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This is not going to be an evil Dumbledore fic. There is just too many and to be honest it's getting a little old and predictable. He's not going to be evil even though it might seem so later. Anyways here is "Come dear child"


Summary: When Harry turns six Severus learns something that everyone was trying to hide from him, and goes after what is his.


Severus shot up from his bed, panting and sweating from his dream. It was a dream he had almost every night… he searched for his beautiful baby boy… never to find him… Severus buried his face in his hands, trying to stop the tears from coming, but today was Raven's birthday… and the dream had been so real… Raven was alive and hurt… and called for him… for the first time.

Severus leapt from his bed, unable to lie around while his vampire senses told him to go out into the rainy night and save his child. Opening the large balcony doors he strode purposefully into the on slot of wind and rain. Opening his arms wide he took the form of his powerful raven and leapt into the air.

"My Raven… my son… I'm coming" Severus thought. Severus knew he was flying after a dream, but it was all he had to cling to.


Tiny six year old Harry opened his eyes when his aunt's calling reached through his dream. In his dream a tall man was calling to him, looking around endlessly in the dark. Harry had had this dream many times but this was the first time it had changed. Harry had called to the man.

"Mommy!" had risen from his lips, and the man's almost black green eyes turned and locked onto him.

Harry rubbed his eyes and put on his glasses, getting out and looking at his tall aunt.

"Harry go trim the bushes before breakfast. I want everything ready for when Vernon's business partners come for lunch. Well, be quick boy!" She shouted at him when he just stared at her with a tired expression. Turning towards the kitchen Harry went into the back yard, grabbing the too heavy clippers and starting snipping the rose buds with an expert's hand.

Fluttering made Harry turn and the biggest bird he had ever seen landed on the wooden fence. Harry stared at it, wondering why it looked so familiar. Turning away he continued with the bushes, until a dark echoing voice ran across his head.

"Raven…" the voice hissed. Harry turned fast, staring at the bird in wonder.

"D-did… you just speak?" the innocent child like voice asked. The bird looked at him with wide surprised eyes, tears welling in its eyes.

"You can understand my speech little one?" the raven asked. Harry nodded, and put the clippers down, walking closer to the huge bird.

"Good… that is all that matters…" the bird whispered.

"Are you the man who looks for me in my dreams?" Harry asked. The raven nodded and opened his huge wings.

"Tonight little one, when you hear my song, come out into the night and I will take you away from this terrible place." The raven said before taking off. Harry stared in wonder as it flew effortlessly away. Only his aunt's screeching voice made him turn away from the sky.


Harry stayed awake, staring up at his ceiling and waiting for when the bird would call to him. He wondered if what the bird said was true, and that it would really take him away.

Harry rubbed his face where a large bruise was starting to form. He had mistakenly told his aunt that he had talked to a raven. His aunt had freaked out and slapped him to the ground, screaming that birds didn't talk. He had been locked in his cupboard all day with little food and water.

Harry shot up when a soft deep voice reached his ears.

"Come now my baby, come into the night

I'll take you up into the sky, come into my arms

I'll take you away; up into the sky we will fly

Until you cry nevermore"

Harry heard the click of his cupboard and shyly pushed it open. Stepping silently into the hall way he walked slowly towards the door. Another soft click was heard and the door opened wide, showing the man who had searched for him all those years in his dream. The man stood at the street, continued his song, silver tears running down his face.

"Forever had I dreamed that you would come

That you would cry nevermore

That you would fly ever high… ever straight…

My baby…"

Harry let out a choking sob and ran out into the night, his arms out in front of him.

"Mommy!" Harry screamed. The man knelt down and caught the running child without even a grunt. Standing he held Harry to him as tight as he could while not crushing him.

"My Raven my baby…" The man whispered. Harry didn't know how he knew this man was his mother, all he knew was it felt right to be in his arms and to call this man his mother.

"P-please take me away… please never leave me again…" Harry sobbed out. Severus sobbed with him.

"Never my baby! Nevermore will you cry while my heart beats and my lungs fill with air!" Severus cried into the night, and took flight, with his Raven tight in his arms.


Dumbledore was in a panic. While the wizarding world had been asleep the boy-who-lived, Harry Potter, had gone missing. His relatives had found the door wide open and the cupboard empty. They weren't worried; they thought the boy had just run away. But Dumbledore knew better… he knew the secret he had tried to keep in the dark all these years had come into the light and he would have to answer for the pain he brought onto his potions master…

Throwing some powder into the fireplace he stepped into the green flame calmly.

"Snape Manor!" and he was gone to go face the deadliest thing on earth: a pissed off vampire mother.

Dumbledore wasn't surprised to find Severus waiting for him, his eyes blood red with anger and his fangs huge in his mouth. In his arms he held tight onto a sleeping black haired boy.


DON'T SPEAK OLD MAN!" Severus roared. Raven (Harry) wiggled in his arms and Severus lowered his voice.

"How… dare you… do this to me…" Severus grounded out, his voice wavering with tears.

"I had no choice… I thought Raven would be safer with the Potters… they were going into hiding… you wouldn't…" Dumbledore whispered.

"So you made me believe he was dead… switched my live Raven with their dead Harry…" Severus hissed, claws starting to grow. Raven opened his eyes, and touched his mother's face softly where the tears were running.

"Mommy don't cry…" Raven whispered, not noticing Dumbledore. Severus buried his face into his neck, taking in large sniffs of Raven to calm himself.

"There is nothing I can say or do to make up for both of your pain… All I can say is I'm sorry… and that I hope you will come back to Hogwarts this year and that when Raven is 11 that he will come to Hogwarts as well…" Severus sat still for a second, his eyes closed in deep thought as he rocked Raven softly.

"I will return… Raven needs to learn where he is from…" Severus whispered hoarsely. Dumbledore stood and nodded.

"Then I will see you then… I'll make sure to enlarge your rooms" Dumbledore said and left, via the floo.

Severus started to rock Raven softly in his arms with a soft peaceful smile. Raven held onto the front of his robes happily.

"Mommy?" Raven finally asked after a few peaceful minutes. Severus hummed to Raven to show he was listening.

"What is Hogwarts?" Raven asked with a quiet innocent voice. Severus smiled down at his son.

"It's the most magical place on earth." Severus answered. Raven's eyes widen.

"It's Disney land?" Raven gasped. Severus's deep laughter filled the house, making Raven start to laugh with him. The manor was slowly turning into a home for the both of them.


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