Black Bond, Black Order

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Full Summary: After the battle at the ministry Harry finally learns why Voldemort is after him. He also realizes that he is woefully unprepared for the final battle. Knowing this he decides to train. And not just in the light stuff they teach in Hogwarts. No, Harry Potter is going dark! But how do you get the upper hand on an immortal dark lord? However, during his training several surprises become apparent. True ally's become known. Traitor's manipulators revealed. But the death of the dark lord is not all they're after. Knowing that the ministry is corrupt Harry and his close friends move to purge the wizarding world.

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CHAPTER 1: What I Should Have Known

Harry was stumbling down the stairway to the Headmasters office. A little less than an hour ago, Harry had taken a portkey from the Ministry to the headmaster's office. He had returned from the failed rescue of his godfather, broken. He had been feed a false vision of Sirius being tortured by the Dark Lord in order to get him to remove a prophecy so the death eaters may retrieve it for their lord. Taking the bait he had led 5 of his friends their only to be nearly killed. Had the order not shown up things would have been much worse.

He watched in a morbid fascination as the stunner left the wand of Bellatrix, stunning Sirius causing him to fall backwards into the veil of death itself, never to return. That's when he snapped and chased the dark witch into the ministry atrium. There he did something he never thought he would do. He had cast the pain curse at her hoping she would feel the pain he now felt. But the curse failed. Soon after the Dark Lord showed up and he and Dumbledore had dueled.

The battle was grand. If one had not known that they were fighting to the death one would say the battle was quite beautiful. And indeed it was. The two titans of magic were a flurry of motion and spell fire. They were getting off spells faster than he thought possible. Attacking, blocking, and counter attacking it was a deadly symphony. The battle had ended in a draw however as neither had been struck down. It only halted when Harry was Possessed.

The battle stopped for a brief moment in which Voldemort turned invisible and possessed him. He wanted the ageing man to kill Harry to kill him. That was something Dumbledore was most unwilling to do. The feeling of Voldemort in his body was extremely painful to say the least. He was eventually expelled from him when his friends had shown up and he had gazed upon them. They were all very close, or so he thought. But there was one he had feelings for above all others. Upon seeing this person the Dark lord was expelled from his body in agony. After he left he grabbed his lieutenant and fled.

The battle was over. But not before Fudge and several journalists got a picture of him revealing to the world that Harry Potter and Dumbledore had indeed been telling the truth of the Dark Lords return.

It was then that he found himself being quickly whisked away. A little less than an hour later and he was given the answer the question he asked at the end of his first year. Why was the Dark Lord after him? It was all because of a bloody prophecy. The very same orb that was the reason the Dark Lord was after him had led to the battle and the death of his godfather.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies ..."

That was the reason his life was a mess. Why his parents had been killed. Why he was famous for something he did not remember. Why since he had turned 11 several attempts have been made on his life. The stone, the chamber, the traitor, the goblet, and now the prophecy that answered the simple question of why?

Knowing now that he was the only person with the ability to defeat Voldemort Harry went to the room of requirement to train. The room was quite wonderful. Giving the user whatever they required while in the room. Though the user could not take out any physical objects created in the room, anything they learned inside was not subjected to the same law.

After the battle Harry was not only angry at the headmaster for keeping this from him. Keeping it from him for the hope of a childhood he never had. He was also angry with himself. He was angry at himself because if he put for effort into learning occlumency then Sirius would not have died. Or so he thought. Learning Occlumency was the first thing he would do.

As he exited the Headmasters office he wandered to the seventh floor. It was late and soon it would be curfew. He had to hurry to the room before Flitch caught him out. It was not long before he was at the tapestry across from the special room. Pacing back and forth across the wall three times the door formed and he stepped in.

When he entered the room he noticed that it was quite large. One part there sat row upon row of large shelves. Upon these shelves was a vast collection of tomes. In front of what he was calling a library there sat a small column. Atop it was a intimidating book with a single word written across its cover.


On another side of the room there was a modest space. In this space there was a small kitchen and a sleeping area. Apparently the room expected him to be here for some time. Though, Harry had to wonder if the food in the room would be edible.

Not wanting to find out at the moment Harry went to the Directory. Using the massive book he was able to quickly find what he was looking for. Knowing where the books that would be helpful he quickly left in search of them. It was only a few minutes later when he returned with several books titles ranging from Occluding the Nous, Organizing the mind, Defensive Cognition, and what was perhaps the most humorous Occlumency Against the Mind reading Wife. Harry however had no clue why that book was in the Occlumency section.

Walking back to the sleeping area Harry plopped down in a chair and began to read. However, it was harder then he thought. He tried reading the pages. Attempting to grasp the knowledge spread between the pages but it just was not possible. He hurt.

He hurt for his lost godfather. One of the last links to his parents was gone. His rampant anger at the headmaster for keeping things from him had burnt out for the moment. Now all he felt was the pain of loss. Unable to learn what he should have known he set the book down and cried himself to sleep.


Tonight's events were a massive disappointment. No, they were a massive failure. Not only had his best failed to retrieve a simple orb. It was destroyed in the ensuing battle. His inner circle had been bested by mere CHILDREN! It was perhaps for the best that they were captured. For the failure tonight they would most likely have been tortured into insanity or outright killed for their incompetence.

But all of that simply pissed off the thing formally known as Tom Riddle. What really made him furious was the fact that the truth of his return had been publicly displayed. No longer was he free to operate unopposed from the shadows. And with Lucius no in prison now, he could not use a few well-placed galleons to make the problems go away.

The one good thing about tonight was the fact that he had very nearly killed the boy. He was so closed to killing the one thing that stood between him and total victory. He was still unable to understand what exactly happened all those years ago. He had originally wanted to kill him because he would be the source of his downfall. Now it was all about revenge for his banishment and life as a mere wraith.

However, he had not killed he boy. Somehow he had been able to drive him out. He was unable to comprehend how the boy drove him out. He was somehow critically injured as well from being ejected. If he had tried to stay in the boy any longer then he would have surly died. That was his physical body at least. He was still immortal but getting a new body again would be troublesome.

Right now he needed to heal. He also needed to make new plans. His public return happened much sooner than expected. He grabbed the arm of the only follower not captured this night; rolling up a sleeve he touched his wand to her dark mark. He needed his potions master. Maybe he could even tell him why the boy was able to expel him?


The food that was in the room was actually quite delicious. He had been in to room by himself moping for about a week. Apparently when he asked to room for a place to learn occlumency it not only gave him the books. But it also gave him all the time he needed to learn.

He quickly realized this when he took a look at the door. Next to the entrance there was two rather large clocks. One of them was labeled real time while the other was labeled room time. Apparently the room was capable of slowing down time. 'This would have been helpful during DA meetings' he thought.

During the week in the room he had quickly got a firm grasp on occlumency. The skill was much easier to learn without getting berated by the Hogwarts oil slick. Harry was furious though as he read through the books. Apparently, Snape was not teaching Harry occlumency at all. In fact all he was doing was opening his mind up more to not only the vile professor, but the connection to the dark lord as well. The instruction of 'clear your mind' did nothing itself. The book was much more helpful in that regard.

'In order to shield the mind from outside access and influence with occlumency, one must first empty their mind while in a meditative state. Once this is done they must 'enter' their own mind and build up defenses. This usually follows a logical format for the individual. For example, one person may sort their thoughts, memories, and emotions in a library setting, while another may use a potions lab. Though in addition to representing how the individual mind is organized, some may place additional mental defenses. Though they will not be physical obstacles an attacker must overcome. But rather a representation of how strong your shields are.'

The time in his mind scape was quite pleasant. While building his defenses it also gave him time to think about all that has happened in his life. It also gave him more time to mourn for Sirius. As he went through the memories of those who had been lost he was able to let go of some of the pain.

While he was thinking and grieving for the loses of his life he came to a decision. Fuck it. If he was the only one that could defeat the dark lord then he would not play by the rules. If they battle at the ministry taught him anything it was that the death eaters will not play nice and use stunners. So why should he? They were all monsters, nothing more than branded farm animals with a thirst for murder.

But it was not just Voldemort and his death eaters that were the problem. The ministry and a good majority of their world were to blame as well. They were either corrupt and would do anything for a few gold coins or, sheep that follow whatever they're told like mindless drones.

He needed a plan of action if he was going to deal with the wizarding world's problems. But before he tackled that he decided to leave the confines of the room of requirement. He had been in the room for about a week. And during that time he had practically mastered occlumency though he chose not to make that apparent right now. While a week passed inside, only several hours passed outside as it was now breakfast time.

Stopping the time field he exited the room and watched to door fade from view. Slowly he made his way down the corridor and down the staircases. It was not long before he was standing outside of the great hall watching for a brief moment the other students enjoy their breakfast. Looking around the room he spotted Ron sitting in his usual place at the Gryffindor table. He sat across from him and filled up his plate.

"Hey, Ron" he said to the other teen who was too busy stuffing his face to notice Harry sit down.

Looking up from his plate he realized who was in front of him. "Oh…Hey Harry" he mumbled "You've not seen Hermione yet have you?" Harry shook his head "Well, you should. She's in the hospital wing right now. She's in bad shape after the, well you know."

Harry frowned. He knew Hermione was the worst off but he did not know how bad it really was. He really should have checked on her after the chat with the Headmaster. "Yeah, I do know. How bad is she exactly?"

Ron put his fork down and looked right at Harry "S…s…s-she almost died." He hung his head "That curse she got hit with was right nasty. Good thing she silenced him otherwise she might have died" Ron then let loose a long breath of air "How are you doing Mate? After, you know?"

"I'm…surprisingly well" said Harry "How's everybody else after the battle?"

"Neville is fine just broke his wand, Luna came out fine too just a few cuts and bruises, and Ginny just broke her Ankle"

"And you?" asked Harry

"Fine, just worried about Hermione" Harry nodded his response and resumed eating a small breakfast. It was not long before he finished and left to check out his friends in the Hospital wing.

As Harry entered the hospital wing he noticed two beds. Both beds were next to each other and in them lay two of his friends. He was a little surprised to see Ginny in the wing considering she only had a broken ankle, or that's what he thought. Hermione was a different matter altogether. They both appeared to be sleeping but where Ginny appeared to be perfectly healthy, Hermione was incredibly pale. He did want to believe how close she was to death until he laid eyes on her. Pulling up a chair he quietly sat between the two patients.

"Hey you" said a small voice. Harry looked to his left and noticed that Ginny was now awake, and was stretching her arms a little. "How long have you been here?" she asked

"Only a few minutes…" He replied "…How are you?"

She smiled at him "I'm fine. I just broke a few bones. I'm sorry about Sirius Harry. How are you handling it?"

"Ok for the most part. After the battle Dumbledore gave me a portkey into his office and told me some things, after that I was pretty angry."

She raised an eyebrow "What did he tell you?"

"I…" he paused "I can't tell you. Not right now." She gave him a look that clearly said spill it. "I want to but not here."

"I understand." She said before poking him in the shoulder "but promise you will talk about it to somebody if it's bothering you. And you didn't answer my question about Sirius."

"I'm handling it well. After I left Dumbledore's office I went to the Room of Requirement to learn occlumency so this does not happen again." He said "But it was kind of hard to study it after I cooled down a little. Then I let it all out. So, I think I'm doing well, at least as well as I can."

"But you've not talked to anybody about it have you?" she asked questioningly

"No. I haven't. Why?"

"Then you've not really grieved for him have you?"

He gave a low sigh "No I guess not, it will probably hit me hard this summer. Have you asked how Hermione is?"

She frowned and looked over to the sleeping figure in the other bed "Yea, if the incantation for the curse she was hit with was vocal…she would have died." She looked back to him "She will have to take a ton of potions when she wakes up. Madame Pomfrey also said she will have a nasty scar, but it should fade a little"

Harry hung his head. He was feeling a bit hurt that his friends were injured in a trap meant for him "I'm sorry" he said

Ginny scowled at him before yelling "Harry James Potter! Don't you dare blame yourself for what happened you had…" she yelled before being cut off by Madame Pomfrey

"Keep it down! There are patients trying to rest!"

"Sorry" they mumbled together. The matron left shortly after that.

"Listen Ginny, I better leave now." Said Harry "I'll be back to check on Hermione in a little while"

"Ok Harry. I'll probably be allowed to go soon but I will probably see you when you check back on Hermione"

Nodded and quietly left the hospital wing. He was heading back the room of requirement to train more. He wanted to finish his occlumency before anything else. He already was near master level in the art. But as he had nobody to test against he was not sure. Besides, there was something in his shields that was bothering him. One of the first times he went into his 'mind' he had discovered a strange black mass.

The mass was stationary in one part of his mind. Yet, it had this strange motion to it, similar to an aurora. But where an aurora could be a beautiful spectrum of colors this was black. It also had an air of foulness to it. Harry had not done much to it the first time around besides observe but, he wanted to see what would happen if he penetrated it.

Now in the room of requirement, the same as it was before. Harry quickly dropped into a meditative position and dove into his mind. It did not take long to locate the foreign mass as it was glaringly obvious.

He quickly conjured what one would call a probe and began to poke at it. It did not have much effect on it other than making it bulge in other places. It had one other effect however, whenever he poked it his scar would start to flare up in pain. Not nearly as bad when he was having a vision but it was a little annoying.

Since the probe was doing nothing Harry decided to try another approach. If this is tied to my scar, then it must be where the visions are coming from thought Harry. That must mean its part of Voldemort. Let's see if I can redo Quirrell.

And with that Harry moved forward and tried to push it out of his head. But it did not work. Still thinking be might be best to rupture it he was able to push his fingers through the membrane. He instantly regretted it. His scar flared with massive pain and the mass burst and dissolved. That's not all however as before it disappeared massive amounts of knowledge downloaded into his brain.

The unforgivable curses, legilimency, dueling, a plethora of other dark curses and rituals, the animagus transformation, and much of the Hogwarts education downloaded into his head. More than he ever wanted to know about the dark arts and more was his to command.

He was aware of all he now knew but was unable to process it all before the pain over took him into blissful oblivion.

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