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Cloud gave a sigh as he ate his dinner. Cloud was an orphan, and he lived alone by himself. Although Cloud had gotten used to it, he still felt lonely especially during meal times.

A distant thunder rumbled above Cloud's head, Cloud figured he had better quickly finished his meal and threw his garbage before it rained.

Cloud was opening the door to throw out his garbage when he saw a box lying on his doorstep. Wondering what it could be, Cloud bent down to pick up the box and opened it.

To his amazement, a puppy and a cat were inside it. The puppy gave a happy yap at Cloud while wagging his tail excitedly.

The puppy's tongue was licking Cloud all over. 'Stop it, it's so ticklish,' Cloud laughed. The puppy stared at Cloud lovingly.

'Now where did you guys came from?' Cloud muttered, his eyes trailing down to the puppy's collar.

Cloud read the name etched on the collar from the light in his house. 'Hello, Zack, nice to meet you,' Cloud said.

The puppy gave another bark, and stared at Cloud with his cute puppy dog eyes, his tongue hanging out.

The puppy was black in color with blue eyes.

While the cat's fur was silver in color, and it had green eyes. The cat made no attempt to be friendly, it merely stayed there eyeing Cloud closely.

The cat's intensity stare sent shudders down Cloud's spine. Cloud took a look at the cat's collar. 'So you are Sephiroth?' Cloud asked while smiling sweetly at the cat.

The cat stood there staring at Cloud unblinkingly.

Cloud looked around, wondering who could it be that had put this outside his doorstep.

Cloud threw the garbage and brought the animals into the warmth of his house. Little did Cloud knew, he's going to get more than he bargained for.

Cloud poured out some milk into two saucers for the two animals. The puppy ran around the house excitedly, while yapping happily all the time.

Cloud smiled at the puppy's antics, it seemed to have lots of endless energy.

But on the other hand, the cat's attitude was the exact opposite of the puppy. The cat was still staring at Cloud, he washed himself and walked up towards the saucer of milk.

The cat licked the milk politely without spilling a drop while ignoring the puppy that was gamboling near the cat.

Cloud looked at the cat, he didn't know why, but he somehow couldn't tear his eyes away from the cat. The cat's behavior seemed to be unnatural for a cat.

And those beautiful green eyes, Cloud found himself so attracted to them.

The puppy ran up to Cloud and nuzzled against him breaking Cloud's thoughts. The puppy licked his hand. Cloud patted the puppy and picked it up.

Cloud put the puppy down near the other saucer and watched as the puppy happily drank it up, making small splashes on the floor as it lapped it up hungrily.

The cat had finished his milk, and sat there staring at Cloud again.

Cloud felt the cat's stares were a bit creepy, but he ignored the feeling. It was just a cat after all, right?

Cloud had wanted to put the puppy and the cat to sleep on the living room. But somehow the puppy kept on pawing on Cloud's bedroom door and whining. As if the puppy wanted to sleep in Cloud's bedroom.

Cloud gave up, and brought those two animals inside.

'Alright, you two can come in. Here, you can sleep on the foot of my bed,' Cloud said brightly. Cloud lifted the animals up and placed them on his foot.

'Goodnight, Zack, Sephiroth,' Cloud muttered drowsily as he turned off the light.

Zack gave a small bark while Sephiroth merely curled himself up on the bed.

Soon, Cloud drifted off to sleep. The cat opened one eye and looked at Cloud who was peacefully sleeping.

The cat leapt gracefully off the bed and landed on the floor. The cat transformed into a tall good looking man with long silver hair. 'Zack,' Sephiroth said in a low deep baritone voice.

The puppy also leapt off the bed and transformed into a joyful good looking guy with black spikes and blue eyes.

'Sephiroth, don't you think he's cute. He-' Zack began to say excitedly.

Sephiroth clamped Zack's mouth shut with his hand. 'Be quiet,' Sephiroth snarled in a low tone. Zack tried to pry off Sephiroth's hand, but he couldn't do it.

Finally, Zack surrendered, Sephiroth saw that Zack who had quietened down removed his hand.

Sephiroth walked over to Cloud, and stared closely at him.

'So what do you think Seph? Will he do?' Zack whispered.

Sephiroth ignored Zack, and continued to stare at Cloud. Sephiroth caressed Cloud's cheek with his hand, making Cloud shivered slightly in his sleep.

Sephiroth grinned, Cloud was most certainly sensitive, this could be fun.

Zack saw Sephiroth's grin, and knew that Sephiroth must have approved of Cloud.

Zack cheered up at that thought. Zack and Sephiroth were magical creatures who fed on sex. Zack fumed slightly when he thought of Sephiroth who was always very picky on food.

Sephiroth wouldn't have sex with just anybody, even if he was very hungry, he still chose his lover.

It had been so hard to find someone that could suit Sephiroth's taste. And Sephiroth hadn't been eating for a long time, Zack was worried for him. If Sephiroth didn't eat soon, he would die.

So, Zack wandered around trying to hunt for some good food when he spotted Cloud. Cloud seemed to fit the description, and he smelled so nice.

Zack had bounded excitedly back to Sephiroth, Sephiroth had refused at first but he grudgingly gave in after Zack's persistent urges.

Sephiroth leaned in towards the sleeping Cloud. Sephiroth's lips were inches away from Cloud when Zack suddenly stopped him.

'Seph, wait,' Zack whispered.

Sephiroth paused midway and turned to face Zack with annoyance. 'What?' Sephiroth snarled.

It had been so long since he felt tempted to eat someone, but this young boy aroused him, he was different from the others. And just as he wanted to eat him, Zack had to interrupt.

Zack seemed unperturbed by Sephiroth's glare.

'Seph, this boy is a virgin. He had never fall in love before. Cloud is a very lonely orphan who doesn't have many close friends,' Zack said in a quiet voice.

'So?' Sephiroth growled. What did Zack wanted? What did Cloud's past had to do with eating him?

'So, you have to be very careful and gentle with him, don't be too rough on him. If you are rough, I wouldn't let you eat him,' Zack said, crossing his arms and looking at Sephiroth sternly.

Zack knew that Sephiroth could be very rough when he's having sex. If Sephiroth acted the way he used to be, he would surely broke Cloud.

Sephiroth growled under his breath. Gentle? Sephiroth had never been gentle before. And Zack was going to forbid him to eat the boy if he was rough?

Damn Zack. Sephiroth glanced at Cloud, was he worth the trouble?

The whole room was filled with Cloud's scent, Sephiroth breathed in deeply. Sephiroth moaned, he was engulfed by Cloud's scent. Cloud smelled so nice.

Sephiroth finally surrendered, 'Fine, I will be gentle with the boy. Now can I eat him?'

Zack seemed satisfied and nodded. 'Okay then.'

Sephiroth turned his attention back towards Cloud who was oblivious of the going-ons around him.

Sephiroth stooped down to Cloud's face level, and cupped Cloud's cheek with his hands.

Just looking at the sleeping Cloud whetted Sephiroth's appetite. Cloud looked so alluring, even more when he was sleeping.

Cloud had beautiful long lashes, succulent looking pink lips, pale smooth skin that felt so soft to the touch.

Even when Cloud was sleeping, his blond spikes remained in place. Sephiroth found himself being drawn in by Cloud.

Sephiroth leaned in slowly, and tasted Cloud's lips with the tip of his tongue. Then Sephiroth pressed his own lips against Cloud, kissing him gently, playing with those pink lips.

Cloud stirred and moaned slightly. Then Sephiroth gently pried Cloud's lips open with his tongue, and slipped in his tongue. A hiss escaped from Sephiroth.

Oh Gaia, Cloud tasted so nice and sweet, Sephiroth had never tasted anyone like that before. Sephiroth's tongue wandered into Cloud's warm hot cavern, tasting him everywhere.

Cloud moaned and moved a bit, but still he didn't wake up. Sephiroth slipped his tongue further into Cloud's mouth, moving his own against Cloud's tongue.

Sephiroth's hands wandered under Cloud's shirt and began to play with his nipples.

Zack who was watching Sephiroth and Cloud kissing felt turn on too. Zack clambered on top of the bed.

Zack licked his own lips, and stared at Cloud's sleeping form. Cloud was wearing a pajama with chocobo cartoons all over it.

Zack could see Cloud was getting hard too, judging from the hard bulge in his pants. Zack grinned, Cloud must felt so uncomfortable down there, right? Well, he would relieve him of his sufferings.

Zack pulled Cloud's pants and underwear down. Cloud's cock was hard, and it looked so mouth watering

'Zack, what are you doing?' Sephiroth asked sharply. Sephiroth cocked one eyebrow looking at Zack in an inquiry way.

'Oh, come on, Seph, please,' Zack whined showing off his puppy dog eyes.

'I promised Angeal I will watch over you,' Sephiroth said in a meaningful tone.

'What Angeal doesn't know won't hurt. So please?' Zack pleaded.

Sephiroth rolled his eyes. Angeal knew everything, what made Zack thought that Angeal wouldn't know was a huge surprise. Well, it's not his business when Zack was punished by Angeal.

Sephiroth gave a shrug, and continued to taste Cloud. Sephiroth leave trails of saliva all over Cloud's body. Sephiroth nibbled softly on Cloud's neck making him twitched in his sleep.

Zack licked the tip of Cloud's cock with his tongue.

Cloud shuddered slightly. Zack grinned. Zack nibbled gently and licked at Cloud's tip before swallowing Cloud's whole cock into his mouth, licking along the shaft slightly.

Cloud moaned in ecstasy. Cloud's pre-come was beginning to leak out.

Meanwhile, Sephiroth had unbuttoned Cloud's pajamas, he tossed them to the floor. Under the moonlight, Cloud's whole body seemed to radiant with light.

It had been so long since Sephiroth had met someone as beautiful as Cloud. A hungry look was on Sephiroth's face as he climbed up on to the bed too, he sucked and kissed the hard pink nub on Cloud's chest.

It was so delicious, Sephiroth sucked it even harder, tweaking the other nipple with his hand.

Cloud gave another moan. 'Ahhh…ahhh,' who is making all these erotic sounds, Cloud thought in his sleep.

Another moan escaped from Cloud's mouth, Cloud gave a loud gasp and suddenly woke up panting.

Cloud gaped at the sight that greeted him. There were two good looking guys in his room half naked and they were… Cloud gaped when he saw what they were doing.

Oh Gaia, Cloud just noticed then that he was naked, when did that happened?

'Hello, Cloud,' Sephiroth said in a devious tone.

Sephiroth continued licking and nibbling him, and Zack was sucking hard at his cock.

Cloud gave a shudder, what was this feeling? It felt so good.

Sephiroth smirked as he watched Cloud twitching and moaning.

'W-who are you?' Cloud panted, his breathing haggard. Cloud felt weird, he felt so good.

Zack released Cloud's cock and wiped his mouth, he looked at Cloud with a grin. 'We are the cat and dog that you picked up just now.'

'W-what?' Cloud flinched as Sephiroth bit down on his nipple hard.

'Seph, stop,' Zack said in a stern tone. Sephiroth pulled back and glared at Zack, why did Zack had to always interfere when he was having the time of his life.

'What's wrong now?' Sephiroth growled.

'We need to explain to Cloud the situation,' Zack said in a patient voice.

Sephiroth snorted. Explained? They didn't need to explain anything, what Sephiroth wanted to do now was to devour Cloud.

'Seph,' Zack said in a warning tone. Sephiroth cursed, but he didn't make a move towards Cloud.

Cloud was staring with big puzzled eyes at the both of them. What did Zack meant?

Zack turned towards Cloud and said, 'Cloud, we are magical creatures that feed on sex. We have the ability to change into animals though.'

Cloud still looked puzzled and confused.

Zack continued, 'You see, Seph here hadn't eaten for a long time,' Zack threw a glance towards Sephiroth who merely smirked.

'Seph had been very picky about his food. Anyway, he will die if he doesn't eat soon, and then I found you. You are just Seph's type. So, will you please let us eat you?' Zack continued in a pleading tone.

Zack looked at Cloud with his puppy dog eyes, clasping his fingers together begging Cloud.

Cloud's brain was in a whirl. Magical creatures that fed on sex? Hadn't eaten for a long time? He's just the right type?

Cloud was beginning to see stars.

'Cloud?' Zack asked in an anxious voice, and stared at Cloud. 'What is your answer?'

Cloud was pulled back to his senses and he looked at Zack who was still staring at him with those attractive puppy dog eyes.

'Please say yes, Cloud, or else Sephy here will die,' Zack pouted.

Cloud found himself unable to refuse, since young, his mother had taught him to help others if he could.

Cloud looked over to Sephiroth who was staring at him all the time. The good looking silver hair guy would die if he didn't have sex with Cloud? This sounded so absurd!

As much as Cloud found this unbelievable, Cloud agreed in the end. If it was really true, and Sephiroth did die because of him, Cloud would feel very guilty.

'Okay then, I don't want Sephiroth to die,' Cloud said.

Zack whooped with joy, 'Yay, thank you! Thank you! Sephy here is save! I swear we will make you feel so good!'

Zack embraced Cloud tightly.

Cloud was still a bit confused with the current situation, but still, he had to help people who were in misfortune right?

It never once occurred to Cloud that these people might be lying to him.

Sephiroth who had heard Cloud's reply grinned, he couldn't hold himself back anymore.

Cloud gave a gasp when he suddenly felt something entering his butt.

Sephiroth had inserted his finger inside, and now Sephiroth was giving him a blowjob.

Cloud moaned. Sephiroth was so skilled with his tongue, teasing him, and licking him.

Sephiroth thrust his fingers inside Cloud's butt all the while, earning another gasp from Cloud as Sephiroth hit Cloud's good spot.

The grin on Sephiroth's face widened, he inserted another finger inside and continued thrusting that spot.

Cloud felt so tight, Sephiroth thought as he contented himself with sucking Cloud's cock.

Sephiroth felt strength returned to his body as he continued kissing and sucking Cloud's cock. This spurred him even more.

How Sephiroth wished he could enter Cloud now, and reunited as one. But no, he had promised Zack, and he knew Zack wouldn't forgive him if he hurt Cloud. He had to go slow with Cloud.

Zack had caught hold of Cloud's lips with his own, kissing Cloud vigorously while his hand played with Cloud's nipples.

Zack's tongue clashed against Cloud's tongue, and Zack moaned in delight. Cloud felt so delicious, no wonder Sephiroth was so taken in by Cloud.

Cloud panted, his face getting red. Cloud felt his senses leaving him, all he could feel now was Sephiroth sucking his cock, and Zack kissing him.

Zack moved his lips down Cloud's neck and nibbled on the creamy looking skin. Zack moved even lower and licked Cloud's nipples.

Cloud gasped, he felt so good.

Sephiroth had managed to insert his third finger inside, and with his other free hand, he fondled Cloud's balls. Sephiroth loved to watch the lewd expression on Cloud's face.

Sephiroth removed his fingers with a squelching sound. Sephiroth used his own tongue to penetrate Cloud's pink colored hole instead.

Sephiroth couldn't help suppressing a groan. Cloud's hole tasted like heaven.

Sephiroth felt his own cock straining to get out and entered Cloud's tight butt.

'Zack, can I?' Sephiroth asked in a husky tone. Sephiroth could hold it no longer, Cloud was almost fully prepared to be penetrate now.

Zack could hear the lust in Sephiroth's voice, Zack knew it was time, he nodded. Sephiroth had already controlled himself very well.

Zack took a bottle of lubricant from his pocket and tossed it to Sephiroth.

Sephiroth caught it neatly, and began to unzip his own pants. Cloud gasped, Sephiroth had such an engorged cock.

Zack undid his own pants and tossed them to the ground. Cloud stared with hazy eyes at Zack wondering what Zack's next move would be.

Zack inserted his own fingers inside his butt, preparing himself for Cloud to penetrate him. Zack moaned as his own fingers moved inside him.

Zack tried to find his good spot and when he managed to hit it, Zack gave a gasp. As Cloud watched Zack preparing himself, Cloud felt himself aroused even more by Zack.

Sephiroth was busy rubbing the lubricant on his hands, and applying it onto his cock. Then Sephiroth applied some of it onto his fingers and pushed his fingers inside Cloud, lubricating him as well.

After that, Sephiroth tossed the bottle back to Zack. Zack applied the lubricant on himself and on Cloud's cock.

Then Sephiroth pushed his cock gently inside Cloud's tight virgin entrance. Cloud gasped, his hands gripping tightly at the bed sheets, it felt so painful.

Zack sensing Cloud's uneasiness whispered gently into his ear, 'It's alright, just relax, please relax yourself, you will feel very good soon.'

Cloud shuddered and he tried to do as Zack had said. When Sephiroth felt Cloud relaxed, he thrust his whole cock in.

A cried escaped from Cloud's lips, his breathing heavy now. Sephiroth grunted, he didn't move, he wanted Cloud to fully adjust first before he started moving.

When Sephiroth felt Cloud had adjusted himself, he slowly thrust himself in and out. Cloud's muscle tightened around Sephiroth's cock, making him unable to move.

Cloud was panting, Zack tried to soothe Cloud. 'Relax, Cloud, it will be alright, trust me.'

Hearing Zack's gentle words over and over again, Cloud relaxed, and he felt Sephiroth thrusting himself inside him again and again.

Cloud felt as he was in heaven when Sephiroth moved inside him, he felt so good. Sephiroth increased his pace and moved himself even faster, earning gasps and moans of ecstasy from Cloud.

Suddenly, Sephiroth pulled Cloud up in an upright position. Zack moved himself on top of Cloud and plunged his butt down hard onto Cloud's hard wet cock.

'Oh, Cloud,' Zack moaned, as he moved himself in and out.

Cloud thrust his cock in Zack when Sephiroth moved inside him on the same time. Cloud moaned, it felt really good, he was in bliss.

Sephiroth thrust himself inside Cloud at a faster pace. Zack stroke his own cock as he moved himself up and down. Zack moaned when he felt Cloud moving inside him, hitting his good spot.

Cloud felt himself reaching climax from the attention in front and behind. 'I a-am abo-about to come,' Cloud panted between breaths.

'Me t-too, so g-good!' Zack moaned. Sephiroth increased his speed even more, and finally Cloud couldn't hold it any longer.

Cloud gave a cry as his own seed expelled inside Zack's butt. Zack also moaned as he released his own seed too, staining the bed sheets.

Sephiroth thrust himself vigorously a few more times before finally releasing his own seed inside Cloud.

Sephiroth felt so refreshed after the sex, he felt so energetic now.

Zack pulled himself out from Cloud's cock. Cloud was too tired to move, so he remained connected to Sephiroth.

Sephiroth nibbled Cloud's ear gently and whispered into his ears, 'You taste so good.' Sephiroth's words sent shivers down Cloud's spine, making Cloud blushed.

Sephiroth reluctantly removed Cloud, and placed him gently on the bed who was feeling very weak.

Sephiroth leaned in and kissed Cloud gently one last time before Cloud found himself being embraced by sleep. A smile stayed on Cloud's lips as he slept.

Zack sat there staring at Sephiroth kissing Cloud. Zack knew that Sephiroth wouldn't be satisfied with just one time, but he controlled himself. Zack felt very proud of Sephiroth for being able to do that.

'Good for you, Seph. You really are gentle with him. So how was the meal?' Zack asked teasingly.

Sephiroth pulled back and watched Cloud who was once again sleeping peacefully. 'Very satisfying,' Sephiroth answered with a grin.

Sephiroth stood up and walked out from the room.

Zack stared in puzzled at Sephiroth wondering what he was going to do. Sephiroth returned with a towel in his hand and a smirk on his face.

'We need to clean him up,' Sephiroth said.

Zack chuckled and get himself off the bed. 'Okay, let's clean him up.'

When morning came, Cloud woke up with a headache. Cloud stretched his hands and yawned, he had such a weird dream last night.

Cloud dreamt that he had sex with two very hot guys who claimed to be a cat and a dog.

When Cloud was fully awake, he froze. Cloud was fully naked, his clothes were still lying carelessly on the floor, and there were love bites all over his body.

Cloud gasped, he felt lightheaded. Yesterday night was not a dream, it was real!

Cloud struggled to get out of bed and headed to the bathroom. His butt felt so sore, it was painful to move although Sephiroth had already been very gentle with him.

Cloud blushed when he thought of last night passionate love making. It was a feeling he had never felt before, and it felt great.

At school, Cloud's best friend Vincent was staring at Cloud anxiously. 'Cloud, are you okay? You looked… different,' Vincent said.

Cloud merely nodded, his eyes glazed, he was still thinking of last night incident.

Cloud couldn't help remembering their touches and kisses. Especially that silver haired man, Sephiroth. Cloud shivered as he thought of Sephiroth.

Cloud wondered if he would be able to see Sephiroth again. Cloud found himself trapped by those emerald cat like eyes.

'Cloud, there is a chocobo beside you,' Vincent said, testing Cloud. Vincent got the feeling that Cloud was not listening to him.

Cloud nodded again, not paying attention to Vincent at all.

Vincent gave a sigh, he gave up, his best friend seemed to be spacing out today.

Vincent wondered what could it be that make his best friend to be so deeply focused.

When Cloud returned home, everything was so quiet, it was as if what happened yesterday was a dream.

There was not a trace of the dog and cat, Cloud closed the door with a sigh, he had no idea why but he felt kind of lonely without them.

Just when Cloud was eating his dinner, the bell rang. Cloud got up and walked to the door feeling annoyed. Who could it be?

When Cloud opened the door, Cloud felt his jaw dropped.

'Nice to see you again, Cloud. Mind if I join you for dinner?' A low sensual voice spoke up.

Cloud stared at his guest in shock. It was Sephiroth. Listening to Sephiroth's alluring voice sent shivers down Cloud's spine.

Cloud nodded dumbly and opened his door to let Sephiroth in.

As Sephiroth stepped into the threshold, Cloud noticed something. 'Where's Zack?' Cloud asked in a puzzled voice.

Sephiroth's lip curled as he thought of Zack. 'Zack is currently being punished by his mentor.'

Cloud gasped, 'Why? Will he be alright?'

Sephiroth answered in an unconcern tone, 'Don't worry, Zack will be fine. Zack is merely being punished for yesterday misbehavior.'

Cloud blushed as he thought of yesterday night, his heart thumping like mad.

Sephiroth pulled Cloud close to him, and closed the door.

Sephiroth leaned in towards Cloud, and whispered softly 'I couldn't forget you Cloud. I kept craving more for you. I love you, Cloud.'

Cloud's face turned even redder. 'Me too,' Cloud whispered.

Sephiroth grinned and kissed Cloud passionately. Cloud tilted his head as he replied Sephiroth's kisses.

Sephiroth pulled back, grinning at him. Sephiroth smacked his lips, 'You tasted like spaghetti today.'

Cloud smiled and pulled Sephiroth in for a kiss again. Cloud knew from today onwards, he didn't need to eat his dinner alone again.

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