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Summary: Ten year after The Battle of Hogwarts, on Halloween night, five figures appeared that everyone believed were dead.

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It was ten years after The Battle of Hogwarts. The Wizardry World was living its most peaceful years. There wasn't any Dark Lord who wanted to conquer the entire Wizarding World or any Death Eaters, who killed or tortured people. They were imprisoned and were safe in Azkaban. Finally, everyone could breathe in the peaceful atmosphere that was dominant all over the country. But no one in Wizarding World expected a very strange return of some people.

On night of October 31st, a bright gold light appeared in the sky above Potter Manor and five figures that expected to be dead were lying in Living room of the Manor – alive.


Harry Potter was sitting thoughtfully before his desk in his study and was reading an important document that the Minister of Magic had handed him this morning. As Head of Auror Department, he always worked at home even after his working hours were over. In spite of being appointed to this position six month ago, he didn't change his style of working. He attempted to reform and revolutionize the Auror Department and decided to add new divisions to his Department. He had discussed his plans with the Minister of Magic and the Head of Magical Law Enforcement and both of them approved his plans.

But he also had the responsibility of a family. He and Ginny had resumed their romance after the final battle and finally they had married after four years. They now had three children, three years old James, two years old Albus and Lily who born two and half month ago. He also had a Godson, ten years old Teddy Lupin. Teddy also had a grandmother but Harry tried his best to provide a comfortable life for him. He loved his Godson as much as his own children.

His concentration on what he was reading was broken when he sensed a sudden appearance of powerful magic in the Manor. In spite of being young, Harry was one of most powerful wizards in the entire Wizarding World. Many compared him to Albus Dumbledore and some people believed that he was the greatest sorcerer to have ever lived.

Harry grabbed his wand and murmured some spells to find the source of magic. After a few minutes he found it. The source was in the Living room.

He had to shift his position from The West wing to The North wing where the Living room was located. He reached the oak doors of the living room as soon as possible.

"Homenum revelio" Harry murmured to check for the presence of living bodies in the room. The spell indicated the presence of five figures. Because of the very strong protection wards that Harry had casted around the Manor, they shouldn't be Death Eaters.

Harry opened the door carefully and entered the room quietly. He was stunned and was speechless with shock. It was impossible. How could they be here?


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Thanks to ginevraweasleyrocks for Beta reading