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He Is Back

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

Joey Epstein opened his front door and saw Harley Keiner. He stared at him with wide eyes, Harley smirked briefly at him, and grabbed Joey by the hips.

"I wonder how long it will take to beat that small amount of self-esteem out of you, Joey." Harley commented smoothly and Joey struggled to find words. Frankie has not been around lately because of Shawn Hunter and Corey Matthews. He was more of the brains and not much of a fighter.

"Why?" Joey managed to ask him in a shaky voice, he tried to escape from the firm grasp, and trembled in fear.

"And you will become my lackey again." Harley informed him calmly and added. "I heard about Frankie ditching you for the baboon and his baboon friend."

Joey swallowed nervously, he glanced away for a moment, and his head was pulled back by Harley. He shook and shuddered for the taller male looked at him with such eyes. The ones that say I'll beat you until you can't move an inch.

"Where did ya hear that Harley?" Joey asked hesitantly and he didn't like thinking about how many times Frankie ditched him for those two.

"I have my sources from John Adams High ." Harley replied simply, he had Joey against the wall, and looked down at him. "No, Frankie here to help you out. Too busy being all buddy-buddy to other people."

"I don't need Frankie." Joey managed to say despite the fact Harley had him pinned to the wall, a knee pressed harshly between his legs, and looking down at him while smirking faintly.

"You and me know that ain't true, Joey. I don't need Frankie, but you sure do need him." Harley informed him causally as he used a hand to grip Joey's hands above his head and used his other hand to go up his shirt. "Your short like a girl and pretty petite too. Should been born a girl, Joey."

Joey bite down on his lip to keep a squeak from coming out and feeling Harley's cold hand.

"Whose idea was it to get a new leader? I heard it was Joey. Must have been lonely not being anyone's lackey that you would become just anyone's lackey. Became one to what's his name." Harley

"Griffin Hawkins, but before him it was Eric Matthew." Joey spoke up and he tried to ignore the hand feeling his chest.

"You were the lackey of the baboon's brother. Must have been pretty desperate." Harley stated smoothly and he pressed his knee harder against Joey. "Couldn't wait for me."

"Yeah, but he didn't want us." Joey muttered and he said in a louder voice. "So he introduced Frankie and me to Griffin."

"It took you months to come and be my lackey, Joey. Along with Frankie. It took months, but with that guy it took you a short time. Course he didn't really give a damn about you or about Frankie." Harley commented causally, he tightened his grip on Joey's wrists, and his lips were close to Joey's trembling lips. "You didn't care because you wanted someone to order you around, tell you want to do, and to get permission to do something."

Joey tried to speak, but found himself only able to stare at him and his whole entire body was shivering.

"You know my screen name is Harl_Kein, but ya ignored me and didn't reply back either." Harley whispered coldly, he pinched Joey on the right nipple, and heard him whimper in pain. "I don't like being ignored, Joey. I don't like it one bit and I'm not one to be rejected."

Harley was a centimeter away from Joey's lips, rubbed his knee between Joey's legs, and grip still tight on those thin wrists.

"I missed ya, Joey." Harley told him, he breathed on his lips, and smirked. "You'll be my lackey and it will be almost like the old days. You being my lackey, but this time Frankie isn't my lackey."

Harley kissed him harshly on the lips, drawing blood, muffling the cries, and moved his mouths down to Joey's neck covering him in hickies. After several minutes he pulled away and looked at Joey in the eyes.

"Got it, Joey?" Harley asked smoothly and he released those thin wrists. Joey looked at him with tears in his eyes, he was still against the wall, wrists sore, and lips bleeding.

It was useless to disagree and besides he doesn't need Frankie. He had been feeling a bit lonely. No one wanted to be his friend and Frankie has been gone lately. He doubted his self-worth over the past two weeks, Joey had felt himself without a purpose in life, and he had been his own man. Yet without Frankie by his side. He had begun to miss Harley, missed having a definite purpose, and wondered what Harley was doing. There had been messages, but he had been too afraid to read and didn't sign back on again.

"Yes, Harley. I got it." Joey replied quietly and he could taste his blood. "I'm ya lackey and stuff."

"Good and don't even think about fleeing because I got sources." Harley commented firmly, he smirked, and kissed him again on the lips before asking causally. "Did ya miss me, Joey?"

"I missed you." Joey told him and he was being mostly honest. Harley released Joey, looked at him, and chuckled at the shorter male. "I missed you, Harley."

"You are not rambling and didn't think I would miss it." Harley stated causally and he added. "Ramble on until I say cork it. Tell me how much you missed me. No need to be shy so start rambling on, Joey."

"I missed you, Harley. No one wanted to be near. Ya know that Frankie ditched me and decided to go goodie. He is buddy buddy with good kids. I got no self-worth. I got nothing and I missed you, Harley. I didn't reply your messages because I got scared and stuff." Joey rambled and he was looking nervous along with rubbing his wrists. "I thought it was angry messages filled with threats cause Frankie and I decided to no longer be lackey's."

Joey rambled and stuttered for several minutes none-stop.

"Alright, Cork it." Harley commented smoothly, he watched Joey silently nod, and then looked at him calmly. "Pack up your things cause you gonna be living with me and my baby sister. My ma lives there too though she is hardly there."

Harley grabbed his elbow, pulled him close, and looked Joey in the eyes.

"One word to anyone about me kissing and giving ya hickies…" Harley trailed off while giving him a threatening look and Joey shivered.

"I won't tell anyone, Harley. Not even a rock. I'll take to the grave. My lips are sealed and no amount of force will get me to spill the beans or the milk or spill anything. Ya, I won't tell a single word or mention anything about it Harley. I'll keep it to myself and nobody will know a thing. Not even a tiny rock or pebble." Joey said quickly, he received a smirk, and a pat on the right cheek.

"Good." Harley stated simply and then added firmly. "Go pack and you be sleeping in my bed just to let you know. I won't be sleeping on the floor."

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