*** I made this after I heard Daughter & Servant of Evil velvet mix. I wanted to make a oneshot, I wanted to know what it feels like. But then it got kinda long... O_O Anyway, the background is the Story of Evil, other than that the plot is (kinda) mine. It's short, so... Enjoy~

Chapter 1: Meeting

"Death isn't enough. She needs to suffer forever, until the sun stops giving it's shine."

Walking with heavy steps, Kagamine Rin entered an unfamiliar room, though she'd be more familiar with that room in a few days, or weeks. It's the 6th time in her life, moving houses from one city, or country, to another. It wasn't bad, the hard part was always the ending, where she had to say good bye to someone close, or someone who she's about to be close to.

Rin put the last box in her room and sighed. She kept reminding herself not to collect so many things, because she knew it'd be trouble for her to pack and unpack everything. Rin couldn't help herself, every city she visited always amazed her in different ways. Nothing looked interesting in the city she was in, a small town named Ivels. Just another town and she just moved in to another apartment just like any other.

As the daughter of an archeologist, Rin's parents had to move around from one place to another, they were rarely home. Rin was used to it, and she kept saying the same things to her parents. She didn't mind being left behind while her parents work in the digging site. She felt fine, even though sometimes surrounded by so many new people, new surroundings, could make her feel not welcome.

'I should start unpacking these boxes now…' Rin said and opened one of the 5 boxes in her new room. There was a conference and Rin's parents had to attend that day. At night they'd go to the digging site. Busy as always.

'Maybe after I unpack all these boxes, I should go and take a walk around town?' Rin thought and start unpacking her collection from the previous city she was in.

Rin put the last item from her box, a mirror on her desk. It took her nearly 2 hours to unpack everything. She stretched her arms and looked at the clock. It was 11 AM; a stroll around town would be perfect.

She took her bright yellow coat and locked the door to her apartment. The weather was freezing and Rin thought maybe a coat wasn't enough for her. A scarf and gloves would be nice, but the condition wasn't that bad.

There were snow piling up in the streets and the trees, it must've snowed earlier. Rin was right, it's just another town. Buildings, and normal houses. In an intersection, Rin had to choose where to go, and she tried to remember the way back to her own apartment. To the right was a school building, Rin could see. While to the left were more houses, where should see go? Using her instincts, Rin chose to go to the left. Houses were in both sides of the road, so far nothing was interesting.

A few meters later, Rin could see less and less houses. Something caught her eye, a building that stood out, a building that didn't belong in that era. Rin walked towards that extremely old and fragile-looking building. It looked like it could come down any minute. A grey building with uncountable cracks here and there, it's twice the width of a normal house there. In front of it was a gate that could be taken down easily by 14 year olds like her. Surrounding the dark building were trees and more piles of snow, no houses were built next to the building.

Rin stood in front of the gate, so many large gaps were in the gate. Through those gaps she peered inside. The front door was there, chained with rusty steel.

Curious, Rin climbed up the gate, worrying the gate would come crushing down because of her weight. She jumped down, and the gate was fine. A little crooked than before, but no one would notice a little bent.

Rin walked towards the front door and held the chains that locked the only thing standing between her and the answer to her curiosity.

'Should I just go back?' She thought. That building didn't look like it belonged to anyone. Would anyone mind if she breaks the chains? The lock on the chains could only be taken off by some tools, tools belonged to blacksmiths or repairman.

Since the front door was out of option, Rin looked at the back of the building. The wall was bare, there was not even a window or a door. She walked all around and found something strange. The land she stepped on didn't feel right. Rin knocked on the ground with her foot, twice then three times, it felt and sounded hollow there.

Rin tried jumping on that land, and the fourth time she jumped, Rin didn't land on the ground, instead, thanks to her weight, she made a hole on the ground. Releasing a small scream that couldn't be heard by anyone, gravity pulled her down to darkness.

She'd never been that lost before. The only source of light was from the sun above her, and since the hole she created wasn't big, and in that cloudy day, only 5% of the light came through the hole. That couldn't help her find her way around. Rin began to feel a little regret, to come to that building wasn't such a good idea. She rubbed the wall around her. No, they weren't rocks, so she couldn't climb her way out of there. She couldn't jump out there, since she fell around 5 meters deep. The walls were metal, rusted metal, as expected from an old building.

'What should I do now?' Rin thought and thought, maybe she should walk around, again, following her instincts. Would that help her find her way out?

'I'll go straight from here.' Rin said and tried not to bump anything along the way.

A few seconds of walking later, her head hit a wall. It must be a dead end. Tapping it with her fingers a few times, Rin could tell it was a wooden door. She had nowhere else to go; could that wooden door help her leave the maze?

Using her body, she took down the door, leaving small pieces of wood lying here and there. She didn't know she could do that, or maybe the door really was fragile. Rin began to worry whether that fragile building would come down and crush her, she destroyed a door after all.

'No, I'm overreacting.' Rin thought and looked around the room she was in.

An empty room, with only one fire lighting half of the room in the fireplace. That was strange. An old building, had a fire that lights up brightly? Rin turned her attention, fully to the fireplace and took a few steps closer to it. She began to feel a chill, colder than the chill from the snowy weather outside. Something wasn't right about that room. She wanted to leave and return to her 'normal' life somehow. At the same time she wanted to know more about the building, she was interested on it.

She looked near the fireplace, was something that could be added to her collection. An hourglass, with… most probably, ordinary sand. Her fingers reached out for the hourglass and looked at it. Again, something odd about that room. That room had an hourglass, which didn't move. The sand should fall from the top to the bottom, why won't it fall? Rin stared at the three-legged hourglass. She kept that eccentric hourglass in her coat's pocket and again looked around the room.

That room only had one door, the one Rin destroyed a few moments ago. The exit from the labyrinth wasn't from that room.

It was dead silent there, Rin could hear her heart pounding and her own breathing. A bit nervous since complete silence and a bit of darkness made her nervous, who wouldn't be? Rin could always shout out for help, she was confident her voice could reach to someone's ears, Rin just wanted to know if she could escape by herself. Screaming and shouting would be her last option.

Rin looked at one edge of the room, a bit far from the fireplace. She couldn't see what was on the edge of the room; everything was vague in the darkness. Even with the fire she still couldn't determine what that thing was. Rin realized something glowed faintly around the edge of the room. A faint ruby light, and close to that ruby light was a sapphire light. Leaning closer to it, Rin then found out those were chains and without a doubt, chained to those two lights was a human. Gasped to see a human inside that puzzling room, she took a step back. She knew that building wasn't like any other. Another question in her head, was that human dead, or alive?

Leaning closer than before, Rin could tell he was a boy, probably the same age as she was, and from the look of his pale face, he didn't look so well. With a small fright in Rin's heart, she forced her fingers to check his pulse and breathing. His body was cold even so, he was alive. Breathing, and his heart was beating just fine.

'He's alive…' Rin didn't know which one was odder. To find a living boy in a deserted rusty place, or to find a dead boy in an unused old building. It's strange to find someone alive down there, while Rin didn't like being there one second. If she found dead bodies down there, it'd give her nightmares, but at least that made sense. That boy was alive, and that didn't make sense.

'Now that I think about it, nothing in this building makes sense.' Rin thought and began to wonder what she should do. She should free that boy from his chains, but would she do it? Rin could break down that door, but she wasn't sure if she could break those two chains that chained the boy's arms and legs.

Rin held the scarlet chains, if that boy ever wakes up, there are so many things she wanted to ask him. Without realizing it herself, Rin held the boy's cold chained hands, hoping in her heart the chains would break. Rin held the chains tightly in her arms, just a few moments ago only one question was in her head, she couldn't count how many questions were in her head.

The crimson chains' faintly lose its glow. As Rin wondered why, she heard a crack from both the chains. Within milliseconds the crack widens and widens, soon the chains completely lost its glow and began to rust. Everything happened so fast, Rin let go of her grip to the chains she held. Before her eyes the once red chains broke into millions of fragments, a sound, like broken glass attracted Rin's ears, and that sound came from the once blue chains, broken to pieces of rusty metal as well. The room that was once black turned to white, not as bright as the outside, but brighter than it was before. Without a doubt, Rin already decided that was her most bizarre day she'd ever lived.

Rin's eyes detected movements, slowly the blonde-haired boy's eyes opened. She waited for a reaction, what'd the boy say? What should she do?

"Are you okay?" With a soft trembled voice Rin asked. She didn't know whether she should talk to him or not. People say, 'don't talk to strangers.' That boy was beyond strange.

Rin could see a spark of shock, the boy felt twice the shock Rin felt. He gathered himself together, trying to tell whether he was in one of those dreams, or reality. The second he realized it wasn't a dream, he wrapped his arms around Rin, holding her tightly.

"Milady!" He shouted out, more than satisfied to have freedom. Let it be a dream, what matters was what he felt that time, it's the most realistic dream he ever had.

Rin in the other hand was speechless, she had no idea how to react, though she did see, a face filled with relief when he laid eyes on her. For some reason, Rin let the stranger wrapped his arms around her. She couldn't keep quiet, there were questions in her head, needed to be answered.

"Who… are you?" That question made him released his arms wrapping Rin. He looked closer, and a few seconds later his expression changed. He realized the girl in front of her wasn't the one he was waiting for.

"Forgive me I…" While the boy was lost in words, Rin was lost in her own mind. Waiting for the right time to ask the questions to him. He seemed nice judging by the way he talked. Why was she nervous? Rin thought, and since she didn't know the answer to that question, she asked the first question that linked up to the other questions lurking around in her head.

"Who are you?" It was probably hard for him to explain everything to Rin, and she could tell he'd tell quite a long story, unless that boy knew how to summarize well.

"My name is Len." He thought it wasn't a bad question, the easiest way to answer that question was to tell her his name, and telling her that was the easiest thing to do. Other than that, everything else was too complicated for him to tell.

"And yours is…?" Rin was too focused on the boy's figure and face, how they looked quite similar to each other. She didn't forget to answer that question, Rin was just 2 seconds late to answer it.

"Rin… My name is Rin." Len's jaw dropped as soon as he heard that, at the same moment Rin wondered what she'd done wrong that made him looked so surprised.

"Um…" He cleared his throat, and stared her the same way Rin stared him. How they looked somewhat similar. "It's a pleasure meeting you… here." Len looked around, according to his memory, nothing had changed.

'No, that's impossible… Something changed, time passed… If not, how could I meet her, here? I'm more than confident… this isn't a dream.' Len thought to himself and readied himself for another question from that mysterious girl, who looked alike to someone dear to him.

"What… are you doing here? I saw you asleep earlier, but…" Rin began to wonder if that was a dream or not. Meeting someone as… eccentric as Len, should be considered as a dream should it? No ordinary people would come across something like that.

"I'm… I was trapped, but then… The chains that tied me broke. I'm not sure how that happened, I'm happy enough to be free." Len looked at the place where there should be a door, all he could see was pieces of wood here and there. Somebody broke in? Could that someone Rin?

"How long have you been here?" From the clothes he was wearing, he looked like a peasant from fairy tales. Rin didn't know if it's normal for people in Ivels to trap people in an abandoned building. Then a thought occurred to her. A terrifying thought, could he be a convict or some sort? If she was blamed for releasing a dangerous criminal, that'd be a nightmare. Though, he looked, and probably was nice.

"Honestly, I don't know myself." Len looked down at his hands, he could still feel the chains tying his arms and legs. He was tied for such a long time, he could still feel it.

"I've been sleeping for… who knows how long. Until the chains broke. I thought I was dead, but when I thought about it, it's just a dream… Where I could see or hear nothing, and no matter how hard I try, I couldn't wake up. Until now." Len didn't know how it happened, but he was forever grateful that he was off the chains, and to finally speak the words out from his mouth, and able to see someone, not just plain darkness covering his eyes.

"May I ask, why are you here in this place?" Fantasy. Rin commented in her head. Was it even possible? To sleep for years… maybe hundreds or thousands of years… Rin was too busy, to separate fantasy and real life, she forgot what the question was.

"Do you at least know… What happened that made my chains broke?" Again, he looked at his arms, then his legs. Something happened, and that was the reason he could be 'human' again, and not just a wandering soul in dream land.

"I… held the chains, and suddenly… it broke." Rin waited. It was the only thing she could think of. Just wait, and then she'd judge whether it's reality of fantasy. In the other hand, Len's eyes widened in surprise. Maybe, her hands that held the chains were what made them broke?

"I'm not entirely certain, however I think that… you broke my chains, and that is the reason why, now I could wake up!" His voice sounded more to happiness, with a mixture of anxiousness. He stood up, and although he was unbalanced for a second, he was able to stand up properly.

"Thank you very much! I'm forever grateful for what you did!" Len kneel down right in front of Rin. Kneeling wasn't enough, he thought. If it wasn't for her, he'd still be sleeping, for another century, or longer than that. Len then remembered what he used to say, the main priority in his life.

"To repay you… If there is… anything that I could do, please name it. I will, it is a vow, that I would do anything for you." Being someone's servant was the main reason he was in that place. He didn't regret his actions, and Len didn't mind being Rin's servant for the rest of his life. She saved his life, and the least he could do to her was his loyalty.

"But I…" Rin didn't know how to respond to that. She couldn't just make someone she'd just met, and order him around.

"Please… Let me be your servant. Think of it as a favor from me. If I do not, repay you then… This guilt inside would destroy me…" Rin was still hesitant, she tried avoiding eye contact with him, since looking at his eyes made her guilty as well. Kneeling right in front of her,

"If you become my servant… Will you tell me everything that had happen to you?" Rin didn't quite understand anything about him, aside from the fact that his name was Len.

"Of course! Anything milady wants!" A habit he usually say, a habit he needed to throw away, Len thought. He had a new mistress, and the way to treat her must be different. Unless she wanted to be called that, then Len would automatically agree.

"Should I call you that from now on?" Rin didn't look comfortable, being called that, so she shook her head. Was it a good decision? A right decision? To take him as a servant?

'As long as… I don't order him to do anything, it'd be fine.' Rin thought, and gave her first order to Len.

"I'll… call you Len. And you have to call me Rin. I'm not a princess." Len stood up from he was kneeling and offered his hand.

"Your next order… Is for me to find the exit, correct?" Len's smile gave made Rin's heart skipped a beat, probably because it was a side she hadn't seen, and within minutes, she'd learn more about him. Slowly, Rin took his hand and stood up.

"Do you know… How to leave this building?" Her hand still with his, wondering when he'd let go. She wasn't holding his, Len was holding hers.

"I do. No need to worry, and please trust me. Let me lead the way. I'll make sure you will not trip, hit a dead end, or anything that would make you feel uneasy." A bit of doubt was on his face, had anything changed in the building? In that room, nothing had changed.

Once they went out from the 'hole' where the door was once there, Len knew something had changed. Where were the torches that usually lit up? Were they the only ones there? There should be at least one person, besides them, in that building.

'How many years have passed, since that day…?' He asked himself, and looked back at where Rin was walking. The clothes she wore was different, it's uncommon for women to wear pants, including peasants. In Rin's side, she wore them because she couldn't stand wearing a skirt in cold winter.

'More than… hundreds of years?' It depends, how humans developed, Len thought. The faster they leave, the faster his question, and Rin's question is to be answered.

The two of them could see a faint ray of sun light not so far from them. To find the exit, Len could only rely on his memories. There should be a plug, a lever, somewhere around there. Putting his hands on the wall, his hand felt most of the walls there were covered with rust. His thought aside, a few moments later Len found the lever he was searching for. Lucky for him, the lever wasn't stuck, or broken, with a small force in his hand, Len turned the lever clockwise which opened a hidden door on the wall that opened inches by inches.

A few turns later, the door completely opened, uncovering stairs that'd lead them to the surface. Again, leading the way, they went up the stairs in silence. Another door was above them, however that problem was easily taken care of by Len. He pushed the door with one hand, a little worried whether he pushed it too hard and would fall on them. His worry was for nothing and with a great sigh of relief, Len climbed up to the surface and pulled Rin up.

They were at the back of the building, not far from where Rin's hole. Len looked up at the clouded sky, what were those? A fort? A castle? So many large buildings in his two eyes. It's certain to him, that he'd fallen asleep for such a long time. So long, there were sturdy buildings everywhere.

'Compared to the castle, they are nothing… Compared to the houses the villagers have that time… It couldn't be pictured in my head, where the ruler of this kingdom lives.' Len thought. In the meantime, Rin stared at him in a moment. Len was looking at the houses around the neighborhood. Hadn't he seen houses before? Rin was new in Ivels, but she wasn't as shocked as him when she saw it. Rin decided to interfere Len's thoughts, she couldn't hold her curiosity much longer.

"Let's talk… in my apartment. Aren't you cold with those clothes?" She reminded him of how cold the weather was. His amazement of what had changed made him forget he was freezing. Before he responded, he needed to know what Rin was talking about.

"What is… an apartment?" Once he said that, Rin was sure Len wasn't a local there. Even though he knew where the exit to the building was, maybe he spent his life in that place? That was the only theory Rin could think of.

"It's a place where I live. This time, let me lead the way." Rin said, it'd be a long chat with him.