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Chapter 9.

A Happy Ending?

There was a long silence between them, their precious friend, cousin, rival and lover where gone, why?

"No.. Atemu.." Yuugi was crying badly, while Honda was about to cry, Jounouchi was trying to hide the tears falling from his eyes as well, but he failed.

"Come on damnit!" Kaiba cursed, and tried to get the teen back to life again, suddenly there was a sharp intake of breath and several coughs, Jounouchi and Yuugi stopped crying at once while Honda wiped away his tears. Kaiba backed off with a please smile and wrapped an arm around his own boyfriend to soothe him.

"A-Atemu?" Yuugi asked as he saw crimson eyes open and search for the voice that called out for him.

"Y-Yuugi?" he asked back, his voice was cracked and hoarse, but at least he was alive. Yuugi let out a cry of happiness and threw himself at Yami, who blinked back before wrapping his arms around Yuugi. His eyes flew around the group.

"W-what happened?" he asked.

"Anzu nearly strangled you to death" Honda said, Yami nodded.

"That much I gathered, but how am I still alive?"

"Um.. that's all thanks to Kaiba" Yuugi said, blushing as he sent Kaiba a pout.

"Eh.. how?" Yami asked, he was afraid of the answer as Kaiba stared at him.

"CPR.." the CEO said and smirked back as a police car stopped by the alley, an ambulance did so as well and they were soon by Yami's side. Yuugi smiled at them and joined his boyfriend for the travel to the hospital. Then he looked around.

"What.. oh god, I forgot about the twins"

"They're okay" Bakura said, Yuugi turned to him.

"When did you-"

"Just arrived.. Ryou's taking care of them" Bakura said and Yuugi gave him a grateful smile.

"Thank you.. both.." the doors closed and the ambulance left, the police grabbed Anzu and took her away while Kaiba and Jounouchi said bye to Seth, though the two living ones glared at Seth, who noticed this.

"What is the matter?" he asked formally.

"Ya didn't know?" Jounouchi asked with anger in his voice, his hand flew to his stomach and Seth nodded, furrowing his eyebrows.

"The Pharaoh told me.. but I can assure you.. I did no such thing as to hurt you.. or my reincarnation in any way.." Seth said before he dismissed himself. Kaiba sighed and Jounouchi looked at him.

"What's wron' Seto?" he asked, Bakura had left to join Ryou while the two of them made it to the hospital.

"It's just.. I find myself stupid enough to believe him" Kaiba said, it hadn't been long since he had come to term with being the reincarnation of an ancient spirit and now he had to cope with this as well.

Yuugi sighed and dried another tear that slipped from his eyes. Yami was lying in bed, sleeping. His breath came out a little odd, but the doctors said it was because he was nearly strangled so his throat would be constricted and painful for the following days. Yuugi looked at the former Pharaoh's neck and swallowed, his neck was covered with a dark bruising, it had turned from light purple to dark purple and black in the matter of a few minutes and Yuugi got guilty every time he thought about it.

"This is all my fault.." the teen mumbled to himself, he swallowed another sob and looked at his boyfriend. He reached out and grabbed his hand, searching for some sort of sign that this wasn't just a dream and that he was just going insane from seeing his lover die.

"Yuugi?" the voice brought him back to reality and Yuugi felt tears fall from his eyes again. Yami sat up and reached out, he pulled Yuugi into a hug and closed his eyes, while his nose nuzzled into his spiky hair.

"Yuugi, it's okay now.." Yami whispered.

"But.. if I hadn't told you.. to.. go.. to the store.. then this.. wouldn't have.. happened.." Yuugi cried, Yami sighed and tightened his grip around Yuugi.

"Yuugi, this isn't your fault.. Anzu is the one to blame for this!" Yami told the hikari, who was crying against the other's chest.


"Yuugi, it isn't!" Yami said, pulling away so he could place his palms against the other's cheek, wiping away the tears. Yuugi looked into the ex-Pharaoh's crimson eyes and smiled weakly.

"Okay.." Yuugi said with a sigh, though he knew it wouldn't be that easy, because Yuugi was born that way, easily guilty and it didn't matter if it was something he did or other, he'd still feel guilty.

"Good.. now, what about the twins?" he asked, Yuugi furrowed his eyebrows.

"Ryou-kun is taking care of them.. Bakura said so" Yuugi said.

"Thank Ra, I hadn't ever forgiven myself if I let Bakura take care of them, who knows what the tomb robber would do.." Yami said with a groan of relief, Yuugi though, just giggled.

The case against Mazaki Anzu went by painfully slow, but Yugi and rest soon got to leave the court as Anzu was given ban on visits as well as a good time in jail, she was forced to go see a psychologist and to never appear in front of Yami and Yuugi again. Thus she was also fined a nice amount of money to pay back to the one who had been hurt in this. Kaiba made sure Yami and Yuugi had the best lawyer that there was to find in Japan, and Jounouchi was very proud to say that his boyfriend did indeed care about the couple who had been hurt badly, Kaiba also put up other files on Anzu, such as nearly punching Bakura to death in class, vocal degrading of gay couples in the public. To say Anzu was disappointed when she heard all the files that she had against her was an understatement, but there was barely any lawyer that wanted to help. Mazaki Anzu, was now officially a criminal and no longer a friend of the gang. When Anzu had been lead away, she gave Yami one last desperat look before she disappeared, Yuugi and Yami could then let out a sigh of relief.

The bells were chiming, Yami looked up at the huge cross hanging on the wall. The once Pharaoh was very nervous at the moment and it seemed all of his friends liked to tease him about it.

"It's going to be okay" he heard behind him and he turned his head.

"You think so?" he asked.

"It is going to be all fine Yami, it really is" Ryou said and smiled.

"Okay.. I hope so.." he looked at the men standing beside him. It was Jounouchi, Ryou, Malik and Honda, they all smiled at him too. On the other side, Shizuka, Yuugi's mother, Ishizu and Mai stood, they were all smiling as well. He looked out on all the people again. There was Duke, Mokuba, Sugoroku with Kaiba and Jounouchi's son Seth, Yuugi's father with the twins, the Hopkin's family, Bakura, Marik with Emma, Rishid, Reshen, and someone Yami recognized as Yuugi's aunt and uncle, and their two children. Even Leon von Schroeder was there. Raphael, Amelda and Varon from the case with the Orichalcos seal was there as well and Yami gave them a smile, thus making them smile back. Then the doors opened and Yami looked towards it, then gawked.

"Holy.. Ra" was all that came from the young man's mouth. Before him and the rest, Yuugi entered, he was lead Kaiba, who had been chosen to lead Yuugi. Yuugi was wearing a white suit with purple tie and other ornaments that fit his eye -and hair colour well, Kaiba though, wore a usual suit. Indeed, Yuugi looked like an angel, the only thing missing was the wings and glory. Kaiba followed the young man up to the altar before he took his place beside Jounouchi. Yami took Yuugi's outstretched hand and both smiled as they turned towards the priest.

"Finally.." Yami said through their mindlink as the priest talked, he knew those lines, but didn't bother to follow up since he was too nervous and impatient to get over with it.

"Do you, Yami Atemu, take this man to be your lovely wedded husband?" the priest said, Yami blinked and then he smirked.

"Yes I do!" he said, maybe sounded a little to eager.

"Do you, Muto Yuugi, take this man to be your rightful wedded husband?" he then asked Yuugi, who blushed. Yami's nervousness grew now, because he feared Yuugi would say no and run off.

"Yes I do!" Yuugi said and Yami felt relief wash over him.

"Then, give each other the rings.." the priest said, Yami smiled and put the gold ring on Yuugi's finger before he did the same.

"You may kiss the groom.." the priest told them with a smile as Yami leaned in a stole a kiss. Yuugi blushed at this, but smiled never the less.

"Then, I pronounce you married!" the priest finished, thus everyone in the church began to clap, smiling and cheering for the two wedded.

"I love you Yuugi" Yami whispered through their mindlink as they walked down the floor towards the exit, they both looked forward to the end of this, when they did however reach the exit, they was stopped and forced to be the centrum of picture taking and squealing girls. Ryou handed them their four year old twins before he joined Bakura, Ryou held a hand over his growing stomach, of course everyone knew that Ryou was due in one month and Yuugi had looked forward to it. Malik held his one and half year old boy, Atu. While Marik held four years old Emma in his arms.

"Thank you all for coming today" Yuugi said with a big smile as Hikari giggled from his arms. He smiled down at her before Yami and Yami junior was pressed close to them, thus letting people take even more pictures. Yuugi's parents had long since approved of the two of them being together, but it did not stop Yuugi's mother from being the typical mother\fangirl now and then. Yami smirked and took Yuugi's hand.

"Let's give them what they want.." Yami whispered into the other's ear, making Yuugi blush. Before Yami brought their lips together, they closed their eyes as they heard all the females squeal and pictures was taken.

"It took us four years.. but I'm damn happy that we finally married!" Yami told him through their mindlink as they parted, their twins looked up at them with each their shocked expression.

"It did, I happy too" Yuugi answered timidly.

"Now then, let's party!" Jounouchi and Duke said at the same time, Kaiba raised an eyebrow at this, but didn't stop the blonde and the dicer to force the married couple towards the party, everyone else just snickered at the two's entusiasm and walked after them.

The door opened and a couple of children ran into the hall.

"We're home!" the girl shouted.

"Oh, welcome home Hikari, Yami.. oh, welcome Seth" Yuugi, he came walking into the hall with a smile on his face. The twins ran over to him and both laughed when Yuugi blushed as another person entered the house.

"Seth's staying with us until Kaiba is finished with work, Jounouchi has a late shift today!" Atemu, smiling to his husband and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Welcome home Atemu" Yuugi said with a smile.

"Daddy, what's to dinner, I'm starving!" Yami complained, he had, just like his parents, short, spiky hair, but he had Yuugi's bangs, except for the one in the middle that was always shorter, he had Atemu's eye-shape, but Yuugi's purple colour.

"Yeah, me too.." Hikari said, Seth stared at them before he nodded, he was very unlike his parents, he had a timid and shy nature, but could be very bold and outwards when someone tried to hurt those close to him. He had blonde, shipped hair and cold blue eyes, though their had no maturity in them as all the innocence had been preserved within them. Hikari had long, black hair, with the same contour has her parents, and like her eye colour it was crimson red, she had Atemu's wild hair and also those wild bangs that seemed to stuck out everywhere. The missing bang in the middle was located on her forehead too.

"Haha.. I'm making dinner as we speak, why don't you take of the rest of your clothes before you come in hm?" Yuugi said, laughing at the children's dumbfounded looks. Atemu chuckled and toed out of his shoes, he hung up his jacket and walked into the kitchen.

"Mm.. smells delicious!" he commented, this the children got into a francy, trying to enter the kitchen and get out of the clothes at the same time. This made Yuugi laugh.

"So.. how was school?" Yuugi asked as the children all came over to the table.

"Boring.. as usual.." Hikari said with a frown.

"It wasn't.." Yami stated. The parents laughed of their opposite feelings for school before Seth smiled up at them.

"Are you going to come to daddy's birthday as well?" he asked. Yuugi and Atemu had learned that daddy was Jounouchi, while father was Kaiba.

"Yes indeed we are!" Yuugi said, smiling to Atemu, who smirked.

"So.. his one year older as well!"

"We're just as old as him!" Yuugi stated, Atemu chuckled.

"Well, he is born in January.. we are born in June.." Atemu said.

"It's not that much difference Atemu" Yuugi complained.

"But still.." Atemu whined, making the children laugh.

"Dad, your so silly.. it's not that long, it's just 6 months.. it's barely under that even.." Hikari said, she had, compared to her boring vision of school, gotten high scores on all math tests since first class.

"I know Hikari.." Atemu pouted.

"Stop being so silly Atemu, we're all grown ups, it doesn't matter if there's only 6 months now.." Yuugi said and Yami chuckled.

"Okay then, after you have finished your dinner, Atemu will help you with homework.. though I think it wont be needed" Yuugi finished, it was true though. Hikari and Yami were both smart, but Seth had gotten his father's brain, thus he was practically a genius.

"Yes~" all three chirped.

The night had fallen hours ago, Yuugi sighed as he closed the door to the twins room before he walked into his and Atemu's room.

"They're asleep now.." Yuugi said, dropping onto the bed and was hugged by Atemu.

"That's good.." they both stayed like that, wrapped in each other's arm for a while before Yuugi figured he'd get into his pajamas. Atemu groaned in disappointment when the other left him.

"Come on Atemu, I'm just getting into the pajamas.." Yuugi said with a soft chuckle.

"Man, your ass looks really nice with the shadows on the moon!" he got back and Yuugi blushed deep red. Atemu had dragged down his boxer on purpose.

"A-Atemu!" Yuugi glared playfully, knowing it didn't work either way.

"You remember that game we had, years ago?" Atemu asked while he sat down on the bed again, Yuugi turned to him and furrowed his eyebrows.

"Wich one?"

"The silent game?" Atemu said, watching Yuugi go deep red.

"W-what about it? Yuugi asked.

"Let's try it again, just that this time.. your stakes are different" Atem said, he was planning on winning, but he didn't want to be degraded to a low life during the next month, Yuugi chuckled and kissed the other deeply.

"Hm.. maybe I will, what about.. I'll top from onwards until the month has ended?" he asked. It was one of the few things that made Atemu go deep red. In fact, Yuugi had already topped him several times, not that many, but enough for Atemu to be used to it so he just smirked.

"Okay, I can work with that.." he said and brought the other close to himself.

"Prepare yourself.. I wont go easy on you" he whispered as he quickly pulled the other to the bed. Yuugi giggled and moaned when the other licked him.

"I-I know that.. ahn.. Atemi, I don't expect you to either!" Yuugi stated.

Two lives, once within one body.

A battle between love and death.

The two earned their own lives.

Yet they didn't leave one another.

They swore their love to each other.

To always be there for each other.

No matter what.

Even after death they gained their paradise together.

The Pharaoh who finally found peace.

Shared with his lover, and husband.

The hands of Ra around them.

Protecting them for all eternity.

Atemu and Yuugi.

They who now rests together.


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