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He Is Back

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

Joey and Harley had a shower. The shorter teen winced as he bent down to pick up his suitcase, Harley watched him, and after a few minutes the taller teen spoke.

"Time to go to my house now." Harley informed him and Joey nodded his head. "No mentioning to anybody that I did you."

"Of course I won't tell, Harley. I won't even say anything ten or twenty years from now. I won't say even when I'm all old, wrinkly, and stuff."

"Good because if you say one peep to anybody I'll make ya pay. Understand, Joey." Harley said calmly as he looked into Joey's eyes. "Got it?"

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I understand, Harley. I really do understand and stuff because it's not rocket science. At one point I wanted to be a rocket scientist, but then gave up. I use to dream about being a singer, but then somebody said that my voice sounds terrible and I punched the one that said that to me in the mouth. That was back in elementary school before I met ya. After I met ya that was when I decided that I want to be a lackey because lackeys don't have to think or have good voices or anything. So yeah in elementary school I entered an art contest and-"

"Cork it." Harley said firmly, he was getting a headache for the shorter teen tends to ramble a lot, and Joey silently nodded his head. "You talk too much."

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