormitory. I believe you'd get along just fine with her Miss Haruno. Now, Sasori, you know how the school works. Know that I am only putting you in Gryffindor because you're a criminal and Miss Haruno would be able to keep an eye on you," Professor Dumbledore said. This was a serious problem, but he couldn't exactly throw them out. He'd try to figure out how the amulet worked and do his best to fix it and send them back home.

"I hope the two of you will be able to work together at least until I'm able to send you home. There'll be no fighting in this school. I do care about the safety of my students."


Sakura and Sasori followed Hermione to their dormitory. She seemed to be weary of them.

They reached a portrait of a fat lady and Hermione gave her the password, when, believe it or not, she asked for it. They climbed through and were met with a room full of people. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up when the strange duo climbed through after Hermione.

"She has pink hair!" a girl pointed out bluntly.

"And your eyes are the colour of crap," Sakura yelled, a vein popping. She was satisfied to see that some people actually recoiled at her outburst. Others only laughed at the girl who had pointed out her hair.

Hermione cleared her throat, "This is Sakura and Sasori, they'll be staying for a while." She gestured for the two to follow her to their dorms before any questions were asked. She really didn't feel like answering questions and she really didn't trust the two new additions to Gryffindor. She had to speak to Harry and Ron about this.

Sakura glared a hole through the back of Sasori's head. Hermione was leading them to the boy's dorm first and Sakura didn't trust Sasori alone with her. Hermione showed him to his bed and handed him his class schedule. They were to attend classes and try to blend in as much as possible.

Sasori was weary of this world and would play it safe until they got back home, why wouldn't the brat get that through her thick skull? These people had nothing that he wanted. They'd make horrible puppets too.

"Are you sure Professor Dumbledore said he should share a dorm with the other boys?" Sakura asked, her eyes never leaving the back of Sasori's head. Did he even sleep?

Hermione gave her an odd look. Why was she asking such a question? Everyone had to share a dorm room. Was she hoping to share a room with him? That was really disgusting. She chanced a glance at the girl and noticed she was glaring at this Sasori boy. Hmm, maybe she just didn't trust him.

"Well, let me show you to the girls' dorm, Sakura," Hermione said, ignoring the girl's question. "Um… it's not that boys aren't allowed in the girls' dorms, it's just that they can't enter," she added nervously when Sasori followed them.

Sasori followed the two girls up the staircase and was startled for a moment when the stairs disappeared only to be replaced by a slide. He caught himself before he slipped down and leaped to the top landing. He noticed that Sakura had done the same, but the Hermione girl slid all the way down to the bottom.

"I told you boys can't enter!" Hermione yelled up to him. She was furious, how dare he go against her. She was going to - hey, he made it up. What the -

"Just look for the bed with the trunk on it," she sighed in defeat.


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