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Oh yeah to not be confused these are the ages of the Weasley children in this story:

Bill: 15, Charlie: 14, Percy: 12, Fred: 9, George: 9, Ron: 6, Ginny: 5



The Weasley children stared at their father with confused looks after he explained that he would be marrying Lucius Malfoy and they would be moving into Malfoy manor the very next day.

"But… mom just tied four months ago…" Charlie said horrified. Arthur looked down, a look of hopelessness and pure exhaustion written across his face.

"I could barely keep up with the bills with your mother was here… missing all the work I did to take care of Ginny, Ron, and the twins… the bills are on red notice. I have no other choice…" Arthur whispered. Ginny was sitting in her father's lap and hugged him tight, in an attempt to comfort him.

The older kids shot up when the fire place came to life and Lucius Malfoy walked in carrying his small son Draco. Draco looked excited and wiggled from his father's grasp. He ran around to each child laughing and touching each one.

"Siblings! And another daddy!" Draco cried, finally settling on Percy's lap, making the almost teen freeze up. Draco started pawing at his face, a stern voice made him duck his head.

"Draco! What did I tell you about touching faces?" Lucius asked. Draco held his head, rubbing his fingers like he was on trial for murder.

"Not to?" Draco asked. Arthur looked at Lucius coming to Draco's defense.

"My children are used to their faces being touched Lucius don't worry. I had just finished telling them, about our… future union…" Arthur said. Draco smiled and slide off Percy's lap, climbing onto Arthur's other lap, across from Ginny. Ginny smiled at him, looking him over.

"You have funny looking hair." Ginny said. Draco puffed and glared.

"You have funny looking hair." Draco said, crossing his arms. Ginny scowled and pushed Draco, making him sway on Arthur's thin lap. Draco pushed back, making Ginny fall onto her back with a loud "thump!" Draco's breath caught in his throat, thinking he had hurt her, but Ginny grabbed his leg making him fall onto the floor with her.

George climbed onto the top of the couch and lifted his arms.

"Dog pile!" He shouted, before jumping on the wrestling five and six year old. Fred joined his twin and somehow Ron found his way in. Percy crossed his arms.

"You guys are so juvenile- OW! Someone bit me!" Percy shouted, leaping up and jumping on the pile of arms and legs. Arthur looked next to him when the silent powerful figure of Lucius settled next to him on the couch, while the last two oldest finally joined the fray.

"You look tired." Lucius said. Arthur nodded watching the kids to make sure nothing serious happened.

"I've been worrying about the bills." Arthur said.

"You don't have to worry about that anymore; don't be afraid to lean on me." Lucius said, meaning with the bills and money.

"Oh thank you. I'm very tired. Just make sure that they don't bite" Arthur said, resting his head on Lucius's broad shoulder and promptly falling asleep. Lucius froze up, staring down at the peaceful sleeping face of Arthur. The kids watched them, silently laughing.


Severus had gotten Raven to go back to sleep for a short nap and was now on the couch with his mate.

"You know it's possible… Voldemort was completing his soul when he died… Only Nagini held one of his pieces and so if he would have died at that time…"

"He would have died for good and we would have followed him… Merlin damn it, I should have known he was still alive! I should have known both of them were alive!" Fenrir roared, standing up and slamming his fist into the nearest wall. Severus stood glaring.

"We both should have known!" Severus shouted back.

"But at least you were looking for our son! I had just accepted it! Voldemort had actually found our son while I was out…" Fenrir slide down on the wall, hot tears running down his face. Severus knelt down and pulled him close, wiping his tears with his long robes. Fenrir hadn't cried in years, not since they had found out their alpha mate had been killed, so he was a little out of practice.

"Damn it I'm not supposed to be weak…" Fenrir sobbed out, wiping the tears away angrily.

"You are not the alpha mate for a reason Fenrir. You don't have to be strong." Severus said, stopping the werewolf's hands and wiping the tears away gently. Fenrir buried his face into Severus's shoulder and cried silently.

When Fenrir finally fell asleep Severus lay him on the couch and headed deep into his dungeons, into the secret library Voldemort had given to him when he first discovered he was pregnant with Raven. He walked right up to a lone podium that sat on a long table. Tabbing it with his wand books started coming from every part of the library, landing softly in front of him.

Severus sat down and pulled the right book in front of him, opening it to a dangerous potion Severus took a deep breath and started memorizing it. He was going to get his mate back if it killed him.

Raven and Fenrir sat at the kitchen table and watched Severus as he moved about, fixing up their dinner in a way only a master could. Finally Severus floated three hot bowls and one cold bowl of fish, rice, pasta, and freshly cut vegetables. Raven clapped, barely containing his excitement.

Severus smiled and filled up a plate of the hot fish, the nice hot rice, cold pasta, and steamed vegetables, handing it to Raven.

"Be careful, it's hot." Severus said, rubbing Raven's silky hair back. Raven smiled at him and blew on his food, starting to eat fast in his hunger. Severus filled up a plate to the brim handing it to Fenrir who started shoveling it into his mouth. The family ate silently, not knowing that the next day could bring heartbreak or heal the family forever.


Severus rolled his eyes, stirring a potion while loud bangs came from upstairs. Raven had mentioned that he had never had a piggy back ride and now Fenrir was running around the house at full speed with little Raven on his back. Fenrir seemed to be willing to do anything to make Raven laugh and/or smile. Severus winced when glass broke and he glared at the roof above him.

"Fenrir!" Severus shouted.

"Sorry!" Fenrir boomed.

"Sorry!" Raven squeaked.

Severus shook his head and looked at the potion. It was now perfectly clear and Severus knew it was ready. Bottling up a tiny bit into a vile he headed upstairs to face the mess.

The rooms actually weren't that bad; Fenrir had just been extra loud with his feet and had knocked over a vase Severus thought was ugly anyway. Finding his mate and child in the kitchen attempting to make sandwiches Severus couldn't help but smile at the cute site.

Raven was sitting on the counter trying to help Fenrir with the peanut butter. They both had somehow gotten peanut butter and jelly all over them and Severus knew it would take forever to get the mess off every surface of his kitchen but he found himself not minding.

"Fenrir what have I told you about cooking?" Severus asked. Fenrir looked at him innocently.

"That I should leave it to you?" Fenrir asked.

"That's right. Now come with me into the living room. We have to speak." Severus said, waving his wand over the two and cleaning them instantly. Fenrir picked Raven up and followed his mate into the living room where they all sat down.

"Raven… We know how to get your daddy back…" Severus started. Raven's eyes widened happily and he grinned.

"How?" Raven shouted. Severus smiled softly.

"Your daddy put his soul into your scar… but the only way to get him out is with a potion I have…" Raven tilted his head at his sad mother.

"What's wrong with the potion?" Raven asked.

"It is really painful… It could hurt you really bad…" Severus whispered.

"I know you'll take care of me." Raven said happily, hugging Severus's arm tight. Severus smiled softly and hugged Raven tight.

"I will try my best…" Severus whispered. Fenrir hugged them both to his large body and the whole family took a deep breath. Taking the vile from his robes Severus had Fenrir move everything large from the middle of the living room, giving them a large space.

"Are you sure about this Raven?" Severus asked as he knelt down next to his standing son. Raven nodded and closed his eyes, lifting his head to allow his mother to pour the potion on his scar. Gulping Severus slowly poured the thick liquid onto the lightening shaped scar and backed away slowly.

The effect was almost instant; a large flash blinded everyone in the room and Raven let out a short frightened scream. When Severus was finally able to wipe the blindness away his eyes locked onto the familiar red eyes of his alpha mate…

A one Tom Riddle, AKA Dark Lord Voldemort…


Arthur looked around the large house and wrinkled his nose, trying not to let his future husband see.

"Must it be so dark? Can't we paint a few of the rooms cream or even white?" Arthur asked shyly. Lucius was attempting to pull Ginny and Draco from each of his legs and keep the twins from blowing up the screeching picture of his father.

"Yes, sure, whatever! Arthur they keep trying to glue fireworks to my dad!" Arthur turned around and let out a loud whistle.

"Ginny and Draco get off your father! Fred and George give me those fire crackers! Percy and Ron stop climbing on the bookshelf! Bill and Charlie wipe those looks off your face!" Every child moved to do what their… mother told them too.

Lucius was impressed at how effective Arthur was when it came to his children as well as Draco. Arthur didn't even sweep his eyes over Draco twice like most step parents would. Lucius was beginning to actually like Arthur, as a person and because he had a hot ass. Arthur looked at him and Lucius looked away with a guilty look.

"Come on kids, its nap time." Arthur said. The kids screamed and ran up the stairs to pick their bedrooms.

"We get the bigger rooms! We're older!" Bill yelled, following the younger kids. Lucius offered his hand to Arthur.

"Shall we go make sure they don't bite?" Lucius asked. Arthur smiled and took his hand.



Arthur panted and wiggled as Lucius sucked and kissed his neck. Arthur buried his fingers into the silk sheets below him and struggled not to moan.

"Lucius…" Arthur hissed. Lucius shed his robes and shirt, leaving Arthur to drool at the body above him.

"Yes my future husband?" Lucius asked, lowering himself onto Arthur, letting their bare chests rub together. Arthur whimpered and struggled to push Lucius from him.

"Please… I want to wait until marriage…" Lucius continued to lick his neck.

"Our pants are still on." Lucius said innocently. Arthur gasped.

"They won't be for long if you keep kissing me like that." Arthur whispered huskily. Lucius moaned and lifted himself slowly, his pants were extremely tight.

"I have to go take care of something…" Lucius grumbled and walked as proudly as he could to the bathroom. Arthur watched him blushing, feeling his own tight pants.


Severus, Fenrir, Tom, and Raven sat on the wide living room floor. Severus was giving Tom an evil look and finally broke the silence.

"YOU IDIOT!" Severus shouted, trying to pound at Tom's chest while sobbing.

"Why didn't you tell us you had found Raven? Then you go and get yourself killed; leaving us alone for six years! You could have killed us with you, do you know that? At least you could have had the decency to let us die with you!" Severus screamed and sobbed while Tom held his wrists. When his wrists went limp Tom embraced Severus in the tightest hug he could without crushing him.

"I'm so sorry my Severus…" Tom whispered, his own tears running down his face. Tom brought Fenrir into the hug as well and the mates sat there hugging and smelling each other. Raven watched his parents with wide eyes, unable to believe he had three daddies, well two daddies and a mommy.

"Raven… come dear child…" Tom motioned him to join them in the large hug. Raven happily ran to his family and hugged them as tight as he could.


Dumbledore smoked his pipe peacefully and only opened them in the slightest when the fire place came to life. Tom sat across from him coolly and the two enemies regarded each other.

"Hello Voldemort. Glad to see your back from the dead." Dumbledore finally said as a greeting.

"Voldemort isn't back from the dead… Tom is." Tom said "I don't want war. I just want to live in peace with my mates and son… if you will allow it."

"You killed many families, Voldemort, in your search for power." Dumbledore said softly.

"For which I regret. But almost losing my son and putting my mates through that pain… I just want to be Tom now." Dumbledore rubbed his long beard with a peaceful and thoughtful look.

"Well we do need a defense against the dark arts teacher…" Dumbledore said. Tom smiled.

"Well I am looking for a job…"

"As long as Voldemort remains dead Tom is more than happy to work here." Dumbledore said, putting the long pipe back in his mouth. Tom stood and bowed. Stopping just before he entered the fireplace Tom stopped and looked back at Dumbledore.

"Thank you." Tom stepped into the fireplace disappearing into green flames. Dumbledore's eyes went into full twinkle mood.

"I have a feeling the future is very bright, don't you think Fawkes?" Fawkes let out a beautiful song in agreement.


Lucius kept taking shaky breaths as he looked out at his garden where the large Malfoy and Weasley wedding would be taking place.

"Will you calm down? I swear your acting like a dark lord is putting a wand to your back." Tom said yawning and leaning on his hand on the couch. Lucius turned and glared, taking to continuing his pacing.

Tom had sent a letter saying he was back to his most trusted deatheaters… and told them that the war was over. He had personally found Peter and had them release Sirius Black, giving the man the option to continue being godfather to his little Raven. Raven still remembered Sirius as the black dog who always called him little raven as a pet name when he was one before the Potter's death. Sirius was more than happy to be Raven's godfather with his mate, Remus Lupin.

Severus opened the door in loose dress robes and his hair tied back with a leather thong. His rounding belly made Tom smile with pride. His smile widened when Raven ran from behind his mother and leaped into Tom's lap, laughing as Fenrir chased him. The rounding belly of Fenrir made Tom feel like his face was going to split with joy.

"We're almost ready to start." Severus said chuckling. Raven looked up at his father and clapped.

"I made a lot of friends!" Raven said happily. Tom kissed the top of his head.

"Well how couldn't you? You're the cutest, smartest boy I know!" Tom said, tickling Raven who let out a loud happy laugh. Tom set him down and watched as he ran off.

"Come on Lucius, let's go down and wait for your future husband." Tom said heading for the door.

"My lord… I mean… Tom… is it alright to love him?" Lucius asked, unsure with himself. Tom looked at him and scratched his chin.

"I personally don't like red heads myself. But the way you smile when you're with him… Maybe wizard purity isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Because you were down right miserable with Narcissa I swear the scowl was painted on your face. Just be happy and follow your heart Lucius. You don't follow me anymore." Tom bowed and ducked out of the room.

Lucius looked out the window where he saw his son Draco sitting with the Weasley children and bouncing in Percy's lap while he play fought with Ron and Ginny. A smile crossed his face and he stood up straighter. He and Arthur would make great parents, and maybe there would be strawberry blonde brats running around pretty soon…


Raven ran down the train station while his fathers pushed his things right behind him. Running up to his tall best friend Ron the held hands and screamed while jumping in the air. Most boys and girls stopped to stare at their bouncing asses but quickly dispersed when the terrifying father's showed up.

"Ron stop that! And get jeans that fit or are even too big!" Lucius growled "I can see the curves of your ass!" Ron rolled his eyes.

"That's kind of the point…" Ron grumbled but then grinned at his best friend "You HAVE to tell me about America! Is it full of hot guys like the ads said?"

"I'll tell you on the train. My dads and mom are already ready to have a stroke after this guy hit on me in front of them. Papa (Fenrir) almost ripped him in half! And then don't get me started on daddy (Tom)…"

"What about daddy?" Tom grunted out. Raven just looked at him innocently.

"I was telling Ron about the pervert on the beach that mom had to save from papa" Raven said and hugged his daddy around his middle. Severus smiled and shook his head at the teen. Severus held Helen's and Amos's hand, Raven's 10 year old brother and sister.

"Mama! I wanna go with Raven on the train! Please!" Helen whined, pulling on Severus's arm.

"No, you will be going on the train next year." Severus said with the patience of a saint.

"Stop pulling on your mother." Fenrir grunted. Helen pouted but did as her papa said.

"Did you hear that we will be having the tri-wizard tournament this year? Man I hope that hunky seeker Krum will be there!" Ron whispered excitedly to Raven "Man I wouldn't mind riding his broom…"

"RON!" Lucius said in horror. Ron just grinned.

"I wouldn't mind riding his seeker broom dad! Get your mind out of the gutter." Ron and Raven broke out in giggles. Sirius walked up with Remus and his two sons Teddy and Theo.

"What are we talking about?" Sirius asked.

"Riding brooms." Raven said innocently, making Lucius pale more.

"These boys are talking about sex!" Lucius said trying to defend himself. Sirius just glared at Raven and Ron.

"The only thing you need to know about "riding brooms" is that other boys' brooms are extremely poisonous." Sirius said with a straight face.

"No they aren't or everyone standing here would be dead." Raven said, leaping on the train with Ron before they could figure out what he just said. The train started moving when it clicked for Sirius and Tom.

"RAVEN! YOU COME BACK HERE AND TELL US WHO WE NEED TO KILL!" Twin shouts screamed after the train. Raven just waved at them laughing.

"See you at the school! Love you guys!"


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