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Do You Love Me?

Chapter Four

The rest of the school day passed quickly, before he knew it Sora was walking home with Roxas, who now knew the full story and was sworn to secrecy.

"I still can't believe it!" The blonde announced to Sora who was standing a few steps to his right. Sora looked at him with a smile on his face but didn't say anything.

"Come on…what did you get up to in that classroom?" Roxas demanded, his curious nature getting the better once again. Sora thought carefully about how to word it and slowly drew a breath in as he started to talk.

"We just…talked about things…and then…he told me he loved me…in a Riku sort of way" Sora giggled at his childish way of putting it, but Roxas wasn't buying it, he knew something went down other than what he was saying. He knew because of the massive blush that he had when he caught Sora and Riku walking out of that class room he looked about ready to die from a blood rush or something.

"Well…I'll get it out of you one way or another…even if it kills me!" he announced again this time holding one arm in the air.

"What about you Roxas? How is your love life right now?" Sora asked attempting to get off the topic of Riku for a minute, but when he saw the blonde looking depressed he wished he hadn't

"W…well…" Roxas started unsure of where to start. "Axel…he….he told me it was over….and walked away…" Roxas let a tear slide down his face and then felt a hand on his back.

"Axels a jack ass! You can do WAY better than him Roxas. I'm sure there's someone our there waiting for you." Sora attempted to comfort his best friend, earning a smile of the blonde before they stopped at a corner.

"Well, this is where we part" Sora said smiling and Roxas nodded in recognition. He waved at his friend at he walked down the street that separated them.

"cya lover boy!" Roxas shouted with a grin on his face, Sora just glared for a second as he ran towards his house

"I'm home!" Sora shouted happily as he walked into the kitchen to greet his mother.

She smiled and kissed Sora's forehead.

"How was school honey, did you talk to Riku?" she asked, cautious of her sons reaction. Sora just smiled and nodded. "What did he say?" she asked, she was now curious, she hadn't seen her son smiling this much since…well ever!

"He told me he loved me…a..and I told him I loved him too…" Sora said going quiet and blushing.

"OH SWEETIE THAT'S SO CUTE!" his mother now had him in a death hug from all the excitement.

"Mom…C…can't breath" Sora gasped for air as she let him go going back to making dinner.

"Sorry…I'm just so happy for you!" she said the excitement still evident in her voice. "Oh, I was gonna tell you, I have to go to work tonight…I know you don't like being alone, so if you want you can ask Riku to stay over and watch…Oh…what is it that you like to watch Sora?…Those silly Japanese cartoons…" she pondered the thought for a moment, and looked for Sora to aid her in he thoughts. Sora rolled his eyes and giggled slightly.

"Anime Mom…it's called Anime. And what do you mean by silly…I'll have you know it's just as good if not better than those soap operas you watch!" he argued his point to his mother then realised the time. "You sure I can have Riku over?" he asked receiving a small nod from his mother

"But Sora…no shenanigans in the dark do I make myself clear!" Sora blushed a deep red as he walked up the stairs to his room '

Shenanigans! What movies has she been watching lately?'

Sora jumped onto his bed and lay on his bed. He removed his phone from his pocket and flipped it open. He dialled Riku's number and put the phone to his ear.

"Hey Sora!" an happy voice answered from the other end of the phone.

"Hey!" Sora answered back to the voice enjoying hearing the sound of his boyfriends voice "You wanna sleep over at mine tonight? Mom is going away on work again….so I could use some company and…I thought maybe we could…" Sora trailed off

"I'd love to. Can I come over now?" Riku sounded almost excited to stay at Sora's house

"U….uhm….y…yeah….sure" He blushed at Riku's words but smiled as well

"I'll see you soon then…Lover" Sora could almost feel Riku grinning down the phone and blushed deeply

"O…ok, cya then" he hung the phone up and lay down on his bed thinking about Riku.

"Sora….wake up!" a sliver haired teen stood over Sora shaking him lightly.

"w…wha…I don't wanna go to school" he turned over and tried to go back to sleep. The sliver haired boy climbed over the top of Sora and whispered in his ear

"If you don't wake up soon then you wont get any of what happened at school today" Sora's eyes shot open and he blushed heavily

"R…Riku! When did you get here?" he asked as he turned over to receive a passionate kiss from his lover, which he slowly returned

"A few minutes ago, your mom left us dinner, she said she had to go early so I'm in charge of you" he grinned widely having the high ground over Sora.

'Why don't I like the sound of that?" Sora thought as he felt Riku reach a hand behind him and place it on the back of his neck. Slowly, he brought their lips together in a heated kiss.

"No more words ok? I want to prove to you that I love you Sora…" Riku was blushing slightly himself, due to the fact he had never been this intimate with anyone before. Sora only nodded and kissed Riku again.

Riku quickly discarded of Sora's shirt, revealing his tanned chest and stomach, forcing a new blush to appear on his face. The sliver haired teen slowly started to kiss down the brunettes chest earning a moan from the younger boy. He felt something tugging at his shorts. They were quickly removed along with his boxers which made Sora completely open to Rikus ministrations.

Sora felt his boyfriend placing butterfly kisses down his body forcing a moan from his throat. Suddenly a familiar pleasure over took him, making Sora squirm under Riku as he started to suck on Sora's now fully hardened member.

"N…no….Riku I don't want that…please…I want to be yours…" Sora almost begged as Riku made his way back up to kiss the brunettes cheek

"Are you sure?" he asked his tone soft to hear. Sora just nodded again as Riku slowly lifted His legs so that they were over his shoulders. He slowly moved his hand down to Sora's entrance. He started to push one finger into Sora.

"A…ahhh…..Riku…..ahh" Sora spoke gasping at the sudden intrusion. Riku gave Sora a reassuring kiss as he inserted a second finger and started to move them around stretching him out.

"Sora…I can't wait anymore" Riku looked at Sora as he quickly looked up at him as he slowly removed the fingers.

"D…do it…Riku" Sora put his arms around his boyfriend as he felt Riku slowly push his member into his small hole. He gasped, wrapping his arms around the sliver haired teens neck letting the pain subside before anything else happened.

"I…is it to much?" Riku asked breathily…he admitted to himself that Sora was tight, he almost came when he pushed himself inside.

"M…move…" Sora said almost moaning as Riku began to move slowly and almost teasingly. Slowly Riku began to pick his pace up, earning a deserving moan from the boy underneath.

"R…riku…more….please…I want more" the brunette moaned out louder than before, as he felt his boyfriend picking up the pace to a more reasonable one. Riku groaned out, the tight walls around him felt good on his member. He took this moment to thrust high up into Sora, hitting his prostate dead centre.

"AH…OH GOD…RIKU MORE" Sora screamed at the top of his voice, pleasure slowly overtaking him. Riku complied with his lovers demands and quickly picked up his pace, each time hitting the sweet spot each and every time.

"Say you're mine Sora" Riku whispered in a deep voice, forcing a new blush to appear on Sora's face.

"I..ah…I'm…ah…yours Riku….Ahh…I'm gonna come" Sora breathed as he neared his climax.

Riku groaned again as he to neared his release. Slowly, he wrapped a hand around Sora's member and began to move his hand in time with his thrusts. Sora let our a loud moan and came over Riku's hand and over his chest. Riku groaned again and pushed up into Sora as deep as he could, releasing his seed deep inside him.

"R…riku…" Sora started panting as the older male pulled out of him and lay beside him. "I…I love you" he said putting his arms around his lover and closing his eyes.

"I…love you to Sora" they slowly fell asleep in each others arms, comforted by each others embrace.

The next morning Sora woke up before Riku. He sat up and looked out the window, watching the sun rise over the sea. He looked back at the boy sleeping soundly and thought about the night before. He was happy that Riku had accepted his love and returned it ten times over. He loved Riku, and he was glad he Riku loved him back. Sora smiled widely as Riku slowly opened his eyes and looked at him returning the smile. The sliver haired boy sat up and gave Sora a light kiss, which he returned gladly.

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