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Chapter 2

"I don't trust them, Harry," Hermione said quietly. The common room had already emptied an hour ago. "They flew to the top of the stairs! First Umbridge and now them?"

"We can't fly," a voice came from the top of the stairs. It was a strange voice, mysterious and mature, it wasn't a voice Hermione had heard before.

They glanced up to see Sasori descending. He headed to one of the seats and sat down as if he didn't just interrupt a private conversation. It was awkward, because now they couldn't continue, so they just sat there uncomfortably. What made it even worse was the fact that he had walked in on them talking about Sakura and him.

"Can't sleep?" Ron asked nervously.

"I don't sleep," Sasori smirked.

"Why are you here?" Harry asked. He really didn't need any more people interfering with their plans.

"For a visit," Sasori replied, smirk still in place. His answer wasn't good enough for the boy, though, because he drew his wand and pointed it at Sasori. What? They were allowed to attack him and he wasn't allowed to defend himself? Dumbledore really had to check his students, and put a leash on the one before him.

Sakura walked down the stairs just in time to see Sasori pull out a kunai and twirl it in his fingers. A boy with black hair and glasses had his wand pointed at Sasori and did her best to fight back the urge to laugh at the thought, this was a serious situation. How didn't she notice something was going on here? The only reason she came down was because she was planning on sneaking up to the boys' dorm to check on Sasori.

"Put it down, Sasori," she hissed at the puppet. She really didn't want to get into trouble with the headmaster. He couldn't be worse than Lady Tsunade, but you never know.

"And who the hell are you to be pointing that damned thing at him?" she half-yelled at the trio. Really, not even Naruto was like this. Okay, maybe he was worse, but at least there was only one of him.

She cracked her knuckles, "Point that thing at him, or even me again and I will snap it before you can cast one of your stupid spells," she threatened, watching as the boy lowered his wand, although he kept glaring at her.

"And you," she pointed at Sasori. "You said you'd behave, so keep your weapons to yourself. Our battle is not here! What, do you want to poison the idiot and get us thrown out with no hope of getting back home? Baka!"

Sasori scowled, this red-faced, pink-haired brat was loud and annoying. He really wanted to just stick a kunai through her heart. He wouldn't even coat it with poison, he just wanted kill her quickly.

"We'll just be heading to bed, wont we boys?" Hermione laughed nervously and led the two boys up to their dorm before heading to her own.

Sakura glared at Sasori and made to grab him by the collar, but he snatched her arm and twisted it behind her back.

"Listen here, you pink bitch," he snarled. "I am not your friend nor am I your teammate. I said I wouldn't hurt anyone here, so I wont. But if you piss me off, I wont hesitate to kill you." he tightened his grip on her wrist until he knew it hurt.

Sakura felt the fear build up inside her. She had forgotten that they had been about to kill each other before they ended up here, and she had been terrified back then. But being here made her forget. Here, she viewed him as a naughty child who needed constant supervision. She had forgotten that he was decades older than her with decades of experience.

Sakura sighed, she was the Hokage's apprentice. Who the hell was he to threaten her with death? Lady Tsunade would kill her if she let this bastard get the better of her.

She focused her chakra in the wrist he held behind her back and smirked as he quickly let go. She turned to face him and noticed that his wooden fingers were slightly split.

"I wont go down easily," she said and walked away, leaving him to fume in the common room.


"What do you mean 'she disappeared into thin air?" Tsunade was furious. How could they lose her apprentice?

"Hokage-sama," Neji said calmly. "I witnessed it myself. She was charging at the Akatsuki member and then they both just disappeared."

"So she might still be alive…" Tsunade said.

"I do not know if this piece of information will be of any use, but -"

"Well, spill it!"

Neji scowled, he hated it when Lady Tsunade was in a bad mood. It was his fault though, he was the one who delivered the bad news. " She had a type of amulet around her neck. When her opponent struck her, he hit the amulet instead. That's when both just vanished."



It was morning and Sakura rushed downstairs. She didn't know where her first class was, but she figured she'd ask some random person; she just didn't want to see Sasori right then, but luck was not on her side, because there he sat. It was the creepiest thing. She had a feeling he didn't need sleep like normal people, but she was hoping he'd pretend to be normal.

His eyes were wide open and calculating. She decided she'd just pretend he wasn't there and head to class. She hated him, not necessarily because he kidnapped Gaara, the guy almost crushed her, and three years wasn't enough to get over that. Sure he had changed and become a better person, but she was still very much afraid of him. It was just the fact that he was the bad guy, that he was somehow connected to Orochimaru and that sooner or later he'd be targeting Naruto.

"If you had paid attention to the headmaster, you'd know that we are supposed to be waiting for that girl to escort us to class," Sasori said.

Sakura scowled, so much for pretending he wasn't there - and what did he mean? she paid attention to the headmaster, she just missed a few things he said. As for that Hermione girl, Sakura didn't like her much. Professor Dumbledore was wrong about them getting along, she got on better with Sasori and she didn't even like him. Okay, maybe she was going a bit overboard - Hermione just seemed to be too suspicious of the two of them. Sure, they just randomly appeared, but that was just a mistake. It wasn't like she was trying to take over the school or something, and Sasori was much too impatient for that sort of thing.

She missed home, these people were weird and just got on her nerves for some reason. Maybe it was their different lifestyle, maybe it was because she was stuck with a criminal, maybe her team thought she left with said criminal to become a missing nin, or maybe Sasori was rubbing off on her and she was just being really impatient. Whatever, it all still sucked.

"Stupid doll," Sakura muttered to herself, although she was certain Sasori heard her. She glanced at him and noticed he just stared with his empty eyes… did he even have any feelings?

Hermione appeared while Sakura was still lost in her thoughts. Her hair was bushy and she looked like a wild animal in Sakura's opinion, but that may have been because she had been rushing. Sakura noticed that she was a bit dishevelled and her books were almost spilling from her bag.

"I'm so sorry," she panted, trying to compose herself. "I can't believe I overslept when I was supposed to be showing you around the school before breakfast."

"Just show us to breakfast," Sasori said from his seat. He didn't understand why he had to pretend to be some fifteen year old brat.

Hermione nodded and gestured for the two to follow her. She was nervous, the Sasori guy just scared her with the way he spoke, and why was he sitting in that seat as if he hadn't moved since the night before. For some reason she likened him to Voldemort, he just seemed like the type. Sakura, on the other hand, seemed normal enough, but she had a feeling the pink-haired girl was more trouble than she seemed - like their was a Voldemort behind her kind-looking exterior.

Sakura only ate what looked familiar, but the food was very different. It was just as good as the food she liked, but she only ate enough to last her until lunch - unlike the other students stuffing their faces like Naruto always did with his ramen. Sasori didn't eat anything though, and he sat as far away from everyone else as he could. She rolled her eyes, stupid doll.


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