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I'll believe in you 'til the end.

Chapter 1.

I only want you!

It had been three months since Yuugi and Yami had fought that final battle, Yuugi had won, but Yuugi refused to let Yami leave for some reason and the gods had even granted him a body wich caused them all to question what the heck was going on. But this three months after had been very hard for little Yuugi, the other had ignored him completely and they where slowly growing apart, Yuugi never wore the Millenium Puzzle since he didn't need it anymore, they could very much talk to each other through their mindlink, if Yami hadn't refused to answer every time Yuugi asked for something. Yami had also begun in Yuugi's class named Yami Atemu, making it even harder for him to not answer the hikari, but he didn't, not in any way did he answer the little ones call. Words reached them soon that Marik had come back, but this time not to try to take over the world, but to gain Malik's love, wich he supposedly did, soon Bakura appeared as well, he started in their class just a week after Yami did. Anyway, slowly, but surely, Yuugi began falling into that darkness Yami had kept him from, he was the only reason Yuugi didn't fall into the deep depression. In the beginning, Yuugi just smiled and pretended to be okay, but after a while it began to show, he'd show up at school with red eyes and deep bangs under his eyes, his friends worried a lot about him. But no one knew the reason to Yuugi's depression and he wasn't about to tell them either. And thus, Yuugi's life was slowly coming to a stop, after two months, he stopped showing up at school, his friends came to the game shop he lived in every day, giving him the homework, and try to ask Yuugi why he didn't show up, but they never got any answer except.

"I don't feel like it" was the only answer and they could all notice the emptiness in his voice, but didn't say anything, that's when they noticed the odd air between the hikari and the yami. Both refused to say anything.

Anzu sighed as they all exited the game shop.

"What's wrong with those two?" she asked, worried that they'd had a fight and not gotten over it. Jounouchi shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know.. maybe ya should ask'em!" he stated, she glared at him and he glared back.

"What.. I do care about them!" he said, defending himself. As a matter of fact, Jounouchi was probably the one who was most worried, but he just didn't know how to explain or show it, a car stopped in front of them and the window was rolled down.

"So you where here!" Kaiba stated, glaring up at Jounouchi, who turned deep red and nodded.

"Sorry for being worried about my friends then!" he growled, but walked around the car and opened the door.

"See ya tomorrow!" he said and got into said car before it sped off, Honda and Anzu stared after them.

"Okay, I'm totally fine with Kaiba picking up Jounouchi every damn day and stuff, but seriously, I almost thought Jounouchi would bite his head off for almost insulting Yuugi and Yami!" Honda said, Anzu nodded.

"I guess those two really are close then!" Honda nodded and looked at the window to Yuugi's bedroom.

"I just wish it was like that between those two too.. wait, not with all that lovey-dovey, but like.. friends!" Honda said, Anzu stared at him before she nodded as well.

"Yuugi.. I can barely recognize him anymore, he is so.. different.."

"Hm.. Honda, Anzu?" someone called and they turned, Yami stood before them, his school bag easily hung over one shoulder and he looked quite relaxed at the moment, this of course, made Honda snap. He grumbled about something close to 'stupid Pharaoh' and walked off, not even saying bye, Anzu stared after him, Yami just blinked at this.

"What.. was that about?" he asked, Anzu turned to him and looked down at the ground. She didn't know wherever she should just confront him or not, seeing that Yami's pride could fight that of Kaiba's. This surely had something to do with him being a former Pharaoh.

"It's..." she began, then she sighed.

"It's because of Yuugi!" she said, she heard Yami take a deep breath and saw him turned away.

"Oh.." was all that came and for the first time in her life, she felt real angry at the former Pharaoh.

"Atemu!" she howled and and he turned, only to get slapped in the face. He stared wide eyed at her, mostly in shock, but also disbelief as a hand flew up to his face.


"Don't Anzu me! We're so worried about you and Yuugi and yet you act like it's nothing.. can't you see how he's falling apart, you are important to him, that's why he didn't want you to leave for the afterlife either, you are his closest friend and you two knows things about each other we don't.. why are you ignoring him! Can't you see how much it takes for Yuugi not to start crying in class every day, he is always like that, when he arrives at school, he looks like he has been crying, whenever we meet him it's like that.. he also looks like he isn't sleeping or eating well! Please, I beg you Atemu, do something before we loose Yuugi for good!" she said, all at once and looked up at the former Pharaoh, who stared back, a little confused, then he looked away, pain and agony flew across his face and Anzu blinked. She hadn't really expected that kind of emotions to show.


"I'm not.. I can't, I'm scared of what I'll do.. if I get close to him.." Yami whispered, Anzu furrowed her eyebrows.

"Why? What would you do to him!"

"That's the problem Anzu, I'm scared I'd loose control and hurt him and I'm scared of what I'd do to him.. I can't do that.. he is so innocent.. so pure, he is the light, he keeps the darkness in a balance and I don't want to disturb it.. I don't want to see him hurt" Yami managed to cry out, covering his eyes with a hand and biting his lower lip hard. Anzu sighed.

"You've already hurt him.. worse than you could ever imagine.. do you remember the time when you let the seal of Orichalos and you lost Yuugi's soul, remember how empty you felt when you lost him.. that's how he feels now!" she stated loudly, Yami stared at her in shock, then he nodded slowly, realising that maybe it was all wrong to not talk to his hikari about whatever he felt.

"But.. what if he hates me.. I can't, I don't want him to hate me!" he nearly shouted and Anzu stared at him.

"He won't!" Yami looked up at her.

"How do you know?" he asked.

"That's how Yuugi is! Remember, Yuugi is the light, he can never hate a person, even if they nearly kill him, he won't hate you either!" Anzu said, she then opened the door to the game shop and pushed the teen through.

"Talk to him, or I'll call Jounouchi and make him beat you up!" she said, the former Pharaoh paled, but nodded and turned away from her.

"Thank you.. Anzu.." he said and she smiled.

"That's what friends are for, now go and talk to him Atemu!" Yami nodded.

"Yuugi?" Yami asked as he opened the door slowly, thanking Ra that gramps had left to visit some old friends as Yami came home, he didn't want to get the old mans attention while talking to his hikari. Said hikari, was lying on the bed, on top of the covers and sheets, curled up in a ball and sleeping, he noticed that the skin around Yuugi's closed eyes where red and tear stained. Yami walked over and sat down on the bedside, he brushed some of the bangs out of the sleeping hikari's face. The teen stirred, but didn't awake. Yami looked over and saw the Millenium puzzle lying on the desk, he picked it up and closed his eyes, the next thing he new, he was standing in the hall between their soul rooms and he wasn't really keen on entering his own, instead he turned to Yuugi's door, it was closed and it had an ire feeling to it.

"Yuugi, are you in there?" Yami asked, knocking softly on the door, there was no answer so Yami tried the door, finding it unlocked, the door slid open and Yami smiled at the toys scattered around the place, in the middle of it all, in a ball of sheets and pillows laid the hikari, his breathing was slow and very low compared to how he usually breathed when he was sleeping. Yami walked over and sat down beside him.

"I'm so sorry Yuugi.." he whispered, he laid a hand on the boy's head, feeling the soft, tri-coloured hair underneath his fingers, he mused on how to tell Yuugi his feelings and how he'd react.

"I.. Yuugi, I know that I've been a real bastard these past months, for ignoring you and stuff, but I was scared you'd come to hate me if I told you why.. I was also scared of what I'd do to you if I did stay around you, you are my hikari and my light.. everything about you is so.. innocent and pure, I could never forgive myself if I spoiled these innocent thoughts of yours, even if my feelings for you have made it long past friendship and brotherly feelings... I.. I'm sorry aibou.. I love you.. and I want you, but I don't want to hurt your well being and that pure you.." he explained to the sleeping hikari, who seemed to feel his hands and stretched out for it, he smiled into the hand and breathed deeply against it. Yami smiled.

"I'm sorry.. I will try to make it up to you.. maybe in the future, I can't do anything now.. not when I'm so.. in love with you" Yami looked away.

"Why not now?" a small voice whispered, his eyes went wide and his head jerked back, staring down at Yuugi, whose eyes where open and filled with tears, it took all of Yami's pride and focus not to cuddle the smaller teen and kiss the tears away. He backed off slightly as the drowsy teen sat up.

"Y-Yuugi?" Yami turned beet red and noticed that Yuugi was in fact blushing as well, Yuugi sighed and looked down. Suddenly the former Pharaoh felt something cold hit his face, he blinked and noted that one of the toys had in fact been used as a rock at the moment, Yami stared at Yuugi in shock, then he looked down.

"I'm sorry.. if you hate me-" there he stopped as the other teen threw himself at him. He fell hard and hit his head as he stared into two violet orbs.

"NO! I don't hate you!" Yuugi cried out, tears dropping from his eyes again as the blush darkened. Yami reached out and tried to dry the tears, but only more came and he nearly gave up.

"Please Yuugi, don't cry.."

"Why! It's your fault!" Yuugi shouted and used his small hand to hit the other's chest, it didn't really hurt the former Pharaoh, but his heart ached and Yami gritted his teeth, then he shot up and dragged the teen into a deep hug.

"Please Yuugi, listen too me.." he said, Yuugi looked away and tried to wriggle out of the hold, but the former Pharaoh was too strong for him. Yuugi hit him again, this time in the face and the grip on him loosened enough for him to sit back up, but when he looked at the former Pharaoh, he gasped, eyes widening in shock. Yami was obviously trying to look away and hide his eyes with a hand, tears where streaming down his cheeks and a red, embarrassed blush had made it's way to his face.

"A-Atemu?" Yuugi asked, he got off the teen and tried to move the hand off the yami's face, Yami gritted his teeth and backed off. Now using both hands to shield his salty tears from his hikari.

"Please.. why did you want me to stay if you only want me to go away! I know I hurt you, but you only push me away when I try to make it up again.. I don't want to loose you, but you are-" Yami whispered, he sounded broken, empty in a way Yuugi had never heard him before.

"Atemu.. I didn't mean-"

"I'm sorry, if I had known.. I wouldn't have stayed.. I only hurt you" Yami managed to get to his feet and stagger over to the door, Yuugi got up as well, reached out his hands.

"Atemu.." Yuugi whispered as Yami walked through the door.

"NO!" Yuugi shouted and threw himself around the other's waist, making the former Pharaoh loose his balance and fall forward. Yami groaned as he managed to shield his hard fall with his hands, he tried to move around, but Yuugi's hold on him made it impossible.

"Yuugi, move off, I can barely breath" Yuugi shot up and turned beet red.

"I'm so sorry Atemu.. I just.. didn't want you to leave.." tears welled up in his eyes again and Yami gritted his teeth and dragged the teen into a new hug, this time Yuugi didn't fight back.

"I'm sorry too, for not realising earlier!" Yami stared into the other's eyes.

Yami sighed and opened his eyes, he laid the Millenium Puzzle back onto the desk and turned around, just in time to see Yuugi stir and open his eyes, they made it around the room and landed on Yami.

"Thank God.. I thought it was a dream" the boy whispered, tears coming to his eyes again, Yami ran over and grabbed the boy's face.

"Nothing you saw was a dream Yuugi!" Yami said, Yuugi laughed and wrapped his hands around the larger teen. Yami smiled and closed his eyes, listening to the cute laughter that resonated through the room and made an echo in his mind.

"I.. Yuugi, is it okay.. to.. I mean" Yami blushed, back in ancient Egypt, when he was a Pharaoh, he could say pretty much everything without anyone getting angry at him, but he had never spoken the words of love, he had never been this intimate either, he had brushed close to Mana when he was still a prince, but no love was sparked between them either. So speaking about such things now, made the former Pharaoh slightly bothered.

"Hm?" Yuugi hummed, staring into the other's eyes.

"Can I.. um.. kiss.. you?" Yami asked, pouting at his own behaviour. Yuugi turned deep red and his eyes went wide. He looked down at the bed before he nodded slowly.

"I.. okay.. I guess.." he mumbled, Yami stared into his eyes with as much love as he could manage to put into it, it made Yuugi blush even more, then the former Pharaoh leaned in, just an inch or so from the other's lips, Yami stopped, he looked into Yuugi's eyes once more before he brushed his lips against the other, it sparked something deep within them both and Yami pressed more on the kiss as a low sound escaped Yuugi's lips as Yami moved away, they looked into each other's eyes before Yami leaned into and captured the hikari's lips, roughed this time and it made Yuugi moan.

"A-Atemu.." the teen whispered through their mindlink, unable to form any words as the former Pharaoh's tongue licked Yuugi's lips, asking for entrance. Yuugi accepted and the tongue darted inside, maping the smaller teens mouth. Moans where now making it's way through Yuugi's mouth and mind, sending small blows down Yami's body to a certain place, he let his hands slide from the teens shoulders, then to his chest, he could feel the boys heartbeat through the fabric as he moved to open the shirt, Yuugi, who was too far into the kiss, didn't even notice until Yami forced him to lay down and the former Pharaoh broke the kiss and began kissing down the boys neck and to the two small, pink nubs on the teens rising and falling chest.

"Cute.." Yami mumbled before he took one of the nubs into his mouth and sucked, a shocked gasp, mixed with a moan escaped the teens mouth as fingers clenched the sheets, Yami bit the nub softly and the backed off, blowing cool air on the nearly red nub, he smirked, Yuugi squirmed underneath him and letting out small mewls as Yami took the other nub into his mouth, giving it the same treatment as the first one, Yuugi let out a moan when Yami bit it this time.

"A-Atemu-" Yuugi tried to moan out, but stopped when a hand, wich had been resting on his stomach, slowly moved to the hem of the boys pajamas pants, slowly dragging them down. Yami placed feather light kissed down the smaller teens stomach, only to dart his tongue into Yuugi's belly button, the teen gasped at this and held back another moan. Yami hummed at the feeling and smiled when Yuugi bucked up at the feeling of the tongue and let out another moan.

"Yuugi.." Yuugi opened his eyes, wondering when he had shut them and looked at Yami, who's crimson eyes showed only love and lust for the smaller teen, who blushed at the sight and closed his eyes.

"Yuugi, don't look away!" Yami whispered huskily through their mindlink, he didn't really know what was going himself, he only knew that he was about to loose control and that would be bad.

"B-but.. Atemu-" Yuugi groaned when Yami managed to pull the fabric restraining him off, Yami wasn't the least shocked to see the small member erect, but he hadn't expected him to get hard so fast.

"Nh.." Yuugi let out, then he let out a shout as Yami bent down at took the whole length into his mouth, he sucked once, sirkling his tongue around, trying to find the most sensitive spots on the younger boys length. Yami scraped his teeth along a vein and Yuugi moaned out loud, Yami, liking the sound he managed to get out of his hikari made him suck hard, testing and it had the effect he wanted, Yuugi's moan turned halfway into a scream as he bucked his hips upwards, wanting Yami to do that again, in wich Yami did.

"Ahn.. A-Ate-ATEMU!" Yuugi screamed as he finally came after several hard sucks from the other teen, Atemu, new to this feeling didn't want to loose it and swallowed everything of the weird tasting liquid.

"Atemu.." Yuugi whispered, he opened his eyes again and crimson, lustfilled met violet, tearful and loving eyes. Yami sat up with a pleased sigh, suddenly he felt a hand on his own member, being restricted by the school uniform jeans, he almost jerked into that hand when he remember whose it was.


"Let me.." the boy whispered, Yami stared at him with mouth wide open, he hadn't ever thought his litte innocent hikari would say something like that, not in this situation anyway. The zipper on his pants went down and soon the pants themselves was resting around the former Pharaoh's knee's, said teen was currently bucking in as a shy and trembling hand touched his length. Yuugi looked up at him, stroking the length once and watching, trying to find out if his action did something to Yami. Yami let out a large moan and forced himself not to jerk into the hand that had closed around his member.

"Y-Yuugi.. oh Ra, how good.." the teen managed between clenched teeth and moans, Yuugi smiled and soon he reached up, momentarily stopping the small trusts, Yami blinked, but soon yelped as he was dragged down to the bed, quickly straddled by Yuugi.

"Yuugi?" Yami asked, slightly confused, that is, until Yuugi bent down and completely covered the teens length with his mouth, sucking once for test, making Yami groan and clamp a hand into the other's spiky hair, then Yuugi sucked hard, trying to find out how it would feel. Yami's eyes widened at the feeling and he let out a long moan.

"Oh Ra.. Yuugi!" he managed through their mindlink, Yuugi sucked even more and went deeper, Yami moaned when he felt the sensation of being brought close to the edge by the one person he had lover in 3 millenia. Suddenly Yuugi went even deeper and a strangled gasp escaped the tanned teens lips, Yami had never been deep-throated before and the feeling of being so let out something that could be a groan and yet a moan, it made them both blush, suddenly Yami groaned and his fingers tightened in the spiky tri-coloured hair.

"Ra, Yuugi.. I'm-" Yuugi might have understood this, the darkening blush on his face just stated that, but instead of backing off, he sucked hard and hummed, Yami groaned as he released into the teens mouth. The afterglow made him smile and drag Yuugi up to cuddle him, the smaller teen blushed as Yami kissed him, tasting himself and finding it enjoyable that Yuugi had done the same favour as he had done for him.

"Yuugi, I love you" Yami whispered, Yugi blushed and smiled. He looked into the former Pharaoh's eyes and opened his mouth to answer.

"Yuugi, are you okay up there?" someone called, Yuugi turned deep red.

"Oh god, gramps.."

"Shit!" Yami grabbed Yuugi clothes, he dumped them on top of the other, who crawled underneath the sheets and got them on, he had to cover up the sweat and cum that was on the covers though.

"I'm gramps.." Yuugi called as Yami managed to get into the white shirt and pants, then he grabbed his uniform jacket and placed in on his chair, he dragged the other teen into a deep kiss before he saw down, chuckling at Yuugi's red face. The door opened and the old man entered, Yuugi was sitting on the bed and blushing, whilst glaring at the former Pharaoh, who where smirking back.

"It's good to see that you two have become friends again!" the man stated as he sat down a tray of food, Yuugi stared at it and smiled to him.

"Yes.." Yuugi said, Yami chuckled and hid his small blush by looking out of the window. The sky was darkening and clouds gathering, Yami sighed.

"A storm is coming!" he commented, Yuugi and gramps looked at him.

"What are you talking about Atemu?" Yuugi asked. Yami shook his head and smiled to the other two, he closed his crimson eyes for a second.

"It's nothing.." he said softly.

"I love you.. aibou" Yuugi blushed.

"I- um.. I love you too" Yami looked at the smaller hikari, then he smiled.

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