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Do You Love Me?

Chapter One

Another boring day at school, Sora was bored, he was always there on time and was never late. He sat writing in his text book, the note he made were nothing of great importance, he always seemed to understand what he was doing in lessons and never really needed help. His eyes lifted from his book to take a quick glance around him only one boy sat at the front of the class actually looked like he was paying attention, Riku. His long silver hair reaching down to his shoulders, how it always shined in comparison to any other he had ever seen in his life. Sora turned a light shade of pink just thinking about it, but why, it wasn't like he was…gay or anything, perish the thought, if he had any doubt in his mind, he had gone out with Kairi a few months back, surely that proved he wasn't gay…didn't it? Unfortunately, it ended in tears, Kairi had gone off with another guy, leaving poor innocent Sora alone. Riku had been there for him, like the best friend he was, to help him through it. And just like old times, it didn't take long for Sora to realise he had better things to do than be sad over someone who clearly didn't love him, it was like Riku had told him: "You deserve better than her Sora! Don't let that evil cow get you down, you know ill always look out for you no matter what." He remembered those words well, because deep down he knew he was right, but if it was right, then who did he deserve? He let his eyes wonder across a few of the people in the class as he thought 'let's see now, who would make a good partner' his eyes stumbled upon a short blond haired boy, his eyes deeper blue than Soras. 'Hm…maybe…he's good looking, cute, has a nice fashion sense, but Roxas is just to…senseless to realise he's being hit on.' Once again his eyes gazes across the room until he came across someone else, Wakka 'um…no' Sora just kept turning his head away looking around the classroom. He kept this up for a good 5 minutes, before his head turned back to Riku 'why am I thinking of him…it's like he's engraved into my memory or something' just then, it hit him. 'WAIT A MINUTE…' Sora thought for a moment keeping his eyes on Riku at all times 'all the people I just thought about, they were all guys, right? Could I really be…gay? His eyes fell down, as he thought a little more, 'come to think about it, I never really felt comfortable around Kairi, maybe I am gay after all.'

The bell suddenly struck for the end of the day, it was time to head home. Sora quickly stood up, grabbed his bag, put it over his shoulder then quickly caught up to his best friend. "Riku!" Sora shouted as he ran up to the older silver haired teen, slightly out of breath only to get the usual smile/grin from Riku, he never really knew which it was, but he knew which ever one, he meant well. "hey Sora. Want to come over to mine for a sleep over tonight, my parents are away on a trip again and I don't like the idea of being alone, what do ya say?" Sora felt a slight shade of pink tint his face but tried not to let Riku see as he replied shyly. "S-sure Riku…I'll have to run it by my mom first but I'm sure it wont be a problem" he quickly got out his Mobile Phone, flipped it up and dialled his mothers number, which of course he knew off by heart. "Hey mom, Riku asked me to stay at his over night, is that okay with you? Really? Okay then, love you to. Sayonara" he hung up quickly and turned to Riku with a smile "ok you're on" he saw Riku's signature smile fill his face as they walked towards Riku's house

They soon reached the house and walked in. it was pretty big, bigger than Soras house anyway, he liked being at rikus house, he didn't feel like he had to act around people, and he could just be who he was…well…almost. Riku and his younger teen friend walked slowly up to his room 'maybe I should tell him how I feel, wait…NO…I could never do that…what if…what if he doesn't feel the same. He might never speak to me again.' Sora was lost in thought. As they walked into his room, he saw masses of Manga books and Anime DVDs stacked shelves high "I cant believe you watch all these" Riku only smiled "if you want, we can watch some later. We have plenty of time to kill." Rikus voice had always been happy and content, especially so when Sora was around, it made him feel happy to make him smile.

The night quickly passed, it was almost eleven O'clock, Riku and Sora had resided to Rikus room and were playing video games. Suddenly a big screen came up on the T.V saying 'game over' and Sora threw his controller to the floor. "Awww, why do I always lose," Sora said and folded his arms and pouted cutely, Riku just laughed and replied "it's because your hopeless at video games Sora." Sora slumped down and put his head in his hands. "I'm sure you cheat Riku," Sora's voice was low and very annoyed. A horrible silence fell on the two boys, Riku looked out the window "hey Sora, want to play a game?" Riku asked with a small grin spreading across his face, he had a look in his eye that had lust, love, and something else that couldn't be named in them. "Is it a game I can win?" Sora asked innocently, his voice a little bit shaky. Riku dragged Sora off the floor and put him on the bed. He lay Sora down and proceeded to climb on top of him, pinning his arms by his side and putting one knee between Soras legs making the younger boy tighten up slightly from the sudden shock. "R-Riku, what are you-" before he could finish his sentence he felt Rikus lips slowly touch his own in a soft yet gentle kiss. Sora's deep blue eyes shot open as the shock hit him. It scared him, he didn't know how to respond. Before he understood what was happening, his body was acting for him. He had pushed Riku off of him and climbed off the bed in a hurry. "R…riku" Sora couldn't speak properly, his voice was croaky and was stammering. Riku sat up and looked at Sora with eyes that begged forgiveness. "S…sora. I…I didn't mean to push you into something, I just…" he put his hand on soras arm and he flinched and backed off. "Sora please…say something" Riku was now on the brink of tears. "S…stay away from me" he choked out, tears breaking and streaming from his face. He ran from Rikus room, down the stairs, and burst out the front door in floods of tears.

Sora bolted across the beach with blurred vision, his heart pounding against his ribs. 'W-what just happened?' the question repeated in his head. 'I thought I loved him? But if I do, why did I freak out?' He couldn't figureit out, this didn't make sense.

Sora was now in yards distance from his front door, which he collided with heavily. A woman with long brown hair ran in from the kitchen and took a sharp gasp when she saw Sora in tears and leaning against the door. "Oh my god! Sora what the hell happened?" she questioned, he voice soft yet worried but also demanding an answer

"Mom…" Sora cried, unable to say anything els e, his brain unable to create sentences that would actually make sense. Instead of asking anymore, she just took him in her arms, and let him cry it out until he was ready to talk

"Come on now, there's no need to cry" was all she said in a calming voice as The teenager began to cry again.

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