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He was shy. He was the maknae, the little sheep, the dongsaeng. His sillouhette put on public view at the age of 16. His pale skin covered by his ever-changing hairstyles, his frail figure wrapped in red leather. No, Taemin was not shy, undecidedly not shy. He was used to young girls following him, screaming his name. But he was only young too. Unnies and Noonas always following him, even the crazed shawols sometimes gate crashing his parties. He was draped in a shadow of love, limelight and lingering paparazzi. He had, he was, anything anyone could ask for, anyone could want to be. But there was something he was hiding, a hard pain in his heart. He was a normal kid until he met her.


Luckily he had his faithful hyungs, (also known as SHINee), Key - his somewhat adopted umma + Jonghyun, Minho and Onew, - his helpers and best friends.

The Lucifer stared at him with her cold eyes, but he saw love. The Lucifer was none other than Sulli.

She was in another kpop band, known for plagiarizing SNSD - f(X). He loved her, but she had no care for her.

The words 'nada saranghaeyo' weren't said enough. He looked at her, happy, but he seemed to be colorblind. He loved her in red, orange, pink, blue and violet, but she loved in vain. She loved him in black. Grayscale. Sepia, if you would.

He was colorblind as he failed to notice this, and he saw a mirroring rainbow, parallel to him, to his heart.

The reason behind her ignorance of passion was not that she saw him as a stone wall to throw darts of despair at, but she saw him as a rollercoaster ride to fame.

f(X) weren't particularly doing well, and she thought that if it worked with Jonghyun, perhaps she could create hype over this. But this was a risky game to play with a frail dongsaeng. His heart was not prepared.

He looked into her hazel Asian eyes and saw love. A love that would mislead him and crush him. A love that would take him up up up, down down down. A love that was a 'neon machi rollercoaster ride'.

A love that was the LUCIFER. Are you ready or not to enter the SHINee world?